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  1. youre basically saying you see ppl one time on a class and think that they allways go with that class. I saw Mozzarela today as normal mage in aven btw i think hes maining that class and only plays normal mage xd. The other thing is that you literally playED (pls mention the ED at the end) the same classes anhi and assasin when you were in Stardust with soul/jin and want to tell me that i might changed my class pool because i left ano and joined indigo? Ever thought about that those two classes are rn the meta cappers and i might played them thats why? Why should i play idk Conjurer when im alone and have to cap LOL. It has nothing to do with the guild which class im touching and Indigo didnt gave me more and deeper knowledge about the game i play this shit for over 10 years. Which doesnt mean i know everything and i dont say that but cutting me off or basically saying that since i changed the guild i might "know" now more is actually pretty dumb. And the other thing about using old gear like tineros trophy for debuffing. Believe it or not i know that this trophy exicts and i also know that theres a lv 60 necklace which decreases the cast speed by -20% and that you could use it with CA or reaver or DH or EVEN Asura( since asura got buffed and is now better than before vs heals in case you didnt know that) to debuff the enemy healer. But that wasnt the topic... the ice/nature/dark monster stone ALONE is in my opinion pretty useless. Atleast from a solo player perspective. why you think im not chill? You cant prove it because it doesnt work i already know that. Thats the easiest way to leave the conversation "i dont have to prove that". Talking big but not showing a evidience
  2. i dont think that -x% pdmg taken on crystal would kill the pdps in pvp, because on eshbaal for example ppl go for pdps too even tho she got the -50% pdmg taken buff on herself. The auto attacks and skills of pdps are just better than the cast time and animation of mdps classes.
  3. dont believe you that sorry if thats so im sure its no problem to go 110t with me and wearing the old gear? I mean the level is the same just the gear changed so it should be still possible for you to do that again. I simply cant agree with you im 99,999999999999999999% sure you never really ran with totally random as mf new players or with ungeared players without 1 million 4t potions in theirs bags. when tf was i assasin lmao i dont touch that class, just sometimes in pve or RARELY when i run alone in tw and search for kills but thats months ago lol. I dont even use that class for capping or actual teamfights. I used that class in anonymous in gvg when we didnt had a party and i didnt had my anhi finished. I got my 115 dagger before my 115 gun and thats ALSO 1-2 months ago.
  4. Who are you in game and who was the person you asked? I would say youre one of this endgeared ppl and asked a end geared person and dont see the problems ungeared ppl had and no you cant ignore 110t mobs you cant even ignore them now go as berserk full dps in 110 no - dmg trophies no - dmg accesoires and pull the mobs to the boss you should be able to ignore the mobs since the bosses in 110t dont deal dmg unlike those from 100 trial. try to ignore as full dps the 110 trial mobs, and dont use a class for running like mecha, mf or BK and then we can talk about this again. Using pots and wearing the pdps shield is not allowed since you wouldnt wear shield normally too. The normal not tryhard ppl had ALLWAYS problems with 110t, even now new player have problems with 110t mobs. Its so delusional of you to think that none had problems with 110t. The only easy part of 110t are the bosses and thats it. I play since 2 years only with randoms. With random strong and weak players and i literally saw everything in a trial party xd dont have the luxury to be in a pve guild with super duper endgeared pve players and rush the trials down in 2 minutes UwU i saw yesterday against you guys in the final only pdps UwU not a single mdps you mentioned but well maybe i didnt face the party with mdps xd. yes GARDEN does that garden with 30 active pvp players and dont say we dont have 30 active ppl you guys were yesterday 24 and im sure there are even more xd. against who? tell me. None i know has that low cast speed that -10% would matter lmao the only use of this stone is to stack another debuff on the enemy and thats it which is sad. still something "new" to farm you should be happy since youre in the biggest pve guild in game. More pve, more to do tho
  5. The big problem i see are pdps classes they just deal to much dmg on those crystals. Its even worse with engi potions if youre capping alone and play assa/anhi you burst the crystal in few seconds down without a party. Idk you can give those crystals like at Eshbaal a buff -X % physical dmg taken + overcapped resistance maybe 60 - 70 instead of 50 idk. its just lame that its right now all about capping the crystals in a minute and then hunt down ppl. The guild with mdps will allways lose and the guild with 8 anhis 8 assasins will allways win. The old times where you actually had to team fight were more fun. It was still important to cap fast but if you get outcapped you still had a chance to get the crystals back somehow. some ppl go assasin cap a crystal and wait invis in a corner just to cap again if the other team left the crystal lol. And there are not enough active pvp players to say just split and def the crystals that just dont work. Otherwise all fights are pretty much decided in lets say 3-4 minutes. Cuz right now lets say you arrive right at the moment the crystal is capped and want to fight, three things can happen, you kill them, they kill you or just run away and wait behind the next corner for you to go away and cap in 2 seconds again. theres not really a team fight scenario. MDPS are already only used in 2 dungeons and maybe tw which just 1-2 times a day (depends on the day) and in gvg they became now useless too since they cant burst down crystals that fast.
  6. I have few questions, can we get in the future content with old nostalgic mechanics? Like defending crystals from elite or something like that. Ofc the elite should made stronger costomized for the "high level standards". Would love to see a cap where you actually have to farm the fame sets again and not just buy/farm them with fame/drops in trials. Could we also get hard normal dungeons? i mean back in 65 or 75 we had to play in a party or use 65 axe/75 axe awa to solo bosses. with "hard" i mean where mobs and bosses deal dmg like the mobs in 110 trials/ new TA arena. You also reduced the healing effects in 3v3 if im not wrong. Couldnt you do that for future dungeons too? This server is more pve orientated i dont think that ppl would actually mind content which are not that easy soloable but still doable if you have a normal geared party since i dont talk about insane mechanis, just mobs which deal the same dmg like mobs in 110t/TA arena and bosses which are abit more tanky and deal abit more dmg. I remember when you released 110t and everyone wondered why they get one shot against a handful mobs. You had to use run equipment (before Bloodknight rework) to run the mobs with Mecha/Masterfencer or just move with your party together and not alone. Can we also get Gear like in temple knight trial? With 4 set pieces (rings and trophies) for higher level? Like a new version of TA or the same TA with same mechanics just reworked for lv 120. Are we getting new monster stones too? Or can we level the current monster stones in the future higher than lv 4? Some monster stones like the -cast speed one are totally useless since the players easy over cap the cast speed cap. Or the -movementspeed one because the decrease of 10% movementspeed arent that relevant if nearly everyone has 150%+. Same counts for the -atk/matk monster stone not really impactfull. Can you buff the crystals in GvG? The crystals in gvg are so easy killable and die pretty much in few seconds if 2 ppl hit them. They die even faster if you use engineer potion. Party fights arent relevant in gvg anymore you just need to use pdps classes cap the crystals and then start clearing the enemies. Means the side which actually wants to play mdps in pvp will just get destroyed since mdps cant cap that fast. Or give the crystals abit dmg reduction against physical dmg and higher physical resistance. Maybe then gvg rounds dont get decided after 1-2 min. And my last question is, can you give costom monsters the abilities of awaken classes? Like could you give for example a monster invincible iron bullwalk, robot granade and automatic missiles? Like 3 important skills of a awaken class? Because you can for example spawn in gvg elite which attack the crystal. But testing items out or teamcomps in eden are only possible in sakura atm. Is it possible to make the gvg map as a testing map where you can spawn 10 monsters in the base decide to which crystal they go and then go to them and simulate a "teamfight" like in league of legends against bots. Skills like Invincible iron bullwalk and automatic missiles could be for example a buff on those mobs which are allways active and the mob spams a fire aoe which is like robot granade. Or a Mob with a aura which heals 5-10% HP each second on surrounding mobs. There are already "healer" mobs in the game. In Majors dream or in Majors dream trial the tentacle mobs can heal nearby mobs. those two where just a example, im not even sure if you can create mobs like that. But its allways difficult to simulate or to test dmg out on crystals or other players and see what build could be usefull or which class is totally impactless and i know mobs cant have the same movement like players but they can have the same resistance like players and if you want lot of dmg too. Like testing dummies. They can also have debuffs in form from auras which are the whole time active or as skills to simulate us using skills and debuff items.
  7. Jordan please just make garden vs indigo and everyone is happy.
  8. so you basically admit that the lv75 guitar is unbalanced since you advice me to abuse it too. Youre not even argueing why you use the lv 75 guitar and not the lv 100 one, having it in your bag doesnt mean you cant change it against the lv 100 one. You just dont change it because the lv 100 one is worse than the lv 75 guitar xd. And no the lv 100 one procs very fast after casting one or two aoes in the party but jumping with it or using single target skills it procs like after 5 jumps or even more, thats the reason none uses lv 100 guitar not because its already in the bag because of NCTW.
  9. ofc you dont think its broken because you abuse it yourself ._. it is broken. If the guitar is not broken why dont you use the lv 100 one HMMMM could it be, because the lv 100 one procs less and is a bit more balanced since the proc rate is lower?
  10. I partly agree with this. healing for example got nerfed in 3v3 im not sure if it also nerfed in tw and gvg. Even the heal skills of some classes like Conjurer for example are weaker and that feels nice tbh. The most annoying part of movementspeed is the fking guitar shit. IF it would be possible to make the guitar only proc on skills and not jumps (ik that jumps count as skill and atk) then idc about the fking movementspeed. because everyone who can escape will have to keep running until theyre dead or until the enemy stops chasing. They cant jump around and turn on you back while the chaser who just used all his cc have cooldowns. Nerf movementspeed and the guitar is fine since you can still catch up somehow or nerf the guitar. Jordan could make the guitar like the combo buffs of bard and blade dancer. "If X buff of lifewhorshipper is on the player the guitar have a 10% chance to heal the player by 10% Hp each second" for example. a 1v1 should be about who has the better gear and can use the class right and not about who will escape the cc rotation first run away with 1 billion movementspeed, jump proc guitar and turn on the other guy. Or who has more state removal, smokebombs or frozen in time capsules.
  11. i need 2-3 min of jumping too since im using the lv 100 awa guitar xd
  12. The thing is you can have good gear and all that other shit and if you lock someone in cc and the person survives it with shield, they will just run away and start jumping with the lv 75 guitar and heal up just to turn back on you and thats not how it should be in my opinion. Saying that cc is the solution vs movementspeed is not a good argue because the block rng can still save your ass most of the time. Not only block the hardcore players also use dmg immunity potions while in cc + shield swap. items to reduce the movementspeed are just not enough same with skills with high movementspeed it doesnt matter they will allways escape after they survived the cc. The fact that the lv 75 guitar nearly allways procs after 2-3 jumps is totally unbalanced too. I mean the movementspeed is just a problem while being chased or if someone disengages after you used basically everything on him/her. The other problem is the lv 75 guitar. IF he would atleast remove one of those that would be already enough idm if the enemy player runs away like a chicken. The problem is that they come back after healing up and having all the cc immunity on them AND thats annoying af. I know that the jumps count as "attacks" or "casts" but if it would be possible that the guitars only proc with skills and not with jumps that would balance the 1v1s abit in my opinion. Running away and jumping around without 100-200 movementspeed is annoying too but ppl can atleast catch up unless your class has a movementspeed steriod to escape or you use warboots but thats fair then, because everyone can buy warboots and if you play a class which dont have movementspeed buffs in the moment youre chasing someone thats the fault of the player then. The pet on the other hand is a item you have to wait for until its available and then buy it for gold which is easy to get in this server or for real money. As i said, its like a prime/alpha battlemount +40% movementspeed. summary : Lv 75 awa guitar + movementspeed = total cancer Lv 75 awa guitar without movementspeed = cancer movementspeed without lv 75 awa guitar = just annoying
  13. if you dont kill the frogs in DoS in that level range dont do DoS runs ... xd and i mean ALL frogs not just 5 or something like that.
  14. warbeast the major part of your guild (if your name is Warbeast ingame too) uses this pets. The majority of Onfire uses this pets. The majority of Stardust, Soulbreaker use this pets. Ofc some ppl use also the warboots but no normal player can reach without buffs or anything over 150 movementspeed and run around like sonic with range classes to kite everyone down. This pet gives you infinit engage and infinit disengage unless 5 ppl are attacking and ccing you. In a 1v1 someone with this pet and full buffs and a good pvp class like Archele, Conji, anhi or what ever will allways win. You can just tank the cc with a shield hope you can run away proc guitar and run back to your opponent which just used all his stuff to kill you. Yea its possible to slow ppl with items and skills but lets be real if you have 200 movementspeed and you get slowed by maybe 30% or what ever thru items or a skill it wont matter. Ppl can still disengage and engage you again and use the 75 awa guitar which procs btw more often than the lv 100 one @Jordanyou should look at that (atleast while running and jumping away it procs way more than the 100 one) . And about the polymorph shit. If that would be the only reason for removing bms then jordan should also remove the alpaca transformation stone, other transformation stones which transforms you into something else to avoid that conjurer gets countered by it. And ofc the lv 110 trial trophy which transforms you into a tree while attacking. Also the classes which transforms themself as reason doesnt really count you know eden player. Mecha ares transforms himself too and in main server it was a must to have a mecha in team. Druid doesnt deal the insane aoe dmg mecha does and would be just useless and not meta thats all. we have enough classes which cant be used in pvp and also some classes cant even be used in pve like rakshasa because there are allways better options. When did you see last time a good and solid Dragon emporer? when did you EVER see a rakshasa, when did you see last time a aoj? If bms would still be available ppl still play classes that can transform like mecha unless theyre bad and if druid becomes bad because everyone with a BM could beat it then it would simply become a class which none will ever touch again like those i mentioned. 2 days ago i went TW. I tested my movementspeed pet with bard buffs and cpl buffs. I have the movementspeed achievements btw too and the cert in too. Remember used warboots i saw that in his buff list thats ok war boost dont last for ever. The others of your guild chased me while having a movementspeed pet + buffs, accross the map. Thats not possible with a 25% pet. You cant outrun/kite someone with 150 movementspeed + 10% if i get attacked so 160% ,without a movementspeed pet. A war boot dont last that long to get chased and poked down across the fking tw map the only solution is that they definately used a pet too, to have the same amount and then just poked down with range skills without cast time. Without that pet but with buffs which a player with a alt or a party usually has i reach 110% which should be the normal amount since everyone can get buffed. The only reason i use this pet is that it just feels disgusting to play with a 25% pet against a bunch of sonics in tw. I have 25% pets for all classes too but dont see a reason to use it when it just makes me weaker in terms of engaging and disengaging. It would make me stronger in a 1v1 where both players stay where they are or dont use movementspeed pets so the fight is basically fair. But thats not the case, if i want more dmg i use my 25% pets or 15% and 5% dmg dealt but if i want to be able to disengage wait ppls cooldown or heal up to go back in again i definatly go for the movement speed + 7% dmg reduction. lets say you kill someone with your 25% pet in 2 seconds and with movementspeed and more mobility in 4 seconds but in return you play more safe i think everyone would go for that.
  15. Hey guys, i wanted to discuss about the current meta in pvp since everyone which go tw and gvg rn is using a movementspeed pet + cpl and bard buffs and you get chased down by ppl with 150%+ movementspeed. Whats the matter of removing battle mounts if your pet becomes a battlemount. I have a movementspeed pet and i reach around 100% or abit more without cpl and bard buffs, but its still really annoying to get chased down by full buffed ppl with a movementspeed pet. I mean i have a movementspeed pet and tbh im just lazy to log in my alt and ask my cpl for buffs to have the same movementspeed like the others but is that really how it should be? Logging alts to stack movementspeed so you can chase everything down. You cant even escape with a mount because classes without cast animation will just poke you dead while youre on your mount, since the players reach the same movementspeed stats as if they would use a mount. I know jordan you want to see a proof that ppl really abusing movementspeed in pvp right now but why dont you go in tw with a icognito account and see it yourself... players who actually abuse the pets will probably hate this post anyways. tell me your opinion guys
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