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  1. IGN : Koronero Requested Item : Ghost Horns (Legendary) THANK YOU ~ 😃
  2. In DR maps, it should not be a Vendetta channel. What is Vendetta Channel and why is this player there? I just came back to play this game again. And i dont know that player and he afk
  3. COSTUMES Mysterious Metal Frame Sunglasses (Legendary)✔️12/17/20 PET Magic Devilish Belle ✔️01/22/21 Magic Ghostblade Ren ✔️12/03/20
  4. TY ~ GS The problem has been solved
  5. Costumes from Halloween events And some other costumes did not display properly I tried VERIFY, but nothing has changed. How do I fix it?
  6. Body Gear (Costumes) Hand-Dyed Camo Beach Shorts (Legendary) ✔️11/10/20 Tropical Beachwear (Legendary) ✔️11/14/20 Stone Earthly Light Luna Rock ✔️11/05/20 Plum Metal Luna Rock ✔️11/10/20
  7. I think some skills are useful. for example Recover HP or - DEF enemy So some people need it But while some pets Obtained good 1-3 combat skill, but no 4th combat skill And some pets Got a 4th combat skill, but a 1-3 battle skill doesn't work So if players can focus on combining pets to have a good 1-3 combat skill Then use the Skill Book: Battle Skill 4 on it It will look good Players still have the challenge of fusion pets - Player must fusion pets to get good 1-3 combat skill - Players will need to fusion pets to get a 4th combat skill I hope my opinion will be considered P.S. we can get skill 1-3 from Altar, but not for skill: Sunder Armor, it only has Soul King
  8. I would like to propose to be able to convert pets into Skill Book: Battle Skill (4) Since I and believe that many people There has been a lot of effort to mix combat pets up to 4 stars Even being able to mix 1-3 skills very well But when not getting the 4th skill, it has to start combining again with new pets. This is no different from turning pets into a Skill Book: Pray Skill (3) And will help a lot of players In creating battle pets However, players still have to mix a 4 star pet and get the 4th skill manually thanks
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