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  1. GoddessSand

    CD times on basic (auto) attack

    What you need to know about the 1pt skill. It's the animation really that slows down a character's use of that skill not the CD. Like Tygress said, players don't like using it as it can interrupt a players combo atk. I only use it because it can keep attacking when you are disabled(not stunned) and if you use a skill stone that skill alone could enable the skill stone's use. However, I'm more likely to be dead by the time that skill does any good in pvp. If you use it, it will attack while your SP is low and needs to regen or if you are in pvp battle attacking something and want to save your other skills for when players attack you. Take the BG soccer pitch, if you use it on the gold ball and jumbo balls while you are awaiting for enemies to respawn it allows you to take down the balls without having to rely on your more heavy hitting attacks since the balls die by the number of hits and not the amount of damage per hit. So, damage from that base atk isn't very effective in PvP. In PvE if you are relying on it for DPS, then what the hell are you doing with the other skills?
  2. GoddessSand

    Death Valley NPCs

    lol, you called it death valley. It's Dragon Valley, but if you are under geared then you are sure to find death at every turn.
  3. GoddessSand

    Drop rate and TP/Siren boxes

    @shadow what are you using by way of Drop rate increases? Things that increase drop rate are 1) Pet chip drop rate 2) Luck buff in nemesis 3) Premium medalion 4) xxxmas buff 5) peppermint candy 6) halloween buff If I missed one, then that too. Though people say they only work on rare items, it couldn't hurt to try right?
  4. GoddessSand

    Is this a known bug?

    Yes it is and it started with Aeria Games before Vendetta got it. It's part of the skills not the level cap.
  5. GoddessSand

    [GUIDE] PVP for lowbies

    The reason to deny the other side loot is to win in BGs. Crates and guards give points, crates more points than what should be allowed I think. If you keep the other side from killing the crates then you keep them from earning points that could offset the points in their favor.
  6. GoddessSand

    [VOTE] Al Kasava Proposal

    @Jade isn't Bash supposed to be working on the FC NPC to make it work without GM constantly making players FC manually?
  7. GoddessSand

    [VOTE] Al Kasava Proposal

    @Jade it is a solution and a good one, but the GMs with the help of the GSs keep tabs on it to make the change more often than every 6+ months as that's why it's not working and the FC without ak balance doesn't work because they haven't been done together. There are people who would switch back and forth if the game needs it. I switch between my FK and RG toon as needed and as long as there isn't a zerg force I'd be happy to do so. It's when zergs are allowed to exist that screws up the pvp. That is why I suggest lowering the BG AK and NB entery and raise it as needed when both sides are maxing it out. Players can wait a week or two for AK to increase to allow more in or decrease to stop zergs. If players can't play without a zerg then they need to get good. If they can't get in because their faction has too many people then they should A) create an alt on the other faction or B) FC and allow FC to exist. I know Bash is supposed to be working on making FC easier without them, so then all that would need is balance AK and NB with entry allowance. As far as I can tell players aren't entering TP, Janus, or 2nd ark with the same number that goes into AK and NB, so why make AK and NB special for zerging?
  8. GoddessSand

    My 100 Questions thread

    Yes, but what about lvl 2 pet chips? You need items that drop from DMHM for that. You also need level 52 trinket, 54 earrings, 56 necklace, and 58 rings that also can be obtained through dmhm. Not to mention you still need kappa bangle and helmet, though you should still make kappa shoes and gloves to level up past 60 if you want to pvp while you are leveling to 65. Again though pvping a level 65 player won't end well if you don't have the gear for it. You can get by with rank 2 rare jewels, but rank 1 rare or even unique doesn't even phase the weaker of my two characters that I use. So, proceed with caution.
  9. GoddessSand

    [VOTE] Al Kasava Proposal

    Here's how and why lowering AK could help. First why 35 to 18 is not pvp, that is double the force needed to kill players and not fair pvp. So, how is AK supposed to be a BG if it is really just a zerg pve zone? So, how it will work. First reduce the amount allowed to enter on both sides but still theoretically have slots open on the other side. 1) I can't enter AK, I am going to switch to the other side to get in. Oh, wait I can't get in that side either. Raise a bit. 2) I can't enter AK, can I FC so I can get in AK? 3) I can't enter AK, better use my alt to get in. If we managed FC with AK then we can have a better balance. If at any time AK is maxing out on both sides then increase how many are allowed in. If AK is maxed out on one side, open FC and let them move over to max out AK on the other side. Once AK maxes out on both sides again raise how many are allowed in. If AK then becomes too far unbalanced on one side, lower the amount allowed in and/or open FC. This method we have to understand will need to be repeated over and over and over till it stops needing to be repeated or at least repeated as much. If AK maintains equal numbers and players want to FC, I would then say allow FC only if another player is willing to switch with them for a 1 to 1 change. When ak is unbalanced FC could be open to allow players to balance out AK at the same time lower how many allowed in for a time to get AK balanced again. This can be how to work through to balance the game as the game is fluid with people coming and going. Some coming to one side and going from another.
  10. GoddessSand

    My 100 Questions thread

    Power leveling through to lvl 60 isn't recommended unless you have the gold for it. I don't recommend power leveling past 29 or even 39 without at least something to enhance gear with though you might be able to get by with going to 39 and running some BC dungeons for stardust, jewels, and some gold to make it to lvl 49 to run IV in team mode with good gear. After you got gear to make it into the lvl 59 cap, I do recommend going to lvl 59 and run The Archeron dg for special loot that doesn't drop anywhere else as well as doing the hourly quest for ancient spanners and ancient jewels since they aren't very common at 60+ cap. Though they did add NT ancient spanners to bosses in Amara(haven't seen ancient jewels), that is more of a faster to the loot gets it while the hourly quest in Ellis is less of a battle over them since it's a luck of the replicube. At level 59 you can also do DMHM runs for items to make Kappa suit, bangle, and helmet as well as other accessories and to lvl up pet chips to lvl 2 before moving into the 60+ cap where players have already done that. Having said all that, if you are planning on entering lvl 60+ cap with anything less than full uni 59 cap gear and enhanced to +12 and unique accessories from 59 cap then prepare for the hardest pvp in your life. I've 1 shot players using rare accessories, not using +12 unique, or have the jewels and pet chips to stop me. So, just because you can power level, I don't recommend doing it all at once.
  11. GoddessSand

    [VOTE] Al Kasava Proposal

    @Jade dual logging can be easy to spot if we know everybody's alts as normal gamers. I know that the second I bring in 2 characters into AK there shouldn't be a single player who can't say oh hell no GoddessSand has 2 toons in the match one of both sides. But GM's and GS's isn't there a log of IP addresses with map location? I'm just throwing this thought out there. But dual logs are bannable and all accounts get banned for it, just ask RedPower about that. It's afking players that is hard and sure first hand is better than second hand, but get one person recording it and it sure makes it harder to refute it. But that's also why I recommend banning the account of that the character was afk with. I know most who have a second account are more likely to send a character in AK to afk. Though who would risk being banned if that's their only account? I don't like banning people or having people banned myself, but people don't stop doing breaking rules if rules aren't enforced.
  12. GoddessSand

    [VOTE] Al Kasava Proposal

    The player who doesn't want to get banned for afking would be responsible for leaving the BG before they afk. Though maybe 3 min is too short, but 15 or 20min of afking is definitly too long to allow a player to be afk in AK. You know, I did also make a post about a month or so ago suggesting to create a BG where Vendetta has more control over the mechanics. One was creating a portal that only spawns at certain times, players enter a map that is already part of the game(Caregate) they have so much time to complete the objectives before getting kicked and portal goes bye bye. If you can't control the portal spawning, what about controlling the when and how long something spawns in the map? Like what would happen if you changed titan to spawn and players have 15min to kill it before it spawns again in an hour or have it spawn for 30min and then it disappears for 3 hours? What if the game had a map like that? But also limited how many are allowed in that map like we are talking about in AK so that it can be made so if you are on the side with too many people you join the side with less people? It would be cool if the game mechanics allowed for automatic adjustment to how many are allowed in a map. Like if the map initially allowed 10 people in it, if 10 people are in on both sides, the game increases it to 15 on both sides. if map reaches 15 on both sides then game increases the map automatically to 20 and so on and so on. Till both sides are no longer maxing out the map. But that's just wishful thinking and probably need source code. But what we are just stating is making the amount allowed in temporary to get a more balance BG. If people didn't get in then it wouldn't have been any different than not getting in on any other BG, but with AK and NB people can still switch to the other side if there's slots(which if there isn't slots on either side then an small increases is needed). I personally prefer to play FK in NB and AK so seeing me on the RG side during those matches would only happen if I couldn't get in on FK side.
  13. GoddessSand

    [VOTE] Al Kasava Proposal

    You know why it didn't work? because they lowered it so low that players on both sides had people in the waiting. Then when they raised it, they just put it right back to where zergs can enter and win instead of raising it just a little till there was only but a few slots open on one side. Having a GS in AK or not, never stopped players from AFKing, but if people reported the dual loggers and AFKing players then the GS can kick them and ban them for a week. You GS's aren't in game police 24/7 where people only get into trouble if the GS sees it. If players report the issue the issue can then be solved. Sure it screws up that AK match, but the more people become intolerant to players who screw up their gaming experience through rule breaking and report it then it reduces it from continuing. It's like the law in Utah that was just passed that decriminalized sex before marriage, it's not like they were enforcing the law in the first place, if they were actually enforcing the law less people would have attempted to have sex before marriage. So, if you want to fix AK lower the max value ban players who AFK or dual log, and then slowly raise it, lowering it isn't being talked about as a permanent, but as the numbers allowed in increases over time where balance is still close together then there can be balance within AK. That is what we are asking for, that is what we want. We want to keep it so that people can't just switch in the middle to join the zerg and we want to limit the zerg. If players find that they are never allowed in because they are on the zerg side, then that's what FC is for or use your alt on the lower side. Look solving problems. Like we are saying this isn't a permanent solution, but we are looking at long term goals with short term methods.
  14. GoddessSand

    My 100 Questions thread

    Yes, you can level glitch from zero to 60, guild hall works through lvl 50 and another works from 35 or 39 ( when ever you can enter suer) to level 60. Once you reach lvl 50 guild hall becomes pointless and once you reach 60 suer is pointless. That's all I'll say about that on the forum. 1) Eta and lota are the same as epsilon and theta gear but with added pvp stats. So, making eta and lota gear pve the exact same as epsilon and theta. The reason to make epsilon or theta gear is that if you are struggling to get pvp medals but can get the pve medals easier and you are mostly just in it for pve or want to at least have some lvl 60+ gear instead of relying on the kappa gear against lvl 65+ players who are full on pvp sets as kappas are no match really to players using kappa but at least you can have a better edge with the pve gear theta and epsilon. 10) random house invites you to enter for the enhancement sweepstakes. To enter just place narak, blessed narak, +7,+8,+9, or +10 into the respective enhancement slots for a chance to win a high enhanced gear. All entries must be received by the enhancement tech. The use of sg is highly recommended incase you lose but you are welcome to pray to the rng gods at any time during the enhancement phase but the God's don't have to give you what you ask for. Don't forget there is an entry fee in gold which is an amount for a specific enhancement in order for the tech to process your enhancement sweepstakes entry. Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor.
  15. GoddessSand

    [VOTE] Al Kasava Proposal

    I've got multiple pc's already and was multilogging before they changed the launcher. However, it is that people will more likely switch factions via log out of 1 characters and log in on a different character to be on the side that will get win and loot. The way people have been trying to combat the ak and nb balance have been to use FC which doesn't really fix nb or ak because people still have a rg toon or fk toon they just moved one of the many to the otherside and still have a toon that they could use in the side they came from. So, reducing ak numbers would limit people who can just switch in the middle. As for Jade's complaint of GS not being able to enter ak I find invalid because where were the GS's when fk had 10 people in nb or ak while rg had 30? Oh right rg side for looting too. See even GSs will care about being on the winning side and at least monoki is trying to push players over to the otherside. When I was in a clan playing halo on the pc and we had controls over the match on our server we forced people to the side with less people and kicked people who switched causing an imbalance and we even moved ourselves to the losing when they were out numbered. But it's all about the loot in this game. I also laugh about losing players because they can't enter ak or nb, the one battle they show up for. These people who only play end cap ak and nb do so for loot to earn gold to feed their lower characters and if all they play is for ak and nb, then why don't they show up on the losing side? Oh right because they want loot that isn't important to them for the rest of the day or week. Just lower the numbers, if a GS can't enter on the winning side they can switch to the other just like all the others who couldn't join the zerg side. If it's all about the loot put everything into tp, janus, and 2nd ark fixing that bg so people have to sign up to get it and you are forced into a balanced match given that people don't dc.