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  1. I was playing the classic server due to the server exp rate being 1x, not 5x. I don't really mind having lv 80 cap or if you decide to implement awaken classes on the classic server. i never tried any awaken class before so i cant judge if i will like it or not. However, if it is possible i would like to not have Mimic classes on classic server, or maybe changing the requirement for people to be able to use mimic class from 60 to 80.
  2. Hey, i just want to ask about the armor boxes that meant to give Spirit Chain Helmet. According to Eden Eternal Vendetta Wiki google documents it said that i can obtain it from Black Chain Armor Box and Dirty Armor Box, but according to in-game details on archive that we access via backpack it said that you can only get it from Dirty Armor Box. I would like to ask which one is the most accurate, am i be able to get the Spirit Chain Helmet from Black Chain Armor Box or i have to find it Dirty Armor Box, that is all that i would like to ask, thank you for your attention.
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