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  1. What a Cutie <3 Welcome back Inori. Have fun as always
  2. Rawr... New People <3 Welcome to our community. You will enjoy any game here.
  3. Chub


    This is @Bash when he saw this thread.
  4. Hi, Welcome back. Hope you stay for long <3
  5. Wooo a Zeus. Welcome my friend and Enjoy your stay here.
  6. There is a no and yes in this situation they are still deciding whether to open a new server or not. Because right now admins are so busy making the 4 servers better.
  7. Welcome. I know you'll enjoy here. Have fun and Goodluck
  8. Please use english. Thank you
  9. Jordy i love you <3 So many to balance in this server, what i miss here is the fast weapon changing.
  10. I suggested it to Bash last day. Let see how many players are willing for this one.
  11. Chub

    Server Rates

    This becoming a common question, so I will leave this here. Eden Eternal Exp: x8 Class Exp: x8Gold: x2Drop: x8 Scarlet blade All new content that SB gets is custom drop/gold/exp either way. Exp: x5 Quest EXP: x2 Quest Gold: x2 Drop: x4 Gold: x3 Increased pet exp Increased enchantment rates
  12. Maya. Nice to met you, have a nice day and gameplay here. Hope you enjoy
  13. Happy that you enjoy here Please keep it up and suggest things that can make the community or game improve. Have fun and Enjoy
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