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  1. Is this real?

    you can't. It's against TOS.
  2. Mereholt Grand Prix

    It wouldn't matter if everybody started on or off their bikes. As you travel around the track you might end up losing when your bike disappears and you have to mount it again is what I am saying.
  3. Npcs outside the caves

    Putting an NPC like what you have in BC at the entrance inside would be nice for several of the dungeons so that you can get supplies if you end up running low while inside so you don't have to leave the dungeon and lose progress and go back inside. However, you should be aware of what you have going in and get all that you should need before entering in the first place. If you are finding that your bag is full and you want to open space for more item, just mail the items to another character that are tradeable. Though I get not wanting to travel back and forth from dungeon to base for supplies, I think the GM's are limited in putting NPC's in maps unless an NPC already exists or existed at that location, I could be wrong as I wonder how they are going to put NPC's in the new maps in the first place if they need source code for that.
  4. Mereholt Grand Prix

    Bikes on that track are problematic as you will be on it one second and off of it the next. With the animation time for mounting taking time, it would put several players behind much farther. I think it is personally a waste of time to race on that track and it would be better to just do a come get me race by locating yourself somewhere in the game and people have to race to that location. I have seen players on the storm chaser bikes actually locate GM's back in the day faster than those on the high end AP bikes.
  5. Prices too high for new players

    @RedClover What the hell did I say? You quoted me in a different language, can you keep it English as the forum rules are English only?
  6. Skill points

    Common only among the veteran players who learned about it as they ran into that problem. But usually just ask in game and somebody probably knows the answer or help you find it. Though there are post made about the situation doesn't mean the search will understand what exactly somebody is searching for as key words of the post and their search key words might not mash.
  7. SSD or HD

    Here I thought that SSD's and HDD's are for long term storage and your RAM is for what you are working on at the moment. If you have it setup so that the HDD or SSD takes up the load when you RAM is full, boy I sure hope not ever, the SSD will be better in performace over the HDD but bad for the SSD. Now, the difference between SSD's and HDD's are only load times. If you don't care how fast something loads or shuts down HDD's are just fine. If load times are important SSD's will out perform the HDD's and with this game using a map feature system where you have to load different maps you enter, the SSD's will be more beneficial, but once in the map it doesn't matter. Now, I have played this game on a Laptop with a 5400rpm HDD and also have it run on my main system using 3x120gb SSD in a raid 5 where read speeds are around 720 and write around 640 and here's what I see with one in comparison to the other. Aside form a difference in processing power and graphics performance, load times are just slightly slower on the laptop, but this is a game dating back to 2012 and both systems are about 2 to 3 years old with a huge difference in performance between the two, but it's not like you are loading some huge files so the load time differences really shouldn't be a hindrance to the overall aspect of the game when it comes to PVP or PVE as the PVP is more dependent on your network connection, ping, and graphics card. If I was on a major budget and could only afford 1 drive. The HDD would be preferred over the SSD if storage room is an issue, if I didn't need the large storage then I would get the SSD.
  8. Prices too high for new players

    I have actually done this and even enhanced it for them to +7 or generously to +8. Though i usually do this when they help me. SS is easy, just push the PrintScreen button and then open MS paint and press CTRL V and then save as(probably a Jpeg file) name it and then click save. Sure there's lots to do, but very easy in comparison to tryring to complete Narak SpaceShip. But as for Narak SpaceShip (AKA SS) for those who need to know and don't. First boss when at 50% will usually get a reflect buff that last for 10 seconds and then 10 seconds later it will get it again. So, I just time it so that I attack for 7 seconds and then wait till the reflect buff disappears and then attack for another 7 seconds and just repeat this. Second boss I have no idea how it really works, but I think it might be casting back the damage that you inflict on it during a certain cast, not sure it if is true, but unlike the reflect from the first boss you can still use eva or ch-eva in order to decrease the bosses acc/ch-acc in that damage actually hitting you. Third is easier than the 2nd, I think, though don't attack it at the center and drag it off to the side as far as you can before it resets and time buffs so that won't spawn the beetles and have them kill you while it stuns your toon. I have completed it easily in solo, but in team for an SW you either need the right gear for it or get to lvl 54, at lvl 59 if you still can't do it in team mode get better gear. AT is much more difficult than SS in my opinion. I would say that this is due to higher tier players feeding their lower Tier toons with gear and since the higher tier can obtain gold easier, that trickles down to lower tiers wanting more gold from those in the higher tier that wish to feed their lower tier toon with better gear since there are several combinations that one character can create due to the number of different rare items of amour as compared to the only 2 types of the unique. But you already know this and it's the in game players that I think want to just slaughter new incoming players so that they can obtain the better loot because the new player is easily killed.
  9. SB Game History

    story doesn't change much between factions or characters, however in one aspect the RG and FK is slightly different with their reasons for the quest in many cases. Due to also laziness the first introduction of a spy in Enocia doesn't change faction of spy for one of the factions(If memory serves me well it's FK has an FK color spy and RG has an FK color spy with both referring the spy as FK).
  10. On the achievement task: Conquer Ellis

    The ellis achievement, yes it gives lots of achievement points, but considering that you can't do it. It is still do able to get 4k, the replicubes for the Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and kappa are good too. Kappa actually will give you 4 title stats instead of 2 from "The Infinite" title. Yes, it isn't as great in Crit atk and crit rate as "The Infinite" title, but those reliant on the crit void and crit eva, give them that added boost on those while still giving a large amount of crit atk and a good amount of crit rate. But if you really want "the One" or "the Infinite" title, just keep going through all the other achievements as it is do able to get it. Just calculate all the achievement points you will get from the achievements you are willing to go after. If it does come down to being shy a few points, you can always just afk in the game in a PVE zone while you sleep or work.
  11. On the achievement task: Conquer Ellis

    You really don't need it at all. I have 4485 achievement points without buying several pets, certain costumes you need, or using wanteds or killing wanted players.
  12. Is this real?

    That was probably someone crafting a blue and green suit over the unique one. One can make any unique suit look like another suit while keeping the stats for the unique suit. Same with costumes, since unique costumes have stats people might also want to have the look of a non stat costume, so they craft the look of the non stat costume over the unique costume and you get both things you want.
  13. On the achievement task: Conquer Ellis

    The achievement is really us killing 100 of certain mobs, once we kill a 100 mobs we get a token. Once we get a token we have to wait till quest reset before killing another 100 mobs for another token. Once we gather 10 tokens, I believe, we then should get the achievement. To me that achievement is pretty useless unless you really need achievement points to get "the one" or "the infinite" as the title gained from that achievement isn't a great one to use. But for people to be aware that they can get 4000 in achievement points without spending AP or trying to get that particular achievement.
  14. On the achievement task: Conquer Ellis

    Ya, it was screwed up with Aeria when they released the lvl 54 cap in the first place and with all the other issues Aeria messed up with on that release they stopped trying to repair a minor issue. Why heck you couldn't even complete lvl 50 quest when they released the cap.
  15. 64 level cap ch atk or crit atk?

    So, what you're saying is soon? Like next week, next month, 6 months, or next year?