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  2. It should be back next thursday where the previous altar that came after maintenance last time. Check on thursday before maintenance comes, it should be up.
  3. This ^^^^ Interacting with people is a really good way to learn a language. I never knew spanish before and playing ee got me to learn it from words to being decent into it. Still have grammar issues but learning it while just interacting is very good. Upvoting this. Ty
  4. Holy Sage is more of a Healer/Support Class, While AoJ is more of a Dps/Support class. First off you need to level both to atleast 85 to get the main bonus CE which is big, Later on level it more for extras. Holy Sage gives Patk and AoJ gives G healing. Holy Sage uses G heal Light Armor Set as it needs g healing for healing with Seraphic Hammer/Aoe Cue. AoJ uses any Pdmg dps set whether agi/str, with the addition of double hit to the class now it now can pull of pretty high damage. Holy Sage is more of a debuff removal class/debuff/cc prevention class, It can also boost the parties attributes as well as heal HP/MP over time. It also reduces party received Dmg by using the anti-stun skill. The skills prevent anti kd, anti stun, anti fear depending on which aura you are using. Or can invisible the party for specific moments. AoJ is more of an enemy debuffer, while doing damage, The main 3 hammer skills each give a different debuff that helps everyone in the party, While the aura's it uses can be used for specific purposes. (Note the -block aura does not work for pve). Mostly the aura's are beneficial in pvp, while the skill debuffs are more important on pve. Building them, depends on you. Holy Sage mostly has a 1 way of building because it is a support/healer class. Therefore G heal/Wis/Mrate/Skill healing/Additional support KP etc. Certificates for healer , 4 blue or 6 blue, or all tanky depending on what your purpose is. AoJ, depends on what you want to do, as a starter on EE, it is a good class to build to be taken on PvE parties due to the support it brings, you can end up using full tank with it and just debuff people, or being good gear, use full dmg (4 green certs, Patk cert, Dmg KP, Hammer KP) etc. Both Agi/Str sets work for it, it depends on how your party plays, if not how you play. Both is a support class in the end, Note that support does not mean just buffing/healing/Remove debuff etc, in my dictionary, Support also means what it can do to the enemy while helping the entire party.
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    Magic Set

    That will make me overkill people that's all i will say. I'm on a both yes and no for it.
  6. First of all, these are two different servers, Aeria is just what they brought from FNO, while VGN has an entire rework on classes, based on years of experiences playing those classes of which Jordan made them. If you notice this, all classes at base were separated as two different types of what the original base had. Example a tank class that could do dmg but could also tank got separated into a full damage class, and a full tank class, while maintaining average to minimum aspects from the base class itself as well as its class purpose. When we played normal bard, there was two different builds. Someone who would use a DMG set, and another who would use a Healing Set. In PvP, that Dmg person would barely use buff skills that require cast as it would make them lose their damage purpose, therefore it would be better to use dps skills, Top bards played the class like that. Here BP is Fully DPS, While LW is fully supportive, that is correct based on those two playstyles. Those who wanted to heal as a bard would build a G heal set and play LW. Those who would want to Dps as a bard would play BP. BP does not need to heal the party, it gives enough support already. And LW neither does it need to dps as it fully can support as well as Heal. This brings more diversity to playstyles. As for not including BA in the party that is up to the party setup. You will not find BA comboing with BP because it is mostly done in PvP. You can try to combo it on a PvE, but PvE is already way too easy to begin with to even try to do such things. If you want to find someone who wants to BA with you to have ''fun'' go ahead with that. We as PvP players include those classes from time to time, depending on party setups. BP is already supporting the party by giving the - ele resist and - def, the party does not need buffs for that. If you joined any of my speed run parties you will know that -25 resist is +50% dmg to the entire mdps in the party. +50% dmg multiplied (am not gonna go into the formulas here) will output you millions of damage to any mdps in the party as well as you. -10% def is equal to +33% Dmg in PvE. That means all pdps will also benefit from the boost. Why do we need to make BP be able to heal the party at the same time while it is one of the deadliest DPS in the game if played right. This will straight away make a broken class. To get the Defense increasing skills and anti sleep, Holy Skills were implemented into them, so it is worth mentioning them here as they give a very big boost and are made way similar to the original Bard. As for Jordan loving Pdps only that is not true at all, it is just a fact that, Pdps was always more broken than mdps but it needed debuff boosts. Because on consistency Pdps always did more DMG than Mdps, this includes even aeria's version. But people are just too dumb to know what the game mechanics are, and every freaking person will go GM or something because it does ''big blows''. We proved that in VGN here. To the point that pdps debuffs had to be nerfed, because we did what no one did and showed what pdps potential was. We broke every single PvE to this point that even GoP was done in 3 minutes because of it. This is not GM fault, it is just what player showed what can be done on EE while no one else does these kinds of things, After that everyone follows what the best does. Moving to skill changes you mentioned: No problem with the first two. -Melody of Life: It is good to keep it at 1 second because those buffs are instantly removed in PvP, in PvE why should it matter? The Aeria version restores 20 % HP with the combo with BA, so why reduce the healing from 10 % to 5 %? Dot Heals from the class barely matters anymore on this game with the amount of HP we have in both PvP and PvE, Yea you can tell it makes a difference, but how much? It is almost null. -Melody of Mana: Don't forget aeria's one adds 10% double hit (which is 100% if people follow my explanation about elemental prolongation) This makes it clearly broken. The 2k G heal from aeria was a little boost if you crit on it. Sure that would help. But why would we need to add MP into that skill? Not only it makes other classes less viable like HS/TM. But also it makes people more braindead to not even watch their MP and just blindy play classes (god am tired of lecturing people about this, basically majority of players can't properly manage their MP that they need ''classes to play as MP supports'' in parties. You said -PENALTY: MP Restoration is not affected by G-HEAL. Skill now has a cooldown of six seconds, and Triple Hit odds are no longer bestowed . Since when is MP affected by g heal in the first place? And if you remove the triple hit odds from it it will ruin that classe's dps. You also mentioned ''since when Bard became a Dps unit? You do realise, even on its normal era. Bard was played more of a dps than a support/healer right? I play this game since 2011, on all servers I have seen more DPS bards than supportive bards. -Bass Melody: This is a self defense skill for the BP, as it is a class that is hard will die to pdps easily as parry is hard to achieve on this class without sacrificing other things. The heal part, LW gives it, no need to add heal to this skill, because like i said it already gives the party enough utility, no need to make it an all in one class. There is enough classes that give defense buffs to the party. and Defense caps at 50 % and even at 70 % was too easy to reach. Adding it will just kill diversity of bringing more tank classes into the party. -Star of the Show: this is just going into another making BP a healer. You would need a g heal build to be ablle to make use of those skills to heal. People would have to use Healer set on BP. Yes Cooldown on halfkins makes the class more op than other races for sure, maybe could make the skill not be affected by halfkin i don't know. Either way PvP wise, debuffs are almost instant removed, so this quick cd, combined with proper timing on cc, and all party kill focus, it helps a lot of players to make good strategy, (atleast in our guild) -Requiem, it is not about more like Life Worshipper should revive here. ALL blue class should be able to revive because that is based on their blue class reg skills. That skill reviving during battle provides different strategies in both PvE/PvP, and helps on crucial moments where one person would die and they can be revived. Example in PvE or PvE, if the shielder just dies, the whole party will eventually drop, so a BP can help them. -Wave of Thunder: for this one i am on a both no and yes to make the skill fully triple, During testing the skill was made at 100% triple and it was very broken. 20% is like 100% with elemental prolongation method for us, but still i would consider making this 100% triple but making the distribution of the triple to 100 50 25 instead of 100 70 40. This way it could balance it. But at the same time i am on a no on this part as well because our BPs in guild are scary, including me. With the addition of that new guitar proc, Damage is buffed a lot. But maybe 50% would be ok, that is up to Jordan. If you test those extra heals that get affected by G heal (which many people still do not realise on Aeria and so did many here when it was like this), if you crit on it on a dps set you can heal the party by 30-50k. If you use a G heal set. The same heal can can go to 60~80k. You would not want a class that is able to do that while putting tremendous Dps at the same time. That is why also it more balanced to have two of them. One that can be played as a dps while bringing party utility. The other one that can heal tremendously and possibly one of the best healers if they can cap their parry to 70% which is hard on LW. Both classes were meant to the BD awakens. So bringing both classes to the party will of course give you a big boost. 10% Dmg is just 10% for people who don't know the damage formula. But for those who do know 10% can become a 1 shot due to multiplication. and that is for one of the BP combos. as for the main and most used LW and ED combo the +30% atk, which i don't need to say more. Does not matter if you were/are a BP main, if you are then you should know what i mentioned. I have more experience in every single class than anyone on this game. But also considering what balance is. It is important. Yes there is some broken classes that are being addressed from time to time. Putting a class that can self heal the party and bring huge dps at the same time, won't bring any good. The original FNO classes like DB original Rifleteer and more made the game worst, but yet people will always complain. If you like aeria play aeria, if you like a more balanced server with updates play here. At this point i won't consider magic classes being more fragile, you have equal defensive stats as any class. Even on the level 120 Cap, we cap defense, parry, evasion on Dmg Sets on magic classes, It is just the difference in knowledge, because we did not bring aeria's approach of ''burst damage'' is best here. That is one of reasons why people who did the same as aeria server on VGN server began to keep losing. Because we brought the potential of Pdps in both PvE/PvP. So don't blame the GM if pdps classes look more OP right now, it is just a matter of knowledge on how we can counter every PvE mechanic as well as PvP and make pdps more OP. Just everyone else followed us, because it was not the entire server who started the ''trend'' of pdps. It was started by a few people, including me & my friends. People found it better so everyone followed.
  7. Made a video guide for it, it basically is just copying the icons and moving them to the Custom UI which does not have it. Enjoy ~
  8. Making this thread to address how things are going on, This also is to average players in the game New players usually die out at quest end which is level 92-95. If no one carries them. They usually cannot do anything because no gold. Gear is way too weak and way too grindy to even do fae. A geared player would do fae in 4 minutes. A new player with tk gear 1 awaken class and 1 + weapon, will take atleast 15 to 20 min to finish 1 run. 10 runs = 150 -200 min. I know Squid made a video about being able to grind fae with no armor, just weapon and trophies. But do not forget it is not just that, A new player has no gold to have that awaken classes CE unlocked to even be able to do proper damage nor survive. They do not have the achievement he has, nor the knowledge or Trophies/Accessories he used. This makes players not want to come play despite they do come they always quit. Every now and then a new guild pops with many players who need to do PvE to be able to achieve what many others did. There is level to grind. Ccm to grind. Gold to grind. Achievements to do. Gems to make. Without spending money they cannot really do anything. If it is PvP, No one wants to face people that are heavily overgeared than them if pvp wise. People cannot spend all day grind it, this kills the server state. I would suggest make better ways for new players to make gold. And not rely on RNG to roll altar. There is always less people that donate, than players who do not. That is the reason why EE is played by many players who cannot really afford many things. So if can solve this. More people will come, and in turn more will donate so they are able to play with the others. Let's talk a bit about PvP. I know there has been many reasons why PvP players quit the game, which go from drama , not properly understanding the game, complaining about classes been broken and a few more. But that is not only the reasons. For so many months, PvP has just been MT vs Garden, 10vs10s and there is those randoms from smaller guilds or sometimes some people in Phi try and you can get around 20 kills. There is no fun in it anymore, it is not intense anymore. There is barely any GvG that is worth it, people will get stomped in few minutes. A guild will only last long on situations where players like us,just decide not to go pvp because it is boring now, and then it is just 2 or 3 of us vs the rest, so it just becomes a cap war. There is no new players that come, if the do come, they will usually get killed so fast due to having no gears. Yes Level difference matters but i am not talking about a Geared Level 110 facing a Geared Level 100. The Level 100 can still get away with it, despite level impacts a lot. But i am talking about those new players that barely have any proper build, resist, defense, damage to even pull something out. Having made many alts, let's take a look of the different things you will need as a new player , taking level 100 gears into consideration. First the leveling, which usually stops at level 91 with quest then they have to buy DoS slightly to 92 then proceed to 94 with viroona quests. Questing would give you around 5k gold. They need to be atleast level 95 to do the new contents, because no one does old content anymore. For so many months i keep see players LF4m LF3m LF3m for <xx trials> for hours, no one is helping them at all. Yes gearing at older content will help, but even getting there is a bit rough. And people do not have all time. At level 95, they need 6k Gold to buy an awaken armor book, (66k if all awaken books which is rather important at end game but keep 6k for now), It is already hard to find the Guild Bosses in the trials for them unlike geared players, so doing them 1 by 1 can take many weeks to months. 1 of these quests also will require you Inks, ccm and among other items which require gold. I would say atleast 10k gold is gone per these quests. Since a new player who does not get carried by others, needs their classes leveled in order to even be able to participate in DoDs, trials (which almost no one does), so they have to atleast buy runs to proceed which is around 250G, Ofc they don't need all classes leveled so let's take 20 out of these. 20 classes to 80 is 5k Gold, and then awakening the 20 classes is 20k Gold. Buying 1 class to 85 is around 400G, so out of 40 awaken classes if they buy 20 for the important CE, it is 8k gold. Level 95 Trials might take 1 min or 2 minutes for us top tier players to do, or even solo, but for new players? 1 Trial can take them more than 20 min if they keep die. Counting disconects boss resets, wipes etc. It takes a relative large amount of time for them to even get the trials done, if no one carries them. Achievements now, 1 Corona Stardust 65 is 150G, 90/100 is 250-350g sometimes more. You need atleast 50 of these to be able to do the basic achieves to even be able to survive constantly without any issues to Level 95 + trials. If some player would want to PvP, they will need atleast 300 + of them to even finish the ones they require for 1 class. If all weapons then it can go around 400 +. so let's take level 65 stardusts x 300 = 45k gold, Now they need Eternal Coins , which cost around 450 of them. Having made so many alts full achieves , i can tell to finish all achieves to 90 apart from runes takes you around 400 EP, That is 180k Gold, Of course a new player don't need to do all, so let's say atleast 100k gold will be invested into it. And if they have to grind for it it takes all their time for other things. People are playing this game for fun, not to kill themselves grinding. The Blueprints and Fame items you need to even craft for achievement usually use up all your gold. The blueprint price can be very very costly depending on the guild tax %. but already at 5 % it takes quite a while to even get them done. Now Gems is very important, without gems there is no point to even PvP, and to even do Level 95 trials ESPECIALLY level 100 ones. you need to be at full HP and High HP. GoP , you can barely even carry any new player. 1 Resist gem costs atleast 2.5k if you buy them for a Level 7 one. If you craft them it will cost you atleast 1.5k gold, taking essence, EP mats etc into consideration. So 12 gems per set will cost someone 18k gold to just get resist gems. Now to PvP players They need more than just resist gems, the new gems added help a lot to be at end game , but let's just say they will use normal resist ones. But they will go for tower gems etc, which their base gem costs 1.5-2k already. There is barely any crafters that sell gems now, so they have to level their own racials, which take time to gather materials, their own time to invest leveling alts, not to mention it was already hard for them to get their own main leveled. Also many players don't have a high end pc to do many clients to keep gather at the same time. The New gears are harder to get, and they will give anyone who uses them a big boost in damage and survival, so hunting them is almost a necessity now. It is easy for old players who have already geared themselves or have gold for it. Myself being the one of the best if not the best speed runner to get characters geared from 0 due to myself having the resources and help for it. But for new players it is not. You will also need Fort stones, 1 set to +14 will cost you [(100*6) + (250*2) + (300*2) + (350*2) + (350*2)] per piece from just the stones (viridian/ultramarine/coral/citrine/amethyst/rose). Not counting the Guard Scroll Primes/Power Scroll Primes used on it and the BIG fail RNG that happens. Then they will need reset scrolls from all sorts, which can range from 1k to 10k + depending on the RNG per piece they want to be at top end, 1ks being the ones for the new players. These new players can barely grind Fae properly , even if they do and spend so many hours of their time, they can only get 7k a day if they do not invest $$ into the game. Yes the server needs $$ to run i already took that into consideration but just like i said above, there is always more players than play this game because it is free to play. I am not saying it is Pay2Win, it is Pay2WinFaster for sure. But 7k a day with all these RNG involved is hard. I made a new character from scratch, i had the resources and many friends did help me, just in order to get myself geared just like my old account, took me a lot of VGN as well as more than 2 million gold. But i have everything geared so let's just take 1 class gear into consideration counting all these achieves etc will take them more than 500k gold to even get there to PvP. (which used to be the reason why EE has been alive for so long). If PvE then maybe less but it is still a grind fest. And if a player really wants to be top end , he would want to have the best things for the specific role he plays. Which requires a LOT more gold , example top tier gems, top tier pets, best weapons, best forts. At the very moment just these i just mentioned will cost you more than 800k gold in game to get, due to how expensive they have become. Of course they are not needed, but in PvP it is another thing (the pet is not a big difference, but it can make a difference between killing or capping and making a win), Players who keep win over and over again mostly have these pets , while the others who don't have the resource for it just lose and quit over the time There is so many more things that is hard for them to acquire, like Honor Stars to get them their desired set, they have to grind for it, or rolling gem altar which is so much on RNG it could take all their gold and not get anything. I know a MMO needs grinding , and EE already has it, but at the current state, it is so hard for a new player to get things, so much of their real time invested into the game, As someone who works and studies as well as those who work or study, time is hard to get , even 1 hour a day is hard to get sometimes. So for new players the cost is very heavy right now. There still is so many of their everyday needs which i will not mention, there is too many of them. EC is 250-300G each at the moment, so if they want to roll altar they will have to buy that too , using up all their gold. Legendary price is low at the moment but it still will use all their gold, making them grind grind grind everyday for it. They cannot really enjoy what they want in a Private Server anymore unless they grind hell. Not to mention the other dungeons give so little gold (Meeryasha and so on), Viroona Ruins is out of question it is way harder than Fae, so i won't even mention that for now. If anyone wants to add more things i missed, i am just writing this on whatever came to my mind and was thinking about over the time. Feel free to post it on the thread. I felt like this needs to be addressed as someone who is on the top and can see everyone's ups and downs and how they do things in various guilds and various situations. I do not think just adding new contents will solve this, because the server has been going on a constant downfall in numbers of players not because they are busy or drama, it is hard for many new players to even be able to play the game properly. Thank you.
  9. you're* ------------------------- Also about this post, I know it is fun messing around with classes like mimic or illusionist or even tanking many people at the same time. It is really fun, i have been doing that on MS on 2013-2014 while killing people with mimic or just sleep people, time cc them etc and then run away. But there is one thing, just like Jordan mentioned. GvG and TWs are usually made for party players, usually soloing would mean to either cap or just cc them alone, WHICH you can still do. But tanking people should be fine still, i don't think 1 on 1 it should just kill a tanky mimic you could run away with it, if you did get 1 shot, it probably is the level difference or an extremely lucky proc. If you are trying to tank many people at the same time, then it is just wrong. And the truth is, all the people who tried to tank many people and managed to do so, was solely because the other people who they were tanking, just were using classes to fight actual parties. If you want to kill someone tanky, let's say Prime for example who is always trying to tank people alone. It is not that people take time to kill him, it is just it is not worth it to change classes just to kill someone who is trying to waste our time, meanwhile another geared party could wreck us while we changed classes. Just 2 classes is enough ( you will know which ones, just look at the skills, there are many of them), to wipe anyone who is trying to do that tank-alone strategy. Join a guild, make better good use of that mimic or shielder on a party, there are hundreds of different strategies that you can pull. Especially with mimic, right now the defense is 50 %, it means things like burning metal etc are even much worst as a debuff on mimic, since it is easier to reach lower defense % from that, thus dealing more damage. You will have more fun playing with teamwork rather than just those alone things, Believe me, i been in almost every single situations of this game from 0 to everything possible on pvps, you should play with people. I know infectado your BR friends quit, but it does not mean the end, people come and go, just make new friends new colleagues to play with as you continue. Have fun in your game.
  10. Again, like the other post i made, Leveling classes above 100 is almost not necessary. You just need 100 really and whatever you main capped. CE does not multiply, at all classes capped on 120, you are getting like 5k atk maybe? Heck 5k atk makes a difference? Not to me. Because just how bad atk to dmg scaling is. Yea the HP might help you survive on critical situations. But whats the RNg for you to be at THAT very critical situation? Maybe 1/100 times? Its not worth the effort man. Go finish other things you have left in the game that will actually make you better. Or just play other games until the new map is up. It is the same way people making a big deal out of the new pets, as if they cannot play if they don't get the pet. It is really not worth. Enjoy your game and level all your classes to 100 its enough. If you need to go higher, wait for the new map like i am at the moment. Not just rush. 2nd is ranking, ranking is not a thing on VGN, it is just to show off to people. Do you think that #1 player on ranking is the best player? No , the best players don't even care to get there, coz they know its not worth the time. They spend their time in other things, grinding gold instead saving for future patches, getting their gears better instead. Getting all your things capped, does not make you any better player, at most you will show it off but no one will care that you did that, because it is not worth the effort. At most, level all your classes to 100, it is enough to make any great KP. Above that is just a minor change in builds. If you care PvP, focus on your Character Level instead. Thats all that matters. Edit: I will add this here, Losque has like classes still at Level 85, just so you know And he is one of the best PvP players out there. And about pets again, do people really think they are that good? I don't even use the new pets on PvP. Its just to have a ''good stat'' screenshot, Thats all.
  11. 1. New Battle Map (End Game) Mobs be atleast level 115 (This is important so that DoS does not become obsolete, because 115-9 = 106, therefore players will have to be atleast level 106 to get Exp from the map. Therefore grinding in DoS will be necessary to be able to even get ExP on this map. This will also help having less fight for channels between lower level & new players to older ones, since it is very difficult for them to be able to get parts to run themselves. It also will make the effort people ran on other maps to level higher than 106 be worth it, rather than just be lazy and wait for new content. Add a buff to the mobs of the running areas , that gives more ExP the faster you kill them and making them harder than previous tiers. For example: A tick of 15 seconds upon the monster being hit, if the monster is killed before the buff runs out the monster will give the player a bonus of +20 % EXP to its original EXP. This will make players want to try hard and kill the monsters faster, therefore Running builds will become a thing again, Effort will be rewarded with bonus ExP. Add a buff to the monsters that prevents them to be affected by the Totem Master debuff, therefore being an end game map, it should not be just a no-brain afk run. People will have to be geared and find actual damage classes to kill the monsters. 2. Extreme Trial Battle Map Following suggestion 1, from the new battle map, add a portal there which will be locked unless the following requirements are fulfiled: Portal Opening Requirements: -Kill Specific monsters on the map -Obtain Specific items -Obtain a buff Once those requirements are met, players will be able to access the other part of the battle map, In this version there will be 4 Raid Tier bosses (like 25 man raid) will spawn at specific hours. Killing these bosses will give specific items: -Materials to craft Rare Weapons/Items/Armor -Materials to complete specific daily quests, for example a daily quest that gives the player 5x Eden Crystal (NT) -Blueprints of craftable Mounts which will require materials from both the first part of the battle map and these bosses This can be done in a same manner as the Ormormu mount in old EE days. 3. Adding a new crafting/gathering system while using the current available resources Add new drops from lower level monsters and bosses or new rare monsters that spawn on maps. For example: Instead of just gathering materials in Guild Town, use chests that have a drop rate like enchants from everywhere. To craft xxx recipe you will need: -Drop from Normal Monster Level 5 xx/xx -Drop From Rare Monster Level 22 -Drop from Guild Boss Level 70 -Drop from Chest in xxx map -Drop from Boss in xxx trial -Gather xxx material from GT You can also add random nodes like those small trees etc that give drops for quests. It could be used for future awaken armor/weapon This would also create an economy in game where people would buy and sell materials more often rather than being a dead gather bear things for their own. They could sell it and make gold circulate more around the game, rather than just the usual things like EC. EP, Stardust, Legendaries etc etc. From this same system, you can also add blueprints to craft costumes or anything that would please the players. You can also do it in depth into something like this: -Collect xxx materials to craft ''Broken Outfit'', BP will be available on a specific way in game. -Collect 10 Broken Outfits + Other materials to craft a new in game Legendary costume Of course , this would take time to get, Let's say you can only get 1 Broken Outfit every 2 days, so it would take the player 20 days to get that specific Legendary, You can also make it more fun by altering in better ways you would like. You can also increase guild level cap and add more things to Guild Town for this. 4. Make player Housing great again. A gathering and crafting system should be diverse and huge. So i would suggest, remove the current housing item drops from monsters and implement them into the crafting system on no.3. This way people would go craft and fetch materials to craft housing items. Add new types of banquets that will give different stat boosts after meeting a specific requirement like Rarity, Luxury etc These banquets could give the players buffs for things like PvP or PvE Some examples you can add a banquet requiring xxx Rarity xxx Luxury and the banquet would give a buff of: - Atk +3 %, Defense +3 %, Crit reduced by 2 % -Matk +3 %, P-Resist +3 %, , M crit reduced by 2% -Dmg +3%, Atk +3 %, but resistance reduced by 5 % -Elemental resist + 5 %, Defense +5%, Parry +5 %, Block +5 %, Physical Resist + 3 % Atk reduced by 5 % -G Heal +5 % , P heal +5 %, All stats + 5 %, but defense -7 % These are rough examples of what you can add, it can be thought more into. 5. Removal of Arena enchants and Adding Rewards Let's talk a bit more PvP wise, Arena has been dead for long time. People just do it for their dailies, or they just don't queue because of the overwhelming boosts arena enchants give. So i would suggest completely remove those, or just rework them. But this still will not be enough to make people queue for arena. This can be fixed by adding specific items that you get on arena. I know some people will still try to afk and queue farm for others. But it will still make those try to win. So you can add a quest that requires the players to win and that quest will give drops for awaken weapons and armor for future patches. Those token rewards that you get from winning can also be increased, there people will not just go farm Honor Stars to get their things. Add more things that can be crafted using those class tokens. Example: Awaken Weapon for Berserker would require xxx amount of Warrior Class Tokens. You can also modify those Aven Dungeon dailies reward drops, so this will keep people busy doing all sorts of contents in order to acquire things and NOT just get things in 1 week and finish everything then bored until next patch. A bit like the first Content Suggestion i did to prolong patch lifetime. 6. Customize Wedding/Couple buffs Add system that requires players that are coupled ONLY to be able to do a specific dungeon everyday. These dungeon would give a new type of Love Token, which will be required to use specific buff skills which will be added. For Example: -Daily Dungeon or Quest drops xxx amount of Love Shards. (limited daily) Love Shards permit the use of new skills such as: -Skill 1: Increases couples Defense by 5 % for 30 minutes -Skill 2: Increase couples P-healing by 5 % for 30 minutes. -Skill 3: Increases Couples Atk by 2 % for 30 minutes And many more. But SINCE the Love Shards are limited daily. Players will have to save them for specific occasions for example PvP mostly. Or use it on PvE if they are not a PvP player. So lets say you can only get 2 per day per couple. They can only use 2 of the skills on that PvP occasion, or just save it for GvG occasions. Its not a biggie but it is content to be added and done in game for people. 7. A new type of Aven Since all these contents might be a mess to just implement in the current contents, you can also add a completely new map which has Aven like NPCs for fame etc. This new map will have the specific NPCs for future trials, contents etc. It could also feature a new type of NPC that crafts special Blueprints unlike those FF/Alchemist/Craftsmen in GTs. It could open more ideas and add a ''standard base'' to working for Level 100 + content. You could add new ways to make fame, that uses specific items that are just not so readily available, it would also make an economy of new items. Or just simply use the old versions of will distribution, but can only be done at Level 105 +. There is also this dead NPC alpaca that requires Jades etc etc from specific dungeons, you can add something like to that map and make a custom rare mount (like it will be an achievement for the player to have gotten that map, remember this is a mmorpg, players don't like everyone to have the same things as them. So adding contents that require work and be unique will be great)
  12. Hello,

         I made a reply to your EE power leveling guide. Could you give it a look please because I'm very intrigued to follow it through, given how fun of a concept it is, but I'm having trouble.

    1. Deathoniak


      I just did, and i hope you understood it to what Jordan posted. If not lemme know.

      For the cleric runs its just killing mobs until you are level 12, it is pretty fast, u can spam tornado/light sanction or any 0GCD skill.

  13. The Silver Dragon Era Begins,

    新龙 Mode


  14. Read. ^ & Not all of my classes are 110, just the main ones, i play the most. And i don't neglect the bonuses, i just state how unimportant it really is to make a big deal out of it, the fact that people still think green and white stat is the same, they will still think CE actually helps you so much more, when it does not apart from the slight bit. 2k atk, 3k atk? so 100 dmg more? Worth maybe to make a complain out of it? I don't think so. About GM, i was not speaking about your post, i am talking about what's going overall in every other threads & in game, i am just too lazy to reply on every single thread complain about GM and DE or in game, so i made one big post, so don't hesitate to quote from here henceforth.