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  1. maybe the new mini event boss at a time that's more pratical for people who have trouble even getting to current spawn times cause Adulting.
  2. yeh i know those are fake titans should be renamed tbh but I remember Cath too, cause for while in shouts ppl were looking to farm Catherine when that patch kicked in, and the Strider pet skin was added in 3-4 patches ago, drops from BGs apparently but still have yet to see one cause well BG drops lol
  3. it's been like a year since these were added to the game and I still have yet to see one, can we get an alternative way to get them? as while I know there's people that farm those bosses, doesnt even seem like that drop. Nor have I seen a Strider pet skin since it was added either
  4. I legit miss this mini event entirely Im either sleeping or at work
  5. hmm nevermind, I didn't realize Medallions gave cp regen now ? Got the 30 day one on my Whipper and that's what was weirding me out making me think the CP burn wasn't right
  6. Wh Major CS and Mech burn incorrect value of CP, not sure if any other classes other than PU have this as well, might want to double check
  7. I can take 12k damage on my pu without being debuffed
  8. Thing about Debuffs though is only until the touch ups months back, most debuffs have been the same since 49 cap. Lime did a bit of adjustments adding some additional stats to some, one being like SW's void slash with the CV debuff. or Pu had dot reduction added to penetration in replacement of -crit rate, but otherwise the actual debuff values weren't even raised since 15 levels ago, only with the adjustments did some debuffs get minor increases, meanwhile buffs always scaled up through caps
  9. Gorgons Pull says it does damage but it doesn't deal damage
  10. And then what of the other 4 bosses in Amara that almost get ignored until they're ready to respawn, only one ppl stay on top of is well Gorgon cause trinkets
  11. Not much you can really add too it without making something already in place with a purpose lose its purpose. Make it drop lv 60 Earrings ? idk still got a fair influx of those floating in the game from the last even that poured out earrings. lv 50 Necklaces? Takes half the purpose of DMHM away Amara bosses already shooting out the Same stuff as TTC but only in a fraction of the Amount. Boss cubes makes it pretty easy to have naraks and kilos. Medals aren't too hard to acquire. Epoxy and Metal scrap drops from like everything as it is. Skill resets drop from bosses Spanners and Ancient spanners drop. Pretty much everything is already acquire-able either from bosses or TTC, other than maybe 2 things, Beta Hexes ( I know they drop in DMHM but not very frequent) and Safeguards. And again not to leave out what I already said about TTC pretty much already outshining bosses in the current state of things. Evening doing the Amara bosses aren't even that enjoyable, and much incentive to fight over anymore because of TTC, Smog can easily be forgotten about and even cut out when there's 5 other bosses in Amara that can use adjustments first. Before TTC, Boss loot was a main source for things, other than uni weapon skins and costumes. Now it's like why should I do a boss and maybe get 1 boss Treasure replicube and maybe a metal scrap when I can do a TT or TTC run and get like 10 jewel replicubes, 10 ancient jewels, 4 spanners, 2 ancient spanners, 6 Boss treasure cubes, 2 metals scraps and 4 mech shards and if not even more. Unless you're ready to just make every boss in the game Loot-splosion with nothing but uni gear, accessories and misc that fit the 65 cap area and make everything else in the game added prior up to this point just pointless. Cutting out 1 boss wouldn't hurt at all. ( And I know there's other items that could be tossed in that wouldn't due to it's a way that helps keep the game funded by having certain items exclusively to AP Purchase)
  12. same loot table as hounds, and now that most of the normal active pvpers have their stuff, most people don't even bother with the hounds anymore, which again same loot table. And then there's TTC which outshines all the bosses anyway so why do we need it
  13. or a 60 Boss in Barb in general? original purpose of it was so that both factions could get a garenteed chance at Tarturus Cards in case ppl couldn't loot any in Amara. But lets face it, a lot of ppl now realise the loot of Smog is literally the same trash as doing a Hound and so a lot of ppl aren't bothering to kill it anymore. Tart cards have a healthy flow through the player base now aswell as the several other additional ways that were added for people to get Tart cards are keeping it healthy
  14. Leopard Maiden costume all classes and Rapid fire box
  15. Either Bug or Forgetten, TT cards can't be destroyed or NPC'd need one of those restrictions lifted SE Major detection DE Major Silences instead of Immobilizing WH Major All fall down has lv30 mech range
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