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  1. 2-3 years ago sounds right but I never was told to change my password. Someone else changed it and the password I had used no longer worked. I do not forget passwords as I have a file with all my passwords including obsolete passwords. I have used this file for over 20 years and it is well backed up. This same thing happened to me on the original SB server and I had to create a new account. I am not willing to do that again. That would be the fourth account I had with all new characters. I will not start over a fourth time, it is too much to expect me to do.
  2. Why did vendetta change my password without my permission? I still need to know this before I try a third time to make an account for this game.
  3. Since I lost the gmail account I used to create my account can I reuse my username and use a new email I have from Yahoo.com?
  4. I created my account with a gmail account I no longer use as I deleted it. I did not remember Scarlet Blade needed it. I have a yahoo email account and am willing to use it for Scarlet Blade. Somehow my password changed and I was not informed of the change. None of my old passwords work. Thanks for any help with this.
  5. I need a password reset on Scarlet Blade. I no longer have access to the email that I used when I created my account. <email_1> became compromised and I deleted it not realizing that I still needed it for SB. My email is <email_2>. This email works with the forum but not the game. If I can not get a password reset this will be the third time this has happened. I do not change my password the game does and I am getting tired of it. GM Edit: Removed Emails.