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  1. So either my writing was 2000% off or you misunderstood completely through the clear hate-glasses you're wearing when reading any post of mine. 1. As stated in my post, i dropped the EC numbers to give a slight number on what people can expect. Ofc it's RNG and people that actually care for rolling will know that themselves. But thanks for shining light on the obvious. 2. You say it yourself, it's a MASSIIVE MULTIPLAYER game and i said that you need people to do everything(of current content at least, especially if you're not 100% geared), not that i wanted to solo something buddy, read again. My point was that it's hard to play a MASSIVE MULITPLAYER game with next to no people to play it. No clue where your point of the game being grindy comes from since i didn't mention that at all, maybe you didn't even read my post? but ok buddy. 3. Not referring to you but to @Jordanand @XGammy here: thanks for posting a screenshot of what, 30-40 people? Of which you admit about halve of them are alts, PROBABLY on prime time of the server. You see it yourself right? Gammy is right, that is pretty misleading to be honest.
  2. There is currently no reason at all to come back. Indeed i'm super surprised that the few people that are still playing classic are so super desperate now. My honest opinion: just give it up and move over to awaken or other games. Why? 1. Jordan has shown many times in the past and even in this very thread here, that he has absolutely no intentions to make the most requested QoL features(lets just stick with the keyword "stones") 2. Jordan keeps talking about how the server needs to fund itself(and lets be real it must also make a win since no business ever is just a "passion project") and i'm pretty sure that isn't the case for many months now which also leads me to: 3. I remember pretty clearly how it was stated multiple times in the beginning that there will >never< be loot boxes. Well, guess what loot boxes are on an obviously dying game? A chance to try and save some of the lost money. This all combined honestly should be a more than clear sign that people should just not invest so much of their time and mental strenght into this. I heavily appreciate it, sure, but it's like you're running your car full speed into a wall. I don't think that i need to say this but: don't get me wrong. I always liked Jordan on a personal level even though i disagree with many of the choices that are being made. Some may know that i even did the monster arena changes with him and made the icons for the class outfits, just to show you here how invested i once was with the server. I still check in here and read through new stuff every few weeks. I want to state this very clear again: i do not have any hopes or expectations in classic ever growing healthy again. Mostly because of the above reasons and even if a few hand full of people go back, it would still pretty much be unplayable since as others mentioned need people for pretty much everything in this game. Edit: As always i could have written a huge wall of text over 2 hours but i wanted to hold it as crisp and quick as possible. As i said just save your time and energy for other things. Edit2: I logged in to check the diamond rates, rolled (including blue+gold ECs -2 for taking out 1 mount and a make-over) 217 ECs and got 1 Star Diamond. Just so people have a slight number to work with. And the 1 Star Diamond i got landed me on EP in 2nd row, which is a hard lose you can not roll further btw..Yeah sure, i probably just was super unlucky Also in the whole time i was logged in and rolled (took about 45 minutes since i had some work to do on the side) nobody came and even tried to kill the Event Boss and i saw 1 person writing 1 message in chat, peer-search gave 0 results.
  3. No, there literally isn't any1 left playing Classic. You're better off to just go play Awaken or something else ALso hi, i know, it's been a while lol. I was doing my occasional log in that i do every few weeks to see how dead the game is and apart from seeing the confirmation of classic being absolutely, completely and utterly 100% dead - i also found this(paint skills 1000 i know): (the lower screen is obviously taken today) I don't know if you're just so done with classic yourself that you even forgot to take them out or if it's because the money is needed but man, that's pretty weak tbh. Just give classic the coup de grace it sdeserves and continue to put your time, money and ressources into awaken/SB and/or another game.
  4. living the meme to its fullest
  5. OK i have literally no clue what SB is about(only played the OG AERIA server for a little bit when it launchd) but i defo know that the 69 cap in a literal horny-man-game is gonna be I N S A N E E P I C. P.S. Are there any hot costumes for the male char? Asking for a friend owo
  6. @Herakles He meant battlemounts without any stats to look cooler in battle. Tbh would be a fun addition. Who knows, maybe for some people it's that little minispark that makes them want to play more owo.
  7. First of all i'd like to mention that i posted this in here and not on EE forums for a reason, because i simply don't think you @Jordan or EE is really "at fault" for anything. I'm very sure that people(obviously myslef included) have huge respect for you and the work you have done and are still doing for both EE servers. I never said that EE or SB were developed half-loved. I said it's almost guaranted that taking in >a new project< >right now< would almost 100% be only halfe-loved >because< of the low staff-member-count with all of them being very busy already. My wording was a little too harsh on that one i have to admit and not obviously enough directed at the possible new game. Sorry. Yes, you can indeed be proud of what you reached especially with Awa server since it has like 8x more content than the original game ever had. Yes, i know this very well. Your last sentence is pretty much what it's all baout in the end tho. If there are good ideas or there is help given to you by players/outsiders you still have to realize/implement it all by yourself in the end. This also connects to the point above. Let me just say tho, i didn't talk about the pace of content at all. Of course things will take longer when you are literally (developing), programming and implementing everything alone. That is why i said it'd be good for Vendetta to simply have more staff. I know there is way more for you to do than "just sitting there and think about and programming content". Ofc i don't know how your team is built currently but from what the average player sees, Karah is doing Tickets(and in most cases just redirecting them to you if they are a little "deeper" concerning EE), you are developing, Herakles is doing Events/Playtesting(?)/Monitoring Discord+Forum and Thy(if Thy still exists lol) is a cool dude that randomly pops up from time to time while nobody really knows what he really does . I can see and understand your point of stepping each others toes while developing and since i'm a complete tech-noob i will just trust you with that one. I mean in the real world that is exactly how jobs work tho. You apply and eventually get the job. I do understand that you're probably taking a way higher risk with letting people into your inside since your business is likely to get shit on by the community if people learn deeper insides but if you never take a risk you never take a win i guess. If what the guy says is true there are 2000+ people eagerly waiting for a GF server and probably willing to pay, which shows how much trust people put into you guys. Of course i get that in a very small business like Vendetta is(how much staff do you have? <10 people?) trust and giving higher roles to the people you already know might be the super safe go-to option. And sure it's also a huge time effort to look for new people that could fit into your team but i do think it could be very worth for both you and the community in the end. Thank you. I think nobody that has a slighty functional brain would want you to actively work on 3 games. That said, i still do think that GF on Vendetta would only have a real chance with brand new staff(Gave my thoughts about Bash before, Vivi i think is busy enough with SB/Tech stuff and i think we both pretty muchh said everything about yourself) So in the end yes, i shot some fire but i really think you took it the wrong way a bit. I was mainly talking about the possible GF Server and VGN in general. I will also not go in any further about decision-making on EE Classic since i know it'd just end in a back-and-forth argument-throwing. Let me just say 2 things tho: 1. If you had listened to us at the very beginning and brought back the good old %-TW, everyone would be happy now (that's not a real on-topic argument tho, please don't even react to this lol since all sides points were very clear about this). 2. For me personally i didn't exactly quit because of decision-making or people or whatever but simply because other(in my opinion generally) better games had updates and i rather spend my time where i have the most fun(again this is not because of Vendetta but because of the game itself). I know nobody fucking cares for this but i wan't it to be said. I can just say that i wish all the best for VGN and especially you @Jordan personally. And again nothing of what i said was meant against anyone on a personal level. I have huge respect for your work(and that is exactly why i took the time to write all this. You know how long it takes to get these walls of text and quotes together). And who knows, likely in the future i come back to do more than just putting up guild NPCs and giving my stuff for free to best boi Udo(<3). Keep spelling errors i'm tired af and my keyboard is slowly dieing oof i tried proof-reading them all out
  8. Tbh i think the best idea VGN could do right now would be to: 1. Drop EE Classic and have Jordan focus on Awaken since let's be real EE Classic is dwindling down to death quickly (2. Relocate EE Classics resources to another game like GF. Then again EE Classics only resource is Jordan afaik) Overall i don't really get why VGN doesn't get more GMs/GSs in to help with stuff. Maybe yall are just too damaged by the previous shitshow that most of the GSs at least in EE were so you can't build trust in new people anymore. With the current setup of staff i don't think taking another game in would make any sense since it's doomed to be only half-loved by the staff, if at all. You should go back to doing what you love and do it with passion instead of doing what people >think< you would do good. If you start a GF Server now and don't give it all your love it doesn't matter if there are 3 or 2000 people that want it. It will fail 100% if there is no passion behind it. I do think that if you keep not recruiting new staff and keep making weird/bad decisions like some on EE Classic, the whole network won't have a future at all, no matter what games you pick and no matter how famous/wanted they are. Also no front towards Bash himself but in the past it showed that making him the "main lead" of a game is no good idea at all(Sure, if there are RL/Personal problems it's all fine, but i don't think that it's good to let things like that lead to closing whole games where people cashed in and spent tons of time on). Rather let him stay head GM/Network Manager/Whatever his work is right now and pick someone completely new while keep Jordan and Vivi working on SB and EE. So yeah to wrap it up and a TL;DR: Go back to only Awa EE, expand the Staff a bit and only then think about doing a new game. Also decision-making needs to be improved by a lot. Remindisclaimer: This is just my opinion and i don't want to personally hurt anyone. It's just what i think would work out the best. I'm currently not actively playing any VGN game because of (not only but also)the reasons i mentioned above. And let's be real there are way better games to play overall like FFXIV and WoW where you actually know what you're getting for your money.
  9. I mean i can see why you think increasing the price makes sense(it absolutely doesn't in my eyes since this is in no way a constant form to take gold out of the game but ok.). But making the Katana BP cost 80 instead of 10 Warstones is absolutely disgusting. You don't need to take Warstones out of the game in fear of people usinng them for ECs too much. Those people that have finished Cape Achievements have more than enough to just get ECs anyways.
  10. Imma throw myself into the fire with this but lemme just say one thing real quick: You guys are counterplaying a healthy PvP life with your constant and literal shit- and trashtalking of your opponents. People have to read so much crap at and after almost all of your PvP activities(and i already have 5 people of your guild on blacklist since everytime you read something by them it's 100% trashtalk. For no namedropping sake i'lll only put the starting letters and you may figure yourself out X, M, M, J and first M's second char ) and it's just exhausting and demotivating tbh. Sure it's fun for you to joke about and trash on your opponents but do you really think others(bystanders, lsmall PvP-Guilds, PvE players that didn't hop into PvP yet. etc.) aren't influenced by that? Like it's not at all possible to win or lose an "important" match these days without people starting trash/flamewars in public chats. And then people wonder why PvP is less populated.. Sure content draught is a thing but be sure that the pretty high toxicity in this game has a huge point in it. Maybe before starting to trash people or start responding to someone who wants to start a flamewar, double-think if it's really neccessary to flood the whole peer/world for 30 minutes with straight bullshit. Again, it might be fun for yourselfs but just sometimes turn the ego down just a little bit and think about the "greater good" for everyones sake. That said, i'm out of this thread again and also won't respond to anything. I think i made my points very clear. P.S. yes i only participate in few arenas and no TW but for my said points that doesn't matter at all(aKa i'm literally showing you a standpoint from outside of the pure ego-bigPP-PvP-world)
  11. Not sure what you mean. You can already just accept both quests and also hand both in each day. I actually don't even know if the other quest gets locked if you hand in one, but then again yeah just accept both at the start of your day
  12. I don't see it like you at all. Actually the exact other way around. It brings some variety since you can actually play some melee classes if you buy a sleep/knockdown immu. Big fan of it tbh, especially if you only want to go there for the 2 daily wins. As for your point 4) -> i'm pretty sure that doesn't happen. And even if they do put a report, it's simply leading to nothing.. That would be like reporting a whole guild for not buying a Tower in TW? You realize makes no sense at all..
  13. Hi, title pretty much says it all. Sadly Monster Arena has very low popularity(just for comparison: Monster Arena highest wins: 27 / 3v3 Highest wins: 621) and simply doesn't open most days. Tho we got a "set playerbase" that regularly does it, we're simply not enough(at least not in the same timezone/activity time). Trying to encourage people to Queue nearly never works. So it'd be nice if it could be reduced to being a 2v2 since that would raise the opening rates drastically. Thanks for your time
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