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  1. i h8 2 double post but just found this masterpiece again from 34cap
  2. some lingerie are costumes and you can always request them to be costumes
  3. Here are some additional not added to guide
  4. I know a lot of you record or u have in the past, I think it would be pretty cool to compile it all here! Post past or new videos below of the game! Here some of my fav:
  5. y you necro this thread
  6. can’t really share all details but that’s pretty similar to what might happen to medic. I wouldn’t worry about her a lot of people have been talking to me on how to improve it and I’ve reached out to a lot to get what might work into testing stages.
  7. nah I had ch resist. You are ridiculously squishy still to physical. Even if you take no chakra damage. For cheva we can get prob 13k but it’s not enough still lol. I tried it before I switched my build. Basically dying instantly. Eva is the same putting you at 12-13k maybe a little higher. People have ally of acc rn and it’s not worth it. Medic buffs still aren’t that great for the medic itself. Since they are so costly and the values are better for other classes and not really you. You lose out on some type of utility like atomic or shift or speed or stun.
  8. no medic can live from any class, even emily. Medic is barely even a playable character this cap, no matter what gear or build you make, you are essentially just a healbot waiting to die. We are unable to choose a funcitional build and are essential stuck with being heals & Buffs lol. Hopefully we can fix it soon 😍 Currently best way to build is max heals/maxhp/maxCVrandoms&jewels/iota gear use void medic buff and you have a few points to work with from there. Conqueror/Tank accesory mix. red jewels dont really matter atm unless you actually can fit attacks then get chacc jewels and chacc randosm cus you should either have it for stun or atomic tree.
  9. also ME dies immediately and i dont kno any FK medics with max accuracy, everyone I have seen has lvl 11 (which is still too much acc)
  10. You can see Dragon Valley map. Click M (map shortkey), then the tab on the top has a dropdown of all the maps, switch maps to some other one then back to Dragon valley. same goes for suer
  11. honestly reading everyones stuff now makes me realize why wh pull stun was changed to disable lmao