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  1. Osiris

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

  2. Osiris

    Pet's Loyalty Visibility

    Again, Bash said this last year: "The game needs more human interaction and less automative controls especially in a game that is full of bots."
  3. Osiris


    Talk to me ingame: InvasiveKai Best regards.
  4. Osiris

    Pet's Loyalty Visibility

    Just a question: How many hours have you been mobing in A6 (for example) where your pet suffer tons of damage, and dies continually? I can tell u only 2 things, i've been doing double account in Erenias during 1 year, upgraded 2 accounts since lv1 to 99+50, another to +41 (for now) and another to +36 (for now). Just think, all times I (and everybody who plays this game) had to go to press P>press pet and check loyalty (at same time u stop seeing half screen) coz u can't allow your pet reach 100-0 loyalty coz your pet is helping u to do something important, when we just have to go to a side of our screen to check it. Now u can still thinking its pointless. Best regards, InvasiveKai.
  5. Osiris

    Pet's Loyalty Visibility

    I understand, if it can be showed in a bar mode on the bottom of the windows, like % exp, could it work? Instead of show it like i said, it must be something "visible" for the player. Something that could be checked easy,
  6. Osiris

    Pet's Loyalty Visibility

    Good afternoon 😏, Here comes the suggestion: Our pets have a loyalty, if our pet doesn't have loyalty it show us a broken heart 😭... And that means that it has 100 or less loyalty points, when it reach 0 points, out pet doesn't move and we have to feed it. It isn't a problem at all, u only have to feed it with "Pet Food" (for example) and our pet will gain 100 loyalty points, here all okey. Problem comes when u are farming 1h for example, our pet will die lot of times, pick up items (if it has dha), etc. So, imagine u are mobing and u don't know how many loyalty has your pet... First u have to press "P" during the mobing, then u have to press over your pet (if u have pet expansion u have to press right arrow and then press your pet) and finally u can know how many loyalty points has your pet. U have to open a window (not transparent) and u can't see what's happening behind that window, that's a problem if u are mobing. Well, how can we solve this little problem, if we put our mouse over our pet ingame, it will show us something like this: imgur.com/m0KtMiI, it will be more optimum if we could put our mouse over our pet and see something like this imgur.com/y6ttr7T when it has 1000 points of loyalty for example. Best regards, InvasiveKai.
  7. Osiris

    Comfortable Perfection

    This will be the right rework.
  8. Osiris

    Nerf to PvP Accessory

    Atm for the highest lv accesory u need to get 33-35-38 C Lv. This game can't have things of Lv 70 beeing better in damage than C Lv. Its true that its an indirect buff for the seer, but this changes will punish all archers +50 that they still haven't Laurena's accesories, there's more sps for the archer instead of scout like i usually say.
  9. Osiris

    add act 6 books to a shop

    U cant add books in shop, they are hard to adquire it, but its something that u have to fight to get it. If u cant/dont want to time bosses like other ppl do, then farm and buy it like most of the people do.
  10. Osiris

    Dracos and glacerus minirework

    Anyways, we dont need more ways to earn gold. I guess another item, useful, will be okey. Like items for craft fernon's fairy. InvasiveKai.
  11. Osiris

    Perfume guide

    Can we got an extension? 25- 28 equipment from r1 to r8. Thx