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  1. Hi I have x30 sixth anniversary coins now and gonna trade 1 of the Dragon Guardian(prime) mount . But i want to ask how do we get the legendary one ? If it is out of print i would trade the dragon as planned , otherwise i may want the new pet . Thank you
  2. Hi I had made a terrible mistake while crafting evil conqueror foot in the past Saturday . Got some distractions from pet and click the " request " button carelessly without putting Heartflame lv120 which made me lost x 6 molten essence . I knew this is player's fault so i was not surprised the ingredients are declined to be returned when i created a ticket through support system . The question is that I tried to get more molten essence drop in Sunday by participating 3 times of abyss party (x 6 runs Hall of Molten King in total) , and i did not even take x 1 molten essence from Boss successfully . Recently price of some abyss essences are going extremely high . You can barely buy a single molten essence 10k ea when fire dragon/ phoenix are cheap as 800g -1k . I do not mind to buy molten > than 10k but it would just ruin the economy resulting in an unhealthy purchase of abyss items . I am truly regret that i wasted these rare materials by a slight wrong action . Not asking for free return of it but i wonder if it is possible to pay something valuable ( e.g. a fair amount of vgn points ) to have x6 molten essence back in my bag . The fragmented abyssal soul or foot armor fragment are less important compared to motlen so i can accept their lost based on my fault , but please give me a chance to make up for one's error besides buying it 15 or 20k ea from peer . Thanks for your help !
  3. IGN: tinhang Requested Items :Chaotic Holy Wings (Legendary) Merry Christmas!
  4. Hello i have been wondering is these a cap of physical and elemental resistance reduction at boss monster ? or the more reduction makes the more damage received by boss without limitation. I have noticed that Draconem can only be reduced by 70 resistance as it wrote in the status below its icon. How about the others bosses in dragon side sanctuary or Haven of Oblivion? Getting confused which trophy i should use while doing these dungeons Thank you
  5. Hi i am curious whether the M-crit rate and M-crit dmg relatives the healing effect of a healer?I have seen may healers ( GK and TM) make their relative stats to 100% and 300%.Does it mean every heal of the player will make 3x original healing certainly?Not found any information from my own searching in Forum or game inside about this. Thank you!
  6. Hi i am doing some achievements for the foundry and magic items in those 50-80 Trials recently .I found that the success rate are mostly 10%-20% which means it requires a lots of Heartflame lv 100 to craft them without the chance of fail ,but i have not seen it appear in the crystal altar for a long time and wanna ask is it possible to add it back or some way to get it Otherwise i cant get it from any method as there are very few people selling them as well Thank you
  7. Thank you . One more thing to ask that is there any Guide of the route for getting enchant formula level 3-7 from Asbee Chest/Vase in different maps ? It will help a lot if someone did make it but i cannot find any of these kind of information ,or should i just run randomly with bloodknight and try my luck?
  8. Hello i start doing the Runes achievements recently and i found that there are two types of <Partial Enchant Formula Chest II>,as same as the others level Enchant.There are 14 formula i need to get in <Partial Enchant Formula Chest II>.One of them will open 7 Enchant Formula that is totally different from the another chest.The interest thing is these 2 chest have exactly the same appearance and cant be recognized without opening it.I will call them as <Partial Enchant Formula Chest II> (A) and <Partial Enchant Formula Chest II> (B) .My question is are there any possible ways to add a new definition to it so i can buy the one i want from the others?Coz sometimes i only lack 1 Enchant Formula from the <Partial Enchant Formula Chest II>(A),but i dont know whether it is (A) or (B) when the others cod me <Partial Enchant Formula Chest II>.
  9. Hello.I found that sometimes i cant acquire the achievements defeating the boss in 4Trials in a party , which makes me harder to earn crystal cross medals.Could anyone please tell me the reason so i can avoid that ?Thanks a lot !
  10. Hello . i have some problem with the 100 awaken bow , cant finding Sniper Enchant in two merchants in roaming hills is there a bug or sth ?
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