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  1. As the title says , whats the difference between these 2? Enchancing chances? Better stats on enchanting?
  2. I finished lvl 39 , and i'm 40. But i had one main quest i didnt notice in viledon and already 40 .. Is there a way to get back there? o-o I also just reached Scylla and dont see any daily quests , does that mean i bugged it out or do they start at 41? >_>
  3. missy

    Mech ..

    Is there a way to lvl up ur current mech? ... >_> mines still 17
  4. Is there a way to turn off the red flashing going on when ure being attacked ? D: Ty , xoxo
  5. Heyas i'm a new player to this mmo in general , from what iv'e seen the starter zone are completely like ...dead.. af. Is it worth it for me to lvl up a new toon to 65 and hope that the endgame is somewhat active? Please advice :D tysm xoxo