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  1. If you ask me about skills ME's - needs to have their AOE buffs reduced by 50%. IDC if they increase their personal buffs from that, but the ME shouldn't make any player too OP. That's how Tanks get too tanky and their damage too high. You can't say that the ME's on the opposite side can help balance that out. Wrong, DPS class doesn't get the def buffs to over power the ME's Offensive buffs. Example, ME's Weil of Accuracy = 15% ch-acc - ME's Shadow projection = 13% ch-eva that's 2% greater ch-acc, But that's not all Veil of Offense = +40 phy/ch atk, 25% phy, 15% ch atk and Shadow projection def is only +350, +9% void, and ch-resist of 15%(except particle only is +7) do the math but that's only if the ME is on the other side let alone has that skill. But the ME shouldn't be an OP balance breaker. DE's - Can be tanky AF that 4 people can spend all their skills and not make a dent on the character with all their debuffs. I can't express how broken that is especially when they get really high damage and have ch-acc/acc buff. WH's - The all around power house against any class with slight tweeks they can pretty much kill anybody they get their whip on if nobody stops them, but how can somebody stop a WH that's tanky and DPS AF when supported by a ME. PU's - Granted that their def is a lack of luster, but their DPS is so high they can 2 shot a fully buffed player if they can get the first stun without being attacked by somebody else. Especially again when supported by the ME with offense buffs. SE's - Hell, all that player has to do is drop a trap and run away and watch people die with no other skills needed. It also gets two skills of mixed speed and detect instead of 1. They get increased atk, ch-atk, crit rate, crit atk, acc, and ch-acc all in one skill. The SW at one time had crit atk, crit rate, atk, and ch-atk in one skill and people flipped their shit over it that the crit rate and crit-atk got reduced and the atk/ch-atk got removed but here you have the SE with all 6 in one. Talk about unfair advantage. CB's - A different story about what to do with them because the one person I faced off against the most who was a CB was also cheating with hacks and got perm banned. When a player brags about how "good" they are with hacking it makes me laugh at how terrible they actually are. SW's (yes my character) - The fact that it's best to drop most of their atk skills to increase passive damage to me isn't fun because why have all the other skills if you are better off without them? As far as def buff are concerned every character's main buff(s) last over 20 seconds while the SW get's 10 seconds. Sure Miss Misery has a 25sec buff, but 10% increase in eva only is shit and you all know it, especially when EVERY character gets personal acc/ch-acc buffs and the added OP ME PT buffs. There's not a character in game that can't take down a fully buff SW, but you go ahead and name a properly built character that while fully buffed that a SW can kill outside their own class and PUs because ya their def is shit even though they can easily kill a fully buffed SW. So, you want to talk about skills, ya they need work. But it makes me wonder how well those skills will work if level cap is increased and players can start using a lota or eta bangle and helmet along with increased stats from level 66 necklaces and 68 rings. Or what would happen if Vivi released a Legendary version of unique gear?
  2. What this looks like is the result of people not playing during that time. I can't play during that time because I work, I have shown up to play to the earlier one because I for some reason woke up really freaking early even though I would normally be sleeping at that time since it's like 4am for me. NB isn't something I care about as a BG due to the drops aren't great, nobody kills abba unless there's nobody to pvp, where there's pvp it's either zerg or a wall of medics and WHs on RG side, and it's at a time where it's the most inconvenient for me to play. To me the GM's "fix" the game would have to result in players actually wanting a fair pvp and bosses are doable during pvp (meaning lower thier difficulty increase their drops). But it's all about zerg win pushing either side back to their spawn and nobody cares about bosses. Though guards need to start doing more damage at spawn to allow players to actually come down without being killed before their body even touches the floor. If you ask me, NB is a waste of bg because it's always unfairly balanced. I say throw in all loot from NB into hourly BGs, throw more items into hourly BGs like new lingerie, and make it so people have to enter a BG to be able to farm DGs, while making world bosses necessary to compete in hourly BGs. That Cronos buff and al zen attack buffs should be reduced to a 20 or 30 min buff and drop in more places that require pvp to get them, limiting them to BGs would be a start and don't make them tradeable. Having them use RP to get isn't leading people to buy them because if you spend your RP you lose your RP without being able to gain it back before reset. Maybe if spending RP still allowed for you to gain it back before reset RP purchases would be much more considerable otherwise it's a loss that people aren't willing to take because the time it would take to rank up to final rank. Just my thought, but you'll all figure out what you really think and come up with your own solutions that probably won't last.
  3. We could also use more lingerie drops for SW's Carboret, Kiss of the spider queen(not that it's useful in pvp or pve). Also needs more lingerie drops for ME Kiss of the spider queen. Not sure why they made ME's cybertronic lingerie with crit-eva but I guess the ME doesn't need any more crit-void. Though I still think they should have made lingerie craftable and then just make the item you need drop for any player instead of class specific lingerie that barely drops different classes, let alone the type you want from that class.
  4. Can you make the pets derpy size?
  5. Well, there's still the face paint and they could at least use the color scheme to alter another costume to be similar? Like maybe the Della, Daisy, or Alice outfits? Or just raise the skirt up higher to the pantaloons length or just change the color scheme of the pantaloons?
  6. Seona Boss Pet and Python Boss Pet, please oh please add these. Also, New costume Idea.
  7. Players get mad at people who quit the BG after looting or those who log out of the game if they are going to be attacked instead of being allowed to loot. Then those same people also AFK after looting. You expect rivals to follow rules while you break them and make it okay for other players to break them as well, as long as you don't hate that player. What is it? The purpose of the BG is to pvp while trying to make some sort of achievement for loot. I'm okay with the looting but the constant AFKing after isn't helping BG numbers To increase numbers and not allow them to AFK Put some items in the BGs worth entering for. The Qipao uni costumes needs to be relocated because they are best only for SWs since I don't know any other character reliant on Ch-eva except for ch-eva based MEs. So, nobody really needs to enter for that outfit probably should find a new place for that outfit. And the bunny/nurse outfits shouldn't be in there because players already have plenty of those. The weapon skins aren't that appealing. The only other one is the uni facepaint could be added but again those aren't sought after. This leaves lvl 65 Uni Lingerie, which with the current drop rates of different classes in Amara sucking, I'd say make them craftable from Toolboxes and helmets? Other items to add would be candy boxes for the different lollipops. But there needs to be something to get people to join and players who AFK or quit after looting isn't helping the game or the BG attendance.
  8. Well, at least the GMs didn't waste their time on that player who didn't do anything to help either faction as they begged for stuff, so I say that is exactly what FC isn't supposed to be used for. Had that player begged to be FC'd and got it only to be a thorn on the other faction then the GMs would have made a poor choice in allowing it. By having some sort of standard set to be approved for FC then those who move over do so with the intent of balancing out the game no do so with the intent on dragging the faction down even more.
  9. Not offended, and it's true that GM's aren't in the game to see all that is happening. GS's however are in the game and can see what is happening as well as players who have submitted tickets about the actions of other players with actual evidence can indicate a particular player isn't fit to be given the opportunity to FC. To me FC is a privilege not a right because the GM's aren't asking for AP to do so, thus if being able to FC was based on observable in game behavior by the GS or the community then it would put some players into improving their in game behavior if they want to have this privilege. Sure a player can submit a ticket to FC, but all the GM would have to do is discuss with the GSs as to a yes or no for that player to FC. I can take for instance a particular player who shows up to a boss lands 1 attack and then sits on their bike the entire time the boss is being killed. Should that player be allowed to FC any other characters over just to not participate in helping that faction? FC is about balancing the game not sending a character over for taking loot from other players. Then you have players who will start flame wars with somebody when certain people popup in a faction, should that player be given the privilege to move to the other side and do the same thing there? So, the difference that I view in being allowed to FC is that when it is open and needed the GMs can do it because they feel you would best fit and help that faction, if they don't feel you will help that faction then you can just spend your own time and effort to create a character for that side. Players appreciate those who FC with the purpose of balance, not causing issues with other players so they will want to stop playing.
  10. While I think FC is a waste and never truly balances out the game and players should just create a character in the other faction on their own. However, I think there needs to be some consideration as to who is allowed to FC and their reasons why. The purpose of FC is to balance the game out, not to send characters over to harass and bully other players. So, for a player to choose to FC, one should consider their actions in the game in how they play. Players who have been observed to harass/bully others, not participate in faction activities, and/or having no desire to actually balance out the game should be refused permission to FC. It is of my opinion that players do these things won't change and it doesn't balance the game just because they FC because they have no true intention of balancing out the game. If these players truly wish to balance out the game let them first be observed to care about making sure others enjoy the game not a selfish desire to enjoy making other players hate playing. Ways to identify that they care about others enjoying the game. 1) they are not seeking out and attacking players repeatedly over and over again that have no desire to fight them or have no ability to atk back like those who are under geared, under level, and are spending their time farming. They also shouldn't be raiding the other factions base to kill players who are AFK. 2) They participate fully in helping the faction kill bosses. They don't hit the boss once or twice and wait for the rest of the faction to kill it. 3) They don't initiate or participate in flame wars in shout, area/general chat, or PMing to mock or also harass players of the other faction. One last thing is that players who want to have 1 character in both factions and use FC to do it shouldn't be doing it to just reap rewards of the other faction for purely looting the dominating faction, rewards for winning AK and NB, and do it to keep the balance offset to secure victory continuously for their opposing faction. Such players who have no true desire to balance out the game should be refused approval to FC and they can just create their own characters in the other faction, level it up, and gear it on their own accord and the GMs/GSs shouldn't enable such poor players.
  11. That's what you get when dealing with Annie, aka SUCK. If you noticed that just about the same time Annie stopped commenting because GMs blocked their use of the forum SUCK popped up and started doing the exact same thing. I told Yevon that exact same thing about it not being about disagreeing with somebody, it's how you disagree with them.
  12. They should have just made lingerie craftable with drops from bosses and BGs if they want pvp attached to them. That way it's not about constantly getting the lingerie of other classes as it is about getting the items to make one for your class.
  13. Weapon will help you kill things quicker, thus making it easier to get items you need to make other enhancements. A bike just allows you to go from one place to another and has no use in gaining exp, gold, or loot. Both the weapon and bike require the same items to enhance them, so like they said go for the weapon first.