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  1. I'm pretty sure that's it. The game worked normally a few months ago and I do not remember having modified or installed anything else on windows. It's strange because the game opens but then closes.. I have several games on Steam and they all work normally. Doesn't work Thank you for all your attention and effort I'll try to come back next month with a new machine. hoho P.S: The only thing I did not try was to format the computer Edit: Oh, I'll download and play Nostale to test if works. Edit 2: Nostale is working. I'm playing without problem
  2. I have the same problem and tried several times without success :/ I did all the things I read in this forum... reinstall the game, install visual c+, update the drives etc. Nothing work. So, the only solution to this problem in my point of view is change pc (because i think the problem is not in the game). Next month I'll buy another notebook and I'll try to back to play again.
  3. Nightingale ( letter e again '-' )
  4. Ghost Horns (Prime) at Crystal Altar