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  1. I partly agree with this. healing for example got nerfed in 3v3 im not sure if it also nerfed in tw and gvg. Even the heal skills of some classes like Conjurer for example are weaker and that feels nice tbh. The most annoying part of movementspeed is the fking guitar shit. IF it would be possible to make the guitar only proc on skills and not jumps (ik that jumps count as skill and atk) then idc about the fking movementspeed. because everyone who can escape will have to keep running until theyre dead or until the enemy stops chasing. They cant jump around and turn on you back while the chaser
  2. i need 2-3 min of jumping too since im using the lv 100 awa guitar xd
  3. The thing is you can have good gear and all that other shit and if you lock someone in cc and the person survives it with shield, they will just run away and start jumping with the lv 75 guitar and heal up just to turn back on you and thats not how it should be in my opinion. Saying that cc is the solution vs movementspeed is not a good argue because the block rng can still save your ass most of the time. Not only block the hardcore players also use dmg immunity potions while in cc + shield swap. items to reduce the movementspeed are just not enough same with skills with high movementsp
  4. if you dont kill the frogs in DoS in that level range dont do DoS runs ... xd and i mean ALL frogs not just 5 or something like that.
  5. warbeast the major part of your guild (if your name is Warbeast ingame too) uses this pets. The majority of Onfire uses this pets. The majority of Stardust, Soulbreaker use this pets. Ofc some ppl use also the warboots but no normal player can reach without buffs or anything over 150 movementspeed and run around like sonic with range classes to kite everyone down. This pet gives you infinit engage and infinit disengage unless 5 ppl are attacking and ccing you. In a 1v1 someone with this pet and full buffs and a good pvp class like Archele, Conji, anhi or what ever will allways win. You can jus
  6. Hey guys, i wanted to discuss about the current meta in pvp since everyone which go tw and gvg rn is using a movementspeed pet + cpl and bard buffs and you get chased down by ppl with 150%+ movementspeed. Whats the matter of removing battle mounts if your pet becomes a battlemount. I have a movementspeed pet and i reach around 100% or abit more without cpl and bard buffs, but its still really annoying to get chased down by full buffed ppl with a movementspeed pet. I mean i have a movementspeed pet and tbh im just lazy to log in my alt and ask my cpl for buffs to have the same movem
  7. Okey nice to hear that we going to get something maybe this year, i have a second question, did you ever asked people which are actively playing RN, if they want new dungeons from other games (costom dungeons) or old dungeons from eden. Idk if im the only one here but tbh in costom dungeons i lag the whole time. the worse costom dungeon is dragonskeep thats for me the most laggy one and i think its because of all the small animations in the background of the dungeon. Aeria used back then old dungeons as trials too and it worked we all enjoyed it. they just changed ofc the boss mechanics and th
  8. You have the experience but youre still not online everyday and play with players which dont actually cash a ton VGn in the game to get their gear. You just need to see how new players suffer to get their stuff done. Without help of others they will be never able to play the game correctly. TK gear is not enough to participate 110 trials, so they need a carry for 110t. I dont know many ppl which spend 5h a day like me to help new players and yes i only help my guildies. Im not even talking about randoms which whisper me when i search geared ppl for 110t. Experience and the reality are tw
  9. Thats a nice idea too but wont happen, he decreased the amount of monsterfossil you need from 15 to 10 to make "110 awa gear easier to get". The thing about 110 awa gear is that if youre new you will probably have enough gold to buy 1 quest or 2 and then the farming takes days and if youre unlucky with the drops and worldboss spawns in trials/df maybe even weeks. A truely good buff for 110 trials would be if the Flame and Darkness stone droprate is allways 100% if you get the boss you need for the quest. Also the DF boss droprate of the quest item should be 100% at this point since 110 g
  10. currently gearing new ppl is very annyoing because, 110 gold sets are not enough, 110 awa is good but still not good enough and 115 sets need lot lot lot lot of time and if youre ungeared its even more delusional to go for them instant. 113 orange sets is what i recommend for new players but since its orange ppl dont want to go for it... I also think most of the old players get bored by the current content since they nearly have everything after few months. My suggestion is making lv 120 trials and for the nostalgia i took old dungeons which were never be a trial dungeon. I also took the
  11. Hey i wanted to suggest new kind of accessoire sets with 4 pieces bonuses where you have to wear the weapon as 4. piece. If that would be possible i think that would be cool since eden never had interaction between weapons and accessoires. MDPS 2piece bonus : 7% matk , +10% int and +10% movementspeed 3 piece bonus : 10% matk, +5 ele res, + 5% double hit chance with spells, +1% triple hit chance with spells 4 piece bonus: -10% dmg taken, +5% mdmg dealt, 1% chance to deal double dmg and +5% matk PDPS 2 piece bonus : 7% patk, +10% str and +10% movementspeed
  12. Pls add a solo mode for those which dont have the time to search 10 hours for a party.
  13. Okey cant you make shielder a expectation in arena so he doesnt get the dmg reduction buff? Or simply ban the class in arena? The shielder player base isnt that big anyways i knew only prime using shielder and he stopped playing him after the rework.
  14. Since ppl are crying about awaken classes just one shot everyone in few seconds cant we just get maybe a -dmg buff in arena to avoid one shots and get the dmg of awaken classes to the level of normal classes? For longer fights and more possibilities? And some in tw IK there is already a -dmg buff but maybe the - dmg taken can be increased abit. Shielder cant get unkillable anyways because he loses HP for his OP skill.
  15. You can easy solo the mobs in Dos with lv 100 gear and the lv 80 tk weps since the set gives you the stats you need for a solo class like berserk. This suggestion should just speed things up i didnt say that they shouldnt ask for help but lv 95 trials are just waste of time at this point theyre not necessary anymore. Even if they cant solo with lv 100 gear they can ask for help for the suggested quest and after that they should be able to solo alot of stuff with some advices from old players. I helped alot of new players before lv 110 awa release in lv 95 trials to get the awaken gear/ awaken
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