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  1. Pvp wise i think the crossbow lvl 72 is better BUT you will have lower sl stats. Pve wise, c25 crossbow is better.
  2. As bash said, while people are complaining about the system, you could have done the quests for 4-5 characters meanwhile, and you wouldn't have had any problem. So, just stop being lazy, and go do some quests that they are not gonna get completed by themself
  3. Well actualy c45 crossbow already has soft on it, so there is actualy no need to do so for other crossbows, also because is after c25 that swordman looses not before.
  4. Ok, i'll list some reason. 1) Nostale has become too easy. 2) It helps with botters. 3) it helps with gold sellers. 4) If it helps with botters, and gold sellers, means prices will go down since less gold is farmed. 5) It helps with alts account in raid (that make go erenia/zenas slower by bringing a lvl 90+0 holy/war/sader) i think this is enough already
  5. About raids, no you can't use more than 2 account per raid. About pts you can do pts with your alts
  6. I don't think i even need a reason to close the thread. Go do quest.
  7. Rippes


    They aren't, you just lazy. It takes 12 hours more or less to complete all the quests. Don't be lazy
  8. Every item an be dropped from lvl 1 monster even if you are lvl 99+50, it will just take more time. It does not mean you can do it, if you want to have an higher % of dropping those items, you can do TSSES, there you have higher % to get those items. ( i did it this way 2 years ago, dunno why you guys think it's impossible)
  9. Rippes

    New prices

    Guys this is the best solution for the server. Do you guys want to know what's the ONLY problem? it should have been done way before. Because now everyone is just a bunch of laz people with 0 will to do anything and just buy things already done. Put it this way, less botter, less gold buyer, less gold seller. it means prices will ALL drop down up to a certain point. SO instead of being mad at BASH for doing this, be GLAD he did it and cared about the server. because he could have just wiped out everything, rollbacked it to the 1° of may and resetted gold + added the system. Instead he cared, and tried with us to find a solution for the economy of the game. Also, i'll be totaly honest, 3 days of quest is not going to kill anyone. If you are lazy, you can just go to gameforge server, where there to get "good" need to waste 1 year of your time, or cash 10x the ammount of here.
  10. Vgn bought items are given back.
  11. That channel was removed since it was creating more problems than being usefull. That channel was created to make us have low level character to open TS for raid seals and for reputation. Actualy, we removed the level limitation for any TS so that channel is useless right now.
  12. That was balanced out with books, armour and gun. if you check the 3 pieces of equipment you will see it's balanced. Paragonate, Armour, wand and gun c25 vs 45, and you will see they are balanced
  13. This is mostly unlike to not happen, not because it's too broken, but just because we are going to wait gameforge/entwell for the release of sps, and see where they move on, before doing changes/creating new sps.
  14. Because back in the time when act 5.2 was the best way to farm gold, we thought out what would have been good to make people farm gold, and how to make a little bit of balance with the economy in order to make more gold. We tested wich drops etc, were more suited to have a price adjustment based also on the "old" craft system of equipment 95-96 (that nowadays no one uses) and we came up with the conclusion to change some prices. Like magmaros, hot woods, hot lump, the earth crystal, souls and so on