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  1. That pet skin is a Halloween pet skin and will probably show up sometime in October unless it's in AH now. I think it might be called the Jack Skeleton pet skin.
  2. The thing is that VGN has provided that information though the patch notes if you want to read through them. Asking Daddy about pulling all that information into something we can easily find is what you are asking. It's either asking Daddy to create a spreadsheet or they see if they can get Limeox's stuff updated. There are some things that aren't different on Limeox's stuff and really it's 60+ content that is different from what I know. So, if you want to know about 59 and lower loot, Limeox has that information I believe. If you want 60+, there's patch notes for it.
  3. Limeox doesn't play SB and any update to his stuff would have to be done by those who know him and let him know of changes and that's if they're willing to make those changes. The link below is Daddy's spreadsheets to replace Limeox's links. Though it doesn't have a loot drop spreadsheet, if you ask Daddy nicely maybe he can make one for us. @Daddy
  4. What I have set to windows 7 compatibility C:\Vendetta Gaming Network\Scarlet Blade Vendetta\SB.exe C:\Vendetta Gaming Network\Scarlet Blade Vendetta\SBLauncher.exe C:\Vendetta Gaming Network\Scarlet Blade Vendetta\xigncode\xm.exe And Desktop Shortcut But also what are your computer specs? maybe you have game settings too high?
  5. Just thought I would check on this as it looks really odd with the two different drop types for CP. As for the rest, it's more suggested changes that I would hope bring more life into the BGs. Farming for loot seems to be more of the current players base than pvp as pvp'ing for bosses is at an all time low of not happening if players are even killing bosses in the first place, but I do have suggestions that I think could increase that it's just for a different topic. BG's could just use a bit of revamping.
  6. This might belong in suggestions section or in quality of life post, but I'm tired and posted it here, change location if you want. After entering several BGs at level 65 the Loot on RG side is different than loot on FK side. The question is by how much? Are the drop rates the same? How similar are the drops? And what should they be? Here's what I've noticed FK side gets 500 cp pots in 2nd ark from bikes while RG players benefit from 700 cp pots. That leads me to believe that drop tables are not the same. Now many players will swear that one faction over the other gets better drops or
  7. Update drops in BGs. Instead of dropping the individual Hexweaves, why not drop the entire package since people don't have unlimited space. Also, instead of 500 and 700 CP pots, why not 800 and 1000 or all just 1000 CP for 60+ BGs.
  8. Well, you can always just add the item merchant up on the top of the ledge in NB and not at the entry area. It does have guards up there even though nobody can actually fly up there to kill somebody.
  9. @VoidIndigo Try switching the game to run in windows 7 compatibility if you are running windows 10
  10. @Vivi and @Daddy Just so you are aware, the link in the help section for the SB common issues for the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributable package is no longer available for both the x86 and x64. I believe that this is the new link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26999 Otherwise somebody might want create a file share for the exact files you need. I have them but can't just send them to you here though I can send it over discord.
  11. 71 million, 581 thousand, 909 minutes of NB
  12. multiple Jewel boxes at once rather than 1 at a time. Having it 10x, 50x, 100x, or 255x. would be good.
  13. Maybe it should say Wanted has been posted, all parties show up for a BG. When it comes to the wanteds I have over 300 on both my FK and RG toons or even more. Lost track as I don't use them since they are a pain to use with all those players who use greek letters in their name. I personally don't care if somebody posts a wanted on me, it's their gold. However, I do see that it can be used as a form of harassment when players repeat it over and over again as I've seen them do it while I was in a BG with others. They do it to show how weak my SW is vs the other player in the BG, but it's not
  14. Wondering if we could get the Bike snares to be used on players who are on a bike and be used while we are both on or off a bike?
  15. This sounds like the teacher who covered herself in feces and blamed it on one of her students. I wouldn't put it past some players to do this in the game. Though I can pretty much name the player(s) who would put a wanted on me as a means of harassment without even needing to know which of the players in the game are doing it.
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