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  1. I fixed it taking the executable of the game with my AMD Control panel and i set the options like this. ---ScreenShot---
  2. XD Damn it , i was so sleepy when taken the SS , thanks for the tip, i tried it and didn't work. I will take the jordan solution and see if it works...
  3. Hello, i want to know if someone got this problem with shadows, it looks like a dirty screen ;; ---Example Image--- (Ignore red lines xD) If someone know how to fix this please tell me.
  4. Hello, i have a bug report with lethal arrow skill "lethal warcry" it doesn't give triple hit buff anymore ;;
  5. For new players on EE , i think it's better to do quest.. but if you're going to create another characters on the same account , thinking you have more playing experience u can take the run way to level up , that's my viewpoint. As you say , it depends.. but depends of the player choice.
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