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  1. Well, they could provide the link to them on the page where you download the game and winrar? I don't think they could be allowed to distribute those downloads directly to you, but maybe I'm wrong?
  2. You expect the game to be balanced with players who don't have uni jewels, ancient jewels, and other things going up against players who do? That's more of a straight kick to the gonads to every new player in the game if they can't get those items even as they level up, that you think should take years to complete. Really, it should take about a month to reach the end game without quickly leveling up a character. 1 week per cap should work just fine if the DG drops are sufficient to obtain gear to run the next DG on the level list and to obtain certain items that will be needed for end game. But you want the game so hard to play that people struggle at leveling and farming that when they enter pvp they're just smacked the hell around and makes it no fun to play. The best pvp is against players who can take a hit and you want people to struggle in leveling and farming so that they can be easy targets in pvp. Sounds like we have a winner here.
  3. If you are about low level there are certain things that are the problem. 1) rank 2 jewels and level 2 pet chips. They should have never released these for use at lower levels. 2) level 40 pets. Though it's hard to prevent a pet from reaching level 40 via source code restrictions, the pet reaching level 40 shouldn't have happened for level 29 characters and possibly level 39 characters because it would make the character too high in HP and far too difficult to kill. 3) Is the skill tree, Because of these two things skills got really messed up for lower levels. At mid levels like 49 and 54(59 sort of) the balance can become more stable because that's when rank 2 jewels, level 2 pet chips, and a level 40 pet was all released for. Though back in Aeria at 54 they released rank 3 jewels and level 3 pet chips, they really can't do that now though that might help balance 65 out better unless they can impose restrictions of use to only lvl 65 players. The level 3 pet chips will be easy to restrict use by lower level players as they place the NPC for them in Dragon Valley where you have to be lvl 60 to enter. The rank 3 pet chips are a bit more difficult because that would require Vivi to create code to prevent players from placing it on the lower level gear. I think since all gear that accepts jewels accepts up to rank 12 jewels, that's a lot of gears to alter. There is very little issues with the skill tree as these other issues are problematic. There is the issue with uni costumes giving stats, but that could be changed just by lowering the stats of current costumes and make new costumes that increase in stats but are level limited so that has the stats increase the level of allowed use goes up. Not really sure how well the feats(achievements) titles comes into play because as a player that is level 65 and been around since the start of the game those stats should have been achieved by now for those who have been playing as long as me and farmed like I did. I got all my stats before dual logging was allowed on the same PC without making a virtual system as I wasn't logging in more than one account at a time on the same PC even though people can make a virtual system to dual log on the same pc. (DO NOT CREATE A VIRTUAL SYSTEM TO DUAL LOG AS IT'S A PERM BAN as stated by GM @Bash). But when it comes to certain aspects of certain characters, they aren't working as correctly as they should be because characters are getting too many easy counters for each character including buffs from ME's can make a character too OP over others and it's not just limited to how OP a DE can get given the right buffs from the ME. SW's however benefit far less from ME def-buffs, though in my opinion should benefit more given that they should be the character that breaks away from the group to attack behind the group and not be close enough to be healed by the ME. It should be the SE that protects the ME, the WH that works with the DE, the PU that attacks both the DE and WH, the CB that helps all around with supporting every character they can either by helping them attack or defend, and the SW should be the assassin class that works on their own to attack classes (namely the ME and PU) by getting past the front line defenders that should be attacking each other. Right now the lineup of the job of each character isn't built right for their character.
  4. GoddessSand


    There were people that actually exploited bugs in the game, which are legit exploits. One was players like BlackLigress that would purposely get the Kali Buff glitched so that they had increased damage and attack speed. I haven't seen BlackLigress play or use that character in a long time because of them using that among other things. That is legit exploits of a known bug that is also preventable in some fashion, till they removed the kali buff.
  5. GoddessSand


    Now, personally I don't like the idea of perm bans for players and if you read my submission to the GM's I specifically said that I prefer players to not get banned but that their actions stop. I guess Saitama thought he was free to hack thinking he got away with it till they actually threw the ban hammer at him.
  6. GoddessSand


    @Beau What I think is funny is how you detest players who "exploit" the game that act within the game's coding structure, but seem to be okay with players who hack and play the game outside the coding structure. Hacking is actually ruining the game more than your crying about players who "exploit" the game within the coding structure.
  7. GoddessSand


    I'm not going into details about his ban because hacking is hacking and I won't tell you how they are able to identify and track hackers or what they are banned specifically for in their use of hacks. Not that I should know or care to know, but that they can identify what he did is enough to warrant a ban. They caught him and banned him that's all you need to know. You can say it's from lag, but there are hacks out there that actually will lag the system to cause this. The fact that he kept moving and jumped around 5 times after being stunned is proof enough and all you need to know about what he will do for a win. I've faced him where his CB was invisible for an entire match and couldn't even lock onto him with skills. Noobs who hack and call me a noob are stupid as hell. You talk all this crap against me like, really? You think it solves anything? Mocking players is a sure way to keep people playing.
  8. GoddessSand


    I'm not the only person who reported it, but there's a reason he's banned and it does have to do with hacking. Every FK notices it. He wasn't doing it against you because you are RG and are you really pvping him? I thought you don't have a FK toon to pvp him hum? What is it?
  9. GoddessSand


    Again not liking the idea of getting specific AP items for free. Items that are used to enhance players should be really the only drops in game besides keeping Pet stuff to AP only.
  10. GoddessSand


    For other's it works well. Like on ME's or others. It just doesn't help much protect the SW because most of the time the SW is stun locked to death.
  11. GoddessSand


    Party cleanse is meh, don't need it for much other than remove slows or DoTs. Cleaning debuffs are a joke much of the time while in mech because players don't need debuffs to kill a SW.
  12. 30 day codes are a source of income to the server to keep the server up and running, it would do a disservice to us and the server to make these a thing. While on the topic, I would like to purchase some 30day codes for warehouse and backpack.