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  1. GoddessSand

    Medic Pet

    Just get them all and then mix and match them with different builds as with all the skill resets you could have gotten (I have over 7 each character) you can test out what you like and don't like and then keep the others on hand for future needs like leveling or PVP.
  2. GoddessSand

    The bloody palace

    What if there was a dungeon that everybody from the faction could enter at the same time and defeats the dungeon as a faction? Though, not have the dungeon available 24/7 only every so many hours and you have so long to do it before getting kicked? Kinda like a BG but faction dungeon runs? or have a level grouping dungeon run so there's a dungeon specifically for each level of players with drops specific for that group? This would have to be done in away where they don't conflict with BGs. However, one shouldn't make these dungeons so hard that when there are only a few players can do it during a curtain time but not so easy that one person can clear it in 3 minutes.
  3. GoddessSand

    Where to farm level 45-49

    Leveling? You don't want non-aggressive mobs for that. You want mobs that you can gather a lot of and farm those. IV, AT, and SS are good dungeons for farming exp. But there's away to get to level 49 rather easy.
  4. GoddessSand

    Where to farm level 45-49

    Question, what are you farming these mobs for? because that will help me give you better advice as to how to achieve what you want. Just looking to farm mobs is easy to tell you where to go, but knowing why you want to farm them will help me give you a clue as to what you want to do.
  5. GoddessSand

    Bringing Back Old Events!

    need to fight boss in PvP area? There's Cairn, Behemoth, Asmo, and Helios all standing around not being fought over, if they are taken it's because RG decided to take them. Adding a Boss in PvP map or PvE map(which is currently avoided as far as I know in DV) there needs to be special items that can only be obtained from them and them alone. I suggest they add ancient spanners and ancient jewels, take unique items from NB and AK and add them to the bosses we currently have. Add items to BGs that players can't get in DGs and not have DGs drop all items players need. Players need to do more than just farm DGs for stuff and that was why PvP bosses were created. Gold ball in my opinion are nice and all but not in Mereholt or Enocia and should be in the perspective PvP maps so players can't go after balls that are not at their level. However, I also think that they shouldn't be in clusters greater than 5 as I do feel that maybe they could help players with enhancing gear with added Narak to them. When it comes to events I think one must consider why they have them rather than just have them. Like Halloween and Christmas events gave us a chance to get ancient spanners/jewels, collect replicubes, unique earrings, trinkets, and narak. What would be nice would be having a calendar that have events on it so players know what is coming up and when. I get posting it on the forum to explain it, but I did like Aeria's calendar that showed upcoming events and patches(only when they had them done just when they expected to release them after testing). I do think it is part of the server as well as your system because the sever isn't probably made to handle as much as many other gaming servers that host lots and lots of games. Though I do experience game shut downs, they don't happen as often as they used to with Aeria, but I would like them either go back to the debuff stats they used to have or reduce the time back to the time they were at because many players aren't leaving the BG on purpose and being DC'd. Though for me I just use a different account during the CD and Debuff period of the BG when that happens to me though pissed that I got DC'd during a BG in the first place. As for the gold ball issue she did say the clusters of them shouldn't be as much as they once were where you couldn't even move due to the loot all over the place as well as the balls. Curious if this comment is going to get removed as I feel I made a comment before that either didn't get posted or somebody removed it because they didn't like it.
  6. GoddessSand

    unofficial BG's?

    @Viviwithout adding another official BG in the game, what about a map with time limits of when one can enter in the game with a time you are allowed in and a time you are allowed to stay? For instance the blood portal in Viledon spawns once every other hour and is there for so long before it disappears. Not using this map, but what about that map you had planned for a BG doing the same thing? You have a portal show up stay there for 15min and then close and kicks people out. There is no reward for so called winning or losing as you make the map pvp task oriented and needs to be done in a given time limit like a BG but ends with players getting kicked so there is no point for players to show up and afk for some sort of reward and not helping complete a repeatable task that can only be done inside that map. I do see a potential for zerg bg, but maybe there's away to allow those who have less people still do some of the tasks in that map? A good map I was talking to a few players would be Caergate, replacing all mobs with random selection of RG and FK guards that are not so OP they kill people in 3 hits, they are weak, but still a problem. Tasks to complete in said area, kill guards, kill so many opponents, and faction wins titan doing those give stuff. The sub level bosses around the map are FFA faction based and faction based chests that are located where escort in that map end with guards around it to kill as well. This must be done in 15min before getting kicked and with titan being the main focus for reward it would seem players would go there first but the reward needs to be beneficial. The mid level bosses can have only FK guards around two and RG guards around the other two but the bosses can be killed by either faction so if a faction wants to take more than what their guards surround then they must face them against FK players and their guards to take them so as to zerg force can't just take everything so easily. I would like to explain it better but it is late and I need some sleep, but could creating an unofficial BG be do able if players are only allowed in that map for 15min and that map only shows every 2 or 3 hours?
  7. GoddessSand

    class change

    You mean Dragona? Possibly and then just fit the characters with costumes inline with SB costumes, but still I would think source code would be needed as Vivi I think gave up on introducing a new BG into the game and might run into the same problem with a character. Though I don't think she wants to add hours on end in creating gear for new characters as it takes her a long time to create gear for the ones we already have.
  8. GoddessSand

    Adding More Classes

    This discussion was already talked about and pointless to make due to the amount of work required just for Vivi to create gear for the current character selections let alone making new classes and then adding a skill tree for them would be too great of a task let alone impossible right now because I am sure it would require source code as she hasn't/couldn't get a new BG to register in the game. Let's just worry about improving player base and also improve the PvP aspect of the game that is lacking balance and players.
  9. GoddessSand

    class change

    Well, that's why I did mention making a techno-mage and an archer can use a bow that creates an electrically charged pulse similar to a gun. But still time to create such characters would be to great for Vivi with the other things she is working on as well as her support staff that are helping her on those other things using time to do other things more important for the game. If she had a person who could create work on these alternate character types so she didn't have too would require a greater player base to justify spending money on a person to complete such a task even if it could be done without source code, which I would guess does require source due to several game changes that would have to be done.
  10. GoddessSand

    item on new patch

    Well, I was hoping for more drops than I am getting too and find this with a tisk with all that was done was increase those drops from 0 to 1 per boss to 0 to 2 per boss while mobs in lower levels still drop them by the groves. Maybe so, but the problem I see isn't that players would become rich as that would be contrary to what would happen if items were trade-able instead of NT. Economics state that the higher supplies lower prices, so the more something is NT, means that the Trade-able items end up being less common and thus prices can be increased on those because players who struggle to even get NT items are forced to rely on players with trade-able ones. This will actually cause players to become rich and the reverse effect of what the event was designed not to do. If items were trade-able then the more people who have them would actually lower the prices of these items and thus not make people very rich. Take for instance the prices of Hellfire earrings in AH, there are tons in there and prices are so low one can hardly get rich off the sell of one in comparison the the price of wizard earrings where the quantity is so low that prices for them is really high thus a player can get substantially "richer" in the game over the sell of 1 wizard earring. So, why are unique costumes in the first place come unsealed or even NT is beyond me if the plan was to not make people richer because the costumes that are trade-able are sold at extremely high values that the sell of just 1 trade-able item makes a person "richer". If the costumes were all trade-able it would decrease the value of them and thus decrease a player's ability to make lots of gold off their sell while still allowing players to obtain a costume that they could use rather than get stuck with a costume they can't in anyway benefit from because it's not for their character and thus being no different than garbage in the bag/warehouse.
  11. GoddessSand

    class change

    With Bash's response I would then suggest for player who wish to have multiple character types at different levels then create multiple accounts and level characters together till each character leveling together reaches the desired level.
  12. GoddessSand

    class change

    um? Problem with those characters that goes against SB lore and current character types. The characters you are describing are more for medieval type of games this is futuristic with dependency on technology over magic or non-technological weapons. Though you can create characters to fit with the rest like a techno mage or a techno archer, the need for them really isn't necessary to do if they could do so without source code and difficult to say the least to create not just the characters look, animations. and mech but then you have to create more gear (which Vivi I am sure doesn't want to spend the time doing with the amount of time she has to deal with other issues) as well as figuring out what skills these characters should have and build a character straight from the start. In my opinion too much work to do so with the limited player base to justify getting or using time to do so instead of focusing on what the game has to offer now.
  13. What did I do? Why am I getting pointed at? Somebody do something quick.
  14. GoddessSand

    Cannot Receive Packages With New Accounts In Events

    I believe Vivi said that there would be things given to players who have been playing for awhile. Creating an account during the event doesn't show account has been active for awhile. New players do still get to participate in the in game event stuff, but the other stuff was for those who existed before event patch.
  15. GoddessSand

    class change

    @Vivi I know that a player can change their names as well as change their cosmetic. But what about changing classes? The level stays the same, the warehouse stays the same, and players being required to remove all gear from their character. How it would work is that a player can pick a class level it up, get gear for another class and enhance it if they want before hand, and then use class change AP item. This would reset the player's skills and move the player back to the create a character menu and the player sets the cosmetic again. Though it also might require players remove all AH items. If this doesn't require source code, there could possibly open up even more options, but what do you think? I know we could just create a different character and level it up, but it could help players who want to play an ME but struggle with farming and leveling on their own. They could purchase with AP 2 change class items so a player can change to one and then change back when they want.