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  1. Hello, 1) As you must know, there's gear swap system, and i suggest to get 2 more. We are at the beginning of the server and this shouldn't be a priority, so for the future as players might play different classes with many different builds. 2) The game is mainly played by players who have a lot of PvP Experiences, And you maybe would like to have more than 3 skill's bars.These been used to put some potions, items, weapons, stars... I suggest to get the acces to put 2 more bars, which each players will decide to put it or not with the + from the first bar.. 3) We are far to get it, but i would like that idea be considered or at least thought. From Searing Valley (lv 69 - 71) - Vingot Lab To Devastation Realm (lv 73 - 75) - Devastation Dimension Both have maps to run, and i suggest that to avoid areas stealing, to get enters like dungeons (illimited or not). 4) I would personally like to know if you have information on G-Healing and P-Healing, to know when we have points and whether it is high or low. if so could you implement it in the game? 5) I think we are a lot of players who came to this server for normal classes, and for fun in PvPing. Could you put one more TW in the future to get more fun during week days ? Thank you for taking the time to read this topic. Let's react, give me your points. Thank for the work produced. - Zel