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  1. Usually when you install SB you should put the whole folder in the exceptions list as well as making sure xigncode can get past the firewall.
  2. They knew about it before I said something. I only mentioned it here in hopes that they reconsider because it's helpful. Even though people say that it's more than they get unbuffed, well that's all we get, while they get to buff up even more and survive longer. I hope they nerf the SE then too.
  3. Okay, so the SW epsilon unique suit with the total 3,500 void instead of the 1500 Void I think and many other SWs might agree that it is a good change. It doesn't make us OP or unkillable, it does drag out your skill use to kill us but again isn't a 100% easy kill as compared to other gear use. pvp use - In comparison to using eta or lota suits for pvp, here's my take. First, players who know how to attack a SW are doing it with ease and killing us without using a full rotation against a ch-eva build. When using a lota Suit all that happens is a stun to death and kill in a very short time. With the Epsilon suit mixed with eva rank 2 uni or rare jewels, it helps to survive just a tad longer that maybe we will get healed to get away, it doesn't block stuns or disables so we are still able to get stunned to death especially by SE, CBs, SWs, and DEs. WH are a different story as the eva will block the pulls but we are stunned and disabled. Which means that if the WH just disables us we could escape, but again when stunned we can't. I've still been pulled by WH's and CCd to death in that suit. PvE use - The added void helps with the new TT dungeon. While the normal mode with other gear is survivable, it felt really difficult using even a full eva build. With the suit I feel the DG attacks are fine and able to get through it like one should. If anything for the normal TT DG to have altered for players to get through is more of the attacking the bosses and getting through the mobs for other characters. I don't have issues with the normal TT DG using that suit. On Hard Mode, it is helpful but again not 100% easy walk through as it shouldn't be easy. You still have to be mindful of your buffs and skill use, but it doesn't feel like we have to go extremely fast on bosses that one mistake will cost you a death. The suit allows for a little more forgiveness in pve. While players might complain that there is such a thing on the SW suit, the max void I have receive on my own is around 5,500 and 6,300 with a ME. People might look at that and think that's a lot. Well when players use an Anti SW gear set and void debuffs of 3,000+ it still makes us squishy and extremely squishy with other gears. So, while players want it reverted back to it's original state, I would think it should be left alone and if people want to complain about it as everybody does against the SW, it could possibly reduced to 2,500~3,000 total void because it's not cool that there are tons of methods of getting past a SWs only buffs, but no other protection we can use. If a player does build a full on tank set that makes them unkillable, not sure how with all the counters one could do against it, then at that time I would look at restoring it or reducing it. But for the time being I would say leave it alone, just to see how it will do for a few month and then discuss if it needs a nerf. Currently, it's allowed me to survive longer while buffed which is nice but if it got nerfed back then I guess the concern isn't about how useful the SW could be anymore. We've already had our attacks nerfed to the point of great difficulty in killing other players including those we need to attack like the skilled ME player since they can use skills still while buffed with restoration when before it disabled them. On a side note, I haven't tested using rank 2 ch-eva jewels in it with other gears, so I have no comment on what that does in pvp but it is useless in pve since you should have eva jewels purely for pve. In theory is will reduce our ch-eva to make it easier to stun us and only helps in reducing physical attacks. Though going full ch-eva with it will make it harder to stun, it isn't impossible and does add protection from physical attacks, but the ch-atks is what kills us in the end. Going full ch-eva and ch-resist in theory will make us tanky, I just have no comment on how well that method works because that's all we will get going this route is harder to kill while making it harder for us to kill as well. So, a bit of a balance there.
  4. Just to be clear I have several sets of gear, I can make up to 6 different gear combinations and more. What is required for TT DG for me is using All Killer/Spy accessories, eva jewels and randoms, and Crit Atk jewels and random weapons. The forced use of killer/Spy accessories makes actually makes our DPS take longer over the use of Ghost/Wizard Accessories because we have to heavily rely on getting as high of the eva as we possibly can. The reason a SE can out DPS the SW with this gear comparison is that fact that their trap has extremely high damage multiplier the more mobs they put on it vs the SW's combined AOEs together. THat means on a boss they just have to wait for the boss to summon mobs, lay the trap, and the boss's HP drops dramatically. In PvP, that's the same thing. They drop a trap on multiple players and damage goes way beyond the damage of any PU on multiple player. But aside from the gear, the problem was trying to create a PvE skill tree that we used to be able to create to DPS like mad in DGs, but PvPing with it is weak as hell. Which is what Sicat is talking about. There is no PvE skill tree any more at end cap and really our pvp skill tree if we want to run the dungeon too is stuck with using a specific set of skills instead of trying to maximize skills for pvp or pve, they are pretty much the exact same skill tree. That means every SW is stuck with being required to use certain skills that were once just an option if we want any headway in pve and in pvp well survival/dps is best using those same skills as well. Sure some will have their skills they will still worship, but I end up slaughtering any SW that doesn't use a certain set of skills. Their only hope is catching me unbuffed or have a ME, but again we are talking about TT and not pvp. In TT the DPS builds are weak at best as well as survival over other DPS characters like the PU, SE, and CB. With the PU survival depending a lot on their high DPS, SE's with DPS/eva, and CB with their tanking and high atks due to atk buffs and high debuffs.
  5. So, what do you want? People to pvp or pve? I thought a MMO isn't supposed to be pve centered according to you.
  6. First, not everybody can find a team. Nerfing the solo dungeon or making for cross class playable doesn't take away from the team mode. I did recommend earlier that Team Modes should have more drops and better drops to encourage more team runs. The solo normal dungeon shouldn't have increased drops as they are fine as is. Solo Hard mode should be a slight higher than solo normal in drops for mechanical shards, but other than ancient spanners you get just about the same amount of drops in normal as you do hard mode, so doing hard mode isn't all that it is cracked upped about running it for any class other than those like the PU that can run it in under 15 min, due to the mob difficulty from their pulls. I haven't run a team mode if drops aren't able to be split evenly and be greater than solo mode, but you also have to attack every damn mob or have a SW/PU gather them get people past and then disperse them. But good luck getting past those Pulling Mobs. Also, from what I hear SWs and SEs are squishy enough that a ME can't heal them from being 1 shotted. My response was taking into account of the WH class that can tank both solo DGs, but takes them forever to do even in normal mode and forget completely about a ME doing jack squat in those DGs solo as it would be a long waste of time. If you are saying that those normal DGs shouldn't be easier for certain classes to do solo to encourage team runs, then why have them at all if the PU can probably finish 3 runs before a team can get through 1? The Halloween DG didn't ruin the game. What ruined the game after Halloween was the drop in players because content was just the same as it was before and back to boring old gaming. DGs drops sucked after Halloween, BGs sucked before and after Halloween because of the pve aspect of winning, and Amara bosses all had loot that everybody agrees to be crappy. So, when it comes to Halloween and what ruined the game, it wasn't the Halloween DG or the loot. It was that nothing was improved after the Halloween DG ended. Christmas had more people then there was in between Holidays but, Christmas was a far less popular event due to certain aspects of the event that didn't draw players in like Halloween did. Also, the current increase in unique costumes is exciting to me because now I can graft rare costumes from weekly mystery box onto the unique ones because the unique costumes are more plentiful. I didn't care about the costumes in the mystery box before now because wearing them ungrafted onto a unique costume was nerfing my character. Well, the nerf doesn't exsist any more because of this. What this means is that I will want a minimum of 2 to about 4 or more of those mystery box for each of my characters, that will increase the game revenue and with that they could put more effort into improving the game and increase the player base. So? What exactly is nerfing the mobs/bosses in the solo DG going to do to hurt the game if team mode increases in drops? If I knew I could get more in a team run than solo run, I would rather run a team run with other than a solo run myself as it would be more beneficial and much more fun to play with others. Currently however, with all the other things to do in the game making those DG runs take too long (both solo and team) means that players will choose not to do something over another. Which right now BGs are more neglected because that DG is needed more than the pvp in a BG. Why join a BG if you get passes from Amara bosses and the BG doesn't even give items that you need from the DG? Imagine if you will if the BG had mechanical shards as a drop as well as the DG? Players would join the BG for them, but all you get is a chance for a DG pass that you could just obtain from bosses in Amara. So, my suggestion if far more helpful than you think.
  7. @BananaHand I think what might be good would be to decrease mob difficulty as that would allow those who can't run through , increase drops on bosses. The boss difficulty from here is a bit touchy like you said as the problem you will run into is the DPS class will just burn a boss with ease while non-dps class takes longer. What would happen if to balance it out for everybody by making all players use pure ch-atk by increasing either the def or void of the bosses? That would cause physical atks and crit-atks on the physical side to be unreliable to DPS players but put everybody on the same atk spectrum. As making each player on equal ground with required Def the same? Would be a timing thing on debuffs or increase attacks that we could plan out? Having the blank decrease in eva/ch-eva just makes SWs and SEs easy to kill, but if you decrease a player's void/def/ch-resist instead it makes SW's and SE's safe while tanks easier to die. So, what about a rotation method that a boss creates a large pool, like one covers the entire area the boss is allowed to move, and each pool last a given time and rotates a specific time? I'm not familiar with every class's dps capabilities, but definitely might look into a rotation method of debuffs on players.
  8. I'd like to thank the Staff for increasing the drops for uni costumes. I have now created several AP rare costumes into unique costumes, which I said I wanted to do. Can you name them?
  9. The problem with farming this particular DG is that you can't get the needed ch-eva to prevent stuns while having sufficient eva to complete the DG. Due to eva being the best option to survive, your ch-eva is going to be crappy and thus stuns will always occur as they do.
  10. How did this thread go from feedback on the TT dg to Medics showing up for NB? Can we get back to the TT dg that needs a fix. I'm not about to spend 50+ runs in TT with the crappy drop rate, the difficulty for a SW to complete it, and the high death rate if you make just 1 mistake. I'd like to see the normal mode be quicker as in each boss being able to be done at the same speed as other DGs. Harder mode less difficult, I still don't like due to how much eva I have to use and sacrifice DPS to achieve it while the PU can brag about a 14min run and I'm barely pushing under 30min. It seems as though the SW's DPS got drastically nerfed in comparison to the DPS of other classes.
  11. No FC or dual log prevention will do anything to balance the game with players, players must balance it themselves. The long wait period is also what hinders people from switching sides to balance the game too, so while you might think that players will switch to winning side there are players who would switch to help balance the game out if they can. For the most part people will pretty much so up on the side they want to win or will win especially with the need for certain items so that they could craft new mech and cyberskins. The issue I have is the expressed desire for winning that players will avoid pvp, especially an entire faction going so far as to stay in the spawn area refusing to enter the pvp field so that they could win even though it's against the rules of the game.
  12. This is a @Vivi question I don't know how the % boosters work, but if they are multiplied by the base exp value then one should be able to create a 0% exp booster that multiplies the base exp value by 0 to get 0 exp gain right?
  13. Suggestions Normal run solo fix Decrease the difficulty so that we can do it rather quickly at the current drop rate or Slightly decrease difficulty and the last boss at least drops either 3 of either or both metal scrap or mechanical shard. All other drops are fine. I say this because one shouldn't expect to get any more than this due to the difficulty. normal Team run solo fix I haven't run it but to encourage Team runs I recommend this so PTs with 6 people Each of the boss other than the last drops 2 items of ether a metal scrap or mechanical shard either one or both work on random, which can include the boss to open the final door and the bobcat. That will give 10 and each player could obtain 1 of something before the final boss if you make, with 4 people getting the 4 extra. The last boss however should drop 6 metal scap and 6 mechanical shards. I know what you are thinking, that it a whole lot for 1 DG, but mind you if you ran it solo how many are you going to get as an individual? This will give a each member 3 of something and should be able to do it fairly quickly while at the same time giving a bonus for being in a PT. Hard solo run Does need a slight decrease to the difficulty and add the chance of 4 of metal scrap or mechanical shard. Running this and getting the same as in normal mode isn't much of a benefit currently. Hard team run Not sure on difficulty, but drop wise, have each boss drop 3 of either metal scrap or mechanical shard. This includes the gate keeper to last boss and bobcat. And last boss can drop 7 metal scrap and 7 mechanical shards +1 random metal scrap or shard. That would make a total of 30 metal scrap or mechanical shards in which 6 people could split 5 each and thus getting 2 more than doing it solo normal and 1 more doing it solo hard or team solo. With this suggestion people would earn more through pts to do the DG run and it would encourage pts more, but also not make people feel cheated for doing a solo run and not getting a shard or a scrap. Just a thought though, how many DGs that have ever been released right where drops and difficulty wasn't an issue and why? Where did the community land on with how it ended up getting fixed?
  14. @Vivi What does the following mean? Ancient Jewel Replicubes are now unique This is to stop people from hugging the wall as soon as a hidden chest in Tartarus is cleared and taking all drops. What does this mean? How are making Ancient jewel replicubes unique helping to stop people from hugging a wall when a hidden chest is cleared? What hidden chest? Conversion tech following equation issues 1 mechanical shard -> 10 epoxy glue (why when shards drop less than glue, I have 1 shard over 110 glue since patch) 5 mechanical shards -> 1 metal scrap (I have 4 scraps over 1 shard, why would I waste a shard for scraps if I need 50 shards and only 25 scraps for the respective crafting items) Suggestion: Prefered conversion change 5 epoxy glue -> 1 mechanical shard 5 epoxy glue -> 1 metal scrap make 1 mechanical shard -> 1 1 metal scrap and vice versa. Reason - To make a major mech if all you could get is epoxy glue would require 350 epoxy glue and to make major skin you would need 175 epoxy glue. With though these values drop as you collect the respective mechanical shard and metal scrap, it doesn't overly burden the player with a hopelessness if they they only give themselves 3 hours of play a day for farming RP, PvP, and Farming a DG. alternative conversion change 5 epoxy glue -> 1 mechanical shard 1 mechanical -> 5 epoxy glue 6 mechanical shard -> 5 metal scrap 5 metal scrap -> 6 mechanical shard reason - First to address the ability to go from one to another I think would be for those who are more likely to get one over they can convert on an as needed base. It would also keep metal scraps and mechanical shards useful after major mech and skins are obtained in away. This change however will keep the 350 epoxy glue requirement for a major mech, but will increase the epoxy glue requirement to 225 for major skin. Unless drops for mechanical shards and metal scraps are increased, it will take way too long and people will lose interest in the pve to keep trying and thus lose interest in the game because it's far too difficult to obtain and compete on the same level of players who have the time to farm the hell out of the game.