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  1. In Spring all clocks move ahead an hour. So, during the winter when the time changed AK got moved to 1 hour later and with the current time on server AK got moved to 1 hour later from that time. So, in the winter when AK Friday night/Saturday morning was at 9pm for me, it was moved to 10pm when DST kicked in. Now the server time got moved, it moved AK to 11pm instead of back to 9pm. I think the server time now needs to be moved ahead 2 hours to fix it having been moved back 1 hour. Server should be at GMT+2 to fix the spring forward time adjustments. In fall it should be put to GMT+1 and then never touched again since the US will no longer change the time after the fall this year.
  2. Of those that speak Spanish there are far more in Europe and Asian that understand English, that is why English is the most common language used in games. Especially since the number of players who understand English is much higher than any other language.
  3. This game came out in 2010? that's new to me, I thought it was released in 2012 when I started playing.
  4. Damn I kinda liked the new AK times. NB I never really cared because it's not like people actually take aba because it's too hard to kill if you have too few people or if people are pvping aka slaughtering the few players of the opposite side that join.
  5. Here's a link to show current server time. https://sb.vendettagn.com/ Oh and maybe you should have 1 vote for NB active times. 1 vote for AK mid week active time and 1 vote for Saturday active times. Because Saturday active times are much different for everybody because not many have work on Saturday and can adjust play time for AK or NB. The Mid Week AK I would have a vote for so there can be a distribution of who can show what will make it most populated. However, I would like to split it up so that you vote FK or RG for mid week. The issue then would be if people are honest about the faction choice so that the Mid week can be chosen based on the greatest amount of players from both factions and not just the greatest amount of players. Because the time with the greatest amount of players could result in 20 RG and 4 FK or vice versa. Just saying. It's a complicated issue.
  6. NB at the new times is 11am and 7pm my time. 11 am I won't be there as it's during my work day. The 7pm meh still not dedicated to showing at this time if it's just going to be zerg winning or not enough people to actually take Aba. I might show during the weeks I don't have my kids, but that is a big might. I stare at this screen all day and I do like giving myself a rest from the computer. I would prefer it to be at 8pm my time but that's just me. AK at the new time is 1am my time Tuesday and 1pm Saturday. That is if it is a Saturday and not Friday like it's been. The 1am my time on Tuesday, I might try it but I don't like staying up till 2am to finish it. The 1pm Saturday is an okay time as it's right in the middle of the hottest part of the day, so maybe it would be good. While I am critical of it on my end, if it helps the player base then it helps the game and I am all for it even if I don't show.
  7. Since there are players that attack RP farmers and the RP farmers have a hard time targeting them let alone being able to defend themselves against mobs and other players why not level the playing field. So, how to do that add FK RP mobs/guards in the RP zone where FK farm RP and add RG RP mobs/guards in the RP zone there RG farm RP. What this will do is prevent players from coming into that area without being attacked right off and that they end up having to deal with mobs themselves like the other players have to do. This will make it so that they can end up getting killed just as easily as those farming RP.
  8. Depends on how you do it. If you got the MMs to spare then it should be able to be done quickly, though you'll get tossed around like a pinball till you reach a boss. For me if I went just for bosses it's a 13~15 min run, if I go for slugs and Ancient jewels it's 20~25 per run, 30+ min for killing everything insight. For TT take the NPCs for the team modes, except for the team challenge NPC, and turn them into the same difficulty as the Solo counter part and make them allow the 4players or less.
  9. That works for me. I personally wouldn't use it with anybody other than 1 or 2 other people that maybe new to the game and help them as a tutorial or help them complete it. Otherwise I would farm it with a friend who is an ME and could use a partner to DPS bosses faster. It would make it a lot better for them since a Solo run for a ME can take on up to 30 to 40 min while a solo run for others can take up to 15min. Plus, I get to play with somebody instead of playing alone most of the time.
  10. I think they need to make a 2nd NPC for this DG because just opening up the solo to allow team mode would prevent a solo player from entering on their own and I don't really want to mess with the team mode difficulty and loot because it should require a full team to complete. While the 2 player DGs should be just as difficult as the solo as well as same loot so that it's not encouraging solo players to attempt to complete it for better loot with slightly higher difficulty that many geared players can do on their own. Though I personally only want this for lvl 60+ dgs, I can see it needed for lower level DGs for new players that are playing with a friend.
  11. Create a DG where just 2 players can do it, but loot and difficulty is the same as a solo run. reason - With new players and medics having a hard time to do a solo run on these higher level dgs and the difficulty of team mode with 2 people is too hard. Also, when trying to get a team together it can take longer than I can run a DG 4 times myself. Another is that often players play as a couple in the game and like to play together, but not with any others as much. So, it would allow people who like to play together can help each other by farming in a DG together without making it more difficult for the two to run it.
  12. What about Mereholt Jenna. Oh wait that would keep players from being about to stream on Twitch or YouTube.
  13. Aside from AK on Fridays/Saturday morning at 4am GMT, there's nothing going on in Amara or BGs. It's like once the last NB of the day ends the game goes quiet. I can't go to any of the NBs or AK mid week, so it's like if I want pvp I have to show up for AK. What gives? Where is everybody?
  14. They like to put certain costume inside mystery boxes so that people buy those instead of putting items directing into AH. It's away to keep the game with getting flooded with the same costume for the same character. It also allows for people to sell costumes that they didn't want because they got it for the wrong character, thus making it more available for players who don't spend AP on them.
  15. Try a different page? Unless you are talking about the Auction House, then it's the case of players not buying them and selling them.
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