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  1. Rippes

    Pve assets for mages (act 6/6.2)

    Your set looks fine to be able to solo 6.1 or 6.2, you didn't mention if you had alts to buff yourself. In case you don't have them then, you can have problems soloing 6.2 monsters since they are tankier than 6.1 ones. In order of importance you need, Wk, Morale, Holy, Sader (if you don't care about fulls sader is the most important one) Also i would suggest you to set your sps 100 attack and rest element (no need for hp cause you need to full anyway) Also you'd need, a pet that buffs your attack, steampunk, the reindeer, and don't forget tarot, booster and attack potions
  2. Rippes

    Suggestions to improve safety

    This is a very common problem yeah... but about the screens you posted. The first screen the character named "Ginno" Does not belong to any gs. In case you don't know who the gs are and you don't trust them, ask them to come right in front of you so you can see the green name. About the second screen... well that's a very common message. But It's so stupid people fall for that. first of all why would ever Bash whisper someone using the whisper chat and not the announcement? is it hard to go check the forum first that is the first place you should look for free stuff? and not any website people speak of? And lastly but mostly fun part of it. How the fuck would 1 WHISPER BE SO LONG? You can't put So many words in 1 whisper/general/party/family/speaker/announce... There is a limitation to how many words you can use in 1 whisper and it's not even 1 line... So it's so stupid people actualy fall for this knowing you can't use so many words all together
  3. Rippes

    Swordis SP choice in A6.1 OR 6.2

    The best sp to farm in act6.1 and 6.2 for people that are not OP (like that don't have shadow stone r8, steampunk, reindeer, full buff with alts, sp +100, with equipment r7/8+9/10) is renegade. Renegade has the most spammables skills that are also aoe, while monk has high cd skills with few aoe. If you, have instead, op equipment, the trophy shadow stone, steampunk and reindeer, full buff and sp+100 the best sp to farm in 6.1 and 6.2, is probably serker, because it has aoe basic attack that it's way better than the renegade, since you can just stop and auto the whole lure, and in case you need it has a few aoe.
  4. Rippes


    Ninja can be used only vs mages Gladiator the same Reaper can be used vs adventurers
  5. Rippes


    All sp need onyx. Except crusader, on crusader you can use any elemental wing. The angel one, devil one, fire one and ice one. About how many people are swordsman, well like about 10% i'd say, no one wants to be a swordsman because it's "weaker" compared to the other two, and harder to make it "competitive". I guess the main reason is also the fact that, he can't 1 hit and can be 1 hitted, and he can't abuse the safe hitting like 90% of the population of nostale does.
  6. Rippes

    Gambling r7/r8 accesibly Vendetta > Official server Topic can be close.
  7. Rippes

    Gambling r7/r8 accesibly

    The server has been going through a lot since it started, when we started to bet our first equipments c25-28 we didn't have the change in the rarity of the amulets, so you should be lucky you got them now, same goes for the equipment upgrade. It's a lot easier now than when it used to be before the changes we did to act6, zenas, erenia, the betting and the upgrades. Also, you should be lucky you didn't have to start by farming 15kk per hour (including someone paying you 5kk to be levelled up) instead of 30kk+ you make right now with the % increase of the betting/upgrade.
  8. Rippes

    Create A6 Maps as Single player Timespace

    It would be the easiest solution to create special ts to give the possibility to EVERYONE to farm, but we got one big problem. Bots. With people botting and the "special ts" we wouldn't be able to know when someone is botting and making TONS of gold, without any possibility to get them, since the ts would be group/individual. So we can't realy have this kind of feature in this game.
  9. Rippes

    Steampunk Weaponskins

    They give a normal damage increase. It will look like if your character is always doing soft, but he won't be doing soft hit every time. So basicaly: 1) your character will always shine as if he was doing a soft hit. 2) But you can soft over the "soft" of the steampunk
  10. Rippes

    Need help with PSP

    Maru top tier, if you don't care about him dying a lot and having to use some pots to not loose mobs when he dies, he is the best partner an archer/swordman can get pve wise
  11. Rippes

    Updates 2018/19 Official Server

    I gotta say it tho, gameforge is very good at releasing useless things that have no point in being released
  12. Rippes

    difference of damage

    You will see a lot of difference in dmg vs monster, only if you lower the resistance by a lot and if you have a lot of property. The dmg from c25 to c45 is not a lot is just 70-80 also the shell are almost similiar and you have no enhanced on the second knife. Also i do believe that the "increased dmg on evil" is and has never worked well in ANY server of nostale. So don't be surprised you don't do a lot more dmg
  13. Rippes

    S-% DMG ON 2ndary WEAPON

    No you didn't understand it, you don't have to use both weapon at the same time with the s% dmg effect, but one at the time based on the sp you are going to use
  14. Rippes

    S-% DMG ON 2ndary WEAPON

    I believe people want s% dmg equipment because the better the equip is the more dmg you are going to do and the more dmg you are going to do the more raids you will do in 1 hour no? that makes sense. Also the best would be to have 2 set 1 for sader and 1 for all other sp so you can have overal sl on sword when you use sader and overal sl on crossbow when you use other sp . This is an example
  15. Rippes

    Laurena's jewellery

    Yeah, i see more right the solution of nerfing those pvp accessories rather than changing the laurena. Also because it seems more right this way