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  1. I agree. I had someone who sold me Century runs yesterday and he had a +2 weapon, had to help him kill the mobs. On a serious note, I too agree. Please make it more available to the mass and not just the ones who spend £500 a month. It's starting to feel like how ArcheAge:Unchained was (and you know how that game went), farm all day just so you get a "chance" to matter in PvP. A chance, because as you already know, sometimes it takes 30-50 stones to +10 and that amount in gold is way too much to farm for the majority of people who can only play a few hours a day and even then, when those who do not cash finally catch up, it's the next cap or their gears they worked so hard for kinda starts becoming obsolete.
  2. Why would you impersonate?