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  1. Weapons: Sakura Umbrella (Prime) ✔️08/19/21 Celestial Princess Wand (Prime) ✔️09/02/21 Buttermilk Silk Umbrella (Prime) ✔️09/09/21 Pink Angel Rapier (Prime) Pink Blazeblight Cestus (Prime) Nightshade Scythe (Prime) Face: Mysterious Blossom Spiral Blush (Prime) ✔️08/21/21 Mysterious Fox Mask (Prime) ✔️08/28/21 Head: Mysterious Crown (Prime) ✔️08/26/21 Mysterious Pastry Chef's Toque (Prime) ✔️09/04/21 Mysterious Mini Top Hat (Prime)✔️08/23/21 Mysterious Innocent Maid Headband (Prime) Mysterious Hair Bow (Prime) Mysterious Earmuffs (Prime) ✔️09/11/21 Nightmare Bunny Ears (Prime) Special: Mysterious Sweetheart Lollipop (Prime)✔️08/30/21 Back: Divine Seraph's Wings (Prime)✔️09/06/21 Vengeful Seraph's Wings (Prime) Body: Mysterious Cute Nightie (Prime) ✔️08/30/21 Mysterious Nutcracker Soldier (Prime) ✔️09/04/21 Mysterious Summer Dress (Prime) ✔️08/19/21 Mystic Gothic Corset ✔️09/11/21 Hello Kitty: Melody Maid (Prime) Mysterious Alpaca Wool Cloak (Prime) ✔️09/13/21 Mysterious Heavy Metal Rockette Mysterious Chastity's Hood (Prime) Pet: Robust Persian Cat ✔️08/23/21 Mount: Skypuff Alpaca (Legendary) I know some of these won't show up on Crystal altar and only show up in Diamond altar or mystery boxes, but just general suggestions for those in future, thanks.
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