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  1. Well I wish my laptop can play BnS again (need to buy better gaming laptop) my lovely Force Master behold!
  2. It is what it is sadly but I'm ok with it I'm just still waiting for a new game to show up in here on Vend since the games I try to play on Vend didn't please me :c I kinda stop talking much on forums since there is nothing to do here. So at the moment I'm playing games on my new Xbox One S I got for x-mas
  3. Never heard or play those before but I kinda like Spirit Tales Online :3
  4. But you have to think on this when Twin Saga Vend was up at the time the game couldn't update more due to the waiting on the next patch from TW server. So they made custom dngs at that time to keep the flow and from TS.to they update patch was only like what one dng, new PvP arena and a new raid (I think). Plus the weapons were shit compare to the custom content TS Vend did. So I do support the custom stuff in games keeps people occupied while waiting on new patches because it does take time to wait from the official servers to bring out new patches into the private servers
  5. That is understandable Bash no need to rush in on this I'm just waiting when those three games your running now are fix with no issues, bugs, new content, etc....I just quit Vendetta because Twin Saga was gone and I'm not a fan of Scarlet Blade, Nostale or Eden Eternal I would love to try out GF because I never play the official at all and I look up the game itself so it looks fun to try out and play
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