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  1. Hello, our team (Me, Mark, Ro, Jeeze, Packun) just cleared DragonSide Sanctuary Easy Mode. Like people said, the easy mode is a bit buggy at first boss, and actually is on par with the hard mode currently (due to low HP, buggy first boss, and some general boss damage) I will inform about the bugs that need to be fixed to the GMs, but either way post here. Dungeon is still doable, Having low HP makes it a lot more challenging. You can try beat the dungeon very fast, provided you can survive, Eis2 was killed in like 15 seconds. Anyway the clear video, The dungeon will probably be fixed by next week hopefully.
  2. Are you using password and Log in-password from the forums (here)? The Account Information from the website (game) and the forums are different. Try using the information you have registered onto the website to log in. Also make sure you verify as appropriate.
  3. Vyzer: 800 million years old Deathoniak: 27 billion years old Shinryu: 5 million years old Lent Kuel: 1 billion years old Me: 25
  4. This, is just because on old times people were unaware of how stats are really calculated and the meta was way different Level 75/78 sets are generally way better than 70 sets. Some may prefer the 70 3 % triple over the 75 4 % double hit on the HA set, but the gems that fit especially with the new triple hit meta build which has changed and developed over the years, is considered better, whereby level 70 sets do not give you access to many triple hit gems. As for the extra stats the level 70 ''seems to have'' on the set effect, Those are considered green stats, therefore they won't multiply and at the end they will still give you less stats. Just old players had different ways of cert usage/procs/forts and considered 70 sets to be best, thus many players ended up thinking it is the best. At most i will say the level 70 set will give you around +200-250 acc, which is not a big deal as, eva vs acc pvp wise is broken and calculated very differently. Out of this topic but just would like to update the knowledge on this, as many are stuck in old knowledge.
  5. The fact that its been 2 weeks almost on the other server and the MAIL which is the main trade option of the game has not been fixed, while on VGN it took 1 day to fix that when the server started shows clearly which server has the best management. That other new server, everytime i log on discord i see the GM announce "Paypal fixed". On top of that their website is not secure, the password menu is poorly designed like a 6th grade kid designed on Adobe Dreamweaver. Can people really not see, there is a high risk they can get keylogged from that server.... I already uninstalled that game since gold dupe, item dupe is all available on that server and yet people trying to find a hope there. Like i said above, i will much rather play VGN EE whether there is a new classic server or not. Much prefer to have a future of contents than stuck to the past for some nostalgia that will not last long.
  6. Just remember one thing, EE VGN has had its classic times when it started, the only difference was it had a higher level cap. So basically the only real difference is, we did not have a normal class old PvP. Everything else was a classic experience. I understand a lot of players want to have a Nostalgia feeling of EE again, but you need to realise, Nostalgia does not last forever. The amount of money spent on a new server that will probably not last long enough. Is it worth the money spent on a new server? Is it worth the time for the GMs to make changes for something that has a high possibility that won't last? PlayEden was the perfect example of Nostalgia of EE, but what happened after some months? Everyone asking when is the next update. If you don't get update, you will get bored, because there is no content. No one is going to play just for PvP eventually and it will just become as dead as PlayEden was before it died out. So Content is necessary. And EE and many other MMORPGs, grow on a linear way, Like this, which means, every higher content will require higher amounts of resources (gold, materials, etc etc). Inflation will happen on every server, hence there are gold sinks to ''minimize'' how fast the inflation goes. (like Gem Altar, Costly Materials etc) Whether it be a new server, or an old server, you will still be grinding to make your gold, then when new content comes, you will again be needing gold again. It is just how contents are, for the growth of the game. I fully understand awaken classes were never liked, and they for sure need to be balanced. But just to let this here, VGN actually balanced the classes a lot of times, because the classes are not the original ones, you can check this link of how broken the original classes really were. But however with content growth, like i said above it is linear. Every single new weapon, armor added. Just makes things worst. Thus a balance patch is needed every now and then. But he can't keep balance the game all the time, there is a schedule of work Jordan has, if he keeps release balance patches he will have no time to make actual content. There is people who only see the PvP, whereby, if PvP is dead, means game is dead. But the reality is, the PvE of the game still has around 10x the amount of PvP players the game actually has. Just the mindset is very different to actually see them. Many don't openly talk, they are grinding gold, talking with their friends only, interacting with guilds only. Some alone, but they are there. Now comes to the bugs that old contents create. Jordan already has fixed over 400 + bugs on this game from Old Content. This means he will have to either refix all those bugs, or he will have to put a lot amount of work to cut the parts from the files VGN already has. For people asking it is like ''hey this is easy'', try coding it, you will realise, it is a lot of work for 1 person alone, and the end result MAY NOT pay off (this is business, no one is hosting a free profit organisation here), the GMs need to be paid for their money spent into their work. Else they might as well spend their time making money else where. A MMORPG needs content for the game to work. And all of them is like this. Same goes for VGN, content comes, players become active for some month, then they get bored because the contents take around 4-6 month in the make due to Jordan doing so much work alone. But if you look at most mmorpgs, that is how it is, people come for new content, then quit or play other games till new content comes again. I'm by any means not against this post, I like and enjoy classic EE as well, and i voted a Yes. But it is important for me to jot down the important facts that many are not paying in attention. Either way whether the server comes or not, it will end up become dead as soon as there is a content drought. If it comes then its good for some time, but for me personally i'd rather see the game keep grow at higher levels than keep the lower level cap which will not really last forever. This is an actual fact, People who get butthurt to accept the truth, well sorry for them. You need to adapt to new changes in everything whether it be your life , your games, if not you will be stuck behind.
  7. Try using a screen app to record it full. What is your monitor resolution and your game resolution?
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    Hacker Party go
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    HP plays the biggest impact of survival in the game. At end game optimization you will be substituting forts, stat glyphs, enchants etc, to maximize HP. Remember CE is considered as a non multiplicative stat, So it just adds how much it states. However it still plays a big impact as every little bit of integer matters. After level 100 1 HP class will give you roughly around 600 HP per class provided it is the main stat for example a yellow class.
  10. They won't be able to do it, only us knows that strategy and it is secret for our team. Honestly don't upload it, they will cry more because they are just bad players. We stopped optimizing the dungeon because our static no longer plays. Watch us come back and beat this whole dungeon in 20 minutes, then this guy will become like this:
  11. It is simple, they can't play hard games. This is what happens when you put a dungeon that requires you to put effort to clear to people that press 1 2 3 4 5 then pretend EE is their best game and they are the best players. Clearly can see who is the best players or not. The people who gave up on Day 1 and said dungeon not doable. Then 6 days later, dungeon cleared. Someday i wish these guys could play hardcore raid games they would piss in their pants.
  12. Godamn, i'm sorry but this game's player mentality never ceases to amaze me. It makes me wonder if players in this game even have a degree of education or brain atleast. Why would Jordan help us in this dungeon? What is the need to lol. I just came to clear the dungeon , not interested in winning the prize, since i am a hardcore raider on other mmorpgs. Did you even try to assess the dungeon before typing this post, or are you one of those ''easy players'' from moba games who can't do hard PvE when it comes to a game that used to have easy PvE? The boss clearly knocks back the players it faces, and it is a freaking strategy to not die to its Soft Enrage Tornado Blast skill. It is not facing the healer on purpose, because if healer dies, everyone dies. You play a game, but you never even try to learn it. This is why, every freaking builds came from me and some specific friends, if i did not make a move to even write down the game mechanics and share, People would have been stuck with 0 knowledge on this game. Just disgusted, sorry if this is offensive, but next time, get a brain, and learn to play a game. Not be babysitted and spoonfed all the time to get all things easy. Even freaking wrote a guide to help you all out, and pointed out EVERY single mechanics the bosses do and their skills, minus OUR strategy to clear it. Yet you complain. Well keep complain if that is how your life states yourself. As for this part, what Jordan said, this is my stats as GK with procs, of course i will be tanky. I just swapped different Trophy there for Cast Speed and Mana Regen. -------- Man what would people like you do, if you do World Tier Raiding that takes months for people to even clear it. Go kill yourself i'm guessing because you will call the people who cleared it ''Hackers'', ''GM helped them''. This is what happens when you are spoonfed with an easy game for too long then a hard dungeon comes, you cannot clear. Then make all excuses of why you could never clear the dungeon. And this, can easily tell from which group of players you are, just because Jordan is my fucking friend does not mean he is biased to give me advantages. You are one of those players that complained that they did not get GS and i got it because i was Jordan's friend, well guess what, Jordan is not the one who recruits. But again, i feel sad for you to have such a pessimistic mind. Grow up.
  13. I mean making a MDPS heavy set is not needed but it will just make things easier for people to get MDPS paladin/DE/GK. It is not really a big deal. It will most likely have INT base, which per calculations will at most give you around 5-7k Mattack depending on your gems setup on the current tier. It will also give base Mdps stats making it slightly easier to get stats for those mdps counterparts. Since INT is only *5 at the end, but multiplied as a white stat more, Damage increase would be at around +2~2.5% estimate with it being added. As Matk to output damage is not that high. With the current tier of sets, you can get all stats but it just is not as easy as it would be for ''non properly geared/achievement'' players. That is about it. The end scenario will be something like. You will be using more acc/int/mrate forts rather than using m crit dmg on every piece. You will also be able to manage using HP glyphs way easier than using M crit dmg glyphs. You will be able to change INT Magic eli gems into INT amplifier/fortune lck gems more. You will be able to use Gun/Frozen soil enchant rather than dementor. But that is about where it goes. It will not entirely change the meta. It just will make things ''Easier'' for players, so they can reach optimal stats (example Having all stats + using HP glyphs can be hard for some players). I'm neutral whether its added or not, it will not be a game changer.