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  1. That make no sense. You spend time and gold to make the drivers and the plus of the awaken is the new ability.
  2. If the damage difference is the problem, then the drivers can be up to 115% (to match the Awakens). What is the problem with diversifying the weapon options? You also give the possibility to 115% weapons for ppl who already hv the pre-awaken +10.
  3. Thx for all the information about the incoming content and, in particular, for the nice feedback with the communitty about the 'problems' that the server face from both the player and the GmM perspectives. Some remarks: Of course raising the success rate of the stones is not a solution. Jordan's idea of giving a lvl cap to the stones is actually a pretty nice idea. However, the stones obtained though the ranking should not have any lvl cap (since they are obtained in an open competition). The current driver system should also work on gear. There is no reason to have 120% weapons but 110% armors. Also, as said before, the % system was introduced along with 70 resis cap. Because numbers are larger! Right now in TW and GVG, the 80% of the DPS are M-DPS. There are no resis trophies like in cap 75 neither (where the % system was released). This said, if the % system is conserved we need a resis system too (maybe an item that can be upgraded with misions similar to awakened missions). This will give some balance. (Probably the awaken system of zumi resis equpable stones can be modified). Regarding the pre-awaken issue, I suggest a system to motivate ppl to get +10 pre-awakened weapons. If the fortification lvl is inherited to the awaken, players will see the awaken as a little middle step achievable in one day of gameplay. However, the % of the awaken is always 100%. So, the base % of the resulting awaken can be modified (up to 110% otherwise in cap 70 nobody will make a single weapon) based in the base % of the pre-awakened and its fortify level. For example give 1% for each upgrade over +5 (5% max) and 1% for each 2% over 110% (111-112 -> +1%, 113-114 -> +2%... etc with a max of 5%). With this system, people who dedicated time to improve their pre-awaken will be rewarded with a better % in their awaken weapons. Lovers of the perfect stats will have a bit of extra damage but not enough to unbalance the numbers. I have more ideas but i dont want to make this post longer. Thx for reading.
  4. Astr

    Purifyng Wind

    Can we revert Purifyng wind to the original skill too? Area target?
  5. Astr

    Veteran Pack

    What are the requisites to get Veteran Pack? My account is pretty old and I don't have it.