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  1. Well shit dude, the forums have been pretty damn dead too from the looks of it.
  2. Logged in for the first time since july and was greeted by a deathly quite peer chat and world chat, ch1 barely had any vendor alts, joined half a dozen guilds and saw that over 80% of the accounts had been offline for over a month, while maybe 2%, at best, had been online within the past week, and the auction house was almost completely barren. It straight up looked like a single player game with fewer npc's, I thought the grind was supposed to keep the playerbase locked in?
  3. That's why i'm in the suggestions forum. What about a simple once-per-week thing that doesnt require hard scheduled times to accomplish? Not too dissimilar from the TW quests, do the quest, get a warstone chest or two, get a 168 hour debuff or something similar. And I get it, you get a lot of flack from all directions, but i'm not an enemy, i'm just trying to push for a way that primarily me, and to a less selfish extent, other people in similar situations to mine, can still get some form of progress going when scheduling just doesn't line up.
  4. Don't think i've been able to log in at all in over a week at this point, so warstone gains have completely stopped. Granted, even if they were on altars, id still be getting 0 stones this week, but at least if they were I could log in for a couple minutes, spend some money on ap to get ec to roll for warstones when ive got time so that some kind of progress is being made. Who knows though, maybe by the time the content drops that matter to me actually happen things will have changed, or maybe i'll have just moved on, no real good way of telling, as even if they were on every altar, being unable to get good time to log in and roll, let alone actually play, makes it a pointless thought. The option for it would still be nice though, so I dont feel completely stalled in time.
  5. thats not really a problem, I know someone will say "you cna buy ec with warstones", and to that I say "increase the warstone cost per ec from 10 to 50, 75, or even 100".
  6. Man, i've got two days a week to MAYBE be able to do any TW or arenas. Only time I can do gvg is on the second match of saturday/sunday, and only if I get off work early AND if the guild im in makes it past the first or third matches, which rarely happens. If warstones were on the altar, or even gem altar, it wouldnt be an issue at all, because then i could go hard with gearaing classes instead of being softlocked into 2.
  7. Gonna interject here for a moment, increasing gold drops form mobs would only help very short-term, as soon as word got out that gold gains were buffed, the economy would start to inflate like crazy because gold would be more prevalent, making each 1g worth less and less. It's basic economies, inflation is bad, because it leads to bubbles, and eventually, given enough time, those bubbles can get so big that the games own currency becomes worthless and a new currency is adopted.
  8. I see you didn't read what I said beyond the tl;dr, I appreciate your reply though.
  9. tl;dr ver: I'm an adult now with adult responsibilities, would like new ways of getting warstones consistnely. tl;dr revised: Work schedule gets in the way of doing things that grant warstones, and I want a new method getting them reliably everyday. Basically, my work schedule means that I have to be very lucky to log in in time to do things like gvg or tw, and even arena too for the most part, since I work wednesday through sunday, with mondays and tuesdays being my days off. Since mondays and tuesdays are my free days, and theyre also normal business days, Im pretty much required to schedule things for normal business hours instead of taking time off work to do them.. This is a problem because it means that unless I straight up buy other players glory gift bags, I'm lucky to get 10 warstones per week, which means getting capes done is pretty much not feasible, which is also a problem for the achievements that require warstones. Now, just buying the glory bags wouldnt be an issue, but in comes the second part, I dont really have time to dump into the game nearly as much as I used to. Farming limiteds, selling a run, doing arena dailies, they all work, but with an hour to play the game with per day, I pretty much have to decide if its worth the gamble on doign one of the arenas assuming theyre up when i log in, or running limiteds, or selling runs. . Really puts a damper on things.It puts me in a position where if I really want to get achievements done before the server dies, ill have to dump money into the game to buy warstone bags, which i'd gladly do, if I wasn't an adult with responsibilities to deal with. So that brings me here, to see what can be done about this in a way thats reasonable and fair. Warstone polys freeze their timer while offline, and its not really worth it from a cost standpoint to leave the game running all day so that when i get a chance to click a button and then go back to adulting. Dailies work, if theyre up when I have time to play. Gold farming works, but then kills my desire to play for a couple days after. Selling runs works, but then im stuck needing to find a buyer which eats up my time. I get that it's hard figuring out a balanced way to make things work for me, while also still being balanced for everyone, but im afraid that if I can't come up with a way to get warstones at a reasonable consistent rate, my options will be to just give up on the legendary achievement,give someone else my login in so they can do shit for me while im busy being an adult, or just pretty much drop the game till content I want comes out, dump money ot fast track to what I want, neglect responsibilities for a couple days to get my fill, and then get back into the same pattern because my builds are incomplete due to achievements. I'm open to discussion and ideas, but I dont really know where to start.
  10. So there I am, in aven ch1 at around 9:26pm (9:27pm when i logged back in and realized i needed to file a report) mountain standard time USA, checking out the player stalls, and someone casted snowstorm off screen, and I know it was snowstorm because i saw the visual effect of it, right before my game got alpaca'd, and when I logged back in, there was a gap, a hole, a section of avens normal ch1 player selling area where vendors previously were, that was just missing. Shortly after I logged back in, a couple others logged back in the same spots they were when they got paca'd, while others in the area were unaffected. This leads me to believe that someone found a bug that allows them to use snowstorm in some capacity to force players within the area of effect to crash.
  11. I'd rather have lv4 gems be a thing sooner rather than later, i mean, why have one thing, the arcane box, be available now to make purple gear super easily, thereby making people that much stronger, that much easier, when the arcane box wasnt around in 65 cap, but not include the next gem levels, which would greatly help survivability against the influx of rangers, and the still sheer amount of overwhelming force that illus are? You'll still have people dumping everything into fatals and eliminations, because if theres one thing thats never gotten enough love its tanking. Pretty much no matter what game it is, its dps or nothing, because dps vs tanking was never really balanced, since why should anyone bother with sustaining themselves when they can just be a glass cannon shooting other glass cannons hoping their attack connects first? Heck, i cap ice res, sometimes overcap it to ensure i never go below 50%, and an illu pop sup, sleeps me, then pelts me for triple digits, chipping away waiting for their sadness to proc double damage, would be great to invest in something other than "hurr cap crit2win". Already starting to consider the possibility of just building templar like I would a cleric to just healstall things like 3v3 since its pretty unfun head into arena, killing two thirds of a team, only to have the token illu go invis, sleep my team, change to cleric, revive their team members, then switch back before sleep is over. Can't gem for both sustain and tanking with lv3 gems that easily, lv4 gems would make it more possible, or maybe just bumping that dear old elemental res to 70% would be an even bigger help than straight up lv4 gems. All I know is pvp is pretty unfun currently.
  12. I've found I like a lot of the background music that plays, so is there a way to just get the music files in a zip or something so that I'm not stuck needing to run the game to listen to its music?