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  1. GoddessSand


    @Beau " were talking about an event to help things even out while waiting for the upcoming patch this is not a suggestion about permanent changes or something like that, " Did I read that right? I think so, GSs are busy with patch to improve things. Right now asking for them to make an event when the next patch will most likely include an event. I said it before and I keep saying it, how thick are you? Vivi said this - I'd rather not buff the early games quest exp, since one of the problems is early levels leveling too quickly and outleveling needed dungeon runs for gear and such (thus being stuck at 40+ with no gear aside from the base items). So exp for them was tuned down slightly to make a better curve without effecting end game. End game has gotten a decent boost as well in terms of exp and such though. Meaning that your exp event will do the opposite of what Vivi said and my suggestion of improving dungeons will help players better than an experience event. You said "I'm thinking that this is a perfect timing to conduct an EXP event, not a one time EXP event but a scheduled EXP event maybe weekly for a set amount of time frame. when you think about it, returning players that are exceptional wont have to waste time finding a party and doing exp grind for weeks." Which you can refer to my earlier quote of what Vivi said and then look at my suggestions for improving dungeons for helping returning players gain exp. If returning players have a hard time finding a party for exp, improving the dungeons for solo runs with increased exp would serve them well. If you think about this MMORPGs and others, this MMORPG is probably the easiest RPG to level up a player that is also fun to play. As I agree that grinding mobs in DV is mindless and boring work a weekly event isn't really necessary as a player could in a week reach level 65 if they put in the work to do it. What you are suggesting in away is that all players who worked their butts off and spend AP to get to level 65 are now going to watch people spend less AP and do less work to reach the same level. Yeah, if they didn't leave the game in the first place, they wouldn't be having this problem now just because many threw a fit over the new level cap, changes in skills at that time, and work they would have to do. So, these people want to come back and be handed a character that is level 65 and fully geared. Ask Gunner how he feels about watching these people have it easier than he did including the costs he made over the past few weeks leveling up why don't you?
  2. GoddessSand


    HAHA, you think I missed what you said? hahaha, I caught every word and I think you missed every thing Vivi has said on the matter and everything I have repeated form comments Vivi has made on the matter. She doesn't want players to gain exp too fast at lower levels, so who does the event really benefit? Oh right those who are going through lvl 60+, which I said that they just need DGs with better drops, exp, and lower difficulty instead of farming mindlessly in DV for hours on end with just exp to show for it. Now, let me point out that the GSs and Vivi are way too busy at the moment working on the patch to host an event if you couldn't tell already since I rarely see them in game more than a few minutes. If they want to spare a few minutes that's up to them, but I don't see it happening. I do believe they want to finish the patch before Halloween and I think players have been gaining exp in a timely manner at 60+, those bellow don't need an event to get through those level caps. So, back to my suggestion of just improving DGs for team mode and then they wouldn't need to host exp events at all as the DGs would be useful for gaining exp and looting, which is far better than just gaining exp.
  3. GoddessSand


    Are these people wanting a 2 hour farm exp to reach max level? How have some of the current active level 65 players obtained level 65 when a few weeks ago they were only 60 or 63? The idea of reworking team DGs for endgame is because they are too hard and take too long with lack of reward and experience is greater just repeatedly farming mobs anywhere in the game. If team mode dungeons were reworked and loot increased and added special items specifically for team mode you could possibly get more team runs. Right now players don't do team runs because they aren't worth doing, so you can't really say that my suggestion won't help if my suggestion isn't put in place. Not having the number of people will change if the reward for the dungeon is right.
  4. If the Def and HP doesn't add stats on one bangle, I believe neither will enhance on other bangles. If they do enhance on other bangles then the maybe other stats take over what gets enhanced. Normally though I'm under the impression that some gears will have stats that enhance while others gears won't allow those stats to be enhanced.
  5. GoddessSand


    Lower level caps also don't have people farming the DGs because there isn't anything dropping unique accessories for level 30~39 on a regular basis. Like Vivi said people are rushing to endgame without proper gear and getting smacked. The idea of creating better Team dungeons (that people can't solo easily) with more loot is so that more people would create PTs to farm them. Team dungeons also give better exp than just farming away in the same spot doing the same thing for hours on end without having anything but exp to show for it. Doing Team dungeons where the bosses give better exp and more loot, people would probably enjoy doing that instead of farming DS for hours. At 60+ nobody does team DGs because those DGs aren't worth the time to farm. At lower level dungeons it's not the armor that is needed, it's the accessories that players need to compete in PvP. Just because they create a toon for endgame doesn't mean that they are ready for it. Let people enjoy a good healthy time leveling and farming without rushing to endgame to quit. I stopped helping new players because they quit regardless of my help or they are probably just using an alt begging for others to just give it to them. If a player wants to reach endgame, somebody could help them reach it in 3 hours most likely, so why not let them level and experience the game.
  6. GoddessSand


    I think somebody missed the comment from Vivi about players not gaining exp too fast and not having gears when they reach higher levels. The only levels that actually require the hardest work for leveling is 60+ and well that's the level that needs PTs for exp gaining, but should have something to mix up the mindless grinding of exp. The best thing for lower levels is events for gear and have DGs that can be completed easily enough, not too easy, that give good exp and gear. If they increased drops of good items for Team DGs(make them so you need a team to do them not team solo runs), which also give more exp, higher gold, and more items people might have a bit more fun doing team runs. IV was probably one of the best DGs for team runs ever of all time. Though probably once they released the lvl 44 cap and up team runs became less rewarding and too hard. I don't ever remember doing team runs of AT and even solo runs to this day I don't like. Even now people don't do Team runs of DTO, takes too long and loot isn't any better, and the one time I was in a PT that was going to do DS the medic kept leaving and making players waste passcards. So, if they reworked the dungeons in Team mode would be a better option than having an exp event.
  7. Ah yes, the easy method of avoiding the work is to cut the work in half. I'd think the best thing for the lower levels is to increase gear drops for them. Make it so that level 30 players can get unique accessories and delta gear through farming, solo DGs passable with gamma gears at 0 to +6 for level 29 and lower. Make SF passable with +8 gamma and IV passable with rare delta +8 or unique at +6 from level 30 to 34 and +8 gamma gear level 25 to 29. Then they could do AT with all +8 unique deltas and SS with level 40 to 44 unique zetas at +6 or +10 unique delta. So, by the time they reach lvl 50, they should have at least +8 zeta unique gear and can farm TA for lvl 50~54 gears and once at 55 can do DMHM for the stuff to get the rest of the gears up to level 59. Dungeon added drops or BGs SF - unique earrings lvl 34 unique trinket level 32 IV - unique rings 38 unique necklaces 36 AT - unique earrings 44 unique trinket 42 SS - unique rings lvl 48 unique necklace 46 There doesn't need to be added drops to 50~59 cap for unique accessories because DMHM covers all accessories if you care to farm it. I would recommend adding creating level specific unique costumes(ones that are only allowed for certain players and up) and add them to PvP bosses in PvP maps only. But make 0 to 3 drop at one time, no more. Add SG to the pvp bosses in PvP maps for levels 20~49. Not sure how it would go with adding the SG replicubes to BGs at those levels if it's something those players should have or kinda leave them out to get them to level up into higher levels where players have to pvp for them or well just show up to a BG since many times the other side won't accept the invite. Players who wish to stick it out and stay in lower levels will need something to do to gear those characters and pvp over coveted items. I think instead of trying to nerf players gears, make it a bit better for players at lower levels to get gears to compete with those who have the gears?
  8. There's lag and then there's cheating. When you watch a player skip across a map while stunned or use an attack lung repeatedly I wouldn't call it lag and would call it cheating. Though there is the lag between it happening once, but not going across a map faster than a bike could travel or lunging repeatedly with the same attack over and over again. I recommend not trying to cheat, but limit internet use when gaming.
  9. I would think that the BG takes so long to start because of the load times. But I could test this concept out later, though if you can only get 2 back to back rejects at a time what if you are the 3rd on que and didn't get the invite? I would think it's more efficient to just send invites to everybody who registers and then kick those at the start that cause an imbalance that were later on the registration.
  10. Are you paying attention to the game clock close enough? I've had my game clock be ahead of normal time(server time) so that it looks like I am accepting an invite past the time I should have received it but the countdown shows that it hasn't sent invites yet.
  11. Um? I think you need to check that again. If Player 2 decllines or not responds no other invites are given. I've never ever seen an invite after the time initial invites are given.
  12. So, this is why. Say you have 6 people on RG side registered and 3 on the FK side. only 3 on the RG side will get an invite into the match. If only 1 accepts, then only 1 FK can stay. But if all 6 get an invite on RG side and all 3 on the FK side get an invite, then 3 to 6 RG can accept the invite and 3 FK can also accept. The side with the least amount of people when it starts will then kick the players who are farther down on the registration que. Currently this is how it works. 1.player 1 (accepts) 1. opponent 1 (accepts) 2.player 2 (declines) 2. oppenent 2 (accepts) 3.player 3 (accepts) vs 3. oppenent 3 (accepts and kicked) 4.Player 4 (no entery) 5.player 5 (no entery) Battle starts 2 vs 2 (Potential for 3 vs 3, but results of lack of accepts reduced to 2 vs 2) or 1.player 1 (accepts) 1. opponent 1 (declines) 2.player 2 (declines) 2. oppenent 2 (accepts) 3.player 3 (declines) vs 3. oppenent 3 (accepts and kicked) 4.Player 4 (no entry) 5.player 5 (no entry) battle starts 1 vs 1 (potential for 2 vs 2, ends with 1 vs 1 because lack of allowed players to accept) How my way would work 1.player 1 (accepts) 1. opponent 1 (accepts) 2.player 2 (declines) 2. oppenent 2 (accepts) 3.player 3 (accepts) vs 3. oppenent 3 (accepts) 4.Player 4 (accepts) 5.player 5 (accepts and kicked) Battle starts 3 vs 3 (potential for 3 vs 3 and has 3 vs 3 at start) or 1.player 1 (accepts) 1. opponent 1 (declines) 2.player 2 (declines) 2. oppenent 2 (accepts) 3.player 3 (declines) vs 3. oppenent 3 (accepts) 4.Player 4 (accepts) 5.player 5 (accepts and kicked) battle starts 2 vs 2 (potential for 2 vs 2, ends with 2 vs 2) While currently if somebody who registers late can't even accept an invite is not allowed in, but the match will start with even less numbers because those who are before them didn't even accept the invite. My way it still allows that late registration into the BG map and is only kicked if his side has more people, but still could be part of the BG if somebody who registered before them declines the invite. The current way he doesn't even get that chance.
  13. GoddessSand

    BGs 60+

    @Vivi Is it possible to make is so that every player who registers is given an invite into a BG even if numbers for one side has more than the other? After everybody enters the BG then kick the players who cause an imbalance at the start like it does?
  14. Not going to focus on drops of these items since I really hope that's being considered. I'm more about alternative to current issues and lower caps. So, at lower caps somebody was complaining about current weapon skins and unique costume stats being to much for lower level players. Vivi mentioned the disadvantage it would be to put current ones with higher level requirements while lower level players have them equipped. I purpose not to raise the level requirements for current item, but instead lower the stats of the current unique costumes and weapon skins to a fair amount for those at level 29 and below. Then take and copy paste the same programming code, yes I know you'll probably have to make another instance elsewhere, but the idea is to with this new copy is to increase stats for the next level cap and put a level cap requirement on these items as well as add in the title level 30. Repeat this process of increasing the stats and level requirements for level 40+, 50+, and 60+. That should solve the problem with lower tiers having too high stats on items for their tier while not making the higher level players suffer with stats too lower for their tier for too long if the drop rates for this improved unique costumes and weapon skins aren't in the once in a bluemoon achievable. As a courteousy to higher level players that would end up with our current unique costumes nerfed, you can give us a website event special for 1 unique costumes for the characters of our choice, the level at which we play and the type of stats we would like(because there are two types one with eva and one with ch-resist. But for the weapon skin adding for a short time in barb an NPC that allows us to trade our newly nerfed weapon skin in for one that is more suitable to our current playing level that has the raised level stat requirements. That will force players to remove the weapon skin raise their stats to the level they wish and then equip it only if they are within the level requirements of their newly traded item. All items we obtain from this trade will be unsealed so we can't trade them and any future items looted from specified areas can be traded. The concern I have with the npc trade-off in barb for weapon skin is the same concern I have for doing it to unique costumes. Is that we've grafted items onto our current items and would lose the look with the trade. So, discussions on solutions to this or alternative methods for giving level caps items more suited for their cap is what this post is about keep to topic.
  15. I'm uncertain what the process will be for obtaining the pet skins of other bosses, but the Amara world bosses only give you a pet skin as a 1 time thing. If they do that with the other world bosses it will be a disappointment.