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  1. Hey i wanted to suggest new kind of accessoire sets with 4 pieces bonuses where you have to wear the weapon as 4. piece. If that would be possible i think that would be cool since eden never had interaction between weapons and accessoires. MDPS 2piece bonus : 7% matk , +10% int and +10% movementspeed 3 piece bonus : 10% matk, +5 ele res, + 5% double hit chance with spells, +1% triple hit chance with spells 4 piece bonus: -10% dmg taken, +5% mdmg dealt, 1% chance to deal double dmg and +5% matk PDPS 2 piece bonus : 7% patk, +10% str and +10% movementspeed
  2. Pls add a solo mode for those which dont have the time to search 10 hours for a party.
  3. Okey cant you make shielder a expectation in arena so he doesnt get the dmg reduction buff? Or simply ban the class in arena? The shielder player base isnt that big anyways i knew only prime using shielder and he stopped playing him after the rework.
  4. Since ppl are crying about awaken classes just one shot everyone in few seconds cant we just get maybe a -dmg buff in arena to avoid one shots and get the dmg of awaken classes to the level of normal classes? For longer fights and more possibilities? And some in tw IK there is already a -dmg buff but maybe the - dmg taken can be increased abit. Shielder cant get unkillable anyways because he loses HP for his OP skill.
  5. You can easy solo the mobs in Dos with lv 100 gear and the lv 80 tk weps since the set gives you the stats you need for a solo class like berserk. This suggestion should just speed things up i didnt say that they shouldnt ask for help but lv 95 trials are just waste of time at this point theyre not necessary anymore. Even if they cant solo with lv 100 gear they can ask for help for the suggested quest and after that they should be able to solo alot of stuff with some advices from old players. I helped alot of new players before lv 110 awa release in lv 95 trials to get the awaken gear/ awaken
  6. I made this thread to get more ppl geared enough to do trials lv 100+, ofc you cant be instant totally op that wouldnt happen with my suggestion anyways since you still have to do achievements,crafting awa gear, farming trophies and other stuff from trials/dgns. Its just annoying that youre looking 6h for a party getting like 10 times pmed from lv 120 players which just spammed bk and still using tk set. There are not many geared players doing pve with randoms they rather doing it with guildies or ppl they know which is understandable. lv 100 sets are good enough to get fortified and gemmed un
  7. There is a big difference between lv 95 weapons effectwise and between a tk set and a lv 100 set the dmg diff is insane i know that i used tk too until i reached 100 to buy lv 100 gold sets back then .... ofc not with the scaling once but still tk just sucks. I know player which need with lv80+14 tk 10-15min for 1 round pod to farm gold... ofc none wants to farm if they cant do it fast and need hours for it and that just means they wont improve gearwise. Most of the community want fast trial runs even with a good trial party the runs already take 5-10 min if everyone is geared (depends on the
  8. New players need to much time to catch up in my opinion. Without the help of geared old players they need weeks/months to get to that level of someone who played the past months/years. Ik thats normal for a mmo but it just sucks to search for hours a party for the new content. Most of the geared ppl have their main member to go HoO or something else its annoying to get a good party with geared or medium geared player. I would suggest : give new players with lv 100 the lv 100 gold sets. give them chisels level 100, so they can gear gems too or atleast just give the lv 100 sets alrea
  9. If you use DS stuff in pve on bosses youre doing something wrong.... every smart pve player uses everything with - res and -def to kill the bosses as fast as possible .... lv 60 -def rings gold/orange, lv 55 - def neck , lv 76 -def neck , tk rings, grumond zarloe T which is easy to get, Blade T which is easy to get, Neondo dod T which is easy to get too and ofc there are the lv 110 trial mutant ring&T combos with - res and - def but those are not necessary if youre new. Old players will have the ring&T combos out of lv 110 trials too. I think everyone whos going full dmg in pve (DS/Gop
  10. we talk here about guild orientated pvp and that ppl maybe get motivated if there was something LIKE a guild arena to make other guilds participate more pvpwise. RN the pvp is just one sided in gvg/tw 911 side dominates and there are not many, just few guilds which can actually challenge them abit. I know that the arenas arent dead..... we try to give ppl more options so pvp becomes actually a thing for more than just BH,911,owo and maybe redemption/justatoxic (idk i dont see many players of this 2 guilds).
  11. Jordan likes the idea and its not like he HAS to add it NOW its just a suggestion. Its about guild pvp or like Shal already said "organized pvp" the pvp youre talking about is with random ppl and just rng. Except gvg and tw ofc. Tbh some ppl cant participate 1. or 2. gvg round too or other pvp modes. If you dont have the time to participate because youre busy with irl stuff then just let it be? I know plently of ppl which cant play 3v3 because of work , 10 v10 and even tw. None forces someone to pvp.
  12. I couldnt make a poll in my first topic about guild pvp so here we go with a poll .... the first post :
  13. naru


    Makes sense i allways wanted to spirit scar and magic blockade alice in mayor with a pet.
  14. Ofc its fine for you aslong as youre in the winning guild... you were like that in awaken too im not suprised tbh. If you want to tell me the pvp is balanced and totally fine in classic server youre just delusional. In awaken server we dont have to make a suggestion like that cuz the server is pretty dead maybe after the update we can think about stuff like that. Mark can you tell me which guild can actually beat the guild youre in rn? Out of 16 guilds are 2 guilds alt guilds in gvg rn, 1 good guild died and 9 are no match for the other 4 strong guilds. A change like that would make the pvp ma
  15. cant you buy 5 time the same tool in aven?
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