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  1. Then I guess I'll try my luck. PS: I sent a reply to my ticket
  2. I only shared my username and password in game. I already deleted my gmail account associated to the game. ;D
  4. Even if I come back, there's a possibility the suspect will infiltrate my account again by just simply changing my password via account > change password. If only I can change my username then it'll be all good.
  5. First of all I want to say farewell everyone not because the game is boring or the game became stale it's because I've reached the point I've been doing the same thing over and over again. The game is absolutely fantastic I met tons of nice and amazing people such as Richard, Mason, Yuki, Jisoo, YuTian, Remember, Auburn, Bess, ElasticTofu, MightyElf, [GS]Mike (This guys who never wants to fund me) [GS]Vyzer (Jordan said you can blame Vyzer for everything #BlameVyzer), [GS]Eve, [GS]Chub and more (The list of names would be long if I name them all so I only named few). Would also like to extend my gratitude for everyone who made this game worth enjoyable such as [GM]Jordan who keeps working for the patches (That rat bastard is OP AF) also thanks Jordina for recovering my Pike that I lost during the gear swap inside Kahlo Trial. I know that patches will be pushed sooner or later so it would be a waste for me to quit, that's not the reason I'm quitting. The reason I'm quitting because someone infiltrated my account and deleted my character Zuo and replaced it with a character name Awitin I don't know who deleted it but thank you for doing so, because I plan to quit next week after I'm done with Awaken Tempest, yet again you made my work much easier. So everyone, please take care of your stuff and never share your password, even if its your friend, best friend, or couple. If you lend it to your husband or wife and he/she deleted it better divorce it 100%. I have three friends whom I shared my account with (which will not be named) if ever you know them don't make a rumor or think bad of them. 最後の言葉
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