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  1. Long time ago i've build my pet Nerokas for dps, if pet have physical atribute u can use Swift Atack and Frenzied Flurry, u will get 8 hits in 2 sec, u can also invest on prime pets to up the stars and use fruits to get S+/S/A+ atack or Crit.
    Here u can se my pet hitting Roger with 1 skill (Frenzied Flurry) if Roger had any p dps resist reduction or def reduction, dmg was going to be higher.
    But i agree adding new gears to pet will be good.

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  2. Red Dual Lifesaber Legendary Version ✔️
    Life Saber and Dual Lifesaber (Black Version Legendary)
    The Strobesword Diferent colors (Black and Red)
    Thunderstorm Great Blade Diferent Colors (Black and Red) > Can be Exclusive to Diamond Altar or Event System.
    Helios Zeidra Black Version.
    Cupid Bow Diferent Colors.
    Dragon Guardian Black,White and other colors. (From Anniversary Event) >This can be used on next anniversary event.
    Black Version for Nine Tail Fox (Pet and Mount ✔️)
    Silver Frost Dragon/Dark Thunder Wyvern as mount version
    Scarlet Infernal Dragon as mount version
    Marquis Saad Dragon as mount
    Flame Tigers as Pet.
    Helios Zeidra's as Pet.
    Ambar Flame Tiger Mount.(Yellow version) ✔️

  3. 5 hours ago, COmetkun99 said:

    Because the Root Bug is fixed can you at least reduce the knockback of Mutants when it go Berserk since it's too far and the result will either reset the boss 

    Just use slow and run in circles or ask for someone that have zigbar combo use paladin skill that generate alot of malice.

  4. rOakr9w.png  Fall Down Angel Wings

    g6QE5zm.png Fall Down Seraphic Wings


    (For This one i saw we have some diferent colors but we doesn't have a red one, Dark Red Would be good)



    Robust Dyxia:


    Combat Skills:Fatality Blade/Destroy Armor

    Pray Skills: P heal 7%(Self Encouragement) / Owner's Crit Dmg -10% (Fearless Soul)

    Magic Dyxia:

    Atribute: Ice

    Combat Skills: Rainbow Rays/Wrath Of Nature

    Pray Skills: Loot Drop 15%(Lucky One)/Owner's Crit Dmg -10% (Fearless Soul)

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