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  1. @Jordan its possible add new option which make ppl unable to check our gears?
  2. as said alreadt tried. which is impossible, cause active pvp guild cares about attack people instead of play the game, in those 5 years i've been playing saw all my friends quitting and never comming back to the awaken server cause some players, not talking about toxic , but about harassment, they got scary to expose themselves and didn't reported as i've recomended. Only solution is play the PvE as much as u can and have fun with ppl that want to be with you, just try to get fun.
  3. But for exemple, some ppl will use it on thief which already have huge Move Speed reduction when invi (Which makes no sense, cause other classes always had invi and doesn't have move speed reduction, and i know isn't VGN fault) this change can help a litte on move speed problem, as we know high move speed is totally necessary. Just saying, was supposted to be classic with classic stuff, but isn't 100% anymore then good deal using that as exemple.
  4. On awaken it has been respected by most comunity, idk about new players comming to VGN , but that totally work . Also VGN has Alternate Areas which can help alot when super popullated. Nice idea!!
  5. Tested on awaken , and yes reducing 15 fire resist, about being dark, its because Luminary was a class to be released at 65 cap with ranger, but they didn't cause wasn't finished, that's why dark, when awaken weapons came they changed to slash since frogs Warrior passive is Greatsword 15%. But yes its bugged. 35616|Tyrant Night|| Haven't tested 35615|Tyrant Fear|| which have -15 dark too.
  6. Can someone announce ingame to ppl come here and vote, any GM or GS, before players start buying or crafting a thousand items for Drivers?
  7. i know some ppl did alot of gold with those stuff, 75k sounds nice but some ppl paid 20k for Emerald Thorn Boxes :"D Yeah ppl are lazy they just spend 18h daily on awaken server to buy Legendary Pet... u really think ppl are lazy , ppl like me which do 130 Multiplayer DNG and sell racials are lazy? I know you are totally agree with it cause u grown on aerias server which had the same system , but that's the point here's not aeria and we can ask for changes, i totally agree some stuff doesn't need changes cuase it should be classic , but this is abusive. I understand we can farm and farm and farm to get stuff, and i'll be able to do it , but imagine farm 19 days 0/2 and 0/10 dungeons for full +7 gear ... sounds nice for u? or just cause u can have +10 easly is that right.
  8. Isn't about give same advantages of awaken, is about having decent fortification system. Like 120% weap system, why not make exacly like awaken? just to be more hard? ppl that ask for hard pve quit, ppl that ask for hard content quit, ppl that need to try hard after sometime quit. When Awaken started was so poppulated, not like classic, but now is dead, and no one can say no , even jordan cause he don't play the game, ppl online don't means the server is alive, and i'm not talking about tw with 10-20 ppl. He do his best and that's what we expect, we're lucky of having VGN very flexible on some changes, but they need feed back for it. I think SS system SHOULD be changed not for Sublimes or Halcyon just turn Normal SS popular. They don't need the same SS system to survive, cause if they did, Awaken server wasn't supposted to have better one right? i know there is too much easy to fortify 100-200 items in 1 week, and we don't need it on classic , just a better one. Sorry :c i prevent myself of reading too much stuff on classic topic, cause this just make me feel bad on comming there.
  9. I literally don't play classic cause p2w system, i love the idea and cap but i can't spend too much for something that will need to be changed every 3-4 months, also, people don't wanna go classic cause they know VGN players always quit after sometime. The SS system is abusive, that's the point i see ppl going back to awaken and aeria. I really want to see it changed anytime cause i expect this server survive, waiting for emergecy changes. Glad to see you guys talking about :3
  10. infecttado


    0 % speed on pvp... but will lags on potato computers as said before. on PvE its useless by fact u can't use on dungeons, also , about lag on pvp caused by BM, literaly other games mounts on eden makes me crash 90% of times. @MaD2210 i really love the idea but its not really necessary.
  11. Not asking to be DS boss, just annoying, if he spam skill like Lucchese do :'D
  12. Just for prevent ez kill. :'D i need check if is 5 sec but idk if its possible get that far in 5 sec As u can see on screen shot if belk was that close, was able to 1 shot himself? just a question
  13. I've 200% speed on awaken tw and can't reflect by that far, on Guardians Valley if u go too far from base ur reflect disapear instaly even if it have 3-4 sec. Abou classic i can't play cause p2w. I've tried to do it 1 year ago if i'm not wrong with Remember(and some other players from Garden and Forestria) but was hard cause ppl started to lose and changed to awaken classes. We can't change some stuff like 10x10 Prizes cause it will break the game if giving something too much OP. But fixing reflect thing is enough :3
  14. Hello! here again with some changes for NCTW :3 Fix problem with reflect on NCTW which have too much time duration. Here as you can see i got reflected on middle map by hitting this guy, i know leaving base spam is totally abusive but that was too far from base. Suggestions: Add Guild Arena Map as NCTW Map with same crytal HP as others tw and without npc sistem and their following stuff. (this one idk if its possible :'D cause spawn base is too small so i'm not sure. Add to Belk Skills Silence 5 sec duration don't give immunity, aoe skill , so ppl can evade it running. This one isn't really about NCTW but Normal Class Suggest , should be nice change 10x10 to Normal Class Requirements , its super nice arena and we don't even use it cause we can't have fun with awaken classes there. That's it ❤️ ADD : NCTW Video comming was SO FUNNY :'D cause DK Halfkin is SOOOO STRONG!
  15. infecttado


    About 110T I think is necessary, or add those combos to trade for trial coins, cause i've quit from Frisaya combo after 3 months of hunting them and 0 items droped, when i did with 8p never got single one have archivments but no items, also when did it with 5 ppl and 3 alts inside everyone will bag full was the same 0 items. Class drop is so nice cause we get it. DS already took 2m gold and alot of farm for some ppl , don't need to make ALL content like that, also 90% of players that asked for those dng doesn't play anymore cause they play for pvp and classic have best one. Would be nice add class drop and don't make dng like DS, diferent of GoP noob parties was able to do that with basic stuff and basic knowledge. If creating those make possible make it without do dng and just buy boxes. #MissSoloWays
  16. 2 days of Massive rush (before fix roger's spawn which posibility summon 3-4 rogers on same channel if u kill it fast) I don't see any point to change that cause is pretty easy and fun.
  17. Aeri,just to add as old player, i understand what u mean , i agree some statues are SO USELESS but, its classic, need classic content, i know Jordan has improved some things like weapon % system that removed title of classic cause don't follow the logic, but some changes, like this will follow other line. On awaken server we got good statues too but everywhere u go ppl will ask for Jordan's Blessing cause its better for a mix guild of p dps and mdps. about Door Door Door :'D which is funny, Mage do everything , other classes arent good like, until 65 cap. (People can disagre but 99% of players that got #1 on rank was mage)
  18. good deal doing class suit as costume, INSANE IDEA!
  19. fill the bag and done items will drop on the ground.
  20. Use Memory's Purlieu Map that have on Meeryasha. its good map doesn't have collisions like 10x10. Just saying as an idea.
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