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  1. GoddessSand

    Skills Feedback

    I think they were talking about the void and not crit-void.
  2. GoddessSand

    Patch Bug Reports

    @Vivi the lvl 50~59 unique accessories that one can craft are no longer able to be crafted except for earrings. I have more than the stated required amount and can't craft them now. Actually what I found is that my lvl 59 ME can't craft them but my lvl 63 SW can Edit: okay so today I went to craft on the lvl 59 ME and at first it didn't work, then I shouted it needed to be fixed and went back 30min later and was able to craft all the gear again. Not sure what happened there, but so weird.
  3. GoddessSand

    Patch Bug Reports

    So, level 40 players can enter Amara.
  4. GoddessSand

    Skills Feedback

    I like that idea of it. Ghost walk plant acc/ch-acc debuff trap, but either increase it or keep the ch-eva/eva buff with ghost walk. The only other option would be to make it a casting skill where you can place it on the ground location you want or have it target a player and it hit them and those around them as a debuff. Though I like the Ghost walk idea better and just remove the skill all together since the skill points needed doesn't make it worth it.
  5. GoddessSand

    Patch Feedback

    I was just thinking it would be kinda nice to have a spreadsheet of everything players have submitted as bugs and suggestions with a status stating under consideration, working in progress(that can be switched to completed), or denied. Then you can state why somethings was denied or when they might place the under consideration to working in progress or denied. You don't have to state when the working in progress will be completed till after a patch release and just state read patch notes.
  6. GoddessSand

    SB PVP what happened?

    Was it the rank 3 jewels ch-atk% jewels that were bugged or was it the rank 2 or 3 ancient jewels that caused CB's to be so OP that 1 hit on any ball(and I mean any ball) in SP killed it. If they are going to release rank 3 jewels, they should have rank 2 jewels drop or introduce SG for making rank 2 and rank 3, because the release will just flood qq'ing over them and failures that will ensue if something isn't done if the failure rate is so high especially over unique jewels. Besides the fact that lvl 60+ players aren't getting ancient spanners because nobody wants to kill the hauler for a replicube that won't give them even though they should in theory.
  7. GoddessSand

    Patch Bug Reports

    I'd say we should start using a certain color for reporting bugs, but your comments are in skittles we just can't taste the rainbow.
  8. GoddessSand

    Patch Bug Reports

    Killing the Seona Spiders don't count toward quest.
  9. GoddessSand

    Patch Bug Reports

    Okay bugs 2nd ark - RG bike drops 500 CP pots for the FK players, and FK bike drops 700 CP pots for RG players. No consistent chest and no quest. Janus - top and bottom towers drop 300 CP pots and lvl 2 Buff hypo packs and not 700 CP pots like the center or lvl 3 Buff hypo packs like the other BGs. Lvl 60+ BG's still no unique costume like those during lvl 50~59 cap at least not as often if at all.
  10. GoddessSand

    Patch Feedback

    Patch 106 No more need for lvl 65 players to do dailies. Sad for those who didn't level up now have to rely on pvp and BG's if there is ever a BG with enough players to enter or pvp for medals of recognition. Amory guards in Janus increased damage? Is that those at the spawn or those by the towers? If by the towers, they didn't need more damage as players already use them to protect themselves from the other side, they don't need more help there if they enter the zone, they should be reliant on their own skills not the guards and my same opinion of those at the spawn as they are used as help. The only reason to increase their damage output is to keep players from cheating and entering the spawn area to kill players as they spawn. Turnpike - guards at the spawn area got the increased didn't need an increase. Again guards at spawn shouldn't be used to help kill players, if there's issues with players being pulled from spawn by WH's they shouldn't be staying up there in the first place for too long since there's a rule against staying in spawn area during a BG, but people shouldn't be allowed to use them as their best means for attacking others when they are ahead. That was the issues we had in SP, but now it's being carried over into TP. Mixed feelings about that deserters debuff being extended or increased as players still end up DC'ing during those battles however some have been deserting and leaving players solo'ing it. But regardless of having a debuff or not, I don't care and only those who end up getting DC'd during those BGs care and unless you are making them last through the next BG those who desert might then care, but those who DC would be upset even more. Unique earrings lvl 64 and lvl 62 unique Trinkets. I am still against unique earrings only dropping in AK for urka, and don't even think that if adding them to NB will help out any. We would like an actual way players can get them instead of the months of RG one side drops (with 1 win last Tuesday, just 1 after 4 months of losing all AKs) there are reasons players stopped playing and the lack of equal opportunity is horrible especially the lack of FK attending NB for trinkets and having lvl 52 Trinkets drop in AK and not 62. Back to Turnpike but I'll add Second ark into this topic part too. No quest in either of those battles like there is in Janus for pvp medals. Also, the point reduction for killing a chest in TP gives bonus to the one who can hold out the longest on killing the first chest. Can that be altered? As much as I like winning, it's not fair for the other guy if I wait out them killing the chest first. Second Ark what about points being added to bikes so players can't afk for the win? I brought those two issues up before hand and nobody has really addressed concerns and feelings about it from staff other than we are aware of it, but no mention of attempts of a work around. With the very low end game player base, you would think you would want to make it better for new players to come play with us end game players. Right now new players can't compete with players who are veterans, they enter a bg and they die in an instant at any level group. Now with these changes I don't see new players saying, "hey, I just got the crap kicked out of me without being able to blink an eye I want to do that again." Then you have players who want their character to be the top character type in the game. Personally, I just want it so that if you stripped each player down to gears, no jewels, no pet chips, nothing added and it all only gears, then nobody should be able to be better based on gears alone. How it should start to alter their abilities to survive and attack come with their skill tree they build and their added feature choices from randoms, jewels, pet chips, and accessories. When I talked about each character type, I was referring to their bases of who they are, sure they can alter from there, but their base balance should be considered when you start altering what each player can alter to their benefit. No player should think, "Oh crap I am up against a SE, CB, DE, or WH I lost." Players should think, "Oh crap here comes player___________, I'm not built to go after them and only good against some other players." Not really excited about the changes being made as I feel they don't really improve a huge portion of the game that is being ignored. Those things that are being ignored are players. Have you talked to new players and old players as of late? Like somebody reach out to those old players and find out why they stopped playing. I get people have a life, but most stopped playing before new cap and came back to level up and then quit again. Also, create a new player or player survey that is always open and allows for players to find out how well the game content is. I don't mean let them post feedback like this. I mean create a survey that says are you satisfied, unsatisfied, or indifferent about__________. Please explain. Heck even create a thanks for completing a survey reward that gives them some MM or something useful but not something worth a whole lot. If I sound upset or sound like I am complaining too much here, understand I mean no disrespect. Personally it's about the game and the players that I am concerned about because I am looking at the player base at end game dwindling down to just Luna and I for bg's and then a handful of people for AK. Instead of trying to fix the game through what is currently being done, just look at what can help the game gain and retain more people.
  11. GoddessSand

    Patch Bug Reports

    @ViviTurnpike and Janus start 5min apart from each other shouldn't 1 hour make more sense?
  12. GoddessSand

    Patch Feedback

    My thoughts The DE should be hard hitters per skill, takes lots of damage, but very slow in movement and attacks. The SE should be weak, low damage per skill, but fast attacks and quick to run away. PU should be high damage at long range, slow movement, slow attacks, and has the farthest range attacks WH should be able to pull large groups together, slow speed, but quick attacks that are low. CB being the most versatile player able to pull players close to them, do medium damage with medium speed and is able to withstand attacks for a short amount of time SW should be able to avoid being seen and avoid attacks though if attacks are landed they have some protection, they are second quickest by way of movement and have medium damage at medium speeds. The ME are to use skills to either protect, increase damage, and provide back up stuns and disables when needed. They have high HP, but low defense. Mostly used as backup and heal other players when needed. If this is how it it would seem that they should be, are the adjustments matching each player according to their proper use?
  13. GoddessSand

    Skills Feedback

    End game opinion since I don't PvP lower. Firstly, the lack of BG attendance and any PvP outside of AK, I find it hard to justify using points for the new skill for the SW. Next, even though the skill is bugged if it was working properly and there's sufficient PvP for it I still have a hard time seeing it be of any use because it can be seen which the area it covers can have the SW attacked from outside the the skill area. Which means that tje SW can't just put it down and wait inside as the WH can pull them out without losing the acc/ch-acc that the debuff would give if they were inside it. The reduction amount doesn't do anything without the other buffs for the SW because any player unless you want to add some ch-eva back into the miss misery's skill. I don't have a good opinion of it to justify resting my skills to use it and it can sit there just like calming essence and not be used. Having said that, the reduction times for everyone would need more pvp to get a good picture of the pluses and minuses. I can see the attempt of making PvP better, but not sure yet to give a full idea of if it is or isn't doing what was thought, though in theory I can see ME's becoming unkillable in a 1 vs 1, but in a PT vs PT makes the PT with the ME harder to wipe while the one without even easier to kill. But that's just a theory due to a lack of PvP. In the case of the SW, I've found that in many situations I'm only able to do some damage and run away and can't kill more tanky players. But I've only experienced very little again to see it working right. Edited - I think that the new skill would be nicer if it acted like a cluster doing what it was meant for but also still be used hidden. That would allow us to throw it over to the player we want without having to stand in a visual circle.
  14. GoddessSand

    messed up quest

    Quest in PvP zones aren't important to the main or side story line. So, don't worry about completing it and you can put them on hold and then in the on hold tab try them again and it will clear them from your quests. The only quests that I know of are the Turnpike side quests and the one to enter caregate but again they aren't that important, but people should be aware of doing quest before leveling out of pvp zones if you care to complete them even though they aren't important. Though the only main and side that will prevent you from doing them is leveling out of Ellis before you do them.
  15. GoddessSand

    I can not go to caergate

    Server is having issues. Those who are not in Enocia, mereholt, or barb can't log in.