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  1. Oh, and somebody bring back WorldBoss, so they can help show off the SEs, so we aren't just relying on Bikini to prove how OP the SE can be against the SW and other players.
  2. The only way to kill an SE first is have a good MAM rotation and you might barely get enough time in to use escape artist before going back into mech if you can't kill them. You can't get close enough to a SE unbuffed in arkana and the second I buff SEs bike away till my buff is gone. @Beau When I said that the SWs gets 10 seconds of fade, it was for you to explain how that works since you said that's what the SW should have. So, please enlighten the rest of us SWs about how you think our build should be. If you think you got the SW figured out how it should work then please give us an example of a working model, because right now putting any points into fade or conceal will cripple us. The current fade stats would require us to have 5 points to fully counter 1 skill point a SE needs to detect us. Yes, not every SE plays like Bikini, but Bikini has a full ch-acc build that can pretty much counter the SWs ch-eva build. Bikini can have up to 255 to 260 Ch-acc, the SWs max ch-eva is about 19k, that a 65% to 70% chance of stunning a fully buffed SW. Add a ME to that and the % goes up to 90% and pretty much is a sure hit kill while buffed. How do we counter? SWs are the weakest class while buffed because you throw a ME on the other side with all atk buffs with acc/ch-acc and our buffs can't get high enough to clear that kind of atk even if we get ME def buffs. To me the only method you have to make "balanced" characters are nerfing every freaking character in the game. I think the only problem with is that in my opinion "balance" in a MMORPG will never happen due to the variety of builds one could make. If one character tries to skill build to counter one type, makes them weaker against another. The SW should be the more versatile class of killing 1 player at a time, the DE should be the strongest player to keep from dying, the WH should be the most versatile of killing or holding multiple players together, the SE should be the player that can seek out hidden players like the PU and SW, the CB is the best at close combat, and the PU is the best at range attacks. When talking about the SW specifically if we tried to build a fully concealable SW, we lack enough attack. Name a character that doesn't naturally have 6k crit void unbuffed when fully geared, my crit void when fully geared is just above 6k and I need to take off gear to lower it(not going to do that to give you cause to nerf the SW). But you also ignore the fact that crit-eva counters any low crit-rate values. Those who don't have high crit-void will have high crit-eva, the SE might be the only character that has low crit-void and still they have high enough crit-eva to avoid crit atks. Personally this who conversation is stupid, they won't nerf players to the point that you want them.
  3. This was her response over a year ago. Seems there's more to it than what she thought there would be? "I can see about removing points from chests and upping points from killing people. It wont be for this patch, but should be for the next one. Also, if any other bg relies too much on pve to win, add that here as well and I'll see what I can do."
  4. Last I heard from Vivi, was that she was going to change this with a patch long time ago. But there has to be something done about guards in all the BG maps, it's far to easy for players to camp in them for easier time winning.
  5. Okay, so I max fade so i get 10 seconds hidden and can't kill others. You looking at our skill tree right now and playing as a SW, name the skills to change what players should allocate points to and tell us how that will help us kill somebody. Then I will explain how well you did. If you don't allocate enough points into attacks where do we make that up? The goal is to kill and get out alive, not stall and die. If we don't kill our target we failed and makes us useless. The talk you purpose shows no sign or promise that the SW will be any good at anything. You're ignoring my explanation of how inept the SW will get by reducing our fade to 10 seconds and not extending our buff for eva and ch-eva and wanting to nerf our debuff. Now I don't know what is being done to skills, but when I hear players say SW is too OP at end game while being under geared and level, nerf the sw even though I can't be killed(summarizing you), or make SW easier to be killed, and then your proposal of skills all sounds like SWs should become obsolete. At least daddy recognizes that nerfs to the SW means we will have no purpose. We aren't supposed to be support attackers, we're supposed to be solo attackers.
  6. Max fade cost too many skill points. Ask any current SW if they have more than 2 skill points in it. It's not worth investing any more points into it than 2 and still have a chance to kill somebody. But if you reduce the CV like you want and make us use more points into a non-atk/def skill meams we are more vulnerable than just the reduced allowance. Also, most SW fade behind their line and we are supposed to get to the otherside in 10 seconds? Not every map with pvp involves janus's small map, but even that map the 10 seconds isn't enough time to reach somebody purched on the box that we are supposed to reach like a ME and the pu. Sorry but that 10 seconds gives others too great of an advantage. With iron skin, the DE only has to be at the mid area and can be healed by the me. The fade we have to get to the extreme ends of both groups and have no support once there. If you have a SE that's built right, even pu's with ME buff could find the sw's in fade. So, you might think 10 seconds is good, it's not and SWs will fail to even reach their target as it takes me almost my entire fade to get to my target and lock onto them before it's gone. But the mech fade is shorter and with good cause, you can move faster in mech, arkana not so much and again too much cost to put points into contortionist. What you purpose nerfs the SW into not being a playable character.
  7. 10 seconds to dive into the enemy territory? You're joking right? When players plop themselves on top of boxes, take the high ground where it is difficult to reach, or bike everywhere they go. Why don't we just walk over unfaded and let them kill us. We can't even use the full potential of fade if we want to go unseen by players who have detect and still kill somebody. We are already using the bare minimum of fade just so we can get to where players are. What's your plan to remedy that? For those 10 seconds to be of any use we would need to have a much higher move speed, but again that's putting points into non-atk or non-def skills. When all players do is bike to hard to reach places, in large circles, or are extremely far back, that 10 seconds isn't enough time to do jack. Are you also suggesting to reduce the CD of fade so that we aren't running around with being exposed majority of the time. Can we get added Eva and ch-eva to fade like ghost walk too? Though to be honest, this is really only your opinion that you want to happen to the SW and I must say, it's not a great or viable option. What's your plan to help SWs survive better when we dive far into the enemy's line of def since ME's can't heal us there?
  8. Have you tried using the restoration skill maxed out and use it just before an SW can disable you? That is pretty freaking OP that will allow you to survive really well and can become unkillable. I mentioned Asmodea as a ME that can counter the SW, but they can only do it if the use that skill just before the SW uses their own disable on them. Unless they did something else and cheating, that is the only option I could possibly think of as a means counter that shadow strike debuff because the heals on that is really high and it adds lots of defense to the ME. If the ME is using and has ch-resist buff over the ch-eva buff, you got 6 seconds of invulnerability if that skill is maxed out. That 6 seconds can cause players who aren't paying attention to waste some heavy attacks and waste their own stuns and disables. Give that a try and see how that does. This however only works if you know you are going to be attacked seconds before you are or that the first attack isn't a disable or stun and you couldn't see that attack coming. I've watched several players though that seem to have either fast fingers or keep that skill ready to quickly use the second they need to because they use almost immediately after my first hit if that hit wasn't a disable. The only thing that bothers me is that players who I sometimes come across that play the ME are still able to teleport after being disabled. Unless they are playing to that glitch exploit where players teleport all over the map, *cough* evilwitchBR *cough*, then I really need to start recording my PVP matches and reporting players who use that exploit to be banned as using exploits/glitches are bannable from my understanding. Kind of like players who enter boxes in Janus making them unkillable till they come out, *cough* Arcangel *cough*, I did watch him do that and will report it with evidence next time I see it.
  9. So, the baby pink lingerie was supposed to have jewel slots, Vivi said she was going to fix that. As for the Pumpkin lingerie, with it being rare and to have any use would need to be grafted, so yes that would be needed. The question is would grafting it onto a lingerie that is tradeable make the tradeable lingerie NT or stay tradeable? It would be a waste of AP or gold to graft them onto a tradeable item just to have the tradeable item become NT. Never done this since I've only graphed items onto costumes that remain NT. If it works I could do that since it would need to be done anyway.
  10. SWs can't survive period, even with a second set of gear, once our very short buff is gone. It is actually the shortest survival buff of all Arkana, so we need to have the quickest and more efficient use of our skills. I've tried to use 2 sets to survive but once our buff is gone we are good as dead. But Tanks get 2 sets one to survive and one to atk, while SWs get one set for killing and the other in hopes of surviving but don't. So, let's nerf the tanks and then nerf the SWs. SEs don't need CV, they rely on Crit Eva. Crit eva no matter how much CV reduction they get, you have to still get past their Crit eva, and they still survive with that debuff. So, where's the problem? You might be thinking about what if they get past the Crit eva with crit rate? Well, we have to sacrifice our crit atk to get the crit rate in order to Crit. I feel like you should know this, but if you do you are ignoring that fact. Oh, and yes SEs still can survive that way. Come play a SW, the magnitude of our effort is very limited and our skill trees are very limited. If players are surviving the SW with that debuff, then what's the problem? Why nerf it? We are an assassin class, what's an assassin class that can't have efficient kills? It turns into a class that is good for nothing. We can't even use our fade to the best of it's potential and use very little skill points in it, because if we add more into that we can't kill anything and surviving again is pointless. If you don't play the SW, what do you know about how easy or how much effort goes into trying to get that kill. Why do you want to SW nerfed if you can survive it? What more do you need? Do you also want to survive the SW while you aren't buffed too? Give the SW more ability to survive while not buffed as well if that's your goal.
  11. Wait so you can tank the SW easily and can even kill them, but think it's a problem of the SW to have that skill that you still survive from? You brought it up, you directed your dislike of the SWs skills, and you keep talking about it. So, I am directing my points toward you, that wants to nerf a character for what? You easily survive them and yet you still want them nerfed? Really? Do you want to be even more OP than you are? I'm not salty, but you seem to have much hate of the SW and won't let it go. I am trying to keep the SW from being nerfed so that it can still be a playable character, but the nerf you ask for makes it even more in your favor. Bias much?
  12. I assure you that not everything can be killed with shadow strike, SWs can when build right even last through a rotation on certain situations. I've faced off against WHs, DEs, CBs, SEs, MEs, and PUs that have all survived a rotation. This was all in a 1 vs 1 situation. Unless somebody was cheating I can assure you that the shadow strike debuff can be avoided even in 1 vs 1. Yes, I can kill players who aren't buffed with that easily, but in no way can a SW win against any of the classes there that are buffed. Without shadow strike those classes are even harder to kill and that includes these classes being unbuffed. If you are having trouble against the SWs, talk to players who can survive and I will start by naming players who can survive. Kedavra(CB), Bikini(SE), Racconning(PU), Asmodea(ME), Arcangel(CB), QueenPepper(WH), KatieWhipper(WH), italy2(PU), EvilwitchBR(DE when they actually pvp without glitching all over the damn map), and just about any DE fully geared and uses their gear right. Those are all 1 vs 1 players too and have learned how to manage the SW, though sometimes they might fail they do and can succeed to get past a SW rotation. Learn the game, understand your character, and come back when you figured out what these people figured out. If you take into account a mass pvp battle, the SW has to kill before their buff runs out of they don't kill and are killed instead. I even threw in a full set of void pierce ancient jewels and they still will survive. So, please if you struggle with your character, talk to people about how to improve it, or make a post about how come you aren't doing what you want your character to do. Playing against people takes stratagem and if you have no stratagem and want to brute force your way to a win, then you are thinking of the wrong game to play and might be better off with Street fighter or Mortal Kombat (they just released 11) where it's more 1 vs 1 and not mass pvp like this game should be and where that 1 skill is very much needed more than you think. Before you continue this argument since this is a pretty mute point at this time since they are already discussing and testing alternative skill trees and if they screw it up, could cost them the game as players might leave because of them breaking characters. I don't recommend them making dramatic changes to every class, but I am also not in the discussions and know what they are doing.
  13. @Vivi So, I have some items on one character that I can't move to the toon that it is for, as well as one item that isn't like it's counter part. Would like to know if these things would be changed in the future or should I abandon all hope of allowing them to go to another character? Items 1) rare Pumpkin Queen lvl 57 lingerie - It's nothing spectacular, but I got it for the ME on my SW and can't move it over. I got it using my SW because MEs can't farm as good as SWs to have gotten the items necessary for the ME to get it on their own. 2) Unique baby pink level 57 lingerie - to have added jewel slots to them. They currently don't have jewel slots, so if I am correct the only way to get added jewel slots would be to graft them onto a lingerie item that does. Which would require players to have a unique lingerie and buy a grafting tool, if this works at all. 3) Unique costumes: Sailor school girl, Deadsea captain, and lingerie v3 - were placed into the game unsealed and those who looted them can't do anything with them. Could there be a seal placed on them to be tradeable? I can't use them as a SW because they are for the ME, SE, and WH. If these will never be allowed to become tradeable, then I will understand and could abandon all hope and sale them off for gold. Kinda sad though to see that happen, when I would like to go to characters that could benefit from them. Also, Could these be reintroduced into the game, but sealed this time?
  14. I get that, but they shouldn't be so high that they don't have to fully commit to the use of Acc randoms and jewels to counter the Eva buffs or ch-acc jewels to counter the ch-eva buff. The concern we have is not being able to counter those pulls since most of the time they can hold us there and pull us while fully buffed. It's why I also have concern with ch-acc being so high on the SW buff that there's no chance to evade those attacks when SWs battle SWs. Not looking at a removal, but a nerf on that should be decent enough.
  15. Let me point somethings out for you, first that Debuff doesn't work that well against well built SEs, CBs, DEs, WHs, and MEs. That leaves PUs and SWs it works well on. Now, should that get nerfed just for those two to survive better? I say no, because the PUs just ride around on their bike and can shoot players bellow them, that gives them an advantage and if they are really that concerned with attacking the SW, they have means to do so. Get over it. The SWs who can't get through other SWs buff, well that's on them. Now let's again refer to some concepts here, first if you can't get the SW before the SW gets you, you have issues not the SW. If you have less than 5k cv, what character are you playing? Naturally the SW has 6k cv without adding any jewels or randoms to that, so which characters have less than 5k cv at lvl 65? Now, you say that the debuff is too much, well if you take it away every character becomes unkillable by the SW and nerfing it could and probably will do the same thing. The CB and ME become unkillable even with shadow strike due to their massive buffs and debuffs. The CB has the fast and high healing power as well as the debuff atk against other players. The ME with a level 6 restoration can survive easily against the SWs debuff. To effectively use this against the SW, well you have to effectively build your character and use skills right. The SE can be squishy, but if they actually build their character like they should to counter the SW they can kill the SW before the SW even gets close. DEs and WHs are both tanks and without the current stats of shadow strike would be lucky to even get them down to 50% HP. I say lucky because mostly they could barely take off 25% of their HP. You just want the SW to be killed easier or you survive the SW eaiser, either way, I've watched players actually spend some time getting to know how to counter this class. If you aren't willing to fully commit to fully countering a class then that's your fault, not your opponent's. If you put some effort into countering a class, then understand that you can still fail, but that's not your opponent's fault.