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  1. I remember in the big guilds like the ones I was in, Revered, Villains discovered the CH% jewels didn't work the way it seemed they might. But we are unsure how they really work since we learned they actually do something when we got the R3 jewels. (u could 1 hit soccer balls). The worst extent of figuring this out is Viva, pvelegends, (forget his name here) had all uni R2 CH% jewels and did significantly less dmg than Crit and flat chakra jewels. people use the chakra accessories mainly for the CHACC tbh. also, alot of classes have pretty decent resists since the accessories have nice ch-resist. I know as medic have like 8-10k on all my resist wit just hero and if i wanna mix i can do 10-12k and max like 15-17k with restoration. most people use crit/chakra mix or all crit. my DE is insane with resist lmao/ cb and wh can be pretty high as well without tryin. people use narak wep skin cus its easier to obtain. also dot is unaffected by the chakra dmg
  2. yeh its really hard to explain but as sand says. its more visual while the non% jewels actually increase your damage. its weird.
  3. Ch% is is kind of a lie. The number increase really doesn’t seem to mean much. It is better to go ch atk jewels. But another reason they all may be going crit/phys is because phys is so high with not as much defense stats against it while quite a bit of classes can reduce chakra damage to zero depending on buffs and builds
  4. I’m using disabled as in a skill that is unusable in other game modes and not the disable voltage effect. And you aren’t really a medic so I don’t really want to be lectured on how to use my skills.
  5. I read it. I’m just expressing. No other class has a disabled skill like medic. I could make much better builds with that 1 point. Im sure other classes could do better if they could move just one point. This isn’t my first post in this thread and I addressed the other stuff and have brought it up to the team.
  6. You all realize that we have to use a skill point for Rez which already can’t be used in battlegrounds and ak making it a waste already. Honestly removing it from bunker I would have no reason to ever get Rez. It would be pretty useless since most of the time there is rarely a good time to Rez in mass pvp
  7. I tried seeing if you could change but it wasn’t really an editable file like other games. Unfortunately I’m not sure how it registers the resolutions it’s always been different. I’ve played on like 4 dif computers
  8. o wow never seen it drop lol that’s nice to know
  9. Currently they are item shop only using VGN besides the one you are given from the game beginning quest.
  10. Ye would Need to go to Bc, seems like he would be to high for drasil. and no real need for the ideal stats on the gamma gear
  11. ah, the base gamma are to help you in the process of getting actual rare gear (doesn't say base). the base gear have really low stats that will probably be the reason why you are dying so quickly. you also need to enhance your gear because that will be your major necessity to killing things faster and tanking better. not sure what lvl you are but I suggest doing the easier dungeons for some gold and see if you get any rare gear you can use, or look on the auction house. for lvl 29 and below as a punisher, its best to look for scout accessory for more crit dmg and seer accessory for more chacc and chakra dmg. Rare mechs also make everything significantly easier if you cant get your hands on one. always shout if you need help and someone might even help you buy some stuff lol.
  12. yes there is, the game auto-populates resolutions for you though. The highest mine goes is 2560x1920.
  13. It was prob one of the early bunkers cus wow I don’t remember being rezzed at 30% in 39cap. That does make sense to increase but regular pvp is like that. U gotta run and utilize your immortal mode after being rezzed lol. Maybe a medium between 30-100 is better for bunker?
  14. Kali bug is being worked on. And I’ve always felt the same about me res in bunker so I’ll see what the team thinks.