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  1. Well here i am writing this topic, even though i never thought i would have ever left Nostale Vendetta. My journey here started 2 years ago, even before the Beta was ever released, writing topics on how to actualy improve the disaster gameforge holds right now, something that they NEVER had the capacity to control and to adapt on their own playerbase. We always first thought about our community and NEVER tried to pull money from anyone (something that gameforge/entwell does 24/7). With the help of every single GS (Even the first one that were here) we managed to create something that everyone could enjoy, in a way or another, and spend time here. Nostale Vendetta was a new world, was something totaly different from what is currently called "OFFICIAL", was something that anyone at any point could have enjoyed and sadly all good things have an end. I never thought this end would have ever arrived, it was too nice to even think for half a second about this outcome. I thank bash, vivi, jordan and every single staff member for everything they ever did and for their wonderful community and for what they created and own. Even though Vendetta only lasted for 2 years, those 2 years here are worth more than 3 times the 12 years entwell owned Nostale. In 2 Years we managed to make a dream come true, and for how long it lasted, it was the best we ever had. Thank you, Caos1.
  2. The ammount of time needed to complete sp3 quest should be of like 8-10 hours for sp 4 if you are fast at killing it takes 4 hours
  3. Damage to evil does increased damage to all monsters that have in the tag on the side the word "monster" now it's either low society monster or high society monster it still works. For example it works on :bacoom, erenia, zenas, all 6.2 monsters. About the other stat i don't know yet since i didn't test it yet, so i can't tell you.
  4. Sorry to admit it but for once nayxa is right. The 88 dagger he is using reduce dmg in pve by 10%. You can try doing dmg without a secondary weapon and then do the same but with a 88 secondary weapon. you will see your dmg will drop in pve.
  5. I answered to a similar post not long ago. 1)using alts to get buff (sader, wk, holy, war) This is not your case since you want to do erenia 2) get steampunk 3) get ibrahim trophy or even better shadow gem r8 4) get reindeer costume 5) use onyx 6) get laurena accessories 7) making the sp at least +14 and make it at least +80 (having 20att and element in perfection) 8 ) making the weapon r8+10 ( in your case the weapon Must have crit dmg and s dmg at least and remove the 88 knife.) 9) getting a better sl set (in order to get at least 25 att and 25 element sl, but 20 and 20 is already ok) 10) get all the books of act 6
  6. what you have should be fine to make you do enough dmg to lure in 6.1 This is what could help more tho: 1)using alts to get buff (sader, wk, holy, war) 2) get steampunk 3) get ibrahim trophy or even better shadow gem r8 4) get reindeer costume 5) use onyx 6) get laurena accessories 7) making the sp at least +14 and make it at least +80 (having 20att and element in perfection) 8 ) making the weapon r8+10 8.1) changing the weapon for one with higher dmg to evil and enhanced 9) getting a better gun with higher sl (in order to get at least 25 att and 25 element sl) 10) get all the books of act 6 That's it, they should be in order of importance as well
  7. For serker if you don't plan on doing pvp you have to use the fairy wings to have a chance of resetting the CD on you incap skill. If you do pvp you go for onyx like 90% of other sps
  8. No the shell will still belong to the previous user
  9. For a mage the best trophy for pvp is cube of destruction without any doubt. Even if it didn't have the 7% att and def it would still be the best because of the leech of hp. Basicaly you can proc it faster with a seer since you can fast trigger the combo and do multiple hits and proc it more often. Keep in mind that the "500 leeched hp" are 1k dmg on the enemy (because to do 500 dmg in pvp you need to actualy deal 1k dmg) and 1k healed (because to remove what you healed you will have to take a 1k dmg hit)
  10. First of all damage can't be tested at danders. Second of all in order to have damage in pve you need to lower res and have an high sl set. The must have things to have a lot of dmg in pve are (in order of importance) 1) s dmg in the shell + dmg to evil (dmg to evil works like s dmg against bacoom/ any act 6.2 monster+ erenia/zenas/fernon) 2) high sl set (like 100 att 80 element and yeah i think 100-80 is better for mages too) 3) Ibrahim trophy or even better shadow gem trophy 4) steampunk costume weapon/reindeer costume/ any costume hat giving +5% attack/fibi/bally/erze (any pet increasing attack) 5) 80% fairy and not 50% one 6) Laurena accessories 7) books Those are the things that increase damage in pve. Of course i didn't include the buffs from alts account needed, the tarot, attack potion, the fairy booster, but those help too.
  11. Compared to official server this server is way better. In al senses, in all content. About the time to get to +28 i would say starting from 0 maybe about 1 month? A lvl 90 can do about 5-10kk per hour by doing raids of act 5.2 or luring in maple woods or places like that. Then you can pass to 5.2 exp, about 10kk + the guy you level up, and to 30kk+ in act 6.1-2 and erenia raids. Usualy a well geared player with 2 account gets abou 70-80kk per hour in 1 erenia marathon, and about 60kk in 6.2 (depending on luck you can get way more) About nosmaill yeah every scroll that is needed for upgrades can be found at npcs.
  12. Because we added a free lvl package with equipment to help new people, get in the game faster? You can take the package every 10-20 levels to bash npc right above mimi
  13. I think you misunderstood. The guy you covered in black, the one above "bash" is a scammer. He wrote a "fake" message from bash.
  14. Well 650k point of rep are not a lot tbh, you can farm krem/maple woods a few hours (1-2 max) and get enough pts to be able to farm those 650k point of rep. If even that is not enough, you can go to frozen crown for example and kill monsters there, in 5-6 hours you can make the 650k left that you need. Another option, is to open RAID TS and farm seals, like cuby/ginseng/castra those don't have a level limitation, and you can open them at any level
  15. Pvp wise i think the crossbow lvl 72 is better BUT you will have lower sl stats. Pve wise, c25 crossbow is better.
  16. As bash said, while people are complaining about the system, you could have done the quests for 4-5 characters meanwhile, and you wouldn't have had any problem. So, just stop being lazy, and go do some quests that they are not gonna get completed by themself
  17. Ok, i'll list some reason. 1) Nostale has become too easy. 2) It helps with botters. 3) it helps with gold sellers. 4) If it helps with botters, and gold sellers, means prices will go down since less gold is farmed. 5) It helps with alts account in raid (that make go erenia/zenas slower by bringing a lvl 90+0 holy/war/sader) i think this is enough already
  18. About raids, no you can't use more than 2 account per raid. About pts you can do pts with your alts
  19. Rippes


    They aren't, you just lazy. It takes 12 hours more or less to complete all the quests. Don't be lazy
  20. Every item an be dropped from lvl 1 monster even if you are lvl 99+50, it will just take more time. It does not mean you can do it, if you want to have an higher % of dropping those items, you can do TSSES, there you have higher % to get those items. ( i did it this way 2 years ago, dunno why you guys think it's impossible)
  21. Vgn bought items are given back.
  22. That channel was removed since it was creating more problems than being usefull. That channel was created to make us have low level character to open TS for raid seals and for reputation. Actualy, we removed the level limitation for any TS so that channel is useless right now.
  23. There is no virus in the nostale folder, you have to put the nostale folder in the whitelist of your antivirus
  24. The best pet in most cases is fibi (because it gives 10% attack) otherwise you can buy aries (for pve because it goes immortal but it's an event pet only and it's expensive) or a erze (that is very good for the debuff) or a bally (it's not as good as fibi in pve but it's the best one for pvp) For the partner sp, in pve best one is maru with the buff on S otherwise i would say archangel lucifer The set for the sps is always 100 attack at least and 60+ in element, no need to put hp because at the end game you will have to use full pot anyway.