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  1. Grand fantasia's private server was considered again? I've made so many requests and posts that I've lost hope.
  2. Well, I have faith that someday it will come out. When it happens, keep my GS spot ❤️ kidding, or not ...
  3. too soon to ask for grand fantasia again?
  4. I apologize for some people, but I understand the desperation, although it is not an excuse to be that pushy, and remember that a lot of eden players are grand fantasia players, we just want a good server =/. We understand that opening a grand fantasia server requires a lot of dedication and some sacrifices, we suport you guys, we just ask you to think carefully about the new grand fantasia vendetta. ^^
  5. i tried to send you a message, typed a giant text...when i click to send, it show me the message "Jordan cannot receive messages" jesus .-. if u look at my post history, you should know what this is about. anyway, i need to talk to you, if u have some time to spend talking with a random from internet, answer me. bye ❤️
  6. indeed. jesus, now im not sure if it was an answer for dragomon hunter or grand fantasia dont play with my heart bash =/
  7. @inceptionz I gratefully express my thanks to your words here, I would also be flattered to talk to bash or jordan, I believe that each player has completely different ideas for this possible server and I want please as many people as possible. I understand what you said, but I also know that people tend to calm down when they already have a right idea in mind, so I would like a GM position. Obviously it is easier to wait months knowing that you will have a positive result than to wait months without having a clue, can you understand me? ^^
  8. so guys, the people of our discord are very anxious because of this possible new grand fantasy server (and I hope a classic version), it is to be expected such a hype, we have been looking for a new server for a long time and suddenly the hope arose of vendetta create one. Unfortunately, due to the bait of the eternal adventure server, which would be released on 04/2019, many of the possible players are afraid to put their hopes on this possible server of yours. This anxiety is killing me too, I cannot deny it, I am one of the most active users on the discord, which currently reached 1200 peop
  9. @inceptionzhow can u talk about "mmo is about progress" and want a new server with cap 80 dude? makes no sense...i want cap50 for a couple weeks, everybody doing dungeons and pvp, then a couple months in 60....a year in 70...the scret is SLOW progress...if you want 80-100 content...just stay in those server that already exist... i want my experience of playing this in 2010 back, just this.
  10. @inceptionz i guess all those guys want is a classic server...i mean, lv80 will be reaaaaaaaaally bad =/, like i said, this lvl cap was the mistake of all those new server, progression is everything. theres no point to launch lv80, too rush. i dont think siwas problem was bad tables, actually I quite liked the alchemy of that server, i could easily put my DS full purple +17 in 80 being a free player there, I never missed MFIs to tell the truth, the real problem was having no cap, some people just played to beat 100 and reborn and go 100 again just to keep up with gvg, the game doesnt need that
  11. as you said "vendetta's wants to make a Grand Fantasia server they have to follow the community needs and wishes" so your words may not be a reflection of what the community thinks and wants. I've been talking to a part of the players on the server's discord, from what I saw, a lot of people agree with my point of view, so i dont know what do you mean with "lv60 cap is comunity words" , where the "comunity" spoke that? makes no sense to me, lets do some votation, and the "comunity" will choose. but i agree, any cap after lv60 is bad. ^^ Well, I can prove to you that the limit of dung
  12. Discord MrShadow@8394

  13. Hell, I'm impressed and happy with the direction this topic took. I created this topic after the disappointment I had with grand fantasia eternal adventures, I had to try to create my own classic server, with my own ideas, I ended up creating an aura kingdom to do tests, since they are games with very similar "cores" , unfortunately I can't develop my grand fantasia because my programming knowledge is still limited, but I'm studying hard. : 3 I put a lot of hope in that shit and they just disappeared, so I decided to appeal to the vendetta, I was pretty sure it could result in something. I
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