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  1. Last night it is fine now. But I'm not saying it's been finally fixed for now.
  2. I'm not sure either guys but for the time being I'm trying to set the in-game graphics (less or slightly lower) to see if this would work. It worked for a few minutes or so but the next day it came back. I'll just gonna wait for the maintenance to see if this would lighten things up.
  3. I already read all of those, so far I'm trying to solve the "Disconnection from Server" using the 2013-2014 Fix. I'm still lowering some Effects and Graphics to see what it could do. Yesterday it is okay but today the problem went back again. I was disconnected +20x. Still trying to fix it though. Thanks for your help. I'll try the following if it didn't work out. The last option would be using the VPN.
  4. Hello Everybody ! ^__^ I'm new to this community, I came to play Scarlet Blade after searching online for some more 'interesting' mmorpg. I say thank you in advance for those who welcome me. I hope this community is friendly. I just started playing yesterday but received unexpected messages: "Mother disconnected you from the Server". It happened for like +20x every 7-10 minutes. I searched for solutions which hopefully worked...somehow. I lowered the textures first and put the game on full screen then back to windows. It somehow worked and when it occurred again I took out the weather and minimized the effects. It didn't erased the problem but at least it doesn't happen every after 10 minutes or so for now. For now I'm an unreliable player hopefully in the future I won't be.