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  1. GoddessSand

    Last Man Posting: Entries

    I am back with a brand new mission, wait nope those missions are bugged and can't complete.
  2. GoddessSand

    This would require cooperation from both sides

    how I got my only Wizard earring? Well, I woke up and entered AK on RG side on a Saturday. I don't normally play AK on Saturday as it's too damn early for waking up, but I just happened to be awake. I didn't join FK side because I also know full well that Saturday is always RG gets earrings. There was no shouting who was winning. I just joined and as luck would have it I looted it. Now, again I am not talking about who is on what side, what I am talking about is when there are x number of people on one side then people should only pvp that x number of people with the same numbers. Try reading the post and stop assuming I am talking about looting.
  3. GoddessSand

    Last Man Posting: Entries

    I'm not into guys, so females it is.
  4. GoddessSand

    This would require cooperation from both sides

    Wow, you don't know me as well as stating untrue things. First, I can't "go" to the winning side in Janus, I can only enter Janus and maybe by luck am on the side that can win. If you are talking about any AK battles, I know which side is winning as well as I know which side is winning on NB. I don't join NB but maybe once or twice a year and it doesn't take a genius to know that RG is winning. The times where I would shout if I happened to be playing during NB, wouldn't result in me joining NB at all unless FK can get numbers in the 20s and not their 5 people up against 30+ hoping to kill the AI. Second, try reading before commenting, it will greatly improve what your understanding of the topic is. Third, this isn't about winning or giving the other side a win because they are sorely outnumbered if you would have read the topic you would know this, this is about giving a much more enjoyable pvp when one side has basically given up on trying to win. Let's go back to AK and Janus last night(for me). AK was RG win, I am not going to fault them for that, but the PvP wasn't necessary a fair fight. 20 players on 5 people isn't pvp, it's just RP farming. Now, if RG said okay this group is in charge of pvp, your job is to fight them and we will trade off which players will get to do it. Now, how that works is well, that group goes around looking for FK, if the FK happen to be at the RG base taking the flag, nobody but the designated RG group can engage them. The other RG can inform the RG group of where they are, but not engage. If the group can't defeat the FK after the FK has retrieved a flag or 2 or whatever and plant them, then another group can engage. This can go on till about 5min left of so and then the whole RG faction can then go get the flags and take them back, which should be with ease if there are only 5 FK to go up against the 20 something RG. Now, as for Janus, not talking about saying oh look they are losing just give them a win. I am talking about oh look we are winning 80 to 2, let's see how they do if one of our players backs out for a time. If numbers start to become 70 to 80 and a minute left, I have no problem with being on the losing side if our score was 2 when the other side was 80. To me that would allow some players to say okay, I just want to have a decent battle instead of just walking out and dead in a second because the other side can't be over taken.
  5. GoddessSand

    Last Man Posting: Entries

    I have the best post so far because I have a picture that is SB related.
  6. GoddessSand

    Last Man Posting: Entries

    Uh oh?we got GM's joining in now. Better step up the game and make sure to post after the GM's do.
  7. GoddessSand

    This would require cooperation from both sides

    I'm not suggesting to give up the win. If you're in Janus and your side clearly has the win just lay off a bit till a side gets too close for a win and then just remind the other side that their fun is over and go back to easily taking them on. For ak just look at numbers and say alright only x number of players for pvp at a time to match the other side, even if they take the flags and plant them. The players can rotate in just not everyone all at once, and since there's 40 to 5 then everyone at the last 5 minutes joins in to maintain the win. NB would be allowing FK to take the AI and then make waves of players for fk to fight against while maintaining high numbers at Abandon that can easily wipe them, but at least you'll have a bit more fair and fun pvp.
  8. GoddessSand

    This would require cooperation from both sides

    Also, if you need to ask for some give, when I am on I always have toons on in both factions at the same time so I can easily relay messages to those in BGs to call to fair it up a bit. For players reporting you for not doing anything I personally think when points are really far off or knowing one side clearly has the win people reporting others in this situation even on the losing side is just poor character if they've been doing all they can in the first place and nobody is making a dent. Also, communication with them letting them know how to help instead of you suck is something that people should be able to do with each other.
  9. GoddessSand

    This would require cooperation from both sides

    It's communication with each other and players coming to an agreement with each other to say let's roll back on the Zerg or in Janus let's have someone afk this round of wipe and then we rotate each other. As much as it is nice to win, it was a much better pvp Zak and I had when our medic Dc'd and it took some doing to kill being outnumbered instead of us just rg spawn and wipe, spawn and wipe. You can keep your numbers but communication with your side and say let's handicap ourselves and see if we can still hold our ground.
  10. Having given it some thought, but since GM's can't do a rotation in Zerg battles like ak and nb, I would suggest for the faction with more people have a rotation of players for pvp and not just Zerg force kills. Several players have stopped showing up, not sure why, but it is not something the active community can change but the active community can change how they play to balance out the pvp. For ak if the greater numbers are finding themselves losing towards the end then sure Zerg force the window, but make it fair in the middle. Same with NB. As for Janus, I get that both sides can have equal numbers, but when the score is 80 to 5(most likely from luck) why not have a player hold back once they finished their quest or have them go finish the quest? If the score becomes too close at the end or score is far higher then the side that has a player holding back(this should be a rotational thing) they can join in full force. I'm not saying that the side should give up a win, just in the middle when scores are higher why not allow for the other faction to have a decent pvp with you? This would be something to communicate with each other over increasing the fun of the game.
  11. GoddessSand

    Last Man Posting: Entries

    Is this thread still going?
  12. GoddessSand

    60+ dog tags conversion

    Already completed 2 sets for GoddessSand, Mar has knee guards and shoes while waiting to level her up for suit, and sexgoddess has knee guards and weapon. What we need is something for earrings and trinkets since the game is currently one sided for looting them.
  13. GoddessSand

    Last Man Posting: Entries

    It was also supposed to state that I am GoddessSand in game.
  14. GoddessSand

    Last Man Posting: Entries

    Somebody must be bored.
  15. GoddessSand

    Battlegrounds Feedback/Discussion

    Well, currently if you play lvl 50 cap you can get uni costumes from BG's, what we get are lvl 58 uni lingerie or lvl 50 cyberskin. If you put in lvl 64 uni earrings in Janus more people might enter and fight for the towers. PVP in Amara, so I've been saying it, but okay I'll say it here too, add ancient spanners and jewels as drops for bosses(remove if all that happens is one faction gets them). Also, for the escorts remove from the replicube everything that isn't an Ancient spanner, ancient jewel replicube, or 3 different levels of pvp medals of 5 3 and 2 or 1, but you need to not only have this for kill the opposing factions escort but a protect your escort too. Though, you can maybe add hexweaves to the replicube too. If people feel that there is something worth getting, they go for it. Currently the low chance of ancient spanner and jewel from that replicube has people just given up on it and they use alts to do the lvl 50 cap defense quest that have a higher and easier chance of getting the ancient spanner or jewel. There's probably more, but I am tired so I might think of it later.