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  1. ImED

    Gem Altar

    I would like to know if you are thinking of inserting the gem altar. It is where staked money is spent, there are many people with a very high stake inflating the market at a high speed. I think this topic about game economics is very important to think about.
  2. ImED

    Purifyng Wind

  3. I really like the Shaman class, however it is a class that has always been unfeasible for pvp and maybe on this server we can have this experience, I would like to leave some suggestions that maybe can make the class be used in pvp such as: - Let your totem poles not be breakable as they break very quickly so there is a possibility of having their effect used. - Cast SPD bonus in Mace instead of being a staff, as staff healing is somewhat complicated to do, perhaps even impossible. Or if it is to keep the Shaman with his healer aesthetic using staff / damage, add something like 10% cast spd and 10% g-heal, just one option among others that can be thought of to make it viable with his weapon bonus, I believe that at the highest levels of the game it will not be possible to keep the class without mace and shield for this would be more interesting the mace buff. - I think it would be interesting to also increase your base cure of the skill "Drops Of Heaven" which would be an area cure more powerful than the cure of the cleric, however there would be no way to remove negative status. I also thought of something like, maintaining the base healing of the skill and adding a 20% chance of removing a negative status. Assuming that there may be a balance in removing negative statuses with your group healing and with your totem or keeping the totem destructible and buffing only your healing skill with 30% or 20%. If you believe that this suggestion is viable and you need help to make the class viable and balanced, I will be here to help with whatever you need.
  4. ImED

    Gameplay Quality

    yes, I understand about the tornado, but what about drop collection
  5. I would agree to keep the% if class drop was implemented, I would also agree to keep everything 100%, for me they are two good options. It would be very good all 100%
  6. I would like to suggest some things that I believe would improve the gameplay that would not affect the difficulty, such as: - Collecting dropped items is very bad, the pet does not know if it attacks or picks up the item and ends up doing none, even when it is not attacking the pet it takes too long to pick up the dropped items. (main suggestion) - I didn't understand why they modified the "Tornado" skill, it was very useful in the way it was used after reworking it. Right now I lack more options to suggest but I believe that there are other people with good suggestions too, if you have something to suggest leave in this topic, POSSIBLE suggestions, even things that exist on the awakened server that would help in a better quality of game.
  7. I have a problem, I click PLAY on the louncher but the game does not run, does anyone know how to solve this problem? Already verify, I have re-installed, but it continues the same way, I click on PLAY and it does not run the game.
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