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  1. I think what nayxa saids was the honourable stuffs was made to be pvp item and has the cons on pve since it was introduce to official that it will increase dmg on pvp and -dmg on pve...You can do some research when honourable stuffs was introduce on official nostale.
  2. maybe hopping jelly need rework also? it also generates item like red cuby/large recovery potion/angel's feather every hour...
  3. I think It's not bash or vgn's fault to have less ppl on FC or alt abuse killing was created... It's because GF implied caligor, ever since caligor was implemented at FC, it ruined all FC mechanics... even rep mechanics after the point thingy on FC... Right now i think rep will be usable on buying res or equips on arena, maybe we can put something useful like erenia medal and adventurer medal to like 50kk rep or other stuffs.
  4. We still can bring some limit in it xD like 2 player with same ip max
  5. Well at this rate, why not set a limit like elrond said, maybe remove those 2 effect on shells or make it only perfect and pvp? so even low level character can have and compete at FC even with low level equips if they want to go FC farm some flowers/drop some manes/claw, or even enjoy killing with others. Although I'm not that sure to fix slightly FC and be populate with some players with this suggestion..
  6. I suggest to upgrade all shells droppable from calvinas/morcos/berios/hatus. By upgrade i mean to raise all the stats to them, so we can use it to level 95/96 equipment then convert it all the way to c45/c48 equipments... Right now i think all shells from FC we're all ignored, with my suggestion, i think it will make people make raid on FC also and bring back the old FC (full of people even without good equip but still trying to kill the others and open raids etc..).
  7. how can you trade materials if you go doin glacerus? ;D
  8. I think It also may be abusive to those multiclient abusers...
  9. VGN is way way have more people than italian official server even though the second sp of martial artist has been released There is always those rumors all right from the start of the server even from the beta I don't know if your playing or just chating to your friends... But everytime i log in to vendetta it has always 5-6 ch that are green and 1 channel that is full
  10. the rules is talking to ctrl+z not spamming x... a message will appear though if you really spam too much due to a system that they include to anti hack system, that will disable you to dropping some items for a couple of seconds...
  11. use caiperu with scrammer and when you level to 88 use honourable
  12. I have checked it myself and proved that it goes like ch 7, thanks, you can close the thread thank you.
  13. TY but i know already these, my question was if there were lods on those channels and what time are they if there is lod v.v
  14. Is there any LoD times on those ch and what time?