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  1. I am going to try medic again. Although it would be interesting to see a skill tree that doesn't require the same points. Almost like WoW in a way. But yeah, this might get a little messy trying to do that.
  2. Gotcha. Well, then yeah, it would be limited. It's either one way or the other. Aion was mostly based on your skills. Something similar with SB, but I guess kind of different. You didn't have one single class, though. So a cleric was purely for heals while the other one, not sure the name anymore, was more geared towards dps. Um. Discipline priests on the other hand for WoW is kind of a odd and interesting spec to play. You have healing geared for healing, but also it was geared a little with dps. I prefer that one for solo situations. But when it comes to dps, I try to be shadow priest since they're more geared towards dps side versus healing. And I agree. You get what you are given.
  3. I kind of want to put my two cents into this. Not saying that something should not be done with the issue, but not all healers are limited to dps. I've played a game called two games that healers were pretty good. I am not all too sure if I can use those names, but one I could literally kite against other players or mobs and survive most of the time by just healing myself. Another one (pretty old), I can literally solo in groups of 3 of a instance/dungeon on it as a healer and be able to take on the three npcs while the other two of my mates are doing all the hard work by getting the points. Maybe if this game had followed those fundamentals, you could literally do something like that as well. But seeing as I am not all too sure how healers are on this game, I can't be judging on them quite yet...
  4. I got you on that. That definitely does make complete sense there. Now I have noticed the lower area is still covered. And yeah. A lot of platforms frown on that kind of behavior. So it makes it difficult to stream yourself while not wearing anything. Also I have noticed that the unsealer doesn't fully removed everything. The bottom portion. But I am okay with that since it's all good.
  5. I was thinking something similar to that, but yeah, I could see some issues with making it fully naked. x.x It's asking for a whole lot of can of worms. You would have to set up restrictions first so minors can't view said thing. Just a lot of red tape involved. XD
  6. Haha. See. I haven't played this in ages. Thanks.
  7. I do not know if it exists in the game, but is there a possible way to have them do actions such as sit etc? I might be overlooking it. Would be a great addition if it isn't in the game yet.
  8. Thanks regardless! It saved us lots of trouble in figuring it out in the end.
  9. You are awesome! I went ahead and did it for her and now the game is running like it's supposed to. I appreciate that. I will let her know once she wakes up. We both kind of stayed up late trying to figure this entire stuff out. I just went ahead and did the first option you gave me and that solved her issue right off. Again, I thank you.
  10. So me and my wife downloaded SB Vendetta on our computers, and she's having the issue with cannot find atl100.dll file which is causing it to crash. I have the file and tried giving it to her. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue? Because I really want to play this game with her and I don't want her to get frustrated with it and not want to play it. Thanks!
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