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  1. Rippes

    difference of damage

    You will see a lot of difference in dmg vs monster, only if you lower the resistance by a lot and if you have a lot of property. The dmg from c25 to c45 is not a lot is just 70-80 also the shell are almost similiar and you have no enhanced on the second knife. Also i do believe that the "increased dmg on evil" is and has never worked well in ANY server of nostale. So don't be surprised you don't do a lot more dmg
  2. Rippes

    S-% DMG ON 2ndary WEAPON

    No you didn't understand it, you don't have to use both weapon at the same time with the s% dmg effect, but one at the time based on the sp you are going to use
  3. Rippes

    S-% DMG ON 2ndary WEAPON

    I believe people want s% dmg equipment because the better the equip is the more dmg you are going to do and the more dmg you are going to do the more raids you will do in 1 hour no? that makes sense. Also the best would be to have 2 set 1 for sader and 1 for all other sp so you can have overal sl on sword when you use sader and overal sl on crossbow when you use other sp . This is an example
  4. Rippes

    Laurena's jewellery

    Yeah, i see more right the solution of nerfing those pvp accessories rather than changing the laurena. Also because it seems more right this way
  5. Rippes

    Laurena's jewellery

    Doing like you say would make things unbalanced again, because if people loose the flat damage and defence increase from laurena, they will just use the pvp accessories and loose like 2.1k hp but gain way more attack damage. And i dont get how the change on laurenas afflicted the mage more than the other classes. Actualy if you think about the fact that mage has low defence compared to a swordie. With a c28 set a mage should have like 800-900 defence with the boost of the old laurena he would go to like 10% boost so 880 or 990. Now with 180 flat he goes to 980 or 1080. Thats actualy the opposite of a nerf
  6. Rippes

    Where is Death Reaper 2.0?

    Yeah i noticed it too, after 6.2 update if you compare the attack speed of the basic attack of the death reaper, when 6.1 was still the last update, death reaper basic attack was way faster and now it feels waaaaay slower and it is. But, i went to the official server, and even there is fucked up, and his basic attack is slow like our server. So think there is a change in 6.2 patch that makes his auto be this slow
  7. Rippes

    Clvl 45+ EQ Update/Upgrade

    Well to be honest i wouldn't be touching the equip so far yet, i mean i have not seen personaly in game someone with a full c45/48 equipment set r7/8+9/10 to say "Look this class is unbalanced if you put it against this one" Speaking of what i have seen so far in game, in the current meta, i can see that what happened so far is that the archers/mages are no longer able to one hit people since we now have more defence and more hp and to be honest it was the whole point of the rework of those equipment, make it look like the game would not be only based on 1 lucky soft crit or the fact that someone lowers the resistance of 120% to make someone kill someone else in 1 hit. What i can see is that this worked pretty good so far. Now speaking of what i have seen as a swordsman, the crossbow realy helped the swordsman since it was the only class that did not have the soft in both weapons and going against someone that has a shield that reduces the dmg of 75% and that runs faster than you or going against someone else that has a buff that makes him take less than 7k crit dmg even tho you should hit them for 35k+ and makes them be hard to target while they can hit you for 120% more dmg, created a lot of problem to this class. Remember that now (Archer has 36% to do 120% Mage has 50% to do 90% Swordie now has 55% to do 60) Going back to the "Pvp" part of the balance, for what i could try so far, now things look more balanced counting that personaly i can feel the difference and not think that the swordie class has not become OP beyond every limit. For whoever feels like this class looks too much strong, remember that what makes a character strong is not just the level of the equip, but also the shell that that piece of equipment has. So if a bow/wand/sword has crit/enhanced/s%dmg/dmg pvp/def pvp/ has a 99+15+100 sp with 100 attack is running EVERYTHING ELSE that could increase his dmg output because he is PERFECT item wise and you are running with your c28/48 armour that has 29% def pvp with no enhanced and an sp that is just +14, is normal that you are going to get rekt. Remember, in mmorpg you can always have something better, and if you think that your bow with double dmg 40% is op because it has 140 enhanced, remember that there is someone else that can have up to 52% with 180 enhanced and 55% crit.
  8. Rippes

    Different Stats on C45 Equip

    We did a balance to the equip c45/48 and the equip that was released before the balance did not get those change, in order to "update" the stats you need to rebet the weapon/armour and it will fix itself
  9. Rippes

    Korean Sp Balance

    The changes you have there are changes that were done in korea, and were not taken in consideration for the monk in the "entwell" project, so monk is not getting any changes, like some changes that were done for the dg buff where he gets 150% crit damage increase. In the rest of the world, those changes are not coming (like the 150% dg buff and the monk rework) I meant "in the gameforge nostale" monk is not getting any change
  10. Rippes

    Korean Sp Balance

    Battle monk is not getting any rework
  11. Rippes

    Shadow Stone/ Trophy Upgrade

    Moved And closed since right answers were given. Also i would like to add that if you don't have the possibility to make a big trophy for now, you should use the ibrahim trophy (for pve) since it helps a lot if you don't have the shadow one. (In case you want to reopen the thread Pm me)
  12. Rippes

    c25/28 to c45/48

    No, rarity and upgrade reset, just the shell stays
  13. Rippes

    Mage Suggestions and Claws / Manes

    As bash already announced, there are going to be some changes to the equipment c45/48, of course it can't be said what will be done or what won't (also because we don't know), so don't expect them to be exactly as they are right now. I said this, because like nyet did for mages it would be nice to have suggestions on other pieces of equipment too, being precise and giving THE REASON WHY you think that is wrong, and not just saying "the archer needs an extra 100 damage in the c45bow".
  14. Rippes

    Please Nelia Nymph

    The game became cancer, when level 90 equipment was introduced, and with the 6° sp it just fall into the abyss. The problem of the game are not the partner sps, the problem of the game is the fact that the effect "increase damage with a probability of X by Y" exists, and that, if you have more equipment pieces with it, they just randomly stack, making archers and mages literaly go from 1 of dmg to 5k with the basic attack, just because you know, they are squishy and need to have high dmg (that's because they can't take more than 7k crit dmg, and the other one goes immortal and takes 75% less dmg) But well, everything has it counterpart for neila, just don't play.
  15. Rippes

    Raidbox removal and 6.2 release

    The raidbox removal, is going to happen right before act 6.2 patch is coming. Since we did not get the patch, the raidbox were not removed (yet)