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  1. Hello guys, i have an idea of creating a new system that will help the entire server players, while keeping long term content, and help new players to be able to reach older players while playing with them and cutting some issues that abuse the game mechanics like alts etc. Lemme know in the comments, if you think this is a good idea or not. Since EE contents have been easy to get, and thus making content to get dry very fast, or also that guilds specifically help their guildies only, i was thinking this: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Making a way to get new gear, whereby it takes atleast 1 week to finish a set of gears for a specific class, Giving players a choice on which class they want to gear first, and afterwards they can proceed to the second class. Since EE has so many classes, and is one of major reasons why players chose this game in the first place, because of diversity. It makes players make the server more active and gives time to the GMs also to have more time to make patches. So thus a total of 40 classes, would take 40 weeks to finish all of them (which i know not everyone plays all , but it will take that amount of time), instead of making it into finishing all your gear within a few weeks then get bored doing nothing in the game. I know it sounds like ''oh i have to grind a lot" but no, i have a suggestion for that to as follows: The new dungeon types will be very easy unlike the past contents being too hard for new players to join on it, so it only benefited the older geared players to get their things done and then new players who do not have guilds or are not in big guilds are left with a hard grind that does not feel rewarding. The aim is to make new players and old players get together while doing easy dungeons together, and reach a specific set amount of gear. For example , Level 105 set & weapons. This will in turn help newer players to get their gears and be able to join PvP, while still having to grind gold to get their forts + gems, so it just cuts the ''grind fest'' to get gears, then grind even more, to fort + gem it. Taking so much time while adding legendary achievements into it, makes new players not able to join or do PvP without having to grind for a long time to even be able to pose a challenge, As the current PvP requires you to be very optimal, otherwise you will just get killed. So for example, a player can only get 1 Weapon, 1 Head Piece, 1 Body Piece, 1 Belt Piece, 1 Boot Piece, 1 Glove Piece per day, and the reset happens on maintenance. Therefore if they choose to gear a class like Berserker for example, They can get the gear done, in 1 week , but they cannot gear another class, Asura for example until another week. That adds 2 weeks to the game players to do their stuff, making the game active more. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently on EE, players have to grind very hard to get their gears, and even if crafted Level 100 Gear is easy to get, there is not enough players doing it to even sell those sets or make them, because of the issue of Guildies only help their own guilds but not anyone outside, then be done with it. Thus it kills how other players can get their stuff and unable to even participate on PvP. The point is to make old Content of EE like 70 S trials from 50~60 trials type of thing again, where it is easy but everyone gets gears. But again you may thing that it is just how EE works, but here is how i suggest to change it: Use the arena queue system of EE I remember back then in the old days of EE, people would ask to queue for arena to get their tokens done for their gears, However here i don't want the queue system to go into arena pvp, but instead queue into dungeons This way, people can queue with anyone in the server into a dungeon, and finish the dungeon, and if they get queued with new players, they have no choice to carry the new players. So you may think, alts abuse/kicking people might be a thing. Here is how you counter that: When you queue into the dungeon, you have a NPC to teleport you into the dungeon so like a barrier (like a requirement), The NPC requires, you to finish a certain main quest line to be able to access to the other side, else they won't be able to. But even with alts, the dungeon should be very beginner friendly so, people who do queue with alts will end up clearing it anyway. BUT People, will get queued randomly with other people like 3v3 arena. So there could be something like: (3 old player, 1 alt, 2 new players) Therefore, the old players can help the 2 new players get their gears, But in the case scenario of where there is like : (6 new players), the dungeon should be easy enough to do it or require minimal gears. Remember the point is to join up players to be on the same level so they can interact in end game PvP easier, thus making it more active, while keeping the dungeon long-term so keeping the server alive. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speaking of kicking people or leaving dungeons Kicking people for no definite reason from the dungeon should be considered bannable. And people leaving the dungeon for no reason, should get the ''defector'' penalty to 30 minutes, therefore they get punished if they want to be toxic or dicks to others. Thus resulting in their own loss. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The daily should only be doable once you access via the NPC, so therefore if someone DCs, they can queue again and finish their dungeon, or if others do leave again, they can just requeue and finish the daily which UNLIKE currently on EE, if you disconnect and lose your run, it basically means you lose your daily thing you planned. So this will also counter that for players who dc often This idea basically keeps old and new players grind for new content together and enjoy new patches together, unlike the current EE, where new players are stuck on an old grind to even reach new content, and by the time they reach new content, it is dead already, so they have it hard to get their things done. It also affects PvP, as there is always old players, but less new players for a long term. Being honest, from the new player infos i got, they are not happy with THAT amount of grind to even get to a certain point in the game. It does not feel rewarding at all to them, which is a negative thing. If this is possible to do, players just have to grind gold to get forts + gems instead of hard grind for level, hard grind for forts, hard grind for gems, hard grind to do achievements. It cuts the non- rewarding hard grind, while maintaining a grind as a MMO should be. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summing it up, lets take it into an actual scenario: >Content releases, New gear & Weapon >Players queue in dungeons like they do for 3v3 (I believe kicking is not possible in 3v3 if that helps, reduce the kicking issue) >All players around the game queue together, with multiple types, everyone benefits from getting a gear done in 1 week, Next week they do another class, thus enjoying all classes >Dungeons are relatively easy, but kept in the long term, thus very new player friendly, remember this is not meant to be challenging content for old players, but to make the entire game more fun and active, To make things easier for the GMs, do not develop new maps for this, just use old maps which was left unused, This will ALSO, bring the very essence of EE lore, making players feel they are playing EE. >Based on the release on this, the post patch of this will be more challenging, thus, every single player in the game, both old & new, get to accept a new challenge, unlike the current EE where only old players experience a challenge like GoP, but new players get tormented for even going there, which results in many quitting. It is important to create equality between players, in this case, PvP will benefit from becoming more active as well. And not become a super grind fest for people who do not really have time to play so much. It makes them play EE, but it also makes them feel relaxed and have fun with it. Since it is a long term, the content will always be done. And based on this many things can be changed. We can still grind our gold, to fort & gem, but not grind so hard for the gears instead then grind even more. So most things stay the same, while making things not too easy, but also prolonging the game life in another way rather than making it more grindy to prolong content life. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally yes, it may seem like this comes from FF14, and it is true, I played FF14 a lot and tried to assess what made the game successful from the 1.0 where it failed. This is where the game constantly grows and currently is the most active MMO with very high player base. I know some will say, EE & FF14 is different, but i thought hard about this as well because some things like queue system and defector on EE, is the same as on FF14, as well as the multiple class system where in both games you can change to any class, whenever you want. In FF14, if you kicked a player for no reason, you will get reported, if you leave the dungeon for no reason, you are unable to queue for anything in the game for 30 min, which is like EE's queue arena system. Make use of that system and change the whole way of EE, making it a less stressful grind fest game for new players, as well as fun for everyone to participate in every content possible, as well as PvP. I have already suggested this to the GMs, but it will be quite a big work to get into the progress, of it, that is why i made this post to the community, so if you find this is a good and positive idea for the server as a whole, let know in the comments. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry for the long post, but thank you for reading, Enjoy ~
  2. That actually makes PvP be a fight in the first place, i do not get what you mean , this is actually balanced right now since everyone is against MT, just need the other guilds to coordinate more so they can fight MT, clearly the Blue side has more people than Red Side, so actually MT side has fewer people. That is other guilds problems, if they not showing up now, MT stayed with their same players still, with few leaving or few joining , so the playerbase for the guild is around the same, But if you mean to remove predetermined TWs by your post, this will actually cause MT to not have a challenge or guilds to become 1 sided by many, so then kill counts would become even less thus resulting in dead tws, It is good right now how it is, this actually made TW active again, i don't see what the problem is. You mentioned you prefer TW to be how it was before, but if i recall correctly, TW has been active before mostly when predetermined TWs was here then became dead when it no longer was. You are basically saying you prefer dead TWs? I believe that is bad for the pvp state unlike you said, it actually revived pvp instead of killing it. If you mean that MT won despite being opposed to so many players, then this just means the other side needs to improve themselves, to get better gears, and coordinate more like MT does, because if you actually make TW random and no longer predetermined, you will have TWs where all guilds are on one side, or one guild who is smaller to be vs 3 or 4 guilds, which results in a dead TW. Whereas currently, every guild is against MT, this means everyone is against that guild, so every guild have their full to try against that guild. And about this, in defense of MT, i was in Imminent around the time it broke, there was no such thing as dissolving to make PvP better, Imminent broke because of a drama that was caused between 2 specific people and including some more. So this is untrue. MT stayed long for so far, thanks to Aloha and the others being able to prevent big dramas inside the guild and keeping the guild, as well as people enjoying proper coordination of PvP, instead of just a run here run there type of PvP, which during the times i circled around guilds to assess how things are, made me think other guilds clearly need to improve , because no other guild has had this kind of coordination for years after BlackMagic died. Do not blame the guild for having been able to maintain themselves, while your guild/other guilds have just died because of drama. There is no reason for MT to split because of the drama members of your guild caused to make your guild die, thus resulting in being overwhelmed by MT, because you are split. Get your stuff together and fight, PvP is currently active, work to become better, instead of complaining about everything.
  3. Channel Name: Vyzer & Deathoniak Game: Eden Eternal Language: English Platform: Youtube
  4. hahahaha nyaaahaha nepu nepu nyeiii >w<

  5. Updating this here. Made a video for the same written guide.
  6. If Gaimaizz is the quest where you kill 80 mobs, You have to kill 80 mobs without dying, if you die in between for example at like 40 then do the rest 40, the quest will not be completed. You need to kill all of the mobs in 1 go then the quest will be accepted.
  7. Not sure who does it in game, you have to ask, and people barely sell it anymore nowadays , however lastly the price was 8k for 1-80.
  8. Level 100 Gears are from trials L100 only. You can also buy those gears or the blueprints (supply materials) from players. As for you not being able to solo with gear. Farm lower level dgns example Meeryasha Graylin & Quatum Physics lab and get enough money to unlock HP and Atk/Matk Awaken classes. One of many reasons why people cannot proceed is because they did not unlock those awaken classes and leveled them to 85 atleast. The bonus it gives is huge for beginners. Fae is not efficient farming even if you gear up to +14 at the begining without having the HP for it. Unlock the other awaken classes, level them to 85, via shaxia reps. Then proceed to shaxia fields farming. Do not aim at end game gear unless you are getting a lot of help from guilds. It will just delay your progress. Gear at some point first, 90-98. Then proceed. Also make sure you do some basic aven achievements (Legendary achievements that give permanent stats). They are located on the northwestern corner of aven. Just the basic 1-30 ones example resist (Only head/body piece for armor need to be crafted), weapon you are using 1-30, etc. They help a lot. Accessory wise, just look for fame items or crafted gears people can sell you that give lck&agi procs. or HP heals. Trophy wise get someone to help you get stonmo Trophy from trial 95 when you reach, otherwise get Robo Trophy from Shale trial 60, or any kind of self healing trophy. Farfa's HoT heal also helps a lot, as HoT heals stay over time during non procs.
  9. Hi i'm a Dragon,

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  10. It should be back next thursday where the previous altar that came after maintenance last time. Check on thursday before maintenance comes, it should be up.
  11. This ^^^^ Interacting with people is a really good way to learn a language. I never knew spanish before and playing ee got me to learn it from words to being decent into it. Still have grammar issues but learning it while just interacting is very good. Upvoting this. Ty
  12. Holy Sage is more of a Healer/Support Class, While AoJ is more of a Dps/Support class. First off you need to level both to atleast 85 to get the main bonus CE which is big, Later on level it more for extras. Holy Sage gives Patk and AoJ gives G healing. Holy Sage uses G heal Light Armor Set as it needs g healing for healing with Seraphic Hammer/Aoe Cue. AoJ uses any Pdmg dps set whether agi/str, with the addition of double hit to the class now it now can pull of pretty high damage. Holy Sage is more of a debuff removal class/debuff/cc prevention class, It can also boost the parties attributes as well as heal HP/MP over time. It also reduces party received Dmg by using the anti-stun skill. The skills prevent anti kd, anti stun, anti fear depending on which aura you are using. Or can invisible the party for specific moments. AoJ is more of an enemy debuffer, while doing damage, The main 3 hammer skills each give a different debuff that helps everyone in the party, While the aura's it uses can be used for specific purposes. (Note the -block aura does not work for pve). Mostly the aura's are beneficial in pvp, while the skill debuffs are more important on pve. Building them, depends on you. Holy Sage mostly has a 1 way of building because it is a support/healer class. Therefore G heal/Wis/Mrate/Skill healing/Additional support KP etc. Certificates for healer , 4 blue or 6 blue, or all tanky depending on what your purpose is. AoJ, depends on what you want to do, as a starter on EE, it is a good class to build to be taken on PvE parties due to the support it brings, you can end up using full tank with it and just debuff people, or being good gear, use full dmg (4 green certs, Patk cert, Dmg KP, Hammer KP) etc. Both Agi/Str sets work for it, it depends on how your party plays, if not how you play. Both is a support class in the end, Note that support does not mean just buffing/healing/Remove debuff etc, in my dictionary, Support also means what it can do to the enemy while helping the entire party.
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