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  1. skill changes comin after 🧛‍♂️🎃 ive been in bunkers like this in ASB its really no different but yes we do hav a smaller population i main med and DE lol. I also was like the main whipper skill builder on asb lol many more issues came from major mech that i actually didnt want to release but 90% of you nobz wanted mechs l0l we are still trying to fix stuff but this game is hard and ridiculous to alter. once this upcomming stuff is done i will probably look for alot of feedback for skills. there are really good things and really bad things in current skills so just gotta sift through that later. (also this work is done out of our free time which is why it is slow & i only get ap) i actually really like CB but the SB devs made it annoying to alter due to the design of the trees.
  2. l0l. well the gear was made a very long time ago. that must have slipped through the cracks. they arent released
  3. Yeah sorry it was a hassle to make the 4 versions it is ridiculous trying to fix mech bugs they are annoying. Lol their originally was a bug where I could wear any mech on any class. I couldn’t use skills tho 😂.
  4. Ye bikini told us. She can prob do quick fix this week maybe?
  5. Oh ye I’m dumb we can do barb lol
  6. hmm maybe we can put it in nem2
  7. I’m gunna change R.O.S.E. Name to LunaNyx
  8. ????????????????????????????????? what is it
  9. ye the 2nd nexus was going to have a nice couple of buffs on it too but pooop for the craft, will see again if we will add those features. i think vivi was having issues with hauler/ct before but i wonder if she can put drops in it.
  10. vivi hates that nexus. idk if she will try and edit it again she worked on trying to fix it for so long lol
  11. well vivi looked into this awhile back and said she couldn't find any difference between +7 narak and higher meaning they all have same rate
  12. hello i hav been away for awhile to focus on my personal matters WHAT BUGS ARE STILL HERE PLS RESPOND XOXOXO
  13. we can take a look on the drops altho we are probably also seeing alot of those partially cus no1 plays those classes lol
  14. i shall sacrifice titan to the overlords what version is the bugged one i forgot