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  1. I see. Thank you two for the in-depth replies! I noticed yesterday myself that the Conquer Quests were scrolls that I activated, but I forgot about them since I took a very long pause from the game (around 1 year), and by the time I was running around Mereholt like a headless chicken I ran into LupusHirpus4 who's also after the Archivements of the game, so we'll team up for the next 9 days to complete them together. And yes, we noticed that, during the Ignis Vortex run, some Solo Quests I had didn't count as completed as long as I'm in a Team, so I have to do them Solo. However, this is my first Character I'm playing and I'm close to grind my gear to level 10, and still I'm not able to finish Ignis Vortex alone. I will try to get it done myself, but if I'm not able to then I might need to farm better equipment. Viledon is something I'm quite afraid of to leave alone because I don't know if I lose access to Viledon as soon as I hit level 40. I noticed that some places are level restricted and once you hit a higher level, you can't access them anymore.
  2. Thanks tons, GoddessSand, but I wasn't talking about the costumes inside of the SB game itself. I'm looking for Screenshots of all available costumes for all Classes (so long as there are differences between the Classes, that is) that I can use as References for some of my Artworks. ๐Ÿ˜„ I don't think I would be able to hunt down all SB players and ask them to show me their costumes so I can make screenshots of them, and I doubt that anyone owns all costume variations, either.๐Ÿคฃ
  3. Heya, SB Community! I know this might be a weird kind of request, but is there anyone willing helping me with some Quests? I thought I was done with almost all of them, but now I noticed that a lot were 'on hold', and so I'm desperate for some people to help me out. ๐Ÿ˜… To be more exact, I need to finish these Quests: - (Lv. 20) Conquer Drasilmarsh (Party): Kill Ogung (0/5) + 5 for Archivement - (Lv. 25) Conquer Bitterstone Core (Party): Kill Bitterstone Mainframe (0/5) + 5 for Archivement - (Lv. 25) Emergency at Bitterstone Core (Team): Kill Thanatos/Azrael/Bitterstone Core (0/1) - (Lv. 30) Conquer Blitz Refinery (Party): Kill Dragon Sentry (0/5) + 5 for Archivement - (Lv. 30) A Vicious Cycle (Team): Kill Mutant Berserker/Altered Goliath/Rabit Dragon Sentry (0/1) - (Lv. 35) Conquer Ignis Vortex (Party): Kill Vulcan (0/5) + 5 for Archivement - (Lv. 36) Destroying Vulcan (Again): Destroy Vulcan (0/1) - (Lv. 36) Strike the Battalion Command Post: Destroy Inferno Strider (0/1) - (Lv. 36) Order for Ignix Vortex (Team): Kill Incenerator/Inferno Strider/Vulcan (0/1) - (Lv. 36) Eliminate the Cinderfist Drones: Destroy Cinderfist Drones (0/9) And for Viledon I might need help from Free Knights AND Royal Guards alike: - (Lv. 39) Blood in the Sand: Kill 10 Royal Guards Arkana (0/10) - (Lv. 39) Strange Transmitter: Destroy Nexus of Fury/Dominion - (Lv. 30) Intercept the Plans: Kill Royal Guards Communications Tech - (Lv. 30) Assault the Convoy: Destroy Hauler - (Lv. 30) Faction Battle: Kill 10 Royal Guards Arkana (0/10) I'm kind of an completionist even if it's not that necessary, but I feel awkward when stuff hasn't been finished on my list of Quests. ๐Ÿ˜… I would be really grateful if both Factions would be willing to help a Free Knights LV. 39 Whipper out. Thank you very much in advance! Sincerely, KakaoMinze
  4. Thank you so much for your help, Boopsie! I haven't realized that there is a Visual Costume Guide in the Tutorial section, as I usually just check the Mystery Box topics. I was checking the topic, but a few images aren't working anymore (the ribbons for the hair/hat section, for example, and one costume for the Cyberblade/Chaser Class is also not available), but in case for the ribbons I think all of them look the same, just showcased for all Classes. Your offer is absolutely generous, thank you kindly! I'm mainly playing the Whipper Class, but I'm also interested in the armors/lingeries/special costumes for all other Classes. However, I think that might be too much to ask for (as I'm well aware just how much different armor/lingerie/costume items exist for the game for 7 Classes), so I'm currently mainly looking for the Cyberblade/Chaser Class, as there's not much to find for.
  5. Hey there, dear Scarlet Blade VGN! This might be a very strange request, but I'm a (hobby) Artist and wanted to ask if there's any chance to somehow obtain clean screenshots/model rips from all the costumes SB has to offer. I know, it's a loooooot to ask for. Usually, I was checking out @Vivi's patch updates whenever new Mystery Boxes have been released. However, I noticed that almost all screenshots for the costumes are gone, and I haven't thought about saving all of them. I would be very, very grateful if there's someone out here who could provide me a 7zip/rar/zip folder containing the costumes for all Classes (all gears, lingeries, special costumes, etc.). Thank you kindly in advance, and I'm terribly sorry if this is a rather big request. Sincerely, KakaoMinze
  6. A warm welcome to the VGN Forums, @Addison. Hope you will enjoy your stay.
  7. Hello and welcome to the VGN Forums, @Allen35
  8. Welcome to the VGN Forum and a big welcome back to the SB Community, Zaeious!
  9. Hello and welcome to VGN, Lucina! I hope you will enjoy your stay.
  10. A warm welcome from my side as well, Drylz. Hope you will enjoy your stay here. Hahaha, we slowly get more and more German people around here. That makes me happy!
  11. A warm (and late) welcome from my side as well, Zeusplara! I hope you will enjoy your stay here.
  12. A very warm welcome from my side as well, Hisoka! I hope you will enjoy your stay and have a lot of fun~
  13. Hello and welcome to the Vendetta Forum Community, KonataTV I hope you will enjoy your stay!
  14. > Do you draw? Yes I do. Since I was 5 years old but I really got into it when I was around 13... because Sonic the Hedgehog happened in my life, I was VERY naive back then and... let's face it, it IS the easiest design one can learn as a starting point. Am I proud of it? Well I WAS when I was still young. Today I'd say... "meh". I don't feel ashamed, but nowadays I feel like I should have stayed with The Legend of Zelda or Mario or anything else. But hey! An experience IS an experience! > If so, what do you like to draw? I draw about everything that I'm currently driven to. I'm not predictable in that regard. Pretty much random! Though Anthropomorphic Characters are the highest experience that I've made when I was younger. A lot of old TV Shows (like Mighty Ducks, Street Sharks, Gargoyles, Biker Mice from Mars, Extreme Dinosaurs, Kiyattou Ninden Teyandee/Samurai Pizza Cats, Bonkers, DuckTales, Darkwing Duck etc.) and 90's games were influencing me in that regard. Nonetheless I am NOT a furry! I'm getting sick and tired of people shouting "Furry" into my face and being ignorant about it. Everyone is allowed to draw Anthropomorphic Characters, may they be Furries or not. There's no rule that says that only Furries are allowed to draw these types of Characters/Designs. I'm also capable to draw Human Characters and more, but I stick to what I can draw better since I'm doing it since years. Practise is the key to get better in drawing everything and I'm taking slow steps to go from one direction to the next. > Got some art you wanna post & brag about? I'm not much of a bragging person and thus wouldn't even dream of bragging around. If you are interested in some of my works then just ask me nicely for my DeviantART Gallery. Don't expect too much from it though; Currently I'm very experimental with many different Digital Programs and thus the results and quality vary HEAVY from picture to picture, and I'm not an proffessional. Also my drawing style is changing from picture to picture as I don't stick to 1 and the same style. > How about your favorite artist? I don't really have a "favorite" Artist. I see every Artist with equality. It's really just the level of experience and knowledge that makes one Artist better than the rest, but this really isn't supposed to be some sort of heavy competition. So yes, I'm very level-headed in that regard and choose not to favorite any Artist that is coming across my eyes. You can learn from everyone, so just do it! > What kind of mediums do you prefer? Traditional? CG? I'm actually using both Traditional AND Digital. From simple Sketching Pencils to Copic Markers to Watercolors and then to my Wacom Tablet and Digital Programs like Photoshop CS6, MediBang Paint Pro, InkScape, Verve Painter, Paint Tool SAI, Open Canvas, Krita, MyPaint and even MicroSoft Paint.
  15. Collaboration OST between Daisuke Ishiwatari (Guitarist and creator behind Guilty Gear and BlazBlue) and Naoki Hashimoto (Singer). Because OUTRAGE (Japanese Trash Metal Group). THIS reason alone was enough for me to purchase the OST.
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