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  1. hold up now before closing the thread. Try not maximizing or minimizing during load screens. Also, don't mess with graphic card settings while playing especially during load screens. If you afk for long periods in Suer or DL and get kicked out while you are away will cause this. When balls from monster spawn happen (because they put too many in a group) the loot will cause a screen lag/freeze and coming back to game switching channels in the middle of the area where the balls spawned will do it. There are lots of ways it happens and the best solution is to close the game and re-enter and try to switch channels out of the area of large mobs or loot that you are switching too. But it happens when the graphics card hiccups from a spike in processing that it needs to do.
  2. To get an exact number I guess would be hard if you are looking for people just online or people active while online. People will go afk online for hours on end because well they have a pet to level which takes the pet being summoned and being summoned only while playing will take longer than a pet being summoned while using a 12 hour pet hack and then going afk. There's also going afk for the hours online achievement. But looking at active online you have to consider time of day as some times there are more people online at a particular time than others. Looking at numbers in AK(the only high attended bg I can go to) you could see about 40 people in attendance for Tuesday I don't make it for Saturday's, though there are some players who refuse to attend even though they are online just to sway numbers in hopes for GMs to allow a faction change toward their faction and create an unbalance in their favor. Recently though I have been seeing a surge of veteran players playing again, probably due to summer season in the northern hemisphere. But despite not being able to get exact numbers, what exactly are you looking for when it comes to people online?
  3. Okay, here's where WH's got the advantage, their duration of stuns and disables last for 17 seconds(maybe more) the SW buff last for 10 seconds tops. But most of the time by the time WHs start attacking the SW that buff only has 5 to 7 seconds left on it giving the WHs 10 to 13 seconds to finish off the SW before the SW could then start countering the WH again. Since a WH can have 2 sets of gear they and they can get their Ch-acc really high that their ch-atks could do most of the work for them(like what QueenPepper does) they don't need to rely heavy on acc except to pull. Which if you understand how eva and ch-eva work, the SW can't get their ch-eva so high that the % of missing is so low that the Ch-eva will barely if at all work against a WH with ch-acc. That means WH's can stun and disable the SW for 17 seconds(or more). long enough for the SW to wear out their buff and be vulnerable to the WH and any other player for the next oh 10 to 13 seconds for players to wail on me in PvP. In solo vs a WH that is still long enough for the WH to take the next 10 to 13 seconds to atk me without any protection since eva and ch-eva base drop well below any reasonable amounts to prevent attacks from them. Meaning the WH doesn't need to use Ch-acc or acc for the next 10 to 13 seconds to kill us. If a WH can't kill a SW in that time, that WH needs to improve their character as the skills stand now as I've died in 3 hits once that buff is gone by any good player. I am not sure exactly what you heard or remember about what I said on how I built my character for attacking tanks and evasion classes, but I do have an Anti SW gear set that's all I remember saying in detail where I get my ch-acc up into about the 294% to 297% area. As for tanks and eva classes, they are a bit different to approach that I have to take with them and I have to use a different gear set. In pvp with more than just a WH, I would be lucky to even survive as that WH can just disable me the second I show myself if they aren't disabled or stunned. Again having the advantage in PvP. Now in a 1 vs 1 match when I fight WHs, I might have a harder time against them than other SWs due to my skill tree being different. I don't know what they do to kill a WH in 1 rota, if they do it without using ancient jewels since I'm not using mine yet. I'm not going to alter my skill tree right now either since they are in the talks for altering all the characters' skills and thus I would be wasting my supply of Skill resets on a skill tree that will possibly be invalid after they are done. If these SWs are using ancient jewels to kill WHs this a problem with the class or the ancient jewels breaking the class? Also, is the ancient jewels breaking the class or making the class what it was meant to be for PvP aspects? I mean the game was meant to be played as a mass pvp game, not a 1 vs 1 though that is happening more than mass pvp. I lean towards thinking that the SW needs a nerf when it comes to the Ch-acc aspect of their buffs. Though are hard to say ya or nay against altering it. I mean if I can't kill the SW during their buff duration, my only hope is that they can't kill me during mine and then will it come down to 1st hit will always win? That is let's say I disable the SW first and go through my entire rota and didn't kill them and I buff before they could do their rota, once they are done with their rota my skills will have had time to cool down once they are do so I could then finish them off the second time. Most(to all unless I mess up) cases though I finish them off in 1 rotation while they are buffed.That is while they are buffed not after their buff wears off, is that right? I mean sure I like being able to kill a SW in 1 rota while they are buffed, but is it right that it can be done in few hits during mass pvp? That leads me to other SWs and their skill tree, it isn't my skill tree so I don't know what their skill tree is. As for their gear and mine, I have my way to try and universalize my gears and skills so they are effective against everybody 1 vs 1 and hope to have it work with greater numbers. When it comes to tanks killing DPS in 1 rotation, I know several WHs that can do that especially if they get buffs from the ME. As for DPS killing tanks in 1 rotation, if the tanks can kill DPS in 1 rotation shouldn't the DPS be able to do the same? Finally the last thing I want to mention and have it perfectly clear, if your character is not lvl 65, not full +12 gear set(2 sets preferred at +12),gear not fully spanned with normal rank 2 jewels at least rare, and all accessories at at level, then trying to compare your character to one that is should be noted that losing to them means you are a weaker character and you shouldn't expect to win. Crying about somebody who is stronger than you because they maxed out their character and you still have a ways to go means you need to work on your character not nerf the other guy. So, many people want to nerf the other guy because they get beat down for not being at par with them.
  4. @Vivi The towers are set to DPS loot not FFA faction loot in Janus lvl 60+.
  5. The first levels up to lvl 15 are to get you familiar with your character's skills as well as increasing them before you enter a Battle ground or PvP zone. Ask players for help on building your character's skills as you go, but you will still need to reset your skill tree the higher up you go if you are going to be very PvP oriented. So, you can make mistakes at the lower level on skills, but higher up you'll want to place those skill points in specific skills.
  6. Here's an idea that just might work, tell people to join BGs because FK with alts are going in on RG side and looting the gear they could have had. Tell people that Vivi won't open a FC just because players want it and try to show it is needed by not showing to BGs. Then make an alt and level it up. It took me about 3 months once I started working on my RG alt to level it, but that's also not being dedicated to leveling it as fast as my FK character. You can easily create and level an RG alt solo in less time, though gearing it will depend on your own resources.
  7. What about a bike with this color green?
  8. I think you might miss what some of the players are saying about the WHs. The WHs can kill DPS players in 1 rota and not miss their target player, should this be allowed? Players cannot avoid WHs pulls or stuns period, when a WH uses those skills against me I am pulled and stunned 100% of the time no matter how much eva or ch-eva I have. Is that something the WH should be allowed to do? If I kill a WH in 1 rota, most of the time the WH either wasn't buffed, buff only had very little time left, WH not geared right, or they aren't QueenPepper. When players can pull off killing a Tank class, you should know that it's in their build vs the other build. I can't seem to say this enough, I have 2 full sets of gear that I rotate around and can come up with a 4 to 6 different ways to organize my gears in set 1 and 2 since those gears are not locked to only set 1 or 2 and I can on the fly change them around. There are some tanks that have a particular build and other tanks that are completely different and the same goes for DPS class that the PU and CB are both part of the tank and DPS class. The SW is an assassin class, which is neither tank or DPS, which in real life means they should pretty much stab a person behind their back and run away unspotted, but the SW cannot get their conceal high enough to not be spotted in Arkana and doing so means we end up not having the DPS to do jack against other players just to have players with detect get right past that. So, the SWs have countered that by maxing out our DPS abilities over being a true assassin, we still can't tank players and we still can't DPS burst in PvE like other classes, but we can at least kill players. But that seems to be all changed as players keep calling to nerf the SW down to a class that will just stall players from joining in the pvp fight, but what do I know I'm not in the talks of the class skills. But making the SW class harder to kill players with while not giving them any more protection just puts the SWs back to lvl 54 and 59 cap status where we couldn't kill anybody and we can't survive anybody. So, if there is a call to nerf the SWs DPS, then I want a call to nerf the pulls of the WH so we can't easily get pulled and stunned by them and extend the length of time of our escape artist so it takes longer than 10 seconds to kill us which it doesn't while buffed against Ch-acc players. The SEs seem to do well in tanking the SWs though.
  9. Well, the problem with the ME is that those buffs also increase the buffs of others in the match, give an ME too much and the whole pt is too hard to deal with. Start nerfing classes for the ME and then those classes can't handle others. The only thing I could think of right now, is to add 2 skills for the ME. These skills are self supporting, don't last as long as the party buff, but they increase the ME class defenses in 1 of 2 ways. What I would say to do, is take the ch-eva/eva buff cut the amount that can be put into it in half(so current values is at 16 skill points max new value 8 ) make a skill for medic only ch-eva/eva with max skill points allowed to be 8 with 60% to 70% of the current party buff and make the current party buff 50% it's max value. Then do the same with the ch-resist and void. That should give you the same protection for a limited time as the rest of the classes right?
  10. What about having ch-eva jewels, eva randoms, stuff with ch-resist, and using the Ch-eva/eva buff with the Ch-resist/void buff as a second set? I get that some people get through the ch-resist and void pretty easy on any set, but they have a hard time(except for WHs and SWs) getting past ch-eva. When you face off against a particular player you use the set best suited against them? Since the Medic Buffs last for a very long time, since the name of the game seems to be make it so others don't kill you those def buffs will keep you alive longer right? I can't kill a medic when I use ch-acc sets if they are using ch-resist and void gear, but I can with a different set. I also can't kill a medic with gear to get through the ch-resist and void if they have ch-eva gear. You switch and it takes a bit to know which set to attack the medic and if the medic switches between sets it's hard for me to know which set to go with each time they switch.
  11. Medics I have faced off against die quickly in the following scenarios, nobody is paying attention to the medic, medic isn't at level and doesn't have gear medic has too many people attacking them at once right off. medic wasn't healing other players fast enough and last man standing in the group medic wasn't using gear to counter their attacker. This is a bit difficult to do since so many other people use so many different methods to attack the ME. The people that were supposed to protect the medic aren't at level and can't stop the attackers of their medic. Now, having played the medic, I would love to hear some actual do able builds that could help the medic last longer. Though my only guess would be to have more than 1 set of gear and go for more than 1 type of defense. As for those of the support ME kind I am sure many just like me will be altering their ME builds once this skill nonsense stops and by nonsense I mean people wanting to be the character that kills everything. Sure I might get away with killing people in a 1 vs 1 scenario, but in mass pvp it's not so easy and 10 seconds doesn't last long when you are attacked by 5 people at once getting their stuns on. Once they started this skill talks I stopped wanting to alter my skill trees because once I make something that I think would help would later become obsolete and a waste of skill resets.
  12. Well, with that Game is fine as is minus the acc/ch-acc added to WH pulls and ch-acc of SWs reaching 296% on their own. That to me I think should be reason to nerf these classes. The rest of the pvp aspect of the game in mass pvp is fine and shouldn't be touched. In the words of DrDieLess, "Get Good".
  13. with the 100+ 3day premium medallions I got from Halloween and Easter, not to mention monster spawn events drop them, I won't be running out anytime soon. They are a drop at endgame asmo, not sure of the other bosses. If you make them AP items they should be 15 or 30day ones, unless you make the 3day ones in stacks of 10 as well as making the AP purchased items tradeable.
  14. I have a bunch of Skill Resets NT that you can pay me to use. I know it won't help you, I can use them for you and reset my own skills.
  15. @monoki mind adding some fishnet thigh highs with garter straps to the SW's Midnight Diva?