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  1. Read this if you truly care about your community and your business: Please skip if you're just going to be defensive and sensitive about it! Please, for the love of God, stop giving us costumes and mounts on the Crystal Altar. We wanted to play Eden Eternal and not go to Disneyland and dress up all the time. And what's up with TWO Alphas on the top row? Can it not be something more useful than more Alphas to sit in our alt's inventory and/or archive until we can hope to get those elusive scrolls to even have a (25% / 50% + 50% Stardust) chance of fusing them into primes? I don't really see why Portal Stones are there also, as everyone's pretty much done with questing and hunting legions. I am seriously starting to wonder if you have set amount of items that you can put on the altar every altar change and then you just fill up the blank spots with whatever first comes to mind. This has to stop. Almost all of your players are frustrated and stressed and it's not what we're here for. Here's the actual suggestion: Why not give us some more useful stuff such as (Prime) pets? They are almost never on the altar. CCMs x18 (10 or 5), EPs x50, x5 Eden Crystal (NT), can also be a thing, x10 Eden Crystals (NT) if you're feeling generous. Even those silly things that you use to afk-gather Aven fame. I can't remember what they are called but there used to be an item where you can just keep gaining Aven fame whilst afk. All of the above will always be more valueable. Full stop. I am not asking for Halcyon and Sublime here, but you might as well just keep the slot blank if you have nothing better to give. Please also considering doing what you used to do, when you separated both ultramarines and corals and not kept them on the same row. The rant: Please skip if you're just going to be defensive and sensitive about it! You say you monitor the state of the game, that you log in every now and then and check on things. Then if you really do that, you should know what the players need the most and what should be up there instead of the stuff that you have been giving us lately. What are you guys doing? You keep saying and boasting that you have done this game good, but actually it's the opposite - THE GAME that has done you good and it looks like you are just taking it for granted. Stop saying that you have proven that you can run a good server when mostly everyone, even some cash spenders are unhappy with your decisions, let alone the things you do and don't do for the game. There are so much more I can add, but here's that for now.
  2. I agree. I had someone who sold me Century runs yesterday and he had a +2 weapon, had to help him kill the mobs. On a serious note, I too agree. Please make it more available to the mass and not just the ones who spend £500 a month. It's starting to feel like how ArcheAge:Unchained was (and you know how that game went), farm all day just so you get a "chance" to matter in PvP. A chance, because as you already know, sometimes it takes 30-50 stones to +10 and that amount in gold is way too much to farm for the majority of people who can only play a few hours a day and even then, when those who do not cash finally catch up, it's the next cap or their gears they worked so hard for kinda starts becoming obsolete.
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