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  1. Well, if you allowed the bike snares to be less in price people might actually use them. 10g for 1 is pretty OP. if they were 10s to maybe 1g, people might like to use them more.
  2. The rules listed here are mainly a guideline for proper behaviour within our network and can be changed/modified at any time. Staff make the final call for what to punish. These guidelines are subject to the staff's observation. Using the claim, "It wasn't on the rules", or "I didn't know", or "It's not worded like that" will not be tolerated and will be ignored. The rules listed here will apply to all games on Vendetta Gaming Network, unless otherwise noted. Using any skill to be able to pull the monster away from the attacker in an attempt to reset the boss. That last part would be doing this with a character of the same faction. It's different if you used an RG toon against the FK faction or using a FK toon against the RG faction. FK winning AK or NB for a long time I have to laugh at your rant about it. For a long time RG won those week after week, month after month. But you go into a salty state every time you play and use that salt to actually harass people and last night you harassed LunaNyx and blamed him for your lag at a boss that he has no control over. You did it repeatedly over and over saying it was GS fault, they did it, they caused it, and mocked them for stuff that was not their fault or in their control. You keep crying about me, every post you make has my name attached to it. Using Goddes***d is an attempt to mask the use of my gamertag in your post. Personal attacks based on: their race, gender, religion, nationality, ethics, sexual preference and personal beliefs You have harassed me several times by calling me old, fat, and ugly just like Archangel/Saitama. Saying that I'm 50 no matter how many times I've said I'm not 50 and people know how old I am that actually care to ask. Regardless of my age, even using my age to make a personal attack is still harassment. I don't want you banned, I want your behavior to chill out. You've been salty, hot, and dark against this game, against GS/GM, and against others because you want people to treat you differently than how you are treating them. It's a game that you come in to play and have fun, not cheat against others or rage on people because you lost out on stuff that you can't even use to buy a glass of water in the real world. If you want to let that hate, anger, and rage flow through you, the Sith await your powers in the force.
  3. Who doesn't want a Nephilim Angel as a pet that will drop nukes every time her legs open up?
  4. What about Python? I want a Seona boss the size of a derpy.
  5. I could see a possibility of placing mobs on the track itself that will put down speed debuffs like what helios does, but not sure if having a speed buff from a mob is a good idea if it can cause a player to glitch. Though looking at the water in DM that you go through the tree, there are some times when that water actually increases the movement speed. But not only would adding these types of things along the track, but there's still those random kick you off your bike while on the track that will slow you down too.
  6. So, yes there are things we as players can do to improve through helping spread the word, but there are things Vendetta needs to do to help support more people for pvp by improving the pve aspect. Hopefully Vivi will can do it. Yes we can do more advertising to the game to get more people. There have been some youtubers and livestreamers that have shown this game in their video stream, but some hit a wall of how much of the game they can show due to the NSFW 18+ content in the game. That is why I couldn't participate in the spread the word event, so to speak, because I'm not about to post a video to advertise to a bunch of friends that are so conservative that even the mention of the naked ladies offends them. Many times I have women checking out my profile and that would get so offended by it that they must publicly shame men for certain content. One went so far as to shame me for what a friend of mine posted and how I shouldn't have friends like that if I wanted to date a "lady."Personally I don't date women like that, but I also have kids that I don't want them playing this game till they are able to make that choice for themselves at 18. But yes we can advertise the game more, but could there be a more softcore version with less focus on certain risque aspects of the game and more of the fun play of the game with a good video to use not low graphics? As for increasing numbers for more pvp and better economy, well first we need more people for more pvp. Problem is though is that I feel that this game lacks sufficient loot items to support more people. If you added 100 people right now, gears, jewels, and everything else would become scares because what we have is dramatically low compared to what will be needed that Everything will vanish from AH and cause prices to increase. To support more people we need much higher drops quantities otherwise players will just enter, take what resources they can, find that they can't get more, and quit thinking that the game sucks. The pve aspect of the game needs to be really good to maintain the pvp aspect of the game.
  7. What are you talking about? A three year old can't come up with the things I do.
  8. It's a game, you are there to have fun. I take it you've never played games with friends that you have to beat? Street Fighter, mortal Kombat, Halo, COD, etc.... I had the best times playing those games with friends that I had to beat their strategy. Sometimes, the best way to improve your own character or play style is to compete against people who are your friends because they'll find your weakness and then give you advice on how to improve. Playing against the faction you normally play with, can help you see things you can't see when you continue to play with the same group of people. The SW is supposed to be able to hide, it's an assassin class. The SW can be found by several different classes and not just the SE. I thought you play the ME and would know what skills the ME has? The ME has a detect skill and a concealment debuff that you can use. The WH and PU also can detect SWs in fade if they want and if the SW doesn't have the concealment to get past those detect skills. The more a SW puts into concealment the less likely they are to kill somebody. So, the SE isn't the only player able to spot a faded SW. If you can't figure out how to stop a SW, it's not the SW's fault. Even DEs can kill a SW. ME's however, can't kill crap if they are support built, but you could find and kill SWs if you choose to. The SW is currently at a disadvantage over all other classes due to not being able to use skill stones, def buffs are the shortest of any class, and currently people can easily get past the buffs too with the right build and an ME with the right skills. If you want to take away our concealment of the SW that puts your ME at risk because some SWs use their concealment to wait for other SWs to show their face when they attack the ME. I can catch any SW attacking any ME on my side if that is my task to protect the ME when the SE or other classes fail to stop them. I can counter any SW mid attack, if you take the SW out of the game you have nobody waiting in the corner ready to pounce on anybody who tries to attack you without them seeing me there. But sadly I can't help a player who can't help me when I play with them because they choose the spiteful road and must accept their fate when I fail to protect them because they fail to protect me. It's all in your attitude if you ask me.
  9. What about players who go to the other side and try to make it difficult on others to attack a pve or pvp boss just because they have issues with that faction? Personally if they are on the same faction playing with me they better be helping the faction not hurting it for the other side. If they are working for a common goal of winning, as a ME I would heal them because their death doesn't benefit the faction I am playing with. If they are there to run a muck and make it difficult for others around me and myself, I'd let them die because it's better them than me. In AK or NB or any BG, you put your differences aside and go for the win for the side you are playing. If that person plays FK mostly and they are on their RG toon or vice versa, they are working to help you, unless they are a douche. If you become that hell bent on getting back at people that are playing on your side, you will always lose because sooner or later they get tired of lack of support that is supposed to be there and join the side that will most likely win.
  10. Yes, add another character to it and call it OCDSlotFiller
  11. @Beau In away yes, the game shouldn't have to adjust to players and the player's attitudes need to change. However, there are some aspects of the game that do need to be tweaked right now. AK for example is one of those part is the players and part is the game. The part that is the players are their attitudes about winning, losing, wings, and loot. You watch one side get certain items and the other side you will get somebody commenting on "FK always gets ______" or "RG always gets _____," which the RNG is well random. The part that is the game or battle with AK is the fact that guards are too OP, some people aren't effected much by them but take a SW walking past them and 1 hit I'm down 50% HP. So, when I steal the flag getting caught in the guards I don't die by the players I die by the guards. To me the work to stop me should be the work of the players not all the player has to do is stun me at guards for me to die. Loot right now does need to be changed, making DGs too difficult shouldn't happen. When 60+ cap got released players went from being able to farm for unique items to not being able to farm anything because TA was no longer allowed for them and DS was set for lvl 63+ players. So, what was the 60~62 able to farm? DMHM that stopped giving them drops because drop rate for them was seemed to be squashed. When we can't do something it does sound like a bunch of people whining, but we are really just saying well you just took the fun from the game away from us and it's boring now. I do say let people voice their opinions and talk about it and let GMs/GSs explain their reasons. Sure we can talk about how it's just a game to many people, but to those who drop money into the game they do have a point if the game changes so drastically that they get upset. I've always said to make small tweaks to the game over drastic ones, as a person standing on a rug and having it move slightly it's easier to recover better than pulling it completely out from under a person.
  12. @Annie and @sufiKeep to the topic. If you have no concept of what you would like improved about the game, don't comment. This was to help let people talk about how to improve the game not to slam people over your opinion of them. If anything personal attitudes of others and trying to slam them is what hurts the game as well. It makes it uninviting and people don't want to play with you. This is a reflection of you and only you can make the game better or worse by how you treat others and talk about them. The GMs and GSs can't change your attitude toward others and they can't force people to get along. The choice however to improve the game by reducing toxic attitudes or hurt the game with toxic attitudtes for all is solely on your own personal behavior. Going to the other faction to be part of that faction to cause a disruption to their gaming is disgraceful, like pulling aggro on bosses and then playing keep away from the faction you are playing with or resetting bosses of FK when you are playing FK or doing the same to RG when you are RG. I started Tuesday's AK on FK side and switched to help RG balance the match. My behavior of switching during AK was to help RG, when RG's couldn't adjust their toxic attitude talking on how bad the game is after I helped pull Urka to their side with my Aggro and even got them a 2nd flag without their support. My hope to help turn an unbalanced match from FK to RG side with RG having less in number only to keep hearing about unfairness, about players complaints of their character not doing well against a much larger mass of players, and constant slamming of GMs and GSs over the current changes made to try to improve the game that was neglected by even Aeria got me tired of it. Instead of working together with me to keep stealing flags the chat was full of toxic attitudes. So, I went back to the FK and I stole back the flag I gave to the RG and now I created a post for you to talk about what you want done to improve the game and not smack talk others or myself. But if you want to make the game better in the words of Micheal Jackson, "If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change." You first have to start with the man in mirror, I'm willing to work with you if you work with me when I play on your side. I'm willing to ask the other side to balance free and open pvp that isn't competing for a boss or loot. I see no reason for a zerg pvp battle when nobody is trying to get loot or kill a boss, so why not self balance? I find it fun when the numbers are a 1 to 1 ration or have 1 or 2 more people if the numbers start going beyond 10 on each side. It gets a little one sided to just play against others with more people just because you think you are "winning." You aren't winning, you aren't getting any improvements in your pvp style if you have to win as a zerg. You are also not helping new players out if they are out matched because of numbers and you are not helping them want to stick around. So, if the GMs and GSs have done all they can do to improve the game, there's still you that must make a choice on how you would improve the game for others. For me, if the GMs and GSs have done what I suggested, I have no problem with helping new players stick around and be either a direct or indirect help to keep the server running as I'll want more and more AP items. Also, helping new players stick around will also help the server stay running as these new players will need AP items and possibly want other unnecessary AP item like costumes. This can ultimately come down to your own attitude, if you keep your attitude toxic nothing good will come of it.