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  1. I was wondering if is possible to add gear upgrade suggestion Reset Scroll V in the eden crystal altar
  2. Is it possible to make a Palace of Dreams but lv 130? At this point is pretty hard to get gold in the new dungeons and also farming monster stone is more difficult
  3. Mystery Boxes: Robust Miyasa ✔️ Magic Miyasa ✔️ Crystal Altar: Mysterious Alpaca Beachwear (legendary) ✔️ Delicate Beach Swim Shorts (legendary)
  4. Athos

    Gear Swap

    Is possible to add more gear swap slots? I guess isnt enough 5 slots
  5. Remove 4t potions from EI
  6. Mana: Recently the mana has been a problem since the high consume of mp made by the toggle skill like Frenzied Titan (Berserker) , Asura Rage , etc is a problem specially for halfkid players , the reason behind this is because the Celestial Corridor set gives a lot of mana and sadly more mana is a nerf. Not even using ultimate mp potion with dsr mana potion is enough in some cases. This is a suggestion that i think may solve this problem : Reduces the % of mana per second of those skills or make it use a constant value of mana like 1000 mana per second or other value you think fill fix this problem. T110: I would like to talk about world boss set that is the time that a player needs to get it. Because sometimes they get a lot of a ring or T that they dont need. The reason behind this is because new players are the only one who does world boss hunts now, and i guess they should get it a little bit easier because sometimes as happen to me i hunted 90 times arrons just for the Trophy. End game players dont even use those sets because they use celestial corridor sets. So this change just will help those players stuck with 2 pieces of 3. This is a suggestion that i think may solve this problem: Make a quest that ask to kill the wb 10 times or any value you think is correct and the reward of the quest is a piece of your choice so new players wont stuck until getting one single ring or the trophy.
  7. Box: Magic Scarlet Vandra Robust Scarlet Vandra Altar: Mysterious Modern Elegance Suit
  8. Mystery Box: Robust Reaper of the sea Althea/ Magic Reaper of the sea Althea ✔️05/06/22
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