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  1. On how to avoid people created more accounts for solers, there is something really good that we could think of having in the GF Classic, in the GF TW the dungeon quest order, in addition to needing to kill the bosses, they also need the players to be in room of the last boss, this is very good because if they start creating solers they would be forced to take their alts to the end to complete, this would be unviable making it a very good solution that we can have to avoid this type of thing. And I really hope that this server will launch, I have played GF since 2010 and I am very excited to play again the great era of GF. (google translate) EDIT: I forgot to say. The update of the new classes came with this for them, so the solers avoid creating them as alt precisely because they would have to take them to the end of the dungeons to complete the quest order.
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