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  1. Thanks for the asnwer & all the advice fellas 🙂 Like @BoxBox said I know the rules at PVP area, it's normal to kill or be killed but that situation above. The fact that they can stroll to opposite base, shrug off NPC attack, procceed to spawn kill you & then got out of NPC range without their HP fall below 50% really ticks me off so much 😬. Yeah, i can fight back but 100% granted i'll be doing miniscule amount of damage to them not to mention i'm more of a PVE-er even when i'm still playing SWTOR for year & a half. I can tank Helios damage output with my delta uni +8 gear (except shoes, i'm still using base version cuz curse rng drop), up to date with my level acc except earrings (again curse rng drop at factory plus i don't wanna register at BG anymore) but i'm like a wet tissue to those lv cap players with their high end gear The player that keep harassing me on escort quest keep spawn killing me for 30min until i just nope out of viledon back to main questing at Barbiron. While the other one who keep harassing me when i'm just trying my best at killing Helios (already reach damage output or reduce it's HP for 1m until he killed me 😧) keep doing it for almost an hour & half spawn killing me while i just stood there, cuz i'm making account & thread here at this forum. Yeah it's annoying at the time all those thing happened but thinking back now it's actually kind of funny & sad at the same time. The fact that those lv cap players took their time playing their game to keep killing me for their own idea of fun Like most of y'all said i'll just stick to DG or main quest to keep leveling, but gonna make another attempt to fight helios before i hit lv 40
  2. I've been playing this game for 20 days now, it's quite fun albeit the game is mostly populated by end game players or fully geared players who stayed at level cap. There's some who friendly, helpful but there's also the annoying one. Since i'm still at lv 39, i didn't know what's end game situation like but for the last 20 days, i know that the players who stay at level cap are the most annoying. I know that at the core this game is pvp-centric but i still tried to enjoy this game, mainly the pve and honestly the eye candy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I've, up to the point i decided to make a thread at forum just to complain & vent my annoyance, there's 3 instances/situation where the level cap players annoys me most. First is janus. I count 8 times i registered at janus, all of that when i'm going through at level 20 to 30, 1 times i fought lv 29 rg who kindly help me reduce towers hp & let me kill the towers, after that we both just sit there at middle until timers stop. 2 times i fought a lv 25 & 27 players who proceed to kill me while i do my best with my base gear +3 to kill the towers but they only do it once & let me kill 1 tower at least. then the rest of 5 times i played at janus is facing fully geared lv 29 players who always procceed to curb stomp me whenever i spawn back. Well, thanks to that i never hit Janus ever again The 2nd & 3rd situation is at pvp area, viledon. which bring to my point & question; "Is it my fault?" i've met 2 players, 1 is recently who make me so angry & frustrated that i make an account & thread at this forum who slaughter is probably the best word for it whenever i'm doing escort quest & trying my best at killing helios. I know that viledon is pvp area so it's an open season really, but to the point to keep killing me whenever i spawn & run back to escort the hauler the proceed to spawn killing me at base when i confront & asking the player why keep killing me. I ask; "Is it my fault for playing, questing at pvp area?" Then the other player that made me making this thread, same situation with above. Keep killing me even at spawn point up until the time i write this thread. Been doing it for almost an hour now. I ask again; "Is it my fault for playing, questing at pvp area?" the question i ask when i confront both of them is: "Is it fun killing a newbie who just doing it's own thing as a fully geared player?" Again, i ask y'all; "Is it my fault?" If it is prob best i avoid all pvp realted in this pvp-centric game 😕