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  1. So the xmag thing didnt work. However, i tried flushing my DNS (after looking up all that stuff cause i didnt even know what a DNS was) and once i did that it still didnt work. But, i decided to shut my computer down (because while im not tech savy, i do know that most computers appreciate it if you shut them down after doing something like that) and when i rebooted, it worked! Now i cant say if i can actually get into my character because i got the unfortunate "Your user/password is incorrect!" bug and im too tired to keep trying til its over, but the fact that SB actually opened and stayed open without it being forced closed by xigncode, i consider a huge plus and that flushing the dns then rebooting the computer worked! Thank you very much! @Norleras
  2. I can also confirm this process works. Just pay attention to make sure that the currency matches. It may be a bit of a complicated process but if you really want the AP, this method works.
  3. It appears that after the recent update, I am able to play again!
  4. Yup, I downloaded it and put it in my SB folder and I still got the exact same errors. I downloaded, extracted and placed them in and everything. Link to picture to show:
  5. I had just gotten back into the game a couple weeks ago after I had finally figured out how to get the xigncode error to stop (by whitelisting the entire SB folder with my anti-virus software). I was literally playing the game last night and it was all fine. I attempted to log in today and all of a sudden I am getting that Xigncode error again! I checked and its still whitelisted with my anti-virus software. I even uninstalled the whole folder (deleting all files) and reinstalled it, then re whitelisted it with my anti-virus software again. It still won't work! How am I supposed to play a game that won't let me log in at all?? Here are links showing the whitelist and error codes. Error Codes: Whitelist: