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  1. Box: Pets: -Glorious Nalani ✔️04/30/20 -Night Luna ✔️04/30/20
  2. It works, u can use it actually but its really annoying to set it up. U can set 1 key from numpad and when u set the second one then the first one dont work I set it up since EE folder the archive client.ini, u only need the codes
  3. That ss only proof MT only want Garden dont win, since Garden dont show up they will let his Alt Guild (SB) win just breaking others crystals where SB didnt cap first, since there are no more good comments, I will ignore the rest. Nothing more to say,
  4. Read I didnt say " always is garden against MT,SB and Kuhaku, I just said "the first tw of that day", also i didnt say " Garden always win capp tws" i said "usually" , its not same meaning than always. And yes, even if Garden, SB and Kuhaku are at same side, its hard a half pt against 1 MT full pt like in ur ss, and even with Kuhaku/SB is not like some players without pt/heal will help a lot or make a big difference ( And dont say to make a pt with them, since they dont want join or they just wont do it bc they are MT alts guild (SB) so ofc they wont play in same pt with us agaisnt MT ) The only solution here is to activate the "balanced distribution (MT vs. Garden)" when both guilds have obtained 3 terris so they will not be affected, and once with 3 territories both guild will attend since even if they lose, the attendance is only for pvp and fun, not territories, and you should not have problems with that since you can win capp tws too, otherwise if this change continues to affect only Garden, be sure that the next week you wont find pvp.
  5. The same day of the patch I went to u by whisper and told u what would happen because of the new distribution in tw, and that's how it happened. I also gave the only possible solution to this ( suggestion) , and I'm still waiting, It seems that we were only ignored. It's obvious that the new distribution always " MT vs. Garden "directly affects only Garden, since MT has more players (10-12) and Garden (6-7) in awak class tw since not a lot of ppl asist to normal class tw because dont get reward, likewise MT has more players focused on pvp, and Garden on pve, that leaves us in a great disadvantage, usually MT vs Garden tws, MT wins, and TW capp wins Garden, and everyone knows, so this new distribution favors MT as it always assures them territory and affects Garden and leaves them without territories, this will only cause the little pvp that remains to die, that the players of Garden get tired of always being vs server, the only option that this new distribution leaves to Garden is that the players get out of the guild to not be affected by this . The idea of MT vs. Garden is not bad, but the way it was applied is yes, and I told you. If they are going to involve 2 guilds in something that may affect, they should inform themselves or communicate with both guilds involved in this to know their opinions, since otherwise Garden is forced to lose all the tws, the first tw after the patch was nothing balanced, since the only guild that fought the terris before that were MT, Garden, SoulBreak, Kuhaku and in the first tw of that day the "balanced distribution" left to Garden vs MT + SoulBreak + Kuhaku, this from no point of view is balanced: https://prnt.sc/m6nux5 https://prnt.sc/m6nvdd And the only possible solution to this is to activate the "balanced distribution tw" when both guilds involved in this change have obtained their 3 terris, so they will not be affected or favored by this, which would take approximately Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday so that both guild win their 3 terris, this would leave 3 days for the tw are Garden vs. MT (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) which is better than the previous one and the current pvp in tw, or they could make the normal ones class tw gives territories also so that both guild get 3 territories faster and there are more days of pvp Garden vs MT, otherwise this change in tw only would be killing the only guild that deals with pvp vs MT and the pvp dying much sooner by this change.