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  1. Character Name (IGN)*: RozenniaChan Event Title* : Xmax Hunt! Type* : Xmas-themed scavenger hunt! Objectif* : Hunt around specific winter-themed maps for items. Introduction* : Santa has lost his cookies while delivering presents! Hunt around Shiver Peak, Iceflame Highlands, Crystal Utopia, and Frostmorn Mountains to find his cookies! You will know when you find one if you find a hidden chest! Give Santa his cookies back in Aven, or alternatively, refuse to give them and awaken Santa's hangry side! Overviews : Event Timer* : (Hours/Daily/Weekly): N/A; Event will last as long as a normal event. (I dunt kno how long they usually last for) What we need?* : Level : Needs acces to maps within Lv63~Lv106 NPC Name : Starving Santa Dialogue : Ho-ho-ho! Hello young fella! I seem to be in a bit of a pickle. Whilst I was delivering presents, my jar of cookies fell off my sled! You must understand that I require these special cookies for my magic power, and to live of course! I was flying above the white wonderlands of this world when they got lost! Could you please fetch them for me? I had 100 cookies when they fell off. I wouldn't want all of the good boys and girls to see my famished side now. Quest Name : Famished Festivities Mission : Collect 100 cookies and give them to Starving Santa or burn the cookies and give them to Starving Santa. Boss Name : Hangry Santa Boss Achievement : All I want for Christmas is food Spell : Heaby Blizzard: (Slows the targets in a 30-foot radius and deals ice DMG), Merry Mimic: (Summons an Mimic Present to fight for Santa), Naughty List: (Santa uses charcoal to reduce the targets ACC by 5%, stacks up to 5 times) Monster : Merry Mimic: (Summoned by Hangry Santa and uses the Mimic model from TwinSaga) Other : The player can choose to give Starving Santa the 100 cookies for rewards such as a title, costumes, or pets with "Nice List" themes, or burn the cookies and get rewards such as a title, costumes, or pets by defeating Hangry Santa with "Naughty List" themes. DNG Name : N/A Script : N/A (I dunno what exactly to put here) Boss / DNG / NPC Preview : Hangry Santa would have a red boss icon and 5 stars whilst having an affect called "Hangry" and Starving Santa would have an effect called "Starving". Level : Starving Santa and Hangry Santa will both be Lv100 but the difficulty of the boss would scale with the level, similar to One-Eye Roger. Map : Starving Santa will be located in Aven and Hangry Santa will spawn at the same spot when summoned. Coordinates : X:448, Y:525 Title Name : Naughty List (If chosen to fight Santa), Nice List (If chosen to give Santa his cookies, can exchange items with Santa to gain the title.) Rewards* : Titles: Naughty List, Nice List, (Would both give similar stats to King of Pandemonium or Trial Master), Pets: Santa's Helper: (Exchange for items with Starving Santa), Merry Mimic: (Possible Reward for defeating Hangry Santa.) Costumes: Rudolph Nose (Special), Reindeer Horns (Head), and other costumes with the Naughty/Nice theme.
  2. Your suggestion should be denied for the following reasons: A player should not have to spend most of their gold for just a few items. 1000% is extremely bias towards players who do not have a lot of gold. The fact is 911 are unnaturally hacking the game in their favor within the few days of a patch. Gate keeping players who do not have gold to make the optimal gear and trapping people who do not have gold to join their guild to avoid the tax.
  3. It's because of people like YOU.
  4. The suggestion that I have is to make the guild tax 100% at maximum. The recent few patches have had guilds set their tax to 1000% to prevent the majority of players from crafting the latest gear since the groups are the only ones with the correct work levels, and for people who can afford to lose an arm and a leg, they benefit from it. They also benefit from being the only groups that can win PvP. This kind of behavior is a bad sportsmanship, disgusting, and leads to toxic behavior in the group and outside of the group. This is leading to a toxic community and a bad economy during the early days of patches.
  5. Players that are transformed should be able to be mounted. Like a tandem mount except the player is the mount. I think the mountable transforms should only be ones that look like they could be mounted, like Druid's Fanciful Unicorn. This would bring a funny part to PvP.
  6. I just wanted to know if this is just a bug and my account isn't actually being logged in from other locations. I've never shared my account information with anyone and I've changed my password multiple times with strong passwords. Yet I still get disconnected at times when I go to sleep whilst AFK gathering. I've asked people in my guild if my character was doing anything and they've said no. I have also not been loosing any items. I just want to be sure that my account is okay and there hasn't been any breaches in the website's database.