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  1. I think It also may be abusive to those multiclient abusers...
  2. VGN is way way have more people than italian official server even though the second sp of martial artist has been released There is always those rumors all right from the start of the server even from the beta I don't know if your playing or just chating to your friends... But everytime i log in to vendetta it has always 5-6 ch that are green and 1 channel that is full
  3. the rules is talking to ctrl+z not spamming x... a message will appear though if you really spam too much due to a system that they include to anti hack system, that will disable you to dropping some items for a couple of seconds...
  4. use caiperu with scrammer and when you level to 88 use honourable
  5. I have checked it myself and proved that it goes like ch 7, thanks, you can close the thread thank you.
  6. TY but i know already these, my question was if there were lods on those channels and what time are they if there is lod v.v
  7. Is there any LoD times on those ch and what time?
  8. The problem there are the mobs that attacks long range.. It will make you waste too much time.. I've tried to farm there, but i fail, i waste too much time to clean up range attackers, and even if you try to block them in an angle to have only those swordy gals, it will make you lose more exp.. less mobs..
  9. for many times i've done laurena raids on officials, when you use skill at the laurena beast, it will cast the skill that stuns with large cell... it's not about the reflect cuz it's by percentage to activate... why don't you try it just to know how it works v.v
  10. i don't even have time to play 2 hrs in a row, immagine if i have time to hunt bots
  11. i think they just regenerate after ban, and i don't know why they're doing this... cuz after they got ban they come back to 0 and return to 0 drop... Maybe we need a anti-hack system along with the client? v.v
  12. It can be a private message earlier and if you click the whisper chat thing, it filters all private messages and speaker. If you have speaker off, it will view only private messages... Well 1 way to see if it is fake or not is, bash never whisper someone... Another 1 is when a gm whisper it has another color like violet or pink not orange... And he may announce some sort of things like this if he'll do it in future, but for someone who do not come to forums or don't speak/understand english well has more risk to fall for this..
  13. How can he do those name with gm and Bash, he's like original, and can write too many characters on 1 send x.x
  14. There are many messages, it's kinda sometime annoying 'cuz it sometime overwrite the Ic message notice above
  15. Well i am using it and having good success to it so i can't say that it is useless Ithink it depends on your play style, maybe some wings have more skill cap and onyx is the lowest skill cap of all 'cuz you don't have to do nothing, just use skill and puff you have your extra dmg