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  1. i agree here. swordman c25 crossbow need soft crit its so annoying i feel really low with a op eq.
  2. improve yourself, with lvl 85 u will deal tons of damage. dont worry
  3. U cant defence Critical Hit + Soft Crit.. thats the true problem. Means: U deal 500 Damage to a Warrior (NORMAL HIT) now, if u soft crit the war, u deal with a chance of 40% (?) 100% (?) more damage. that mean u will deal not 500*2 = 1000.. he will deal like 5000 becouse he ignore your defences... and that is just a soft critical hit.. the combination from soft critical hit + critical hit would be much higher than 5000... on a assasine he will blow u up with 35k ~ true damage.. the real problem on the calculating is, the "u have a chance from xx% to deal xx% more damage" is just broken.. they can fix it, just dont let the numbers add up together.. it means u have 2 little soft crits.. one from lets say bow and one from dagger. and not that overpowered soft like 40% chance to deal 110% more damage... i hope u can understand my post, if not u can ask me in german private to understand this... btw: stacking up defensive cant help u. just try to get items to avoid getting crits or less crit damage, like monk green buff , 100 defence stat and some body suits can help u to avoid damage . thats nostale, thats all u can do ;D maybe in future bash want to fix this but i have no hope in this point, becouse i think he never played nostale ^^
  4. Make Exp'n as Group great again !!!