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  1. Its all good. i dont feel the lag for turning on the AA. But i'll turn it off if im gonna be in NB tho . i gotta see them curves u see
  2. Thanks this helped me locate the problem. it was the lighting FX, specifically the sun lens flare effect. here are my ss
  3. i did, but it still keeps coming back. this time i used the skill reset given to me after the first reset quest. but the bugged quest doesnt show in the quest list and any botton press is useless. i'll just try Filomena's advice. thanks for the advice
  4. Kinda a new player in this lvl here. Any advice how to enter the bloodcat boss dungeon? Thanks
  5. It was my first time is suer and i noticed that the screen freezes and im left blind. i need to span the camera around to get a few steps until it freezes again . also i'll just add it in here but some of my chars has a skill reset quest bug, the quest just keeps popping after im done with it or accepting it. its kinda annoying now you see.