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  1. Well you only need goddess earring and neck for cheva. Also cheva is low right now on accident for medic. Also they could go ghost for the same cheva but get chacc for additional support as full tank is just bad and medic doesn’t really need more resist overall. Cheva is worst combo against sw tho lol. if Annie is using eta that gear is like 1 hit if they hit you they whatever ur eva/cheva is
  2. that was like the most op medic cap lol. i had 3 buffs maxed build and a dps build as well that i could beat every class in a 1v1
  3. SW has indicators they are using skills, you have multiple skills to prepare you for that action that will happen once you hear it go off. We also have teh ability to cleanse a disable off if you time it right and a sw does something wrong. I think you just need more time dueling againts sws to learn your survivability and how to counter. Also show your skill build and maybe even your gear so I can see where you are coming from.
  4. medic is really gud right now unless ur using hp which is dum since HP has always been meh on medic. I can tank a certain way which is what goddessand is probably talkin about (altho thats getting nerfd cus it feels 2 op), also SW has almost always been good against medic except like 44 cap. ghost medic also has the highest CHACC out of every class rn or close so you could even go an atomic/plasma route to just kill them urself lol. i really doubt u tanked beforehand because I couldn't tank anyone with max gear and u seem to have less gear than most medics.
  5. My med had been 1-3 hit by almost every pu lol. My de used to melt to a few specific pus as well. Definitely saw it happening a lot. It was honestly one of the major reasons we lost all medics including myself at the beginning of 65 cap.
  6. last or hopefully last skill patch should Hopefully be out this week
  7. we are formulating a lot of cool stuff now which hopefully won’t take to long to complete and pls stick around cus I think it would benefit everyone a lot ! I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll leave it at that.
  8. All my chars use rare lol
  9. lol i dont remember it being that low so it should be adjusted drop wise and ill see if its somethin vivi is okay with to lower cost wise.
  10. lol yeh i still dont hav uni jewels :))) ill see if lowering the craft cost is somethin we can do.
  11. i farmed all my r2 chips and nvr really want to do it again but its probably mind blowingly easier for dps so idk and its a feature that should take time since having all those chips can be kinda op and should take you awhile to get especialyl for a new character so you cant just magically have a new character max gear day 1.
  12. Well cooldown is being lowered ALOT but it is very useful also for the chacc debuff. It’s a very good utility skill that can still give you kills and it’s an aoe debuff. dots arent technically plasma. While it’s connected to it as a debuff overall it doesn’t do plasma damage unless it’s attached to a plasma chakra skill. Poison smoke is not an actually damage skill it just has the debuffs and the dot.
  13. Another disable will make everyone cry
  14. Make us all lvl 17 for original Janus