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  1. I’m seeing if we can boost exp just for 60+
  2. dual logging cant be fixed. it was to bypass some specific issue with xigncode or something alot of differnt things will be introduced which should satisfy most things. reverting to 54 has alot of its own imbalances. we would stil have to figure it out regardless and vivi and I would rather not just throw away the stuff from 59 cap and 65 cap from lime and me. i don't mind doing lore. im a writer lol. but its at the bottom of my list. automated event will be nice when we complete this patch as we will prob steer away from big content for awhile.
  3. lol we also have that undeveloped area in north barb that only relentless went into for a boss spawn event GM token
  4. Tbh I feel like we could tweak the bike boosters to do damage since they don’t kick you off bike.
  5. i was holdin this one off incase it didnt work but looks like it will. tiny spoiler
  6. We are going back to gas sry
  7. tbh we could prob do this in a way lmao
  8. spoiler: u will be traveling a lot hopefully all ur bikes hav enuf gas.
  9. No more personal attacks or I’m locking this too. Stahp bein annoyin
  10. one time in asb my char slots moved and i was scared
  11. no glory in the process but I am working on a 2 different craft systems and a nice thing for pvp which will connect with a nice pve/pvp patch banana is working on