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  1. I think GoddessSand has a good point. It would be great if we had dungeons where 2 people could complete them.
  2. I would like to see Dragon Queen costumes and Rapid Bikes in the mystery box section.
  3. I would like to see Queen's Face Paint mystery box.
  4. I would like to see Queen's Face Paint.
  5. I would like to see the Dragon Queen outfit by class.
  6. Well that sucks, but, so be it.
  7. Vivi could make changes to Nexxus Authority but not Fury. Makes no sense to me. Seems if you can change one, you should be able to change the other.
  8. Nexxus Fury needs stats update. You updated Nexxus Authority months ago, but, Nexxus Fury was just restored to 400 Crit. You can get 500 Crit from Nem2. So, it seems to me that Nexxus Fury in Amara should at least be 500 Crit plus there should be some extra buffs just like there are with Nexxus Authority. So, when can we expect this to be fixed?
  9. I leveled up a Sentinel to lvl 49 so I can play in Nemesis to add variety in playing this game. In the past, the Mystical Treasure Chests would drop unique lvl 42 trinkets and lvl 40 cyberskins. I have killed at least 25 of these chests and not one unique. Other players have also complained about the lack of unique drops from the chests. So, it is not just me. Have the unique drops been eliminated from these chests? If not, the drop rate is ridiculously low and should be adjusted up. Previously, you would get a unique quite regularly.
  10. So, to figure everything out, a person would have to go through all the patch notes. Doesn't seem like an exercise in futility to you? It sure does to me. When I log into SB, I want to play not sit around and search thru past the patch notes. It is fine when the patch notes include this info. But, to read or peruse them all is mind numbing. Information like drops should be provided in the help section as a link. No one should have to read thru a bunch of notes to see the rules, see where things drop, see what quests yield skill pts., etc.
  11. I am not suggesting we update what limeox created necessarily. It would seem that VGN must have that info somewhere and they could publish it. That is what my comment implied. Someone at VGN must have that info and they should provide it.
  12. The question was answered regarding Pet Exp Drink (2000 exp) and 9 Hour Pet Exp Boosters (+13). However, it would be nice if we had an update to link that limeox created to show what loot drops where. I would like to strongly request this link be updated or a new updated one be made. Thanks
  13. I had a problem with DCing every 5 to 10 minutes. I submitted a trouble ticket and Vivi suggested I start using a VPN. I got one (Cyber Ghost) and it stopped the Disconnects. Now, I can stay online as long as I like. If you are having this issue, I recommend you get a VPN. The one I have I pay for and it is worth it. I understand there are free VPNs available. So, check it out and see if it helps. Most VPNs have a free trial period or have up to a 45 day guaranteed refund. The one I am using works really well.
  14. I find it hard to believe these items have been hoarder this long, but, people are strange so it is most likely true. Thanks Archangel.
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