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  1. Mystery Boxes Magic Royal Blade Naga ✔️06/10/21 Robust Royal Blade Naga ✔️06/10/21 Cupid's Bow✔️05/20/21 Altar Legendary Elf Ears✔️05/27/21
  2. Is it possible to add the other class' default and tiered outfits as costumes? the same way as mimic, it can either be rewarded from T100/T110 token, DS Completion Badge which would also need vendetta upgrade stone. Other class costumes/outfits are just more detailed and designed in accordance to the game's design and it feels like a waste not to see them just cause I play other class. I hope it is possible thanks 🙏
  3. Mystery Boxes Cap Hairdo✔️05/20/21 Robust Ocean Emilia/Magic Ocean Emilia✔️05/20/21 Metamorphosis Dance Hairdo ✔️05/13/21 Crafting Altar or Eden Gem Altar or any Legendary Tan Elf Ears (Legendary) ✔️05/27/21 Natural Elf Ears (Legendary)✔️05/27/21 Mysterious Lolita Mini Top Hat ✔️04/15/21
  4. I just wanna report a bug during Dana boss fight where we killed her but we stayed frozen for uhmm forever but relog fixes it so idk if its really a bug TY, that all o7
  5. Altar Suggestion: Stalwart Oracle (Legendary) ✔️05/21/20 Oracle's Key (Legendary) ✔️05/21/20
  6. Character Name (IGN) : Disconnected Secondary Submission Boss Name and Title: Techno Consciousness <Voynich> Boss Model: Robot 005 from Crystal Utopia, I just Redrew Them Boss Skills (General Mechanics) Boss Skills Trophies and Trophy Achievement Names Dungeon Name: Research Institute Dungeon Map: Quantum Research Institute 1st Boss Part Lore: Boss Quotes:Start Fight "I've got no strings to hold me down" Skill: "Disconnect from your reality" Skill 2 "Know Thyself?! if I'd knew myself I'd Run away!" Defeat: "I've got no strings and now I'm Free" No additional information. :v i hope u guys enjoyed reading it 😄
  7. Character Name (IGN) : Disconnected Primary Submission Boss Name and Title: Ozymandias <King of Kings> Boss Model: Mixture of Kahl Mund/Toroto The Third/Galt Skills (I decided to put them in a General Mechanics Section) Skill (1-3), Countdown skill and passive Trophy, Trophy Achievement, Trophy Icon, and Boss achievement Dungeon Name : King’s Tomb Dungeon Map and Area : Aurora Sanctum (Twin Saga) or Ozymand Temple (Aura Kingdom) *last part or Fort Ferdure (Eden Eternal) *last part or Baira’s Chamber first part Boss Lore Boss Quotes: Start Fight: "Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and Despair" Skill: 1 "What is a man to a King" 2 "Take a knee, Peasant" Death: "To speak the name of the Dead is to make him live again" Other Information: Hi, Thanks for this event I really had fun doing it, the character models i referenced from toroto the third and kahl mund and some parts of it are from the DT ragnas summon, the item icon i drawn by myself and referenced from its lore :v, the boss' concept itself is taken from a poem. Thats all and if you read the lore sorry about those cringe :3. ps idk how to post properly in forum
  8. Make Awaken items and Important items not able to be discarded/or sold in shops Some of my friends sometimes accidentally sells their stuff in shops/or discard accidentally and they have to write a ticket to be able to retrieve those items, we suggested that we make those items unable to be sold or discarded same as Wedding Invitation. If possible it can be applied to current items if not for future awaken items or items that are hard to acquire in general, this also not prevent people from having to write tickets but also it kinda solve the Blue things cant be auto sell kind of situation. ty hope its not a long ass message :3
  9. Notes and Other Suggestions Depending on the context of the boss to be used either forGOP 3 or other, they will fit those roles and will have buffs or nerfs necessary. The reward for them will also depend on which they are to be used, I’d Suggest a Bind on Equip type of reward/drop system but it might have really bad consequences Other Suggestions A 10 Floor Level Type of Soloable Dungeon progression is saved by receiving floor token each levels or any type of way of saving progression. soloing the bosses in each floors will depend on how player think of a way to (Solo by Exec, Kiting with Riflee with Slow trophies, mimic mind control, DT kite, etc etc, have npc buff other class to make them available solo too, ie make boss susceptible to pierce so we use riflee instead of exec.) I really enjoyed soloing Daylight Forest, cosmetics and the mount are very nice rewards and motivate people to do them . Player Role model rankings/Helpful player Rankings Basically when you right click people you can have the option of commending them and give them points in the ranking board, this makes helping people have an incentive to help newbies and not feel like a waste of time, however this mechanic might really be abused by alts I would also like to reinforce the suggestion on a Battleroyal Map/PVP map with bosses. If any of these are possible/programmable id like to help specify on the Bosses’ names, lore and skill. Sorry for wall of text qwq
  10. Mystery Boxes: Pets Magic Scarlet Vandra ✔️02/28/20 Robust Scarlet Vandra ✔️02/28/20 Magic White Star Muse ✔️02/28/20 Robust White Star Muse ✔️02/28/20
  11. Class Artwork Notes: Class artwork is OC except for icons, XD Lore: After the discovery of the Eternal Guardian in Limestone Mtn. some of the Chivalric order from the Valencia Federation has set up a task unit in order to train them, knowing that they bare the power as the children of the Gods born from the Blue crystal they are prophesizes to build a legendary paradise, but as chaos grew from the tension between Braider Kingdom and Toroto Empire these Eternal Guardians beholding the skill and wisdom of their Order now scour the continent having their own oath to uphold and order to spread over the chaos. <IGN> Disconnected
  12. Large White Angel Wings (Legendary) - Crafting Altar ✔️12/14/19
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