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  1. Rewards are pretty unfair, i did one to see it and is not worth do ic.
  2. Sorry hard days, i add u here the excel: https://imgur.com/EnlCghr Here i tested which trophys were better using light >> shadow or water >> shadow in this case. I tested in pvp which weapon was better in the case of go down resistances: Eq: https://imgur.com/C0HxX2N (we used a +1 damage amulet to have +10 25 bow) SLS: https://imgur.com/FG6nEov (red square are damages with red points and green square are damages with green points) Excel: https://imgur.com/QlmmKjx @Ciri995
  3. @IziBoI Lets see, i checked my damage with my pve stuff: Pet: Erze Eq: https://imgur.com/k19QvMZ SP(Onyx Wings): https://imgur.com/O12pHSy More Stuff: https://imgur.com/pJoKIMa More Stuffv2: https://imgur.com/FOk1elh Fairy: 80% Laurena's Accesories All books Valakus and Kertos S6 (Increases element energies 100 each one) I deal 25k auto and 52k boost (no crits). Profile fast damage checks: https://imgur.com/bRzSGPy
  4. We can see this like u said Azna but Ciri was right, nowadays we can see it like this debuff should help teammates to deal more damage. Nostale rework sps and they do it at 50%, never finished rewors
  5. No life maqui. On this server the reputation gain is op, so max reputation may be like XD
  6. Things to improve: Rendieer costume 5% damage hat Shadow gem (r8) Change your dagger, nobody use 8 overall nowadays. Upgrade your wk (perfection, +13 opti is not bad). I will edit this afternoon with a screen to give u a grafic example.
  7. Maybe an idea will be reset the reputation to 5kk and then start again with rank 1-43 but a lot of people will get angry with that decision.
  8. On this server Rank wont have sense, just check how many people have 200kk of fame, who's the real top 1?
  9. As nayxa said, u can check decatlon's guide, he explains pretty well how damages works on this game, i tested other things by my own like diferences between pure damage and resis damages, if u are interested i created some Excels with tests.
  10. I think it doesn't work like it works with the orange letters from the equipments.
  11. Good night people. Well, if u have or u are in a family u must know the Family's Warehouse (imgur.com/keDpcLz). Everybody knows that this warehouse works like list and remove, we can't manage it as we usually do with our inventory/partener bag/miniworld warehouse, it will be fine if Family's Warehouse could be managed like the previous ones. One more thing, it would be fine if we could expand a little bit our Family's Warehouse, in one hundred members family only 49 spots it's little space. Imagine people finish Caligor, and 6 member want to list their Fernon Raid Seal, we will use 3 different spaces for the same item untill an administrator organise it. Best regards, InvasiveKai.
  12. Again, Bash said this last year: "The game needs more human interaction and less automative controls especially in a game that is full of bots."
  13. Talk to me ingame: InvasiveKai Best regards.
  14. Just a question: How many hours have you been mobing in A6 (for example) where your pet suffer tons of damage, and dies continually? I can tell u only 2 things, i've been doing double account in Erenias during 1 year, upgraded 2 accounts since lv1 to 99+50, another to +41 (for now) and another to +36 (for now). Just think, all times I (and everybody who plays this game) had to go to press P>press pet and check loyalty (at same time u stop seeing half screen) coz u can't allow your pet reach 100-0 loyalty coz your pet is helping u to do something important, when we just have to go to a side of our screen to check it. Now u can still thinking its pointless. Best regards, InvasiveKai.