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  1. How are you grafting a SE item with a ME item?
  2. The bike in the system isn't coming up at 190 and showing only 180 on both the bike and Arkana's move speed. So, either that bike wasn't given a 190 move speed or the numbers shown are incorrect.
  3. @Vivi Was the Enhanced Arkana Racer (the one that requires like 200 uni Tool boxes, 100 unique Helmets, 1 Arkana Racer, and a bike key) supposed to go 190 when released or 180 only? If it only goes 180, why such a difficult method of obtaining it compared to the others?
  4. Yes. The Enhanced Arkana Racer only. It says 180, but it is set in the game for 190. Requires 200 unique tool boxes + 100 unique helmets + bike key + Arkana Racer. To get Arkana Racer you need 25 uni helmets + 50 uni tool boxes + bike key. Total for Enhanced Arkana Racer you need 250 unique tool boxes + 125 unique helmets + 2 bike keys.
  5. Can we get a larger variety of 190 speed bikes to use? I prefer some of the smaller framed bikes like the Lancer, Rapid bike, Sleipnir, and Stormchaser. The Magnum and Nighthawk would be okay too.
  6. When it comes to bike upgrade keys. There's a NPC in Mereholt base as you go up the ramps that you can take the bikes you buy from Davison in Enocia. You will need to make sure that you have the correct number of keys and you can take those bikes to make them tradeable as well as upgradable to 180. There is also a NPC in Amara and Suer where you can get a bike that will travel up to 180 using the keys and 50 unique toolbox thing and 25 unique helmets I believe. Once you obtain the first tier bike you can upgrade that bike again at the NPC to get a bike that will have a move speed of 190, but you again will need a upgrade key and even more unique toolbox and helmets.
  7. All this time they tell us that there's no way they can create something to de-exp a character so that people can keep from leveling up other than getting killed by mobs. With that you can make it so that you kill one mob and your exp goes right back to 0 in seconds or you never gain exp while farming.
  8. Wait so they have away to de-exp a character by creating an exp booster so high that it makes a player's exp go negative. They make an exp booster to like 1000 times the 5000% gains and poof you just de-exp your character then right?
  9. Archangel is correct there was a post made about the change and the problems surrounding the exp boosters. What they were finding is that if they gave more than the limit would actually allow and cause a decrease in the amount gained. So, they had to go through all the mobs with the exp boosters to identify the problem and make adjustments. How it was most likely happening was that one would be in a PT with level 60 or 61 players, but you are the level 64. As a level 64 player you actually gain much more exp than if you were in a pt with just level 64 people and the lower level player's max exp would be decreased. Now since there is a limit to the amount of exp one can gain in the game from a mob before it starts negatively effecting your character they found that out in that scenario and the level 64 player instead of gaining exp was losing it or so. Vivi can better explain it. But essentially they had to adjust the exp gained from mobs and exp boosters as well as they did put a level requirement on them, I believe. Though essentially they did try to make sure that values were pretty close to their intended outcome. Though you should understand that exp gains vary based on being solo(normal gains), in team with higher level players(gains for lower level player will be lower), or team with lower level players(gains for higher level player will be higher). The gains for a team where everybody is all the same level should be the same as if you are solo for each mob.
  10. I wonder if there's away to install as part of the game installation it installs the DirectX End-user runtime and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable package. That way when people install the game and they don't get the errors associated with needing to install those packages after they install the game.
  11. TTH has a chance of dropping ancient jewel cubes at bosses, but after the 2nd boss there are chest inside the side rooms down the hall to the 3rd boss. To reach those chest you kill the one mob standing in the center of the room and the wall will collapse. Once that wall collapses you can 1 hit kill the chest and it will drop an ancient jewel cube. The TT normal will drop them too, but has a lower chance of dropping them. In one run you can get a max of 9 cubes inside TTH, if every boss drops them it's just not guaranteed to do so. Still, even after collecting many of them and opening them one after the other, you have a really low chance of getting a unique one. If you farm mobs in TTH you can collect a lot of jewel replicubes without needing to turn the mechanic shards into epoxy glue to turn them into jewel replicubes. If they dropped on every boss that's like getting 40 to 80 jewel replicubes per run. But you would then only need like 2 runs to get 10 mechanical shards for major 55 mech. I'm more for increasing the chance for a unique on jewels and ancient jewels over making it so you get more mechanical shards per run. Also, increasing the chance for unique costumes. Not that I need one, but I would like to have more so I can use AP to graft rare costumes onto them. You would think that they would want to increase unique costumes to increase sales of AP for unique grafting tools and rare costumes to increase revenue, but I guess they don't care about needing the money.
  12. You think those are bad, try getting unique Ancient Jewels. I've opened 50 at one time and got zero unique.
  13. Are you wanting this for both factions to pvp inside or just allow others in at lower levels? The Agoge was created for same faction practice not for both factions to pvp each other, that's what pvp zones are for.
  14. That would be an awesome to play over a video of somebody using a PU as a means of a trailer/ad for the game introduction of the PU. Now to do it for the other characters.
  15. There are a few that can be completed at lvl 65, but those that require the NPC to finish them cannot be completed. If players find themselves at level 59+ with quests from Viledon then the best solution is to join a PT with a lvl 30~39 player and have the viledon player enter there and the 59+ enter Amara. If your party team is bright you know you are near each other and the one in viledon will need to kill the mobs or travel to the locations so that you can get the kills for the mobs and know of the exact location for those location quests. Like I said though that the only down side to some of those quests will be if you are required to speak to the NPC as that most likely won't work. Vivi would have to move those NPCs into Barb, if she can even do that, so people at 59+ can speak to them to complete them.
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