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  1. Is there anything going on that would add to the game? Kinda bored with playing as I don't get on as often any more. Do I just let my account go to the waste side or is there anything that is going to change within the next month or so?
  2. @sicat From my understanding they are reverting skill trees to lvl 54 cap skill tree, so no poison smoke and many other skills. So, you shall get your Nerfs once again as there is always those players that wants more SW nerfs.
  3. Can we get guild hall entrances in Suer?
  4. I'm not seeing any Stea/Gorgon, Ankelos, Nephilim Angel, Python/Dracaenae, and a couple other Pet skins, can we get those next content patch release?
  5. @Vivi Mother's blessings be changed to Tradeable instead of NT. CP hypovials changed to 800 or 1k and make them tradeable as well. The lvl 65 players can't use the 300 CP pots because they are too low.
  6. I'd like to see the mistress of seduction and Monarch/Empress costumes(though I would love to see these turned into Cyberskins)
  7. I wonder how a red and Dark Purple one would look too.
  8. @Vivi Can you make this black?
  9. IGN: GoddessSand Run away!!!!!!!!!!!! No this is not edited though cropped only to remove game stuff like skill bar. Yes the SW can make that look.
  10. @Vivi Being as correct as I think I am. Server maintenance should be done during a time when there isn't any NB battles as well as when RP is supposed to reset. RP resets at 12pm server time. If you start the maintenance process before that time and finish after that time, then the RP of each player never gets reset. So, if you could start the maintenance after that time or are able to finish before that time as well as not during the time NB happens then players should be able to have their RP reset and also enjoy NB. Just saying. Thanks you for the work you are doing. I appreciate the time you put in the game.
  11. Is there going to be a Halloween event this year? If so can we get a python boss pet skin? Also, increased drop rate of all Unique costumes would be nice since they don't drop that often and I would like to use AP costumes and AP grafting tools to change their looks. Also, can we have a fix of the Enhanced Racer Bike that is supposed to go 190 as it is only going 180? People are still buying AP bike keys to get that bike only to find out it doesn't go the 190 as promised. Would also be nice to have different bikes that go 190 as well like the lancer or a forest green and/or Blue Rapid Fire bike.
  12. How are you grafting a SE item with a ME item?
  13. The bike in the system isn't coming up at 190 and showing only 180 on both the bike and Arkana's move speed. So, either that bike wasn't given a 190 move speed or the numbers shown are incorrect.
  14. @Vivi Was the Enhanced Arkana Racer (the one that requires like 200 uni Tool boxes, 100 unique Helmets, 1 Arkana Racer, and a bike key) supposed to go 190 when released or 180 only? If it only goes 180, why such a difficult method of obtaining it compared to the others?
  15. Yes. The Enhanced Arkana Racer only. It says 180, but it is set in the game for 190. Requires 200 unique tool boxes + 100 unique helmets + bike key + Arkana Racer. To get Arkana Racer you need 25 uni helmets + 50 uni tool boxes + bike key. Total for Enhanced Arkana Racer you need 250 unique tool boxes + 125 unique helmets + 2 bike keys.
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