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  1. High ch resist does not effect the status effect only the damage same for def/void
  2. it just wouldn’t work for some unknown reason she worked on it for so long so we are stuck with what we got lol
  3. banana first thing he wants to put out is a leveling thing so hopefully we can put it out sooooon 😭
  4. u don’t need anymore
  5. lol thanks for the review. I posted in the comment section. I did like the fresh take on the early levels. I’ve always wanted to make it a bit nicer for new people as it’s kinda boring in today’s game sense. I think emphasizing most stuff is end game and it’s largely still here because of the PVP would be the biggest take away. Also it’s a lot more new person friendly than when it was first released due to drops/exp reward increases
  6. yeh. We’ve just been having issues getting one to work for some reason and everytime we get some good news we get bad news 😭. Once it’s all set we have a lot to test and release it does take a long time for things. For my first skill patch I basically worked beginning of may to end of June to create a first round of test and then we l did like 12+ more rounds of testing all the way to October which is when we released it and it still had bugs which we didn’t notice until everyone got to see it. there’s still some bugs lingering too
  7. Ye plan is to make a new portal bg
  8. Honestly not too much. It will take some time solo yes but sb lvling isn’t that difficult till much later. and someone can power level u very fast at low lvls if you ask around in shout or guild
  9. ah some skills have been altered as well as the general population did not like the lengthy skill animation as it makes them hard to use in pvp so you will miss a few.
  10. Pretty sure that’s the one all the way on the east side of the map on the Middle edge. You will see a bunch of nephilim named mobs
  11. Yeh I have plans to make all the stuff more accessible and improve the lvl reward boxes too
  12. hmm unsure why they were changed. We can make sure they are accessible again.
  13. I think he means remove the server selection choice ? Not sure. But we can’t get rid of the secondary password as it is a necessary account safety feature which also does increase the load time unfortunately
  14. Hmm I can make a sheet yeah. I’ll make a thread when it’s done. Not sure when I’m gonna make it yet 😂 The boosts don’t drop unless its an event, they are VGN items generally.
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