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  1. I must admit, long ago like around 2010, i was playing alot, but really alot. I was enjoying so much this game, i had a level 30 ranger and 40 assassin and would just go in pvp with a stuff of +9 and would get MVP over 50% of the time. We would play this game 5hours + a day and were having so much fun, i even did cs when i was like 14 ( 8 years ago). We would do ruins everyday because it gave so much xp (kappa) and would do so many dungeons in group because it was fun and harder, because only the one who spent like 500$ had a stuff +15. 3 years ago i stopped because i had something happening in my life and now that i came back. I am full GW / GVG Stuff +17 full stuff and 7 different weapons, 3 different armors, like so much stuff and xp and kratto Mount. And even with all that, i jump in the arena, get crit 10k and die in 4-5 hits because some people have everything +20. How did we go from everything +9 and you can often be mvp to -> Ranger level 40 have 10k attacks??? like what is this???? If you guys create a server, i join within 5 minutes and play this game every single day. I wish i could enjoy this old game where i crafted my items and armors and did quest and went on my pvp char for fun when i was tired of grinding. I feel like i've lost so much time and money on that stupid server because even with more than 5 years of constant gameplay. The community is dead. I would do anything to have a good server! Please do it!
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