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  1. many days farming can we get lv 68 and how to get exp? 2. how is new gears drop rate 3.anything special for new gears? 4.will we add 3 skill pts? you don't need to answer my question. but my answer is 1.should be long time but long time is boring so i don't want it's only 1 way endless farming stupid mobs to get exp. 2.should be low.but how low? 3 add more different pve stats of different quality for each gear(only for pve).some drop rate should be good some best stats gears drop rate sould be suck.this will be fun.but ppl will be not happy to enhance every gear from 1to12.Can it drop +8~+10gears directly?I hope you can learn something from the picture below. 4.i don't care.but I only want to ask.
  2. adding new items is good. but increase or decrease drop rate too much is stupid. and if you want players play alts more.can't you only make some events special for alts.for example give alts a special drop rate buff which can only be used under lv64 for example. but the buff should not for lv max char.
  3. I can tell you why I m still farming in the event.Only coz i don't want to fall behind of other players.But Acturally I don't like to farm anything here at all.I hope this event end eariler.I don't like it at all.That is only "I have to but not I like to".
  4. I think the drop rates aren't high enough. The same goes for uni lingerie replicube. yeah,some ppl spent over 40k to get 1 uniq lingeire monthes'd better suggest they can get 10 uniq lingeire each run in the that drop rate enough? will they all be happy since they had spent 40k for 1 lingeire??? brain is a good thing.
  5. Somebody always feel good about themself.And ppl only want to hear "good job" "well done" "thanks for the event" bla bla bla Can you guys ask players do they really like this event? Do they feel really happy after they got hundreds of ancient jewels box.hundreds of useless costumes.hundreds of uniq laser scanners.hundreds of uniq kilos. hundreds of skill reset codes............................... Did the event really make more players online?Yes it did? Will the event really make more players online after the event end? You will see how many ppl online play pve after this event. what would be next event at christmas and new year?thousands of what will drop? The only thing i feel good in this event is the new title "zombie player" and Militart hat and the new skill stone stun coz they are hard to get yes only stun stone.Not other ones.coz its drop rate is low .But why i feel its stats is really not better than uniq silence? What do u feel when you bought a uniq silence at 30K months ago but now 10g each in AH? i had 20+uniq silence now!!! Brain is a good thing.