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  1. Deleting the temp folder from your EE folder would probably fix that...and create other similar issues.
  2. I can agree with the fact you don't need +10 but you can't say the amount of stats it gives is minimal, like how's over 150 bonus agi/lck from a perfect fort +10 dps set minimal ? It's a huge increase.
  3. Do you even realize the people hoarding stones aren't the people who are currently complaining? Also i'll use this argument again but as someone who played on the french aeria server, the experience isn't cheaper here. But then again i'm not asking for that, nobody's asking for that, people are just asking for a better experience than what it actually is and yet you refuse to listen, you refuse to even consider the remote possibility of making things better. Instead you keep on blaming us the players, yet you're saying you want to protect the longevity of the server ? Big doubts on that currently, don't think any game staff blaming the player base ever helped anywhere.
  4. People will keep buying no matter the price and the staff doesn't want to do anything to make VSS available for free so F2P players will just end up getting fucked harder. Your greed will just end the server sooner rather than later at this pace, giving free access to +6 wouldn't even hurt your income that much yet it wasn't even listed among your propositions to fix the safety stones issue. You're not doing much for one of the biggest concerns among F2P players. And like SenorBernd said you're trying to wind yourself out a little easy. Players won't find a medium because spenders hold most of the stones supply and they couldn't care less about others wanting cheaper stuff since they know there are no alternatives for safety stones.
  5. I got mine for 200-250g ea, depends who you're buying from i suppose. Can't avoid people trying to sell at higher prices when there was a shortage just before.
  6. Yes there are viridians stones in circulation now but i'd say it's mostly due to the fact there were basically none in circulation before this altar. People are more or less forced to take them because it's the best way they have to uncap their new gear if they didn't hoard stones beforehand. Price went down though (i think?), i'll give you that. About the huge amount of stones used it's probably due to all the hoarders uncapping their new gear. Unless you meant regular viridians specifically.
  7. I really hope this x1 regular viridian in the altar is a bad joke or a one time blunder because i really fail to see how it is going to help the current situation. Lv 70 chisels are on the row above and regular safety stones x2 are available higher up, not mentionning the ULSS/CLSS x2 too. I know you're trying to make money off this thing but this "solution" won't work if the only stones we're going to get on lower rows are regular x1 stones, might aswell go for stones wipe right now if this is the best you can offer.
  8. Astraea


    People would dodge arenas if defector was removed, sounds like a bad idea
  9. A free player can compete if they're playing a lot, more casual players can't though, yes. Best bet for casual players at this point is probably to pour everything they have into awakened gear and that means hoarding stones until they're out
  10. What Jordan said wasn't 100% right that's all. And to answer your question, as someone who won't spend hundreds of $ weekly i couldn't care less what your rate of prices becomes if that means we get easy alpaca stones. Coming back to the main subject though, pretty sure most non-hardcore/non-spenders would have a complaint or two about safety stones right now if you asked them, maybe it's time to start addressing the issue ? Like Alicia said i think +6 is a minimum, so it should be easily affordable by any regular player, yet only LSS are available right now, so you just need to get unlucky and who knows how much you'll spend on a single +6. I really don't think it's that hard nor gamebreaking to release 50% or 75% viridian stones ? That or you could juste make regular viridians (NT) available in alpaca capsules at a better rate than what it is now. A combination of both could work too.
  11. It actually was basically free on the FR server, you could even go up to +10 for free with enough grind. Seeing the SS rate in alpaca capsules here, +6 here is probably the same grind as it was to get +10 there Obviously not asking for the same here, would be dumb, but i doubt making +6 accessible for free would be a bad thing. Viridians would still be bought by all the loaded people out there and you could release halcyon viridians in altar if you really want people to buy +6 stones.
  12. I did say to make the free alpaca stones only work up to +6 to avoid that
  13. You'd still have to buy stones for +7-+10 which is the most expensive part anyway
  14. I know you told us to stop talking about SSs, but as someone who played on the FR server ~6 years ago, the SS rate in alpaca capsules is horrendous here. One thing you could potentially do is increase the rate of these and make it so they can only be used up to +6. This would allow a lot of players to get somewhat geared more easily, also fixing, at least partly, the issue of non-geared players in arena.
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