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  1. Daddy

    BGs 60+

    The game has always sent invites after someone declines. It’s why the bg doesn’t start for so long or you see people zone 1 second before it starts. It can send up to 2 back to back rejects I think before it’s too long.
  2. We are working on it don't worry. Apologize for it taking so long!
  3. currently no chatbox due to the closure of Nostale and the forseeable spam we knew would come from it. Unsure when they will put it back. We can still use the VGN discord though!
  4. I’m pretty easy to reach I have discord on my phone lol. Cowboy#8371 for any inquiries or suggestions ! No I won’t give you any patch secrets unrelated to fixing beginning of game :)) I’ll let Vivi respond to see what she wants to give away about upcoming fixes.
  5. lol there were alot of not good players with high ranks cus they only log to sell rp chips or farm and log off. rank doesnt mean skill at all. highest rank i got was holy visage in ASB and i never farmed except for like the last 3 lines. if i farmed i coulda been archangel easily but i hate it.
  6. new better enchance rates are being testing. Luna is also doing really great data finding work on helping us understand how to create the beginning parts of SB more enjoyable so hopefully we implement that soon as well.
  7. No the issue is the 2 second cast time then the animation is a weird slow napalm one lol and then it’s pretty weak. PU has a lot of weird things that haven’t been addressed before that we are addressing now. Same for other classes. I seriously looked line by line for like 2 weeks straight lol. For Enfeeble we will be testing the nade animation from ultra plasma bullet and have been plying around with ultra plasma to see if theres issues and haven't seen any. I'll take a look at lethal for overkeeeel. we are figuring out for the skill simulator but seriously doubt it’s thru lime as they no longer play and haven’t for awhile.
  8. yeah changing the animation. also the skill is getting a nice overhaul edit: we cant fix the animation itself only change to another not sure if i want to change the overkill animation since its same as enfeeble but changing enfeeble for sure
  9. I would mainly say for farming and leveling. It’s pretty difficult to farm solo as medic especially when no1 wants to help medics do dungeons or level lol. i get it but our medic isn’t like other games as we have quite a bit more dps skills and buffs for it just happens to be single target in a game with a small population. Altho imo I think the new medic changes will be enough to make it easier to be solo without so many aoes.
  10. "little fixes" usualyl aren't little especially if you want to add up a bunch of changes at once. it also has to go thru a articulation phase, several test phases, and hopefully make it to live soon enough. that doesn't also add to the fact that vivi needs to work with what the fuk liveplex made of a system for SB lmao. gs team also has had alot of changes over the past year so things get lost. i suggest compiling fixes in an orderly fashion and detailed so we can keep track of whats being said and by who. random spurts everywhere is really hard to find especially if theres no full explanation of what people want. you can also always dm me on discord :)) lets keep this about faction/faction change and no drama. Perm fc cant really abused especially if there is the cooldown to return like b4 (2weeks maybe longer). Also many would just switch back and forth as we have always wanted to do so I'm pretty sure we wuld regulate ourselves with some oddballs here and there.
  11. testing on just kali passive not medic passive. so it ends when you leave. the kali bug doesnt affect the medic who casts it. we normally dont mention what were testing so dont be alarmed cus it might not even make it thru lol.
  12. Daddy

    Dog tags

    ye been something on the very back for updates lol. We will see what we can make up. I think maybe we could do a different dog tag that is called Amara or 60-65 dog tag or something to make it easier to craft instead of one per level. I don't know if vivi would want big stuff like costumes in it or ancient things or even the prem medal lol.
  13. We also used to have GS run guild pvp battles in Nemesis. @BananaHand is trying to put together something soon I believe
  14. this is actually something very similar to what @Viper is thinkin about. We need to articulate it first lol