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  2. 1 more month until irreversible damage (;

    Hope those who got banned enjoying it, Goodbye Celestial peeps. The long year revenge was 🍷

  3. If you are refering to the removal of your name from people's friend list, i believe the only way to do that with a name change is to delete your character then request a character recovery together with a name change.Thats the only way to clear a user's link to their friends in the game. Though i'm not sure if the charge is the same, you may refer so via ticket or a GM will answer it here.
  4. Yes, and Quintiple is based on 100 80 60 40 20, I know why this was done to make classes like Trainer more effective, But its just i was wondering why this was the case now. Because all the calculations i do are based off some permanent data i noted. But if they changed now i will change them too. Thank you for the reply.
  5. Hello i'm not sure if this patch caused this but, a long time ago skills and triple hit procs were considered 100 50 25. Afterwards we got some variations that do 100 70 40 or 100 80 60 etc. Example till now Skills like GM Feather has a 100 50 25 fall off Skills like Conjurer has a 100 70 40 fall off Skills like Trainer Quintiple Hit has a 100 80 60 40 20 fall off Enchant procs are based on 100 50 25 The standard for procs used to be on a 100 50 25 basis from our testing data and everything else was based off this. But now procs have gone to 100 50 30: I'm not sure when was the standard for procs changed to 100 50 25, because i have done all my testings based on the standardized data for procs i had based off 100 50 25. But would it be safe to change that data to 100 50 30 for further calculations or are they going to be changed?
  6. I'm pretty sure the website of EE VGN is on the Server as well, so ping ee.vendettagn.com should let you know your ping.
  7. Patch looks very dlido but the last part of Daylight Forest, it is kind of annoying to have to run all the way around again to reach last boss, the bridge is blocked. Everything else seems fine so far, have to acquire some of the new stuff to do some in depth testing for bugs, which will take time. Thx for the patch ~
  8. Upvoting this, Good Balancing suggestions.
  9. Well most parties would need atleast 1 or 2 at end game, unless they timing CC like we do then don't need healers.
  10. Its not exacly RIP, they are still doable with mdps classes if you want to do it for fun. But the point is TIME. People don't really want to spend hours and hours inside a specific instance especially when they are doing it multiple times a day. I will confirm this to you, during on our progression and testing to clear DS the first time ever, we tried mdps classes, it was doable for both Nasci and Eis, including DoT kills, but it takes too long, because Mdps does bigger burst at a longer interval. In case you want to know why Pdps classes still outdmg Mdps classes in PvE, is due to the fact of having auto-attacks. They may not do damage on DS but they help proc accessories/trophies faster to do more damage.
  11. Speed Running in Trials as fast as you can to farm trials/coins at end game especially, is based around having a Blade Master in the party, and aligning your buffs/debuffs/skills in the 15 second most effective Blade Master Combo. Usually Blade Master becomes ineffective if bosses cannot be killed in within 20-30 seconds, as a Double executioner will do more damage over time than a Blade Master if that is the case. Here is how the party compositions for Dps/healers should line up: Obviously will require a good knowledge of your class and not just spam buttons to do this, Otherwise you will end up take 30 seconds + to kill depending on your damage. Here is an example of a party composition: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you do not have DS Trophies/Accessories Parts , sub them for GoP ones. Keep in mind, Cerberus does more damage that Bushi whole combo, there is various reasons for that including the extra elemental resist cerberus adds for you to sub into Triple Hit/Double Hit Gems. However Bushi necklace is effective at times and in classes like Asura due to a lot of basic attack damage. Here is a detailed explantion of it if you are confused. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The party i mentioned above by any means is not for Dragon Sanctuary, it works for Trials Like Level 100/110, sub and remove classes accordingly. I understand GK there is using a dps rapier instead, but believe me, in PvE, the weapon won't affect your heals so much if your party is optimal, and since GK is going to hit with Rimeblade to Proc +20% Dmg, it is worth adding an extra debuff to the enemy. Pre Party buff Requisites: Totem Master/Adjudicator/Life Worshipper/Bard Buffs. if you need a shielder for example, you can let them use Rylon Trophy instead and make the Rifleteer use a triple hit for more damage, change accordingly This type of comp at End Game, should easily blow Trials bosses in 15-20 seconds and ending them fast within minutes. Use it to your effectiveness for farming Trial Coins. In the long run the seconds you save adds up and saves you a massive amount of time, you can use onto other things in the game or something else. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy ~
  12. Before considering why they are not available for 95, need to consider the time at which the content was released, which i assume u were not playing back then. If it was made for 95 weapons, there would be no reason to farm DoD 95 for weapons but instead as Gems. They were a variation whereby 95 holy skills gave you an extra skill, while 95 weapons gave you an extra +dmg bonus or effect like range. Hence it creates variety. Reason why Jordan made them as gems for level 100 + was mentioned in an old post, as he was not going to release more DoD i believe. As for making holy skill gems available for 95 weapons for now. I don't think it is that worth the time investing to do that as a developer rather its better to focus the time available onto new content. As 95 weapons are almost not used apart for BA's sword which that also is minimal as the new Trophy already makes it worth it. At most they are grinded for level 100 + weapons.
  13. Happens to many people due to EE not being compatible with all graphic drivers, and not up to date. Usually relogging will fix that, it can cause you to crash, however if it persists, try update your drivers and see if there is any change. Windows 10 can also be a cause for this.
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