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  1. Hmm I can make a sheet yeah. I’ll make a thread when it’s done. Not sure when I’m gonna make it yet 😂 The boosts don’t drop unless its an event, they are VGN items generally.
  2. I have not leveled in forever but that would make sense
  3. also the only levels that dont lose exp are 1-10 so idk where u got the info from o. o
  4. Yeh whenever we can get the patch out it’s a mix of pvp and bg updates which is also just a first part to some other updates as usual since we don’t want to overload every test we do
  5. Hiya. There will be major updates to the bg scheduling eventually. We are in the process of creating our test server again and once that is up we will be able to implement a bg/content patch that should be beneficial to everyone 😃. We did not mean for it to go this long but we had issues with our last test server
  6. Yesss maaam. Seeing how the medals have played out I can definitely lower it. new title called OTP: -7k void
  7. Tbh I kinda want them to drop maybe rp chips in addition maybe. JUS AN IDEA. Cus Vivi just can’t make some of these amara quests work.
  8. Napalm 24hr cooldown uh I think Vivi mentioned she wouldn’t release permanents due to the loss of income to the server I had a similar idea for that skill point thing lmao. I was just thinking at least for the lvl 48s to just give you a full stack or something. Pet stuff on my radar already 🥰 We can adjust rose for those items yeh since I doubt Vivi wouldn’t want more npc clutter even tho I lov npcs :))) lol
  9. I’m going to classify under skill since it was a decision related to sw vs medic mainly but we will probably revisit that once we are on skills.
  10. These jewels are too op to be released loool. I would have to rework them and incorporate to new cap so I wouldn’t really count on them just yet.
  11. We getting some new titles soon but I’ll def add for the ones I haven’t worked on.
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