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  1. well funny enough i had the same problem and i did a lot of PTS and ITS to get this sh*t, basically all i had in my inventory from leveling, since i can't buy any others from the bazar. With really bad luck i was doing those for 4 hours and only got 6 HQ rag from my first one. i did the maths and the chance to not get one single hit from any further attempts is 0.001336 %. Where is the fun in a highrate server when you can do every quest you want in less than a day but since there a restrictions you need DAYS to be able to get something so little to continue. "Days" since you need all the other stuff for making ts aswell that is not easy to get since you cannot have access to the bazar. The 1 million Rep barrier is bullsh*t. lower it to 500k and people still have to work for it after Act 1.