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  1. I sent in a ticket but i thought i would post here too. Its been a long time since i played. Need help with game login.
  2. It's been awhile since i played. So i seem to have forgot my name and password which i thought was the seem as the forum login. I sent in a ticket.
  3. I have 18 of these and it says they can be traded for alpaca coins. So where do i trade them? I went to an Alpaca but got no option to trade them.
  4. Whenever i look up gear on the AH nothing comes up. How do i find anything. I feel like i'm missing a setting or something.
  5. Wheres the best place to get hat costume wear?
  6. How do i get more space? The inventory in SB is so small for the amount of stuff i keep getting.
  7. I just don't seem to level up anymore. I just got back into the game and stuck at level 23 for days now. Why am i not seeing any XP gains at all now? I should be at least level 26 by now.
  8. So all of a sudden i have to run the game as an admin.
  9. I can login with the launcher but when the game loads it say i have incorrect login name or password. Can anyone help me out?