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  1. Do you draw? Yes. If so, what do you like to draw? Chibi, anime-style Got some art you wanna post & brag about? Not really. But here's my tumblr. \owo/
  2. Oh that'd be nice! Although, I meant if I could make a thread somewhere and have people ask for art (and maybe get payed for it, lols) How about make an Art forum section? O:
  3. Hello! I played the official Twin Saga server at Aeria Games so I've been meaning to get back to it and then found this site when I was searching for private servers. Just wanna ask if the server/site is new? And is doing art commission for in-game stuff allowed here? O: Since the characters in Twin Saga are absolutely adorable, I would like to draw cute characters while getting in-game stuff, mehe Nice to meet you!
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