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  1. The outfit Adela dancer has on in the ViP room
  2. ah k, well I guess then it's a waiting game till they actually get that done
  3. For those who may not of know already, Pixel Game Card stopped using Super Rewards as a payment platform to buy Pixel Game Cards. From what It sounds is that quite a few of the Donators actually used SuperRewards method as the other one doesn't have good or many payment options so I guess this will be more a question for Vivi could look for new donation methods for us to use?
  4. Possibly, though I do admit I agree with it, even if its something minor
  5. No you shot the idea out and it was ignored pretty well, except I forgoet who but someone shortly after did mention that most other classes did get debuff alterations that added in some of the newer stats like crid void, crit eva, def and void pierce. So honestly, throwing it on the table, possibility to look at a slight buff on penetration? I do admit.. our penetration debuff hasn't changed much or at all since 49 cap the only change it had was some point on this server during 59 cap or early 65 before I came here the Void debuff was doubled.. so maybe a boost to change Resist debuffs to 3500 and adding a crit eva reduction stat to it ?
  6. Penetration was being talked about in general and the Negative Void stat was left untold, Pu player or not, any of the other pu players in the thread didn't correct it to say that it also reduces void by 2900 too. One thing I can say is I'm not sure when it was done on this server the void reduction has be icreased on the debuffed compared to when it was on ASB, at maxed points it only used to be like 1200 Void. though another funny thing about it aswell was during 49 cap Penetration was actually able to cap out at 3000 Resists reduction, and then after that it was always 2900. But that does bring up actually a good discussion point of maybe seeing a buff on Penetration vs an overall damage increase. Can't say I know everyone on the forums in game and what class they play, but either way the statement still stands, Even Bikini asked about it too on Page 8. What I meant is that Plasma is a build option to fight vs Eva, I.E vs Se most ideally, they have high eva naturally and more so while buffed, and with Pu's low acc, Plasma can be an alternate damage option to fight vs them and somewhat of SW too though not very well cause of their CH eva. -Concealer, I don't feel like Concealer should be touched just cause of how it functions. Haven't done it myself as I haven't hit max level yet, but I've seen it done and, 2 GS confirms on Page 13. That's just the overall character deisgn and slow immobile hard hitting glass cannon, generally is that nature of Glass cannons or 'mages' style of play. As for being a slow class, is whyfor the longest time even before the pretty nice buff they did toAtomic bullet, I always invested in it, it helps. And Im not sure where you're getting that Pu's crit rate is the same since 54 cap, unless you're referring to self buffs that got alterations? but purely just off the Pu gear set itself with Gloves and weapon, our crit rate went up about 650, give and take what version of gloves and weapon you use.
  7. I honestly take your comments with a grain of salt, all you do is sub par flame me every time I post, and whine. So conservative, and yet want changes of your own but changes that absurdly dumb, as I've already seen a few of your posta get shot down directly by the GS's Already whining already right here, boohoo whipper, basic game mechanic I don't know what to tell you, personally I've never thought as Pu as a EVA based class, the fact the GS's even tried to make that viable, grati. But if you wanna whine about not stacking Enough Eva then go play an EVA based class, I.e Sw, SE. /done not gonna turn this into a flame war thread
  8. -nobs, pu players not even mentioning that our main debuff also has a - 2900 void Debuff on it aswell, do you even play the class? -Overkill is only 3 sec longer CD now than what it was on ASB, it's 18 secs, used to be 15. -Option of moving with FS suggestion would take a wholllle lot of rebalancing and messes with the core design of Pu. you want a character that plays like an SE, then play an SE. -Was a comment mentioned class match ups, while Pu does have one of the lowest acc/ch acc's in the game, Plasma tree is a build to work around Eva not so much Ch-eva though sadly. But plasma is a build to counter Eva much as how other classes have builds to Counter other classes. -Thing about Concealer on Pu mech though is unlike Kali buff and what not, it literally will only AoE to ppl if you are partied with them, so idk if removing the AoE on it is really necessary? -Again the crying of loss of damage/lack of damage is just from not practicing skill rotas and utilizing Arkana form skill. I was personally out pvping last night and near the end did some duels and was killing 30k hp SE's while being 2 levels down without buff Skills on myself, which means, my Overkill is 1.5s, Swingers 2.5 and Mech stun 3 sec, so I have reduced stun times to cram in as much damage as i can and Im not having too much problem, atleast not vs non tank or dps built tanks so whats yours. The attack passive was dropped in regards as to change well prior pu was just full buff and 2-3 shot ppl, there was a small Ch buff on the passive as a a small compensation and place holder in regards to see how strong buffing plasma tree as much as was done would take to account pu's damage aswell. As it sounds some of that will be coming back hopefully not to much as personally I still agree with Heaven, Pu's combo for a long time have been too simple a brain dead, but that's up to the GS's on how much of that they feel they need to give back. On a flip side I did see a mention of how there's not really many Pu skills with added benefits, and well, that's true and false at the same time, we have a whole atomic tree with speed debuffs, plasma with DoT and 2 skills with addition crit, though I do agree seeing those at a maxed out point is like never gonna happen, not sure if maybe those 2 skills could be something to maybe look over on Pu? or Maybe as going on what Luna was saying adding another debuff stat to Penetration? was personally thinking adding a Crit Eva debuff to it
  9. As a Pu player, in the early days I used to hate the Manual aims, then I actually just switched keybinds on them and it helps alot
  10. I have to agree with this, watching pu how it was. Was.. sad, stun stun buff buff mech, roll face on keyboard, I win. It's like pu didn't even have to try before, gotta get used to slamming more skills in between stuns, personally my pu arkana rota consists of 6 or 7 skills, depending on which I use (animation durations matter)
  11. ^ or atleast 62-65 since 60-> 61 and 61->62 weren't that bad
  12. either way the blanket fix for boosters didn't end up fixing that, did it ?
  13. does that affect the arkana data chip too? is it a permanent thing or a blanket fix till server exp gets fixed? and how does this fix DV since the last patch was suppose to double DV EXP? Still missing a x2 multiplier for there
  14. That's just due to lag, but also now Overkill uses Penetration's animation