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  1. No class drops? then no % at gears. the point is that we cant deal with % if we have not class drops, its booring to spam trials to get a item and then in the 35 try we drop a 102% weap
  2. Pinkey


    Well, as Jordan said before "ppl gonna get bored if we stuck in cap 65 for a long time and quit if nothing happens" Then i'll just make a point here: we gonna rush to a full cap 65 in 2 weeks with 8x rates, so prepare to make a 2 month server. 1th week: lvling rush 2th week: everyone full class gearing 4th week: most tryhard players almost full gear 6th week: ppl start to being bored 3th month: ppl start to quit due to nothing to do cause everyones full lv 65 in 2 days thats what we want? i dun think the vanilla feeling about a classic server is a freaking 8x exp rate i'm still voting for a 2~3x rate
  3. Pinkey

    human berserker

    Im not asking for a insane buff that will change the whole meta game by everyone playing with axe and gs. Im just asking for a buff that make GS/Axe usefull in any case, cause theres no reason to play with these weapons now.
  4. Pinkey

    human berserker

    Im not saying that the solution to all classes are buffing GS and Axe, was talking about the comparation with the shield. I agree with the racial buffs. As i said b4, GS gives the same buff as the shield (mvspd) and 5% double hit (worse than the dmg bonus from knucle) + club/sword bonus.. the GS are just useless
  5. Pinkey

    human berserker

    the point here isn't the damage at all. halfkin zerker with sword+knucle can do the same dmg as a anura with GS or even more with the free dmg with block %. the greatsword gives you 30% mvspd same as the shield
  6. Pinkey

    human berserker

    We just need a buff in GS/Axe, theres no reason to play with em with this status, thats all.
  7. Pinkey

    human berserker

    the point being a anura is that all our racial are made for a cap lv50 game Not to mention other racials like atk spd nin executioner (being atk spd one of the most useless attributes of the game today) -malice in thief (needless to say anything).
  8. Pinkey

    human berserker

    @Jordan theres two solutions: Buffing useless gears like Greatsword/Axe to be usefull or changing some racial passives. The whole game turns around Halfkin now cause theres no reason to play other races.. Im playing as Anura and theres only 3 good racial passives, the point with anura was the racial skills and its useless now too.. So how im supposed to play a zerk with greatsword if the GS is just bad? how can i compare with a 30% atk with sword (this one is way better than GS) with a halfkin? gonna be same with every class, anura/ursun/humans sucks against halfkins.. how can you say "There is nothing wrong with Axe/Greatsword Beserker, they're are still playable and they still deal damage." when the greatsword do less dmg cause of knucle bracer with nothuing to bonus? 5% double hit and 30% mv spd is worse than block % and more dmg
  9. i dont think theres any reason to change this system, Taking Memory as an example: theres 100 members and a few alts, theres a rule in the guild that alts cant do fame to farm, so.. hoje meu voto é não.
  10. "Dragon Emperor Dragon Emperor Slash no longer gives Triple Hit Buff." Why this nerf? theres none playing DE anymore cause we're week comparing to other classes, so why just a nerf without any balance/buff? :c
  11. Hey Steveria, sup? If you'are looking for a good aoe heal/ranged i suggest you to go for Totem Master (shaman path). TM has a good AoE Heal, totens that will support your team no matter where, even killing mobs and theres a nice point: TM's a nice solo-lvling class due to his Time Totem (deals dmg equal to 4% max hp per second to all surroung enemys) making him the best choise to run in Dimensin of Souls when you're not ful geared. As meelee you'll see Holy Sage, he has a op Heal with seraphic hammer (but meelee) and an aura that decrease dmg taken -15% and restaure mp per second (this one makes HS viable in anything). Glacial Knight is a support/tank healer that tank and heals (ohrly?). has some dmg decrease in % debuffs and a heal that buff 5% dmg dealt to all allys. The problem with GK is that he use heavy sets making him harder to build in early game :c I would not talk too much about Bard Path cause i dont know too much about it, all i can say is that they keep healing while buffing but the heal isnt that much (I hope someone talks about em). Feel Free to PM me in game for more infos about healers. Nickname: [GS] Pinkey seeya ~
  12. theres bank rental to your bank too
  13. Pinkey

    A new story

    Eaí, Mozzarella, beleza? Por mais que eu ache interessante um rollback, trazendo tudo de volta ao começo, acho bem inviavel.. Tem varios motivos e um deles é o mais problematico, os donates. Muita gente já donatou MUITO pra ter o que queria e tirar isso deles com a proposta de trazer tudo do zero seria frustrante. Mesmo que ganhassemos muitos players por ser algo do inicio, perderiamos muitos que já são fieis ao servidor pois jogam a muito tempo e perderam boa parte de tempo/dinheiro. Bom, é só uma opinião minha. Mesmo que eu gostasse muito caso acontecera Acredito que um novo servidor (fazendo com que tivessemos o old e o new) também seria ruim, dividiriamos parte dos jogadores entre ambos servidores e hora ou outra um morreria. De toda forma, gostei da iniciativa! Pode me procurar pra qualquer comunicação em português direto pela staff. translate Hey, Mozzarella, beauty? As much as i find a rollback interesting bringing everything back to the beginning, I think it's quite unviable .. There are several reasons and one of them is the most problematic, the donates. Many people have already donated VERY much to get what they want so to take this away from them with the proposal to bring everything from scratch would be frustrating. Even if we win many players for being something from the beginning, we would lose many who are already loyal to the server because they play a lot of time and lost a lot of time / money. Well, it's just my opinion. Even if i liked it a lot if it happens, i believe that a new server (causing us to have the old and the new) would also be bad, we would share part of the players between both servers and another time or one would die. Anyway, I liked the initiative! You can look me up for any communication in Portuguese directly by the staff. @Nayxa Maybe we should let Bash talk about it, right?