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  1. 1 hour ago, Jordan said:

    1. Not going to change anything right now. I will see in future but I'm not adding different procs cause there is purpose behind pretty much all the procs selected.

    Understandable, hope is for good things.


    1 hour ago, Jordan said:

    2. Drop rate is suppose to be so so, adding quest to compensate that might be good in future when people have there weapons and the only people who are i need are mostly new people trying to catch up but right now not.

    well we talking about luck, so 9-10 months to complete all weapons , this without count extra ones, like shield which will need 2 or 3 of same one.
    but its fine , we know you need time and we need focus too, since dng doesn't take long time and isn't that much hard its time only, also farm exp on 0/10 is pretty much ok so its fine.


    1 hour ago, Jordan said:

    3. It is something I will look into. As it is something I have been considering since it was made.

    Side question about it, would be cool if you could make it actual HP that boss is on his own bar (i know its possible via themes like split 10 mini bars to show how much its) but we usually tell % HP based on how much we think its, idk if its possible, since you made this new UI, my mind keep thinking its possible add it into boss HP Bar, i know its just random thing, but changes alot for some people.

    Another question, in few maps and DNG few monsters appears on negative resistance like this one in durango:
    Its a visual bug or its set as negative?

  2. Hello, last update we got 125 awaken weapons with complete new system, which has changed alot how awaken weapons are made  and this ended being amazing.
    At all after few days doing dng we notice its pretty fast and easy to do, which is cool because on nowdays we need old and new players so nice job giving then chance to come back.

    That's not a criticism just point, guitar is my main weapon as you know Jordan, it looks amazing and as you showed me it before, i loved new model, but in status, it seems good for solo player , but still have low m atk at end game than 115 one and have no utility for party (Demonic one) , would be cool if change m atk and speed for -7% of lightning/dark/fire resist (yes the speed guy don't want speed ) i understand new ones but guitar for me is the weaker one and would be cool if we get this change, others are amazing.

    About DNG i would just suggest daily quest that for you do both dng 1 run each that give you by your choice Angelic or Demonic Essence , since drop rate is bad, i've been running for it alot and haven't got single Angelic Essence, so 1 per day would be amazing.

    For the UI on boss stats wanted to know if its possible add resist/def that we droped in real time, like we can do for players , this would give good information for us if Resist is going to negative or standing on 0, also give clear information of how much we reducing constantly.

    That's all thank you for attention and thank you for this patch, sorry for my bad english.

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  3. Kills wont being showed on end fight.
    Win rate % isn't working apparently.
    Crystals still get dmg reduced for a while even when players die.
    Map ''Toxic Marsh Battlefield'' have few collision bugs when you get knockback you stuck on wall and need die or leave. 

    Overall opinion:
    System is amazing , looks cool new winning condition but it might be more tested.
    Time zone still issue for this for some EU players and Asia still can't play. (Sadly)
    Map is a bit confuse depending on graphic quality people using, its too much information on map, but i think tis just because its new and people don't play much on high graphic.
    Crystal's HP are insane but can't say its bad since we had only 1 side trying.

    Didn't had enough time to test but hope it helps.

  4. VGN is the only company that have source access and hold Awaken pretty updated.

    When Classic started everyone knew it was going to be real classic experience being P2W, after huge change and many servers coming up we know classic still better option than others but community doesn't want to play there just fact it can repeat.

    I'm awaken player and i tried classic, i do agree that reset would be best option but it would kill time of everyone that still there and money people spent.
    Also for classic being alive and don't break awaken again, make diferent gift card from awaken and classic for AP, so players can't just use awaken gold and boost on classic, killing awaken VGN Card Economy which went from 25-30k to 80k in few days.

    I would play if changes made keep for the server but i would be sad for people that spent alot of time like Jake and Matt which was helping me gear up when i tried.
    If VGN staff agree with reset they would make pool and ask those players if they do agree with this, i don't think just wipe all their progress would be fair.

    Also we must talk about one specific thing would VGN stay with good patch made or after time start forcing players play all day?

  5. 16 hours ago, Jordan said:

    But you should know by now I haven't created FF or BDO inside EE. Like yes I've added some really good mechanics to some bosses but I break the content up. Dragonridge Sanctuary and the Zodiac contents where designed to be hard contents by choice as even though their gear is really good. It's not the only option. There is plenty of other gear you could use and still be ok to play every other content in the game.

    For DS idk but Zodiac yes you did pretty well, its good, even Aqua which is a bit specific on classes and mechanic.
    Also 25p which is pretty good mechanic on elemental boss, just too much HP and takes so long , so it becomes boring xD.



    16 hours ago, Jordan said:

    I'm sure you will be able to do normal class runs soon, will just take the right setup 😃

    i tried and i need specific pet for this but its possible.



    16 hours ago, Jordan said:

    Make suggestions, not complaints.

    its interpretation and badly typo by my part, i'm not fluent in english so it happens, about suggestions , i'm not going to give , game is pretty easy for me, just wanted to hold players instead of keep losing them, and force myself stop playing for few weeks/months.

    About Pots in DV , just find way to ballance them with drop rate of this green item, its around 400-600 per hour selling runs, so i could say 900-1000 solo, which still alot for capes, but nothing for potions.

    PoD , try to compare Falmyst exp at 120 and Piou area at 130, you will see diference, just make it equals or better than was there. (IDK if its good but make dng like suigetsu said was a nice idea, you could make 10 entraces or 5  and just reutilize mayland spot but mobs Lv125, Macro exist sadly but we need find way for better pod, at least 35% faster than its rn.

    Sorry if you read as compain but its just my way to talk , never wanted to badly express myself.

    Thank you for reading and again sorry.

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  6. 5 hours ago, Jordan said:

    1. I was just talking off my own testing. I don't know how good/bad fallmyst was as I never had the need to test that maps pod exp gain. I'm just basing my opinion on what I've experience in the past and what I experienced now. The Piou area gave me almost 1 full map from not even half the monsters with the x2 POD exp item. Which yes maybe worse than something like mayland or fallmyst but is a far cry better than farming durango at level 90.

    i used to farm on Durango and yes was bad, Mimic running with BM, was boring, this doesn't mean we need lock ourselves into ''old content ways'' being classic on this aspect doesn't make it good, just boring, and idc about it because i can have my full map, but i see alot of players skipping pod because they rush from work to get home and play pvp, like Jin use to do , or cass need to log on his account to do it before, if we aren't playing next day we can full buff 1 day before and just log to pvp.
    But we are just trying to tell you since Falmyst we spend alot of time getting points for it, Viroona was super good near 1st dng at harbor.



    5 hours ago, Jordan said:

    2. Again I don't see what the problem is. It's a single piece of gear that once you have you have it forever (unless you some how lose it). It's not an RNG boss and the trophies are niche as it is. It's something extra to do when you complete everything else if you care for trophy achievements. Like I couldn't understand why anyone would want a game that if you get every drop in 1 day and be done with the content. Ok if it took over a week to get the trophy capping it every day I'd agree maybe thats too much, but really after 1 days worth of runs you gave up?

    well i just tried to give feedback about , its ok drop rate for me, i can just abuse of 4 alts inside dng with Full bag and get all them in few hours, but i feel its being too much time for a item that doesn't affect anything, battlemap ones i agree its fine having low rate, since those are meta items and bosses are a bit harder.
    About time you effort to do it, i'll say i'm the one who stopped to post videos showing how to break DNG like Daylight forest , just to make sure people can understand they need to do stuff as usual so when they come here to talk to you they don't compare those dng with future ones.
    EE players mostly are lazy and they prefer old easy content than get used for the new stuff.
    DRS for exemple is the worse battlemap we already had, too mahy mobs, lags alot, and spots was hard to use totem, also was locked runs to 1 class runs (at DoS i was able to push full tank on my classes and run myself for more massive exp and better usage of CP boost)
    But New battlemap , is insane good, i can chill there, i can't do Normal class runs or some classes runs for now but its good map, spots are clean, they don't lag too much, and we can use totem.



    6 hours ago, Jordan said:

    I don't see why people just want to one shot things and move on

    well this point is just 1 thing, we usually become solo players, because we lose people to small servers or they just quit because they say ''game is boring, no pvp and pve takes too much time''
    EE is old game and people play it because its old fun game, we don't need have FFXIV or BDO inside EE, same reason old EE players don't play AK which had minimal upgrade on PvE.

    I know i was solo player for half life of VGN but you made it impossible, which was better for me because i wasn't able to solo bosses so people stop being lazy, but i'm not able to invite people to the game also, because mostly want to play classic server (not vgn) or smol server.

  7. 1 hour ago, Jordan said:

    Piou area in Death Mountains

    well i disagree, takes more than falmyst time, but solution is player have 10 points before and did events 1 hours before TW even banq.


    1 hour ago, Jordan said:

    I'll look into the rates of the battle map but three days to collect all dungeon trophies? How is that bad in any shape or form

    i tried speed one only and still didn't get it.
    on my alt i tried 2 days ago and 12 runs 0 trophy, i literaly gave up and i will wait class drop or buff on it, its waste of time run for nothing.


    1 hour ago, Jordan said:

    The price of capes overall was reduced and the pots where based off DSR still.

    isn't worth new map potions at any point, DSR still better , 1 hour daily DSR is perfect for a full week potion, and DV you need 4-5 hours for full week.

    Price can be similar but drop of green item is less than DSR soul.



    1 hour ago, Jordan said:

    I find this greatly exaggerated when Demon Fire alone can kill the boss in 3 mins. The bosses HP are around the Zodiac HP (Higher than some, lower than others) mark but they have less base resistance, no true resistance and you can use Reality Pots and Pets. I see no reason to rebalance these. To be quite honest I'd be rather happy if they all took 3-5 mins as that would be the perfect amount of time for a boss fight.

    about this ,remember is amaris killing ,expect player with good knowledge, i was selling runs and saw person killing boss near rino, and they spent around 23 minutes, without deaths, (they had no DT, because DT was dying to mobs)
    But these bosses are hell painful i tried magic one and its high hp enough to make solo players quit, like i saw many, language barrier is a problem for some people and they wont be able to do it until get carry or something. (BR's in general)

    At all i think is just time to we get used to new methods to kill/farm stuff.

    Only thing i can say its drop from DNG is bad and people are locking their alts at 120 because Palace still best place to farm money, would be nice have new gold DNG for Lv130 players.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Jordan said:

    I was only made aware of this game recently via ticket so I haven't had a chance to download it and unpack it yet.

    So once I have had a chance I will look into doing this.

    As for the ground aoe's I can take a look at this too as again this wasn't something I ever thought about until you've mentioned it just now.

    Good to know, will be happy also to see any pet or mob from this game, its amazing how it looks! 
    Ty for reply!

  9. Hie! 
    Few days after Patch:V97 that had Furniture warehouse upgrade, we got many slots, and we have alot of VGN exclusive stuff to add there.

    Would be nice if into close future we get following items:

    Celestial Corridor Gate Mirrors

    Mage's Belief Statues (Small size)
    Painting from VGN Maps


    Would really cool if we get those! 
    Thank you for attention, have nice day!

  10. On 7/5/2022 at 12:35 PM, Jordan said:

    If any more runs are laggy make sure to note down the details of the run such as classes people playing, and the channel. As there could also be other factors at play that could be assisting in creating the lag.

    I had lag at ch3 and 5 , after maint last week.
    and still not getting archivement from Zark
    IDK if that's limited to amount of players or i'm just getting bugged, i made sure hit/dot and haven't died in 2 runs.

    that's all, its my 2nd favorite content, CC still best one xD

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  11. Dungeon is amazing.
    All bosses.
    My favorite? Avner, crystals players are basic, and DPS's just need stand, to kill it faster crystal players must break their respective crystals faster, it reseted bunch times, because bosses focus who's on crystal idk why they just get into us and reset, which is really bad, but at all best boss.
    Others are just ok.

    Its expedition of 25 members, we don't have people all time for it and consumes alot of time for now because people isn't usued to DNG mechanic.

    Main problem for me, people that don't play pvp will do Lv95 statue, its much better and less stressful for majority of players.
    Lv120 statues are ok, but mostly guilds now have less than 10 active players at same time, and server rarely do this expedition often, i got 2 runs at total on it, and on 2nd one i got lagged and dced on 3rd boss so i didn't got rewarded.
    1st run EVERYONE was lagged, i used VPN, diferent ones, Windscribe, Exitlag, Softether , and none helped.

    So far that's best map ingame, i got 0 graphic lag and i'm playing without my graphic card.

    Suggestion? idk i think is just useless DNG for pve players, timezone + many things to do daily + DNG time.
    Amazing idea, for me obviously that can do this dng anytime, but yeh its dead DNG cause people don't have time :c.
    Ty Jordan and staff members for the patch is really amazing. 

  12. 6 hours ago, Belveline said:

    So I have trying Mimic, that is a class I really really love. But I don't know if it's a competitive class for the endgame content.

    As mimic lover, i feel you.
    Mimic doesn`t have effective power of some healers, adjucator now days is my main Heal and i use this into 90% of dungeons.

    Mimic is time controller during end game pvp, you can you it with CC, Sleep, double fear, stun, knock down, silence,and invisiblity which is hella good!
    Into pve end game, majority of supports are Adjucator,Totem and Paladin, and Adjucator is holding this power now, propably will be the best pve healer for a while.

  13. Hi! As always when i'm bored i keep looking into gamefiles and ingame stuff then i noticed that we have diferent item models which looks amazing.
    Found those icons then i went ingame to check if we had it, and have those, they are white and alpha quality, look amazing ,better than legendary versions (opnion) and fits on halfkin perfecly (new ones from TS don't *sadface*)
    ZOjEkqY.pngm9BTpzx.png (K10729 and K10732 )
    Also found some wings/back gears that we don't have, i know some of them and would be nice have them!
    K60281 and K60282 are original recolored and they looks a bit better than base chestplate wings with better effects.
    Nz8gNin.pngthis one we have but its White/Alpha Quality :c pls give us pink fairy wings!
    and finishing :
    With these 2 cute hammers which i've never saw ingame (could be mace too idk)
    Hope we can see those in close future!

    That's all ty for attention and sorry for bothering :c

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  14. 8 hours ago, RENZO said:

    Because I saw you bring some new NPCs and turn them into pets

    So I think these NPCs can also be pets

    We don't have a new legendary pet. who has been a male for a long time 😄



    This one exist as pet.
    Just a bit rare to see ingame like 90% of prime pets that have basic weapon status.
    Turning into legendary just will give 4th skill and a bit more of status which means nothing.






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  15. 4 hours ago, Keidan said:

    6. Exclusivity: if you make something new for the classic, leave it just in the classic. So if someone wants it, let them come here and get it (old marketing muajaja).

    sorry i'll reply just this, others doesn't matter for me.
    So we must have something exclusive into dead server which jordan spent alot of time and got no refound into his time?
    To small community that have been around 20-30 player? that's like 2 guilds on awaken.

    There's one thing that Classic have and its the only thing that it needs to still classic.
    Having ONLY normal classes.
    Some awaken ideas like Celestial Corridor mechanics and items mechanics like Abyss armors could be on classic later.
    the same goes to classic on awaken.
    Isn't fair to both side players.

    In that time that i've been taking eyes to classic, i know one thing, people don't play because they want server with ''easy'' source of farming and gearing, like GM comands or way to farm 50k daily.
    Whatever Jordan does, people wont come to classic, that's a fact, his job there is insane better than any other and sadly it doesn't revive the server.

  16. 11 hours ago, keenon said:

    Hello. Sorry for my little english.

    First of all i want to thank you for your good job. I'm mexican, and i played this game in 2010, a spanish server. 

    I wish you could add a way to have the game in spanish.

    Please, don't reject this topic. I undestand that you are busy, you have a lot of work, yes. It is a long term request, calmily, slowly.

    I offer my help. I can create a team for this purpose. you would tell me how do you need the information. i am also willing to learn wathever it takes.

    This request is not to undestand the game, we can undestend the game well. It's more exciting in our language, the game would change drastically. please take the time to consider it. Many of players are latinos, in addition to winning future players.

    Thank you

    well i really wanted to say its good idea but isn't :C
    When i started eden i was 11 years old with 0 knowledge on english, even basic, so i needed to learn cuz party,trials and stuff needed comunication.
    its better for server and for players , learn english, isn't hard, just need a bit of time.
    i'm sure you can learn basic english and get better before VGN finish all game translation.

  17. also @Jordan this is something that i wanted to suggest for so long but never did.
    If you have plans to rework alpaca coins and if possible would u add those :cCBSSMp.png
    I used to get alts inside marriages so i could get like 200-300 per marriage, but its RNG and so limited.
    Yes i use those, and usually they help me.
    Incase bosses like gemini now which take 100% of mana if get closer, i can pop up some and  get temporary mp which is so helpful.
    also just add them into any system, EP/CCM or any other would be so cool!

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