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  1. hello we also verifying if anyone is lying for this so please don’t waste our time or there might be consequences 🤠
  2. He’s talking about the dot skillS that don’t have physical dmg. For some reason chakra at a certain point is high enough to 1 shot soccer balls. vivi does want to bring it back tho so we will see what we can do for it
  3. Nob prob didn’t see the other thread from a few weeks ago. 69 has some cool things to complete the whole patch.
  4. No the original devs did not make them. I’m not sure if Vivi can do anything, not sure how she even added facepaint since it wasn’t in original sb.
  5. kind of a weird build but if you just want to pve this will give you continious dmg and some tankiness and debuffs to keep mobs from killing you. cater this to your lvl as you see fit. move around things if you want. kept auto atk even tho most people dont have it. its just useful to have for lvling if you have gaps in rotation. https://limeox.info/app/scarlet/sim/?c=1&l=11&s=a0a1000011a138c8539286007
  6. Hi Everyone, Super excited to be working on the patch! Banana and I have a lot of ideas, but we wanted to see if any of you had something on your mind you would like to be in game. Feel free to post below about anything. Even a type of quest you would like. Your suggestions will be reviewed and discussed among the GS team, but we will be keeping it a surprise for release. Some things for you to help start off: Do you have a favorite NPC or mob, which ones? Is there a specific type of quest you like? Collection, escort, ect. What should we do to help new
  7. I was talking with Vivi to make the Saturday one a different time. I would love for there to be a better NA//SA time slot. I’m on pacific time zone and ak and bunker have always been shet for me at both times lol
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I think Vivi will be doing this!
  9. drop/reward permanent or just for events?
  10. o. o rip yeh I’m sure she can change it. ALSO Vivi is a 100% open to changing all nb and ak times to any time of day. So if anyone has suggestions post below!
  11. Well fix the exp and I’m sure Vivi will fix that for both of you. Unfortunately we cant till next week.
  12. o. o so just the lvl 49 gigas?
  13. Which mechs and which evergreens
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