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  1. At that point Im sure he's using a 2nd set ofc cause I can sit pretty at 41k hp and get run down before de mech is even popped
  2. Regardless, Frenzy still needs revision., unless you look to tone down the prob the real issue outside frenzy, being the Skill wheel Impact, Even without frenzy the ch on that skill from unbuffed Tank class can compare to Sw's resurgent sting
  3. prob, add functioning clusters that only work in mereholt and while riding bike with diff affects kinda like bike boost and snares
  4. If you consider that an insult, you're pretty soft. 😙
  5. Literally your first sentence shows you don't even grasp what Im saying. just done your knowledge is irrelevant at this point till you can read.
  6. Honestly maybe advertise for the game again? try to get more ppl to come and play but ofc only after Payment wall actually gets their act to together fixing buying PCG as it's been over a month now and still nothing. But honestly, just having population again can fix a lot of things more ppl is more pvp and or more pve depending on what ppl like more pve ppl means more stuff flow through the game and market which helps keep prices down and healthy. Not to mention means more ppl need things to gear up and what not, as it is now, most things that sell is just cause ppl decide to make a new class character and gear it. more pvp keeps pvpers happy and well adds a bit more "balance" to pvpin the game, as lets face it, the attendance size for BGS screams that larger scale PVP was meant to happen in the game, but largest we get now is like AK or NB which at most is 15:15, that's not even a full Janus worth of people like while this extrememly low level video, cant tell me having this many ppl in a bg would not be fun
  7. I concur remove dual logging
  8. Just proving my point more. Damage was always the same till Lime changed the passives then things got rocky. SW's getting damage passive is a nice boost but doesn't make them insane, SE has kinda just always ridden a "it's not terrible and it works to get a job done" line and still remains prob the most versatile class in the game. and then PU especially in 65 cap became here's phat passives, lets multiply the passives with 2 boofs and then now multiply all that with like 14k crit att. it was dumb, as a Pu player I actually hated how literally almost any PU could press like 4 buttons and kill whatever they pleased I was actually on side nerf Pu during the changes. But again, all the damages of things were lowered across the board except for De's Frenzy making it more noticeable now than it was prior as it's now the 1st or 2nd strongest Single attack buff in the game (between Firing Squad and Frenzy. CB's Reckless shout is almost the same as frenzy except it doesn't have the 8000 crit att bonus). Not sure how lowering DE par in par with DPS classes nerf even sounds remotely close to a buff, Maybe Frenzy should get the Firing Squad treatment to the passive points of it as Evil was pointing out, the passive alone already exceed a DPS classes passives and then some more to boot. and rest is yada yada already know, damage tested vs Toms Tank WH once he got it to 65 which has full hp and def passive, he double buffed and stood in mech, without any self buffs on myself took him down to 5k hp which he has 50.5k hp in mech and then died to dot Ps. lets not forget DE also gained more CC aswell during the changes.
  9. I remember reading something about them quite a ways back, like atleast half a year ago if not more, any hopes to brings those out? Haziel pet skin would be dope
  10. Partly yeh, it's something I was talking to Curaja about about a week ago. DE frenzy seems more relevant atm cause while all the DPS classes got damage nerfs, DE's stayed the same, a got a slight more with the restoration of Crit rate back on frenzy, meaning it's easier to crit. but possibly lowering the stats on Frenzies attack buff to lower it on par with as much as dps classes, either that or just giving it a phatter CD
  11. I will just say Wildfire was always Plasma, Foxfire was gravity
  12. Se Im not surprised might feel that was as Se has always just been a well balanced class pretty much every cap, like from 29 cap to now I don't think I was ever like dem SE looks like its terribad in performance. -Pu wise I do agree Im still very weirded out but the insistence in buffing Pu's Eva. it was never an Eva class, sure pushing for diversity is neat, but its a boundary that I feel shouldn't have really been flexed. -As for skill range, well in current in game iteration we're pretty much back at our normal ranges from ASB. and while Im sure there's the debate on whether all our ranges should be 25 or 20, I can honestly say either way personally doesn't affect me too much, and Im fine with how Pu's ranges were originally from ASB. But there will always be the debate that pu should be longer range as we're suppose to be the sniper/glass cannon class. -Changing our stuns to same range as SE as well would be a huge nerf to Pu. -Change Mech stun range and Wildfire to have matching ranges, while this has always been a weird and funny quirk about Pu's mech. Personally I've always enjoyed it even though it can be annoying at times. But it was always a thing I enjoyed while watching on Pu's in Pvp whether they pay attention to their ranges, having to be that 1 M closer than mech stun range to make sure our Mech's Strongest skill hits. While I know it will prob be an unpopular opinion, I like it as it is as a small quirk and skill of paying attention. -4.5 secs swingers is stupid long stun, 3.5 is fine after all the first patch our Overkill stun went up from 1.8 to 2.5 which is almost already a full 1 sec stun buff and as an overall, Im starting to find the amount of cleanses in game with like every class in the game having a cleanse a bit concerning
  13. The outfit Adela dancer has on in the ViP room
  14. ah k, well I guess then it's a waiting game till they actually get that done