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  1. yeah that makes sense. As Luna said, Nemesis V2 was created for this particular reason. You can enter through the Lounge by talkin to the two guys next to you when you first enter. This is a faction specific map so you wont see anyone from the other faction to disturb you. There are no bosses on this map. It's just to complete the quest line if you decide to move up faster than usual.
  2. I think we will have to change the size of the mech back to normal. BORING
  3. Ugh, Hello Arkana. I guess I will show you some of my merchandise. I had to force Cowgirl to take these photos and it cost me quite a lot of gold, so you better pay up and not ask for a discount on anything. I should let you know that I may be receiving another shipment sometime in the future with other vanity items. Well anyways, here ya go. - R.O.S.E
  4. Updated with new lingerie stats! June 18, 2020.
  5. Mm was always kinda cheap. Chrono is having a high rp cost over gold because it is a bigger deterrent but if you think it should cost more gold I don’t mind lool. Uni scanner is a pack of scanners and higher gold cost due to then being tradeable and are worth gold in game as well. The cp is just there since it’s always been and gives an alternative to the banana craft. nerve control used to be 2 minutes but it was changed sometime to 10 minutes. Vivi is also working on re adding soccer pitch but we have some road bumps so not sure when we will get to it. I will have to check if I am allowed to put skill reset and exp boost in future but that is a great idea.
  6. Oh yeah I am not trying to attack you on your feedback. Chrono: I originally made that price way back when I started writing the patch. It is reflecting a day's worth of capping which used to be 200k. It is now 100k on test server. This is also an overwhelming buff and the price is to deter spamming of the item. Personally I would use this item even if i lose a day of capping cus I really dont care and I am not the only one who feels that way. It has been a debate to even put this item in game because it can be overpowering and we crossed off adding other buffs like this into the npc. Bike Boost/Snare are rare drops are technically AP items. The cost was to offset the loss of ap, even if they are basically cheap, if anyone chooses to go for the free route. Gold is inflated in our cap and 25g is meaningless to a lot of players. The new cap of RP also makes it easier to purchase RP items. Vivi has stated before we do not normally leak or provide info to patches for the reason of the Unique Scanners. They are being added to more areas of the loot table. You are only seeing one side from a screenshot of 1 page of items. I would at least wait and see when it goes through. Often testing drops is difficult live versus test because of the outside luck buffs from the larger numbers of players in Live but it is coming. Unique Scanners are coming in a pack not a solo. Nerve control agent is a 10 minute buff. As a medic I would buy this as speed is often one of our greatest defensive stats. As a DE I would use this to get at my high priority targets who are trying to run away. For many of these, the RP/gold were not always cheap in previous caps as it is an alternative to drops and buying from item mall directly. HP/SP Crisis are also provided here as an additional space to receieve these low quanitity items at a cost. Not everyone does pve or have loot chip out. This provides an opportunity to purchase this item directly. Passcard pack is a mixture of legendary/regular passcards. Similarly to unique scanners they are being looked at where to be added back into the game. MMs were in previous RP machines and will be kept. There are other items in this npc and more will be added in the future. Davdison items are generally purchased by newer players who need an instant bike before spending ap or players who just want the cool bikes since they are essentially free. Personally I have like 4 of those bikes cus they are cool and used the npc to convert other bikes to the 180 movement speed. In Aeria I saw this npc for those who werent really rich in game, weren't really able to farm a lot, and didn't have AP. The vending machines were helpful to myself and many of my friends who were undergeared trying to move their way up and compete with much higher geared individuals. To those starting out and seeing higher ranks, RP is useless besides major mechs as the energy required to cap consistently for a high rank isnt worth it. This patch is part of an extremely long extensive patch that we are unable to give to you all at once that is aimed at addressing all player issues. As Vivi has mentioned before we generally do not release info until we know it is set and leave some suprises. This patch first started with Mechanical Craft + TT + those other changes connecting with this patch and the next several patches. I am aware it is a long annoying process but this is a private server. We are in no way ignoring suggestions and have taken many into consideration and into testing. At this time skill imbalances are a bit on back burner as players have requested more significant patch work but we are trying to fix some issues in the coming patches.
  7. These messages are a form of teaser that I started doing due to player feedback. I can adjust cost but ultimately this is a long-standing NPC the game has had in every zone. Buying things with rp are not for everyone as you said. Personally this npc saved me in previous caps when I had no other way of obtaining certain items due to how asb was. This is to help bring in some things that should have been added with this cap a long time ago. As you said reaching max tank also isn’t for everyone. rp will not increase past 100k due to community feedback from a large amount of players even high ranks. RP has always been a currency and will continue to be. major mech Requirement will not be increased due to the significant advantage many players will have over newer one and those who don’t want to cap. Many will remember when first major mechs were introduced it caused a big backlash because many were overpowered by a select few. as a high rank you are obtaining status, HP, and additional titles that many will never be able to reach while also facing the consequences of that rank. If anything we can revisit the awful loss in rp to make it more worthwhile this will be going live very soon and will be npc I am very open to tweaking which is why I stated it in the most current post. Many have requested steps to improve amara and this is one of the ones we will be taking. There are also items in this patch that will help boost pvp unrelated to this npc that I hope you will all enjoy 🥳
  8. Well, well, well. It appears we finally meet, Arkana. I'm sure you've heard enough about me at this point so I'll get to the point. Any Arkana who double-crosses me will be eliminated, permanently. I will be offering contraband if you can offer me a counterfeit currency, Battalion Medals, alongside Rank Points and Gold. Due to the system overlays we had to set in place, you will notice my user interface will request Silver Medals. Ignore this request. Battalion Medals, or the dog tags to make them, can be located across Amara and Battlegrounds. If you have any item requests please let my team know so that we can add it to the store. See you in the field, Arkana. Although you probably won't recognize me outside of this container. - R.O.S.E Battalion Medal Rewards
  9. oh I like that. Will do lol
  10. Greetings Arkana, We are pining a few reports in cased you missed them before! Read up before a new release that will change the battlefield. =========================================================================================== Vending Machine shipments are currently being looted along the Chromian supply chain. Gloria has crafted these connections over the past few years for Arkana and Commanders and they are now being taken over. These supplies consisted of new equipment created to assist you in your battles in Amara and Tartatus Temple. If you are aware of any information in regards to the situation please inform me but keep an eye out for your safety. =========================================================================================== Defenders have identified the thief as Rose, an Arkana posing as a rank point and medal vendor. She has been stealing shipments from Gloria over the past few weeks that contain all the materials and information on running the new shop providing combat resources to Arkana and Commanders. Her goals are to obtain the Seraphim rank before anyone else by acquiring Rank Points in exchange for stolen goods and services to achieve glory and high status. She will try and convince you otherwise. She is currently hiding out in canisters in both of the Amara faction bases and is working with other suppliers and services for her safety. Do not expose her position or you may be killed in the process by double agents. Take note of her entire network of supporters and report your findings so that Gloria can take action. =========================================================================================== Shhhhhhhhh, Arkana! I will only share this information with you once. Be aware that our security protocol states that our garrison will feed you to Typhon if you release any information to Gloria. I've been authorized to inform you I will be converting your Amara dog tags and Team Medals into Battalion Medals. Once crafted, you can work with our salesperson, Rose, to purchase necessary items for your battle in Amara. Between you and me, she is a bit mean, so don't be frightened by your first encounter. For security reasons, you will not be able to identify her in person so lookout for a canister wiggling around. Our Team Medal Conversion Officer is also available if you need any assistance rolling over PVP items from Ellis. =========================================================================================== While hunting for new mechanical materials in Abyssal Temple, a group of Leviathan Ranked Arkana discovered this ancient artwork in a massive concealed room containing well preserved Narak Blood and Narak Skin. New knowledge might be unlocked if a commander could guess this pieces name... Mother is requesting your assistance in this matter as she believes a historical operation may be hidden in code. Scylla Researchers have stated that the painting predates our arkana world and the narak invasion.
  11. Guernica is an NPC in Suer/Amara/Enocia that you can essentially "graft" a new major mech or major cyberskin style. Guernica exclusively holds the Iris Mech, Anubis skin, Alpha Skin, and Android Skin. You can switch between the styles at anytime by using Narak Skin for Cyberskins and Narak Blood for Mechs. These two items are found in the item mall for VGN and can be sold via AH or traded/mailed. Cyberskins: Athena (Whipper): Kali (Medic): Kumari (Sentinel): Yesod (Cyberblade): Freyja (Defender): Epona (Shadow Walker): Ishtar (Punisher):
  12. Greetings Arkana, Just because your fighting doesn't mean you have to look ugly and can't have any fun. I've been good friends with Rose for a while now but was still a bit shocked when she asked me to come to Amara. I've always been a dancer, but maybe this is just a piece of her disguise to sell more stolen goods. Or maybe I'm here to uplift some spirits. Anyways, I am now selling a nice array of items you may have been asking to have more accessible in Amara. Don't be fooled by my good looks, I am fully trained in combat and a high ranking member in Rose's black market sales system, so think twice before you try any funny business. Let me know if you want any other shipments sold here. Dance with me sometime?
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